JobData Entry
Job Time2hr 20min
Dialogue Preview
{Line: 1} G'mornin'
{Line: 2} So, I'm kind of hungry.
{Line: 3} I'm bored...
{Line: 4} Hey, [Owner]... forget it.
{Line: 5} Stupid.
Flamboyance 360
Toughness 660
Shyness 150

Hope Change OutfitEdit

Item Position Hope Change
HC Pansy Headdress
HC Pansy Headdress preview
Head ★★ Hope Change
HC Innocent Soft Toy
HC Innocent Soft Toy preview
Back ★★★ Hope Change
HC Blue Crochette Dress
HC Blue Crochette Dress preview
Clothes ★★★★ Hope Change

Dialogue Edit


  • W-what are you looking at? It's embarrassing!
  • Morning [Owner], what are we gonna do today?
  • Would you pay a little attention to me? I'm lonely you know...
  • [Owner], I'm gonna play with you today! B-but only today, okay?
  • Good day for cleaning, isn't it? Hey, [Owner], stop slacking off and help out!
  • I like you, [Owner]! A-as a friend, alright! D-don't go getting any funny ideas!
  • Grape picking? Yeah, have fun with that. Wait, what? I'm not going. You just go yourself, [Owner].
  • What have we got for snacks today? A Fairy Roll from Fairy Donuts? H-hmm... Maybe your taste isn't so bad after all ♪
  • W-what are you looking at? Even I can draw a picture you know! It, it's good? I d-don't care what you think of it, you know!
  • [Owner], you pick up on me talking to myself a lot, huh? I, I wonder d-does that mean you're, you're thinking about me that much?
  • Alright! Today I'm gonna make you a snack! Come on, don't get so worked up about it!!... Or what? [Owner], don't you want to eat my cooking?
  • Drawing a picture~ Drawing a picture ♪ He, hey, wha-, what are you doing, don't peek! D-d-don't you know it's a secret until it's finished!?
  • You want me to go jogging with you? W-well I guess there's no helping it. I was just thinking I wanted to run too, so as a special favor I'll go with you!
  • Hey, I'm gonna clean up a little so move...Hey, come on, move! Quit it, you're blocking me on purpose right? If you get in my way again it's not gonna be pretty!
  • Wow, those stuffed animals are so cute...! Wh-what? I didn't say anything! Huh? You want to go look at the stuffed animals?...H-hmph! I guess that's that then, I'll go along with you ♪
  • Hmmm... I'm bored, so let's play a game or something. I don't really care so anything's fine. A h-horror game? Th-that's fine, I won't be scared at all! D-don't make fun of me, okay?
  • Hm-hm... I'm sewing a cushion... hm... hm... It's done! Well, I guess this is what you might expect form me ♪ What? It, it's n-not like I wanted you to say it's good or anything, [Owner]! I know it's good!

Condition/Mood Boosting Options Edit

  • [Fairy] came top tell you that she wants to go to an amusement park.
    • [Let's go wild at the amusement park.] Let's go wild at the amusement park!
      [Fairy]: "[Fairy]: "Don't you want to ride the ferris...wheel...together?""
      • [Let's ride the ferris wheel.] Let's ride the ferris wheel.
        [Fairy]: "I'm not... I'm not nervous at all, okay?"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
      • [That was a long wait, wasn't it?] That was a long wait, wasn't it.
        [Fairy]: "Well of course it was, I mean it's Fairy Land after all."
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...?
    • [Today we're enjoying the scenery.] Today we're enjoying the scenery!
      [Fairy]: "Well, I don't mind what we do if I'm with you, [Owner]..."
      [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
  • You decided to go see the movie that [Fairy] is curious about.
    • [Buy popcorn and watch the movie.] You decided to buy her a rink and some snacks.
      [Fairy]: "Y-you want to share the popcorn? What? You don't want to?"
      • [You can't have a movie without snacks!] You can't have a movie without snacks!
        [Fairy]: "You don't need to worry about getting snacks or juice or whatever for me."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
      • [It wasn't very good, was it] ??
    • [Buy juice and watch the movie.] You decided to buy her a drink.
      [Fairy]: ""Orange juice for me! What do you want, [Owner]?"
      [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
  • [Fairy] is singing into the remote control in place of a microphone.
    • [It's a great day for karaoke!] It's a great day for karaoke!
      [Fairy]: "Yeah it is!♪...Wh-what, am I not allowed to look happy?"
      • [Join in] You joined in.
        [Fairy]: "Listen to my song!!"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed.
      • [Do backup] ??
    • [I'm tired, let's just chill at home.] I'm tired, let's just chill at home.
      [Fairy]: "Yeah, let's leave karaoke for another day."
      [Fairy] was left with a bad impression. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
  • [Fairy] Brought over a game controller
    • [Play a friendly game of 2p co-op] Play a friendly game of 2P co-op.
      [Fairy]: "Make sure and look after me, okay? Um... Please?"
      • [Clear all stages] You completed every stage
        [Fairy]: "Yes! We did it!...N-not that I care or anything, okay?"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [So close...] I was so close...
        [Fairy]: "There's just a little left, I'm with you, so give it your all, alright?"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed[Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [White knuckle battle...] White-knuckle battle.
      [Fairy]: "What?! Pretty bratty for someone like you, [Owner]."
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • [Fairy] came to tell you she wants to go to the aquarium.
    • [Who wants to go to the aquarium~?] Who wants to go to the aquarium~?
      [Fairy]: "What's got you so excited?... It's cute."
      • [There's something mysterious about that school of fish, huh] There's something mysterious about that school of fish, huh.
        [Fairy]: "Yeah, it's so pretty~"
        [Fairy] is very happy.
      • [Wow, that person is cuuute...] Wow, that person is cuuute...
        [Fairy]: "Y-you're not making me jealous at all, okay?... I just, don't really like it is all..."
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
    • [Show her a picture of an ammonite.] Show her a picture of an ammonite.
      [Fairy]: "I don't want to hear about any ammonites, can we just go to the aquarium?"
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • [Fairy] is reading a book.
    • [Go the the library!] You decided to go to the library.
      [Fairy]: "It's not that I'm going with you, I'm going because I want to, all right?"
      • [Research the Fairy World.] Research the Fairy World.
        [Fairy]: "Really, you're interested? It's a beautiful place, I'd love to show you it, [Owner]."
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
      • [Go to bed.] Got to sleep.
        [Fairy]: "Wake up! Aren't you embarrassed?!"
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
    • [Ask Mr. D!] Ask Mr. D!
      [Fairy]: "You mean...No, I'm just hearing things."
      No Mood/Condition Change
  • [Fairy] came to tell you she wants to go shopping.
    • [We're going shopping at Fairy Shop!] We're going to the mall!
      [Fairy]: "Where are we going? I can go wherever ♪"
      • [Hey, this looks like it'd look good on you] These look like they'd look pretty on you, huh.
        [Fairy]: "R-really? Then I guess I-I'd better try them on..."
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
      • [Uh, I forgot my wallet.] Uh, I forgot my wallet.
        [Fairy]: "Geez, get yourself together! I mean you're so lazy!"
        [Fairy] was left with a bad impression. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Look at the Fairy Collection relay.] Look at the Fairy Collection relay.
      [Fairy]: "Stop joking around it's not funny at all you know!"
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • [Fairy] came over to say that since there's no helping it she'll play with you.
    • [Go to the park together] You decided to go to the park together.
      [Fairy]: "Gosh, there's no use~? Fine, I'll go with you then."
      • [Play on the seesaw together.] You decided to play on the seesaw together.
        [Fairy]: "Hey, this is fuN-nothing! [Owner], you can't get slim like this! Geez!"
        [Fairy] is very happy.
      • [Climb on the jungle gym.] You tried having her climb on the jungle gym.
        [Fairy]: "I-I can't climb something that high by myself!"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
    • [Hang around you room.] You decided to just hang around in your room.
      [Fairy]: "Just lying around is so boring!"
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • [Fairy] came to tell you she wants to go to the zoo...
    • [It's great weather! Let's go to the zoo!] It's great weather! Let's go to the zoo!
      [Fairy]: "Yeah, let's go!"
      • [Hippos are really big, aren't they?] Hippos are really big, aren't they.
        [Fairy]: "If you look closely they're actually pretty cute too!"
        [Fairy] is kind of impresses.
      • [The zoo's a little hot isn't it?] ??
    • [Hand her a stuffed animal] ??
  • [Fairy] is looking inside the fridge
    • [Today we're splurging and eating out!] Today we're splurging and eating out!
      [Fairy]: "Really? I'll eat whatever you want to eat, [Owner]."
      • [Go for the high-class French option [Spend 150 Jewels]] Go for a high-end French option
        [Fairy]: "Yes, I want to try it once!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.150Jewels decreased
      • [Head for a chain restaurant] Just go to a chain restaurant.
        [Fairy]: "What, is that supposed to make me happy? Hmph!"
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
    • [It's a waste of money, something from the convenience store'll do] It's a waste of money, something from the convenience store'll do.
      [Fairy]: "Maybe, maybe I s-something."
      No Mood/Condition Change

Hope Change Scenario 2★Edit

Hope Change Scenario 3★Edit

Hope Change Scenario 4★Edit


  • I wonder...why do humans worry about silly things?
  • Oh, so that person is your owner.
  • I hope I can get used to the lifestyle here.
  • It's not good to have that kind of snoozy face!
  • Um...I wonder if it's alright if I come to play again...?
  • Ooh... Those are stylish clothes, huh? Where did you buy them?
  • I went to the art museum... It's good to experience the arts...
  • Hanami? I-I guess I can go with you, if it means that much to you♪
  • Oh, those clothes...never mind! I'm not jealous or anything!"
  • These blooming flowers were beautiful, so I transplanted them into a flower pot... I-it's not like I bought them for you!!!
  • Um...I wonder if it's alright if I come to play again...?
  • [Fairy], don't you just want to take a nap when it's this warm?
  • The other day I found berries that looked like the ones in the fairy world. What were they called...
  • It feels like time passes slower in Spring... Or maybe it's just me?
  • Ah, you don't want to play?!
  • I-I made bento... Let's have a picnic in the park.
  • [Fairy], I came to play with you.
  • This is a tidier room than I thought.


  • U-uhm, t-thanks... Huh? Did I say something? ...n-not really!!
  • Was the weather outside good? Hmph, I guess I'll dry the laundry now.
  • It's cozy, but you can't get lazy.
  • Hey...what are you staring at?
  • Flattery will get you nowhere!
  • W-what? I didn't put this flower in my room just because... I thought that it would be sad if it dried up.
  • Come and p-play again......
  • Hey, you're pretty clever.


  • Wow, I never knew they made clothes like these. No, I don't mean I don't like them!
  • H-how is it? Does it match?


  • You'll keep this secret from my owner....?
  • Oh, what happened to you?



  • "Thanks for your help..."
  • "I don't really...need it...but...thanks."


  • "I don't necessarily need the support, but I'll make good on my promise!"
  • "Just a little bit more, so watch!"



  • [Sleeping]
    • What? I'm still awake......zzz
    • Hey! I'm already sleepy, so please make my bed!
  • [Waking up]
    • What is it? I can wake up by myself.
    • What?...Hmph...

After Work/Study/ErrandEdit


  • I-I'm finished!
  • I did the very best, like I was asked.


  • I'm done!
  • That was a little rough.


Nickname Change Edit

  • I got it. What should I call you? > Should I call you this? > I got it... Hey! Don't tousle my hair like that!!

My Fairy Talk Edit

Socializing Edit
  • How are you feeling?
  • You look a little it just my imagination?
  • I like these clothes.
  • What do you think about th-this outfit?
  • Puzzles are hard!
  • What should we do today?
  • Cookies were on want one?
  • This is a nice sofa.
  • Oh, if it isn't [Fairy].
  • I just made some ice cream. W-would you like some?
  • [Owner] ate some of my snacks the other day...
  • thing is... it's pretty nice hanging out with you.
  • M-morning!!
  • Hey, what do you think about this outfit?
  • [Owner] ate some of my snacks the other day...
  • [Fairy], your room is lovely.
  • W-want to play cards? [Owner] is busy...
  • How are things with you and [Owner]?
  • I-if you're not doing anything, I could play with you, I guess?
Condition/Mood/Intimacy Boosting Edit
  • "Nothing to do today...maybe I'll bum around the house..."
    • [We could even go on a picnic.]
      "[Fairy], can you go out with your makeup looking like that?"
      • [Go to the nearby planetarium.]
        "I can see that constellation from the picture book we read the other day, [Fairy]. There, look!"
        (No Condition/Mood Change)
      • [Go to the nearby museum.]
    • [Let's go out.]
      "W-where are we going [Owner]?? You're always so last minute! Okay, we're leaving [Fairy}!
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
  • "[Owner]! [Owner]!! How many times do I have to call you before you notice?!"
    • [Right, let's go get something to eat.]
      "Let's see... I'll have the macaroni gratin. W-what? Did you want a bite? Well, maybe if you give me half of your hamburger, [Owner], okay?"
      • [Soak in the hot springs.]
      • [Look at souvenirs.]
        "...maybe we should buy something...together? Like matching?"
        [Fairy]'s impression became a bit better! [Fairy]'s mood became a bit better!
    • [Right, let's go on a trip.]
      "Taking a trip like feels so...fresh! And excitin...right?
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
  • "What should we do today..."
    • [Let's go to the park together.]
      "The park? Ooh I want to go on the swings- What? Don't look so smug, [Owner]!!!"
      • [Play on the swings.]
        "Here, get on! I'll give you a push...and then after that it'll be my turn, got it?"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate.
      • [Play in the sandbox.]
    • [Let's hang out at home today.]
  • "Hey ...what are you looking at?"
    • [We can even go shopping.]
      "Really?... I'll go get ready♪"
      • [Recommend the matching dress]
        "H-hmph! Yeah, whatever, that's fine. What do you think, [Fairy]?"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate! [Fairy]'s impression became better!
      • [Recommend a jersey.]
    • [That's cute but a bit expensive...]
  • "Okay, this is just because I'm bored, okay? But I'm thinking of making a cherry pie for [Owner]. Just because there's nothing else to do, got it?
    • [Pretend not to notice.]
      "Eggs, sugar, milk...cherries...
      • [Look at her.]
      • [Something smells good!]
        "[Owner], come here! Hurry!
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
    • [What are you making?]
Socialized Edit
  • Let's go shopping.
  • O-of course you're imagining things! *cough cough*!
  • Not so bad, not so good either.
  • Totally...there's a lot of weird people around too...
  • Hm, yeah, you've got pretty decent style.
  • I just bought it.
  • D-did you want something?
  • Want me to give it a shot?
  • I guess it's okay?
  • Oh, well, uh, that's fine right?
  • Okay fine, you can come with me if you want.
  • Yeah, they do things like that...
  • W-well, it's not bad, I think?
  • D-don't think I'm happy because you complimented me!!
  • What are you depressed about? Let's play so hard [Owner] gets jealous!!
  • You don't have to yell, I can hear you fine!
  • I'll let you know if it isn't any good! Don't worry.
  • ... It feels like [Owner] is just playing with me.
  • O-oh?

Hope Change Edit

Letters Edit

  1. To [Owner].
    Thanks as always. I hope we can hang out more?..... Argh!!! When I try to write from the heart, I always come off as cold... I didn't write this letter just to talk about this! Argh!!... Sigh...
    From [Fairy]
  2. To [Owner].
    Spending every day with you is so much fun! Playing video games together, snacking... every day seems to go by in the blink of an eye! I wanna do a lot more with you, [Owner], so let's hang out more, okay? Tee hee!
    From [Fairy]
  3. To [Owner].
    I love eating with you, [Owner]! And also, I love the clothes you pick out for me! I love going to the park together too, and um... what else do I love? Oops, I forgot! I'll tell you in person when I remember. So don't forget, okay?
    From [Fairy]

Event DialogueEdit

Picturebook KingdomEdit

No data available.

Mechanical AdventureEdit

Stage 1: Cleaning Silia's Laboratory

  • I see that you have a real mess even on the shelves... Take care of your documents! Sigh... Don't around the laboratory when I'm not looking at you!
  • S-Silia!! There's still coffee left in this cup! ...It's from yesterday!? Throw this away and make yourself a new cup of coffee now!!
  • What's this...? An uncuttable string? But you can cut it without any problems... W-wait! I didn't do anything!
  • Huh, what's this... Oh!! I-I can't reach it... What are you laughing at! H-help me!! ...okay, got it! ...a gear?
  • I feel weird just by holding this gold gear... W-what is happening! My eyes got blurry...

Stage 2: The Town of Steam

  • Uh~... My head is spinning... W-what is this place? We were cleaning Silia's lab just a minute ago!
  • Maybe the gold gear was one of Silia's inventions... We must tell her when we get back!
  • What a smoky city. And full of machines. I don't think there is such a place near the Agency.
  • This town feels... Heavy. I feel as all these machines are about to crush me... W-what?! I'm not holding onto your sleeves!!
  • [Owner], it says [Informant] on that store's sign. How about we check it? Maybe they know how we can return to our world...

Stage 3:Sky Pirates?!

  • Hey, do you know the way to the Fairy Doll Agency? ...You've never heard of it? Uhm... Do you know anything about this gold gear? A key for a door to a different world?
  • [Owner], don't take the gear from me so suddenly... Huh? You're not [Owner]. W-who are you? Give back the gear! Argh!!
  • You're saying that you got the key to the treasure? W-wait a moment, this isn't a key to the treasure!! It's a key to return to our world!! Give it back!!
  • [Owner], w-when did you take it back? Just a moment ago? I don't know if you're a reliable person or not...
  • Huh? Smoke? Is something on fire?! We must get out... Ah?! W-who's that? [Owner], are you pulling my hand?

Stage 4: Steam Town Princess

  • W-w-who are you? L-let go of my hand!'re the princess of the Town of Steam? They have someone like that?
  • ... T-thanks for saving us... [Owner], you too? Don't laugh at me!!
  • Have you ever seen this gear? ... A fairy-tale of the Flying City? Hmmm... Well, we don't have any other leads, so... How about we try this whole Flying City, [Owner]?
  • What? You'll help us...? Hmpf, don't you get hurt and slow us down!! ...Hey! Stop patting my head!!
  • My hair is a mess because someone is constantly stroking it... I-I'm not a child!

Stage 5: Boarding the Airship!

  • An airship store? W-what? Are airships like airplanes? ... Whoah! ... Impressive! So many beautiful airship-... I-I'm not fascinated by airships or anything like that!!
  • This airship... Is kind of cute... [Owner], don't stand behind people without saying anything!!
  • ...[Owner], that woman in the entrance... I think I've seen her before... Is it my imagination?
  • Ah, it's the sky pirate from before!! And she noticed us too... [Owner], time to run!!
  • [Owner], princess, get on the airship!! If we don't hurry the sky pirates will get us!!

Stage 6: Adventures in the Sky!!

  • W... wow...! We're really flying!! This is great! Hey, [Owner], look... W-what? You have any complaints?
  • Sky pirates are chasing us! Princess, what should we do...? Press a button? Uhm... The one behind the chair... Ah, found it! I'm pressing it!! Hah!!
  • Something came out!! What is this balloon? If you break it, sticky stuff comes out and you can't do anything about it for some time? Scary!!
  • Looks like the pirates ran into our balloons and we gained some distance! If we keep going like this, we should be able to run away from them!
  • I don't think they'll be able to chase us for a while... Yay!! Hurray!! P-princess, don't let go of the steering wheel!!

Stage 7: Flying City

  • Huff, puff... Argh! Don't let go of the handle so suddenly! I thought that we're going to fall!
  • W-whoah! W-what are you doing? D-don't suddenly grab my hand like that... You don't want to get lost? R-really? W-well, if that's the case, I guess I have to hold your hand.
  • W-wait... There's so many people here, don't go anywhere on your own! Are you saying that I started going somewhere? That's not true!
  • There are so many watchmakers on this street... And their clocks look amazing. Look, that one has numbers made of gems.

Stage 8: Flying City Palace

  • Wow... This palace is huge... I wonder how many people are inside...
  • W-who are you? You're the queen of the Flying City? ... W-what does a queen want with us? Y-you'll take us to the Big Gear Door?
  • ... And she's gone... H-hmph! Well, if she said that she'll guide us, I guess we should follow her! [Owner], we're going!
  • Hey... Aren't those sky pirates? Look, those people at the gate. What do they want?!
  • You want me to give you the gear... Like I said...!! This isn't the key to treasure! If you don't believe me... What?

Stage 9: The Gear Door

  • This is the Big Gear Door... Look, sky pirates! Here we'll show you that this gear is not a key to any treasure!
  • Since when do you have this door? one knows? Hmph... Weird door.
  • ... Argh...!! Uh... I can't reach the gear-shaped hole! Don't stare at me like that, help me! Wait, it's not here? Don't laugh at me!
  • Okay, I put the gear in!! ... Wow, the mechanisms around started moving! Wow...
  • It should open soon!! ... Oh... It's not a key to any treasure!! Apologize for following us for so long!!

Stage 10: Back Home

  • I can see something on the other side of the door... Ah, is it Silia's laboratory? Yay, looks like we can return to our world!
  • Pirates! See? The gear wasn't a key to any treasure!! Next time listen to what people are trying to tell you!
  • Uhm. Princess... We were able to get to the Flying City because of you, so I would... Really want to... T-thank you... [Owner], what are you laughing at!
  • Queen, why did you guide us to the door? ... That's the custom? Uhm... Weird.
  • W-we'll come again if... W-we feel like it. ... *Sigh*!! Princess don't stroke my hair, it will look terrible! It's enough when [Owner] does it!

Fairy ZooEdit

Stage 1:Let's go to the Zoo!

  • Are we there yet...? I-it's not like I'm excited and can't wait!!
  • I wonder what animals will be there... Maybe there will be a place to pet animals. H-hmph! I-I'm not excited at all...
  • A quiz about the zoo? Uhm, has a long neck, is yellow and brown and has long eyelashes? ...a giraffe? Yay, I was right.
  • We're playing bingo. Uhm, 47, 47... Ah, got it! Bingo. Looks like sweets are the main prize.

Stage 2: Arrived at the Zoo!

  • It's a bit far, but we got here safely... [Owner]!! You're super pale, are you okay?
  • Holding hands so we don't get separated? ...H-hmph! I-if you insist, I guess I can do it!

Stage 3: Let's check the Small Animal Zone!

  • Oh, we can see a section of mole's home here... It seems to be digging in a very complicated way...
  • Otters remind me of rabbits. I mean aside from the ears they look kind of similar.. What? Did I say something funny? Don't laugh at me!
  • Foxes... It's not like foxes have small eyes, right? I wonder why are they always drawn with such small eyes.
  • With this many small animals around, giving them food is very hard. Are you sure you're giving things to the right animals?

Stage 4: Walking through the Savannah Zone!

  • Uhm... I see impalas here and zebras to the side. And those animals there are... Ah, I'm confused...
  • Weren't there warthogs in that anime that you watched recently?
  • It's said that if you find a giraffe with a heart pattern you'll spend the next year in good health. W-what?! You don't have to laugh that much!
  • That elephant is inviting us with its trunk. What does it want?
  • [If you throw a ball, the elephant will catch it]... Is what it says here. I'll try it. Wah!! It really caught it!!

Stage 5: Resting Area

  • Huh? You want to go to the toilet...? Okay, come back quickly, I'll save the seats.
  • C-can I order a pudding for dessert?
  • [Owner], o-open your mouth... N-no need to say aaah!

Stage 6: Petting Zoo

  • Sheep, goats... Alpacas? There are so many animals here that I got confused.
  • R-rabbits are gathering around me... Aaaah, [Owner]!! Help me~!!
  • You can even ride a donkey here? Wow... Look at how much straw it's carrying!!
  • They're making ice cream from the milk of the cows here... W-what! I-I didn't say anything!
  • This ice cream is delicious... [Owner], w-want to eat a bite? Say a-aaah...

Stage 7: Let's check the Fierce Animal Zone!

  • You need a license to feed animals here? ... Does this mean that the staff here can make animals jump through flaming circles too?
  • Aaaah!! That lion scared me!! W-w-what?! I won't lose!!
  • A quiz to guess which one is a coyote and which one is a wolf? I don't mind but... Where did you get these props?
  • Wolves are really cool... W-why did you get depressed all of a sudden?!
  • Tigers can climb trees if they try... If that's the case, where should we run if one starts chasing us...?

Stage 8: Let's check the Monkey Zone!

  • Why do monkeys have red faces...? Aren't you curious?
  • Some monkeys even use hot springs... Hot springs... I-it's not like I was imagining going to hot springs with you, [Owner].
  • If you throw this ball at a monkey... Wow, amazing! It started juggling~!!
  • I've heard that there are some monkeys called slow lorises but I can't see them anywhere here... I want to see them.
  • Ah, this slow loris is so cute~! ... Hm? I'm even cuter? We're talking about something else now.

Stage 9: Let's buy souvenirs!

  • ...*Stare*... W-what?! I'm not staring at anything!! W-we're going to check the souvenir shop? ...I-I guess I'll go with you.
  • What do you have there? An animal pattern curtains? H-hmph, i-it's not bad.
  • What is this... Tiger baby parka? ... why are you buying this?! Huh?! You want me to wear it?! Y-you're kidding right?!
  • Hmph... I-if you're going to buy me this baby tiger parka... B-buy one for yourself too!! I don't want to be the only one wearing it!!
  • 1000 piece animal puzzle? You're not going to buy this and spend the whole night doing it, right?

Stage 10: Let's go home!

  • We've seen so many animals today... I-it was fun!!
  • They're going to show us a movie on the way back... I-I'm not excited at all!
  • Hm... I'm not sleepy, I'm not sleepy... I'm watching the mov... Zzz...zzz...
  • Uhm... [Owner]...if you give a rabbit...this much water...its ears will get too big...
  • Wah?! Huh, what?! We've arrived already? ...I was sleeping the whole time... I-I wasn't sleeping!! You're imagining thins!

Hanami FestivalEdit

No data available for this event.

Jewelry EventEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • What kind of gemstone is this one.... W-wah! Something came out?! I-it's melting on the ground?! These green gemstones are dangerous...!
  • You found a Keystone Gem already [Fairy]? Huh. Well why not take a rest? I guess I could join you, if you want.
  • It's Jade Juice apparently... I cannot imagine what flavor that is.
  • I heard the people in this world are born with gemstones inside themselves. Look, that one's flying!! ...I wonder which stone they used?
  • Hey, I think there's some street performers over there! D-do you wanna go see, [Fairy]?

Stage 1: Silia's strange movie projector!

  • So I came. O-only because Silia invited me.
  • You made a new projector so you want to experiment... What do you mean experiment? You didn't mean experiment? Make up your mind!
  • Where should we sit then? If the projector's facing that wall, then... how about here?
  • Karume gave me some kind of potato candy earlier... Want some?
  • Please don't be a scary movie, please don't be a scary movie.... W-what? I was just talking to myself, that's all!

Stage 2: Lost in a strange new world?!

  • Oooh... I feel kinda dizzy... I-is the wall pulling us in?!
  • [Owner]... too heavy... get off.....! Where are we? What is this? Exactly what is a Gem World?!
  • So the Keystone Gem is the most powerful of all gemstones. And you expect us to collect these so we can go home?
  • If you want these gems so badly, Silia, why don't you go get them yourself? Machine repairs. Right. Please be careful this time.
  • What's this, an adventurer's pack? With a radar? Oh, it'll pick up the aura of a Keystone Gem? Well that's handy.

Stage 3: Sapphire Town

  • So this is our first stop. Sapphire... Sapphire...something? The sign's all scuffed up, I can't read it.
  • A city of rivers, with boats for transport... it's almost idyllic.
  • This town is far too big, I don't think we're ever gonna find the Keystone Gem here...
  • T-That store! The radar, it's going crazy! They must be selling a Keystone Gem...
  • I think Silia gave us some money to use... where is it...aha! No idea how much it's worth, but here goes nothing.

Stage 4: Ruby Cave

  • ...No... It's too hot... I don't care about the Keystone Gems, I-I don't wanna go in!
  • Ahhh, it's even hotter inside... I can't take it anym--- What, water?! Ohh, the sapphire!
  • It's getting hard to tell the difference between regular rubies and the Keystone ruby...
  • The radar says it's just ahead but this is a dead end...or is it... Give me the sapphire, [Owner]!
  • That wall was just dirt! Perfect, now where's the ruby..... Ah, got it! Right, let's get out of here quick, I think I'm melting.

Stage 5: Lapis Lazuli Road

  • It says here on the map that these lapis lazuli have kept their incredible power for a really long time...
  • The radar's bleeping at just about every lapis lazuli here. How are we supposed to know which one we need?
  • So all we need to do is answer a riddle, and the owl will grab the correct lapis for us. What is it then?
  • Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not. Hmm... Get me a pen... n, o, t... t, o, n... Is that it? Ton?
  • Oh, it was right. Hey, stop! Don't pet me like that!

Stage 6: Garnet Tunnel

  • What's up [Owner], what have you done? You broke the compass?!
  • My eyes are red? It's just... h-hayfever, that's all, I wasn't crying! I think you must have dreamt it.
  • So the exit... We don't know... *sniff* O-of course I'm not crying!! ... Ah! Is that a garnet...?
  • We've been searching for so long now, it's not in here... Look down? Ah!! In the ground! But how do we get it out?
  • The Keystone is telling us to go this way... Don't get lost [Owner]! G-grab my hand then, if you must!!

Stage 7: Emerald Valley

  • W-we finally got out~... Wha?! Huh, look at this valley... It shines green in the morning sun... This whole valley is made of emeralds... So beautiful...
  • The radar is showing something in this valley... Let's go down... Hm, where can we descend... Ah, there's a path here.
  • A d-d-d-dragon...?! Waah! It looked this way!! D-don't eat us~!! Don't!!
  • Y-you won't eat us? Really?... w-well then! T-tell us the location of the emerald Keystone Gem!!
  • You'll tell us if we scratch your back? Really? Okay, [Owner], I'm doing it!!

Stage 8: Diamond City of Ancients

  • No one's here... It's so quiet... I-I'm holding your hand just because I don't want you to get lost in a town this big. Finding you would be a pain!
  • I wonder why this town is so empty... Maybe everyone got sick and went somewhere... Uh...
  • Looks like the Keystone Gem is in the castle, let's go. W-what? I-I'm so close to you because I'm cold!!
  • Why is this thing which looks like an atomizer so big... Looks like there's some left. If you used it here the mist would cover the whole city... What made this thing?
  • I guess this is where the king of this place was...? Ah! There it is! The last Keystone Gem is on the throne!

Stage 9: Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!

  • We just have to put the Keystone Gems we've collected inside this machine, right? Okay, I'm doing it.
  • Whoa, smoke started coming out!! Is everything okay with this projector...?
  • Uh, everything is spinning... I don't feel so good, I'm going to close my eyes now...
  • We're here? Is it over?... stop being mean and just tell me~!!
  • Today was really tiring for a lot of reasons... Dragons, tunnels... Well, I can't say I didn't enjoy it.

Stage 10: Back to the Human World!!

  • Huh? The time hasn't passed...? Looks like the flow of time is different in both worlds.
  • Argh! This happened to us because of Silia!! ...what? An apology? ...Experimental Slime no. 4 key holder? I don't want it!
  • I got tired from all that adventuring... I want to eat something sweet... And I'm... Sleepy...
  • ...[Owner], why are you smiling like that? ...the time we met the dragon? I-it's not like that!! Don't stroke my hair!!
  • ...I should tell you to stop stroking my hair, but I'm so tired today, that I don't even mind... Don't smile like that!

Strange StrengthEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • The premise is that only some people in the Central Cities can use special powers. I saw one person who was rising by 10 cm with each step and flew away at one point.
  • Oh, it's you [Fairy]. You're here too?
  • [Fairy], what special power do you have? I can summon lightning.
  • Many people are using their special powers for work... That person with a stand is using his powers to create ice-cream from fruit!
  • I-I guess we can search for evidence together.... I-it's not that I'm worried about you.

Stage 1: At Home

  • Mmm... no... still sleepy... zzzzzz...... Kya~!! What are you doing?! Don't rip the covers off me like that!!
  • An invitation from Fairysoft~? Give it to me... new game... Strange Strength... test play...? What is this?
  • What kind of game is it anyway, this Str... Streng... String thing? I-I can say it!! I just don't want to, is all!!
  • Sounds like something from a movie, these super-powered spy battle... Do you think it means they'll use magic.
  • Wow, we're here already. I didn't expect to see so many Strange Strength billboards and posters around.

Stage 2: To the Event Hall

  • It says here in the pamphlet that each group will receive a different special ability...
  • So we're spies working for the Kami Agency, apparently. That does sound pretty cool...
  • Did the announcer just say we share abilities in pairs? Aww... boring.
  • Looks like we need to step into this booth. What are you waiting for? Get in!
  • My special ability is Shockwave. I suppose it uses lightning, but I wonder how exactly... What are you smiling at?

Stage 3: The Central Cities

  • Kami News Agency... That's not at all conspicuous... Let's go inside then. I have a feeling I know who's waiting for us.
  • A quest, already? No no, that's fine. Where should we go? The amusement park?... What on earth kind of quest...
  • Power the lighting at the amusement park?... I thought we were spies, not handymen...
  • We'll go on three, okay? One, two, three!! *bzzzzzzt* We did it! it looks so beautiful, too ♪
  • A power outage at the shipyards? Let's go help out♪ N-not that I'm excited or anything!! I-it's an alright game. So-so. Nothing special!!

Stage 4: A Secret Deal

  • Well, that's about half the Central Cities all charged with power. Time to go back to HQ. G-good girl?! Who are you calling girl?!
  • ... Hmm? [Owner], do you see someone under that bridge there?
  • I think they're talking but... I'm gonna get closer. You stay here on lookout.
  • Rule the world with potatoes? I've no idea what they're talking about, but it cannot be good.
  • The one on the left there said SJK... I wonder what that stands for... Maybe Commander Kami will know.

Stage 5: Intelligence Gathering

  • We need to get some information about that SJK. Maybe one of those informant agency places? They could help us...
  • So their HQ is beneath a casino near here. With lookouts. And of course their own special powers. Great.
  • An office in a restaurant...? Did you just order a Hot Banana Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream?! What even is hot banana any--- Someone's coming...!
  • Right. So that weird cake you ordered was the secret password. I see. How clever. Come on, let's get our information and go.
  • What?! You're the one having fun here! I'm just tagging along, you're the one who asked me to, I didn't want...! Are you even listening?!

Stage 6: Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!

  • Wait, stop. I see three guards up ahead... What are you doing? Sprinkling water around? What does it matter if their shoes get wet?
  • So now their shoes are wet. They don't seem to care at all, as expected. What did you mean to--- Woah! They all fell over!!
  • Ahh, you shocked them through the water... That was pretty clever, [Owner].
  • Some of these rooms are really too suspicious... Research and Development I understand, but why is there a Black Magic Lab next door...?
  • Maybe we can find some evidence in here... Kya~!! What do you think you're doing, grabbing me like...?! A trapdoor? Oh... wow... thanks, I guess...

Stage 7: Find the Evidence!

  • Just... a little more... nearly... there...!! Uhoh, waaaaahhhh!!! *CRASH* Ow... not ow... Why not ow? [Owner]!! A-are you okay?!
  • Just hit your head a little? Are you sure you're okay? Phew, okay... H-hey, stop it! M-my head's not the one that needs stroking!!
  • How do you expect to protect me if you end up getting hurt doing it?!?!
  • There must be evidence in these archives... Hmm... What is this? How To grow The Most Delicious Potatoes...? What kind of organization is this?
  • ... Do you hear that? Outside? It sounds like... s-surely not, the falling bookshelf... the noise...?? Run!!

Stage 8: Escape!!

  • Trip the circuit breaker?! We won't be able to see a thing! I'll lose sight of you...
  • Ahh... erm... through here... left around this corner... Up these stairs... then right... Erm... Where are we...?
  • The exits are blocked! I don't think we're getting out that way... Come on, this way!
  • Let's just get to the roof! Just go!! If we get caught, this'll all be for naught!
  • We're just going up and up but... What was that, a fireball?! Their abilities! What do we do?!

Stage 9: Mission Complete

  • Hmph, I suppose there's no other choice but to fight. Step back, [Owner].
  • They just keep coming...! Take that!... And that!... And...!! Get off me! [Owner]~!!
  • T-thanks for saving me... N-not that I was scared!! I was just getting ready to attack!!
  • It's getting cloudy... Ah! [Owner], come here. *whisper whisper* Ready?
  • Wait... just a second... One, two, three...!! *BOOM* Electricity and rainclouds work well together... b-but my ears hurt...

Stage 10: Logout!

  • Phew, I'm tired... Does fatigue from the game world carry over to the real one..?
  • Uhm... My score is... higher than I expected. Support and cooperation are the highest.
  • We've got a ton of Strange Strength goods as souvenirs! ... Uh, I think I'll give this chicken shaped cushion to Mika.
  • We are a perfect team... Why are you smiling?! I-I'm not complaining or anything! Argh!
  • Today was fun. I guess I can try playing this game again! ...Why are the Fairysoft staff members looking all triumphant?

Green Leaf CarnivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • I'm pretty excited to see what foods everyone's made of.
  • What food did you make, [Fairy]?
  • It's fun seeing all these different outfits... I guess.
  • D-dance together? Fine!! B-but don't trip me up, okay?!
  • Making clothes is so much easier with magic... This world can be pretty inconvenient at times....

Stage 1: What is the Green Leaf Carnival?

  • The Green Leaf Carnival? It's a festival only found in the Fairy World... What?! They're holding it in the Human World this year?
  • What kind of festival? The usual really... dancing, singing, eating... all traditional Fairy World things, of course.
  • I explained well? I-I don't need your compliments!!
  • Anyway, get ready to go. Once we get there we'll have to help out with preparing, too.
  • Preparing what? Enough with the questions already! Just get out of your pajamas and let's go!

Stage 2: Let's go!

  • I think the only thing we need to take are baskets. What for? We need to gather up flowers and leaves to decorate the staging and such.
  • Can you check where it's being held, [Owner]? We might need to take a bus or something--- We don't?
  • It's in a forest near the Fairy Agency? Ahh, I know where you mean. That's not far at all, we can walk it quite easily.
  • What are you looking at me like that for? I look happy? O-of course, I mean... it's been a whole, you know? And... s-so what if I look happy?!
  • So many friends are here too. I-I'm just gonna go say hi!

Stage 3: Arriving at the carnival

  • This place is closer than I thought. We'll have to get decorating right away though, it's absolutely huge.
  • The place we use in the Fairy World is a little smaller. But then, we have to fit in all the Owners too, here.
  • This really is the place for the Green Leaf Carnival, surrounded by nature.
  • First we have to decorate, then it's making the outfits for the dance. After that, preparing food.
  • I'll go and ask Robin if there's anything in particular she'd like us to prepare.

Stage 4: Picking flowers and leaves

  • We need to gather up flowers and leaves for cooking. I'll start here, you start over there.
  • See we have to coordinate, flowers for the outfits, flowers for the food, flowers for the decorations...
  • We have to be careful which leaves we pick this time. Without charms, the weak ones will just fall apart when we pin them around.
  • Hya~?! Don't creep up on me like that!! That? It's poisonous, put it down. If you eat it, you'll laugh yourself to death.
  • This flower can be eaten raw, it's actually... already in your mouth?! That was quick! Leave some for the dishes later, will you?!

Stage 5: Decorating the forest

  • We've been charged with making the entrance gate. I supposed coiling some ivy wouldn't be a bad place to start...
  • See, if we were in the Fairy World, charms would have these decorations done in no time...
  • What is that, a crown of flowers? F-for me? I suppose I'll take it, if you insist... ♪
  • S-stop! There's no point us both working on the same bit, is there? Now's not the time for I just wanted to be together! We have work to do!!
  • Hmm... a little to the left? Yes, perfect. I think we've finished ♪

Stage 6: Making carnival outfits

  • What are you worried about? Just don't think about it, or about the specially charm-infused needle and thread you're using...
  • I think I'll have this flower for the centerpiece, and... these leaves for the skirt ♪
  • Hmhmhm~♪ What do you think? That's the skirt done, now for the top half.
  • Just one last flower and... finished ♪ I-I know it's well done! I don't need you to say it...
  • I-I made your outfit too. Here, take it. Ack!! Stop - hugging - me - right - now!!!

Stage 7: Making traditional fairy foods

  • You'll be helping too, [Owner]! Don't worry, I'll tell you what needs to be done.
  • Everyone seems busy making snacks and dishes, so how about we make desserts?
  • First of all we'll need... flower-petal jelly, of course... also herbal cookies... and then flower-petal ice cream too, mustn't forget.
  • Oww! That plate is so hot!! W-what?! [Owner]! My hands are all wet now!!
  • W-what are you worried about anyways?! It's just a little burn, you didn't have to... I mean... well... thanks.

Stage 8: Green Leaf Ceremony

  • The most important part of this whole festival is the Dance of the Fairies. It's all about giving thanks to spring.
  • Once I'm called on, I'll join the circle and start dancing. The timing and moves are actually pretty difficult...
  • The best dancers all gather in the middle, but I'll be around the edges somewhere... Is what you're thinking, right?!
  • I'm going to join the dance then, so just... sit here and watch, okay? You'd better watch!!... One yes is enough, you know!!
  • Lalala~ ♪ Lalala~ ♪ Ack, I forgot to clap...!

Stage 9: Let's eat!

  • Wow. All that dancing has left me pretty hungry...
  • All this food, it looks so good! I can't wait to try it ♪
  • This candy is amazing, look. It has a little flower petal inside. Try one, [Owner].
  • This mushroom soup is almost... fun! Hah! Amazing! Hahaha ♪ *cough* *splutter* I can't stop... laughing... bahahaha~!
  • *nom nom* Mmm.. Ack!! W-what are you doing?! Something on my mouth?... Fine.

Stage 10: Singing, dancing and having fun

  • Robin's really a great singer... I'm starting to get... tired... H-hey, I'm not that tired! Stop stroking my hair!!
  • You want to know more about the Fairy World? F-fine, I suppose I'll teach you, if you insist.
  • That song Robin's singing is an important part of the festival too. It's all about giving thanks to nature. It's really quite famous in our world.
  • The last dance is completely free, no rules. You're not gonna join?... W-with me?? Fine.
  • What exactly was in that mushroom soup anyway? At least I finally stopped laughing...

Harvest FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • There are so many fields here, but it looks like each and every one is healthy...
  • Y'know, I actually made us a bento for lunch... W-what do you mean that's not like me?!
  • You cut your hand on a leaf?... Here, a bandage. S-sorry about the anime pattern.
  • Wow, you finished your scarecrow already? Let's see it then.
  • Apparently with a greenhouse, you can grow summer plants even in winter. Amazing, right?

Stage 1: To the farm!

  • *yawn*~... Still dark... surely night... more sleep... Hmm?! The farm work's today?!
  • Oof, I'm hungry... *glomp!* Hmm?! *nom nom* Ahh... Don't just stuff onigiri in my mouth like that!!
  • I suppose we'll need some loose-fitting clothes, if we'll be moving around the farm... a t-shirt, maybe?
  • We're making pretty good time. I was right to prepare ahead of time last night after all ♪
  • I hear there's a lot of vegetables on this farm. It should be quite fun, surrounded by nature like that.

Stage 2: Listen to the Chief!

  • Apparently the Chief and the farm owner are friends. I guess that must be why they're so close...
  • I suppose we should use these overalls... Hng... Hmm... It's a little big, but I guess it'll have to do.
  • I found a map. This place really is big. I-I should try not to get lost?! You should try not to get lost!!
  • I can't wait to get started. What? Fairies love working outside like this.
  • First is the greenhouses, then the fields, then... Hey, are you awake over there?!

Stage 3: To the greenhouse!

  • I've never been inside a greenhouse before... It's bigger than I expected. More humid, too.
  • So it's thanks to the temperature management that all these vegetables can grow here together... You know a lot about greenhouses, [Owner].
  • There's even fruits and vegetables growing out of season in here. W-what? Am I not allowed to have a real thought once in a while?
  • I can see green peppers, tomatoes... okra, is that? And shishito? It's hard to tell those two apart.
  • What on earth is the matter? You're bright red!... They said you could have a taste? So you tried an okra? But actually it was a shishito?... Get some water, quick!!

Stage 4: Let's harvest onions!

  • Some of these onions really are huge... Hey, what do onions make you think about?
  • Why do I ask? W-what business is that of yours? I was just asking, okay?
  • Onions make you think of curry? Good answer. Do you like the spicy or sweet curries? Something in the middle?! Always so difficult...
  • You know what else? Summer is fast approaching, and there's really nothing better on a hot day than some delicious onion-infused soumen!
  • What else are onions used for... Hotpots and oven bakes and such... Hmm? Yakitori? That's not really something to cook at home...

Stage 5: Time for lunch!

  • ... Hmm? N-no, nothing! I'm not hiding anything!!
  • Lunch... *rumble rumble* N-no! That was your stomach, not mine!
  • The farm owner believed you! She laughed at me, for your stomach rumbling!!
  • Wow, this onigiri is deliciou--- Chicken? If these are from the Fairy Agency, this this one must have been Mika's doing...
  • This one has pork and umeboshi in it... You want a bite? Open up then... H-hey, don't look at me like that!!

Stage 6: Let's harvest cabbages!

  • This cabbage patch is huge... It's gonna take forever to harvest it all.
  • These cabbages are supposed to be really sweet and delicious. The other day, while I was waiting for you, I--- *cough* N-n-n-nothing! Forget it!
  • Apparently they had a really big cabbage harvest this year. They said they'd give us a couple once we're finished.
  • I thought we were doing quite well, but... there are so many cabbages left in this field... I don't know if we'll ever finish.
  • Finally, we're done! We spent so long staring at cabbages I feel like I'm gonna turn into one...

Stage 7: Let's try farm machinery!

  • I suppose in autumn, this whole area must be a beautiful golden yellow...
  • I've never even seen half of these machines before... This one is some kind of harvester, right?
  • What's this machine?... You don't know? Hmm... Well either way, don't go breaking it.
  • This one? A rice planter... So this takes seedlings to the paddy to grow, right? Human machinery is really quite complex...
  • The barn is surprisingly cool inside... This must be a great place to hang out in summer.

Stage 8: Let's harvest carrots!

  • Next up is harvesting the carrots, apparently. Wow, this field is enormous. We'd be done in no time using magic...
  • I pulled up a really weird-looking carrot... It almost looks like a person... I don't think I could eat it.
  • *pop* *pop*... Phew, that's one basket done. Ack!! It's... it's way too heavy...!!
  • This really needs everyone working together, I think. There are way too many carrots for one group to handle.
  • I cannot see how the farm owner could ever do this work by herself... What exactly would she do without our help?

Stage 9: Make a scarecrow!

  • I've never even seen a scarecrow before, let alone made one... Hmm? Work together? F-fine, if you really want to...♪
  • Cut the bamboo... twist it over... tie it together... wrap the cloth... This is surprisingly tiring.
  • W-what exactly is that? The scarecrow's head...? I think that's gonna keep more than just birds away!!
  • Now we need to choose some clothes... W-w-what are you doing, keep your clothes on!! We can just use these old ones! Don't undress on a stranger's farm!!
  • Phew... finally, it's finished... We'd have been done a lot quicker too, without your silly distractions...

Stage 10: Time to go home!

  • Phew, my body's aching all over... I mean it was fun, but wow am I tired.
  • They said we did so well, we can take a box of vegetables home ♪ I guess it's vegetarian cooking for us tonight!
  • *hngg*... This box is quite heavy... Ack!! I-I didn't ask you to carry it! I can do it myself!!
  • Let's carry half each. So... y'know... it'll be a little easier for you, I guess.
  • I did well? I-I don't need you to tell me that, I'm not a child...!!

Summer GetawayEdit


  • Oh, you're here too, [Fairy]. N-not that I'm happy to see you or anything...!
  • I only came here because [Owner] wanted to visit, okay! Not because I wanted to!
  • I think I'm starting to get hungry. Do you have any recommendations?
  • A gift shop? Hmm... W-what? No, I'm not thinking of buying [Owner] something!!
  • Finally, somewhere nice and cool. I don't think I ever want to leave here.

Stage 1:It's so hot...

  • It's too hot here... much too hot... Do you know somewhere we can cool off, [Owner]?
  • The Fairy Agency? Why?... They have giant air conditioners... of course...
  • Let's check the noticeboard... Nothing new, it seems. Oh is that the Chief over there?
  • I just spoke to Chief Cocoa. She said she has a friend who runs a guest house somewhere very, very cool... N-not that I'm really interested or anything!!
  • Hmm? You really want to go, [Owner]? F-fine, I guess I'll join if I have to.

Stage 2:We've arrived!

  • It looks like it's going to take a while to reach the guest house... Maybe we should buy lunch before we get on the train...
  • Are you hungry, [Owner]? I-I have two bentos with me... What? I only bought two just in case!!
  • Finally, we're here. That took a long time. The scenery's completely changed too, we're certainly in the countryside it seems.
  • I wonder who the Chief's friends are... We have to make sure we leave a good impression... Could it be that elderly couple over there?
  • This guest house is quite big! N-not that I'm excited or anything!!

Stage 3:Check out the rooms!

  • I didn't expect this guest house to be so big... I think this might be quite fun.
  • Everything is so big in here, even the sofas. I don't know how you're supposed to reach the top shelves there though... H-hey, I can do it myself!
  • There's a stove in here, too. I don't imagine it's used much in summer, but it kinds adds to the atmosphere.
  • So this is where all the food is made? By one old lady? M-maybe I should help her... if she wanted me to, I mean!
  • Wow, this bath looks like it could fit two people easily... Ack! T-that's not what I meant! I was just commenting on how big it is!

Stage 4:A walk in the woods!

  • The shade, the fresh air, the cool breeze... the woods really are the best place for a summer walk.
  • Apparently this tree is over 100 tears old... That is amazing.
  • Ah, look! A cute little bird!... I guess the animals enjoy all this nature just as much as we do.
  • Y-you wanna go deeper into the woods? N-no! I'm not scared!... You go out in front...
  • Why do you keep walking ahead like that, [Owner]? I-I don't like walking alone...

Stage 5:Let's go to the lake!

  • This lake is huge. Hmm? There are bigger ones?! Wow...
  • It's not just big, but beautiful too. This is quite a nice place you brought me to... N-not that I'm happy about it or anything!
  • You want to ride a boat? I mean I'll join you, if you really want me to...
  • No swimming allowed, but fishing is okay... I-I'll help you, just this once.
  • Why did we even bring our swimsuits?... There's a river nearby we can go swimming in? W-why didn't you say so earlier?!

Stage 6:Let's explore the town!

  • Even getaway spots have a shopping area... If you really want to [Owner], we could take a look at some of the stores.
  • A clothes store!... This outfit is quite cute...!! Hey, don't you think this suits me, [Owner]?
  • I think we should buy a gift for the Chief. To say thanks for telling us about this place, you know?
  • There's a lot of foods here you don't normally see. All of them chilled or frozen, too...
  • I see shaved ice... you want some, [Owner]? Fine... two shaved ices then, please.

Stage 7:Glass-blowing Studio

  • ... Hmm? Is that a crowd of people over there? I wonder what's going on...
  • A glassblowing workshop? That sounds quite interesting... Excuse me? O-of course I can do it!!
  • Apparently we can choose any animal we want to make... I think I'll try a fox.
  • Hmm... this is more difficult that I thought it would be... But I cannot lose to [Owner]...!
  • ... Phew. Making two took a long time. Why did I make two? Th-that's none of your business, [Owner]!

Stage 8:A traditional street

  • This area has a lot of old traditional houses, by the looks of it. Let's take a look inside some of them.
  • You can tell this post office has been here a very long time, just by the smell. Go on [Owner], give it a sniff.
  • Almost every house here is made of wood... What exactly do they do in a typhoon? They must be very well-built.
  • Looking at houses like these up close, you can really see how each part was built...
  • There's a sweet shop over there... I-I suppose we could go, if you really want to, [Owner].

Stage 9:Fireflies!

  • Apparently we can see fireflies behind the guest house here, near the ravine. I mean... I thought... you might want to...
  • I got some sugar water from the guest house. Here [Owner], give it to the fireflies!
  • Wow~! Look, over there! There must be hundreds of them...! How beautiful... how romantic... what a great memory.
  • So romantic... I wonder if this might be a special day today... [Owner]... N-nothing, never mind.
  • We really should thank the Chief for telling us about this wonderful place... O-of course I'm thankful for you too...

Stage 10:Time to sleep...

  • ...?! [Owner], did you see that shooting star?! I'm gonna go outside for a bit!
  • Ah, another one!... All these fantastic memories in just one place...
  • There's nothing better than a nice cool bed after a long hot day...
  • Today was the kind of day that lets you forget all about your troubles. The Chief really helped us out here ♪
  • [Owner]... today... I really... I mean... T-thank... F-forget it, never mind!! Good night!!

Summer FestivalEdit


  • Oh, you're here too, [Fairy]... Y-your yukata looks very cute...
  • Hi-ya!... W-what?! I like to play games sometimes, y'know!!
  • I already tried the goldfish scooping. How many did you catch, [Fairy]? I'll tel;l you if you tell me.
  • Your mask... N-nothing! It's not like I thought it was super cute or anything...
  • Did you find any good stands? The ball game over there? Okay, I'll give it a try. Thanks for the information.

Stage 1: Let's go to the festival!

  • We have a letter from the Fairy Agency, [Owner]... Hmm? Me? Read it yourself!... F-fine, I guess if you really insist...
  • It says there's a festival at the Leo Shrine... I guess we have to go, right? You're paying of course, [Owner].
  • I suppose I'll need my yukata... where did I put it... [Owner], come and help me find it.
  • Hmm... I think I've forgotten how to wear this yukata... Ack!! *thud* F-fall over? No, of course not!!

Stage 2: Leo Shrine!

  • There really are a lot of people here... It makes for quite a nice atmosphere, actually.
  • I can see so many stands! I wonder where we should start...
  • Oh look, I see some tumblers over there. No, not there, over there--- Ack!! Y-you face... is so close...
  • I think I know a lot of people here, too. I think I should go and say hi. D-don't move from this spot, okay?

Stage 3: Food stands!

  • Hey, are you hungry, [Owner]?
  • Hmm, what should we eat... Ah, how about some yakitori!... W-what?! Am I not allowed to get excited?! It's a festival!!
  • What did you buy, [Owner]? A chocolate banana? Hmm, it looks quite good... I think I'll have a bite.
  • ... What? You want some of my yakitori? Tch, if you really insist... H-here, take one...
  • I'm all full up. Time to get back to the festival!

Stage 4: Goldfish scooping!

  • I heard that goldfish scooping is an important part of summer festivals... is that true? Are you any good at it, [Owner]?
  • There are so many fish in here... Getting just one of them must be easy.
  • That one! Quick!!... Ahh, you missed again. Come on, give me the scoop. Watch how it's done.
  • Hi-ya~! Ack... it broke... Gimme another scoop! We're not going home til I catch one!
  • I'll do it this time... I can feel it... Hi-ya~! I got it!! Did you see, [Owner]? What...? I'm not giving him to you! He's my goldfish now!

Stage 5: Shooting Gallery!

  • I think... my hands are shaking... *pow!* Hmm, I missed... Hey, [Owner]... Why are you so good at this...?!
  • Hmm? The cuddly fox... is for me...? I-If you really insist, I guess I'll take it! Th-thanks...

Stage 6: Dinner time!

  • *rumble* Th-that wasn't me! Wh-what are you laughing at?! Stop it!
  • I was just starting to get hungry too, thinking about if. I suppose we could stop and get some food.
  • What to choose... I already had the yakitori, so maybe some yakisoba this time.
  • This yakisoba is so good~! Why does it always tastes so much better at a festival?
  • Takoyaki...? Is that all, [Owner]? We've still got a long day ahead of us, you should eat a little more...

Stage 7: Watch the omikoshi!

  • Wow! That's a big omikoshi! Wasshoi-wasshoi~!... What? I was just joining in a little!
  • Wow! Look at those dances over there... You're staring pretty hard there... N-not that I'm getting jealous or anything!
  • Aren't you going to join in, [Owner]? It's a festival! Loosen up a bit, will you?
  • Hmm? I look even cuter when i dance?!... Ha, ha ha... you're so embarrassing...!

Stage 8: Katanuki!

  • What's this called? Katanuki...? I've never seen it before... What do you do? Cut out a shape without breaking it? Hmm...
  • We get a prize if we cut without breaking anything? One of those masks? That one is so cute! I'll just have to try my hardest, then.
  • Hmm... this is really tough... Argh, it broke! One more... I can do one more, right?
  • Nearly there... just a little more...! Did you finish already, [Owner]? You broke five of them?! Are you really that bad...?
  • Finished! Huhu, that was easier than I first though. You've still not finished, [Owner]? Here, give it to me. I'll do it for you.

Stage 9: Raffle time!

  • Wait, isn't the Fairy Agency running a stand somewhere here? We should go and take a look.
  • So it's a raffle they're doing. I suppose I'll play it, then... I hope I get something good.
  • I'll go first, okay?... This one!... Woah, I won a giant rabbit plushie ♪ Hehehe... Wh-what are you looking at?! Did I say something funny?!
  • What did you win, [Owner]? An animal figure...? That's... erm... good for you.
  • After all those raffle plays, I didn't expect we'd get two of the same animal figure... I kinds hoped we might get something better for a pair item, but--- N-nothing! Never mind!!

Stage 10: Fireworks show!

  • Ah! Isn't it almost time for the fireworks show? We have to go and find a seat!
  • That man at the goldfish scoop stand told me this would be a great place to watch. I-I didn't ask for your sake or anything...!!
  • It's started! Wow... It's so pretty... I do love fireworks...
  • That was a beautiful show... A little loud though... my ears hurt a bit...
  • That was more fun than I expected. So... I guess, I'll let you bring me again next year, too...!!

Fairies in WonderlandEdit


  • ... [Owner], where are you?! You can't go on without me...
  • You came too, [Fairy]!? What... No, I'm not crying!
  • I just went to a tea party... But for some reason I cannot remember that hatter's name...
  • Chief's dress is so lovely. I wonder if I'd look more grown up if I wore that...
  • Are you going to play croquet, [Fairy]?

Stage 1: A Golden Afternoon

  • Today's weather is great. Reading a book with you under a tree feels a bit childish, but... It's okay, being here is my gift to you!
  • Okay then... Let's read the book I brought. The title is... Um... Oh well, I can't read this. It's written in cursive!
  • Alice in Wonderland, huh... I... I didn't need you telling me, I would have figured it out on my own.
  • That girl's clothing is kind of cute... H-hey! What are you grinning at?!
  • It's so nice and warm... I'm getting sleepy... W-what...? It's just... the breeze is making me... Zzz...

Stage 2: Hastily Heading into the Deep Darkness

  • *yawn* ... When did I fall asleep...? huh? Where are you, [Owner]?
  • Ah, [Owner]! Hold on, where are you going... Wait, what? Why do you have rabbit ears...
  • Hey, hey! Where are you hurrying off to?! Hold... Hold on!
  • Ah! Hey, what's with this hole here... Wait, I'm going to... faaaaaall!!
  • I'm... I'm still falling...! How far down does this hole go?!

Stage 3: Shrinking and the Sea of Tears

  • Aiee! Ouch... Looks like this pile of leaves broke my fall. Anyway, now where in the world and I... Ah, [Owner]!
  • Okay... I saw [Owner] go behind this curtain... Ah, what's with this door!? It's way too small for me to go through!
  • Now on this glass table is a key and... a bottle? Drink me? So if I drink this I can get through the door, maybe... *glug* Ah, I'm shrinking! Okay, I can definitely get through now... Ah, the door is locked!
  • I'm too small to reach the key... *sob* Ugh! Why did [Owner] go all alone... *sob*
  • Huh? When did the room fill up with tears... If I don't do something, I'll drown...! Ah, Mister Mouse... You'll help me? Thank you.

Stage 4: Growing Big and Small

  • I finally made it to the shore but... Oh! [Owner], why are you running away!?
  • Ah, [Owner]! Wait! I said Wait! Don't you run away from me now!
  • I'm pretty sure this is the house. What is [Owner] thinking, just going into any old house... U,. excuse me... Ah, [Owner], I found you!
  • What? Mary Ann? Who is that!? You... You want me to bring you a folding fan and gloves? Um... You mead these? Huh? What's this, a wake-up cake?
  • If I feed this to [Owner]...! Hey, open your mouth. Don't worry, just do it now!

Stage 5: What the Brown Caterpillar Said

  • [Owner], are you back to normal? Ugh... Why did you get so strange all of a sudden...! Not, not like I'm worried about you!
  • This... This is Alice's world, right? You're the White Rabbit and I'm Alice...
  • Since we were just at the White Rabbit's house, that means next is...
  • Hey, [Owner], isn't that Leo? I wonder why Leo is up on top of that mushroom...
  • Hey, Leo. How can we go back to our world? Um... Why are you just rolling... Do you want us to follow you?

Stage 6: The Duchess and the Grinning Cat

  • So, going along with the story, this should be the Duchess's house, right? I wonder if I can go inside...
  • Excuse me... Huh, is that you, Anko?! Huh, you're not Anko, you're... the Duchess? All that sneezing seems terrible... Are you okay?
  • Huh, you're giving us these sweets? Thanks! ... *munch, munch* ... Delicious! You want some, [Owner]?
  • So if I take these sweets to the tea party, you'll write an invitation letter to the castle for me? Okay!
  • By the way... Was that Mika disappearing and reappearing around Anko and smiling the whole time? she must be the Cheshire Cat...

Stage 7: A Strange Tea Party

  • Is this where the tea party is happening? I can hear some fun music coming from in there, but... Well, I suppose I should just go in.
  • Huh? Robin? Silia? You're at this tea party...? And who is that? I know I've seen them before but I can't remember their name... Is that the Hatter?
  • I was invited to join in because I brought the sweets. Well, I may as well enjoy myself since I have the chance.
  • Green tea in black tea cups, Anko in the jam jar... This tea party is a little strange.
  • Ack! What! I want those sweets you're eating. [Owner]... Huh? I can have them? Thank you so much...

Stage 8: Croquet with the Heart Soldiers

  • So this is the castle? Wait, is that... Chief? She's wearing that red dress... Is she the queen!?
  • Karume and Julia are here. Karume is the king and... Julia is the Jack? What a well done world this is...
  • Chief... seems a bit different from usual. It's like she's... acting more her age... Maybe?
  • Chief invited me to play croquet, but... what should I do? It's not like I want to play if you do, or anything...
  • It looks like the Chief has made chocolate tarts for us! Time to eat... Huh? It disappeared? Hey, who ate my tart!?

Stage 9: The Tart Trial

  • Who ate the chocolate tarts!? I... I... I wanted to eat them!
  • Why do we have to take part in the trial!? I didn't eat anything!
  • [Owner] is accused? My dear [Owner] would never do something like that!
  • Hey... Look at Karume's mouth... That's chocolate, right? Which means...
  • Aiee! Those card soldiers are in my way...! *squeeze* What! I can't deal with strange things happening again, so don't you leave me!

Stage 10: The Dream's End

  • [Owner]... Don't let go of my hand... *yawn* ... H-huh? [Owner]... Did I fall asleep...?
  • I had a really weird dream... you were the White Rabbit, and I was Alice chasing after you.
  • You had the same dream, [Owner]? What is that! Not like I'm happy about that or anything.
  • That was a strange dream, but it's not bad to dream like that once in a while. But next time you better not leave me behind on purpose.
  • It's gotten completely dark. Let's go back. Huh? What's that you're holding, [Owner]? ... A letter and a folding fan?

Festival in FallEdit


  • Ah, [Fairy], you came to the festival too. Have you already gone to pray?
  • They sell papier-mache replications of this shrine's Kagura dance. They're over there... D-do you want to go look?
  • The smells of yakisoba and okonomiyaki sauces cooking is just so good... I'm getting a little hungry.
  • I went to watch the yabusame, but... Then... I got lost. Hey, don't laugh! I don't like getting lost!
  • I played the lottery, but what's with this doll? It's really strange...

Stage 1: An Autumn Day

  • Hey, where are you taking me? ... A walk? Wait, surely... Uh, nothing!
  • Oh, a mackerel sky... It really does feel like autumn. The sky feels so high up.
  • ... We sure are walking a lot. Since I almost never come this way it does feel a bit strange.
  • What about a Fall Festival? It's written on the sign? Where... Ah, okay. So it's at the shrine up ahead... Wanna go check it out?
  • I wonder what kind of stands are going to be at the festival... Wh-what? That's bad?! Looking forward to that is bad?!

Stage 2: The Fall Festival

  • Ack!? ...Uh, it's nothing! ... Why are these shrine stairs so hard to walk up... *grumble, grumble*
  • Why do the guardian lions make those faces? One looks like it's saying ah an the other mm. Isn't that strange?
  • What a lovely shrine. It's so well taken care of, there is no moss, and the local people seem to come a lot.
  • Having similar shrine gates lined up like that sure is dizzying... Huh, you don't think so?
  • This shrine apparently has a big maple tree and it's the sacred tree of the shrine. Let's go take a look later.

Stage 3: Pray First

  • The festival still hasn't started. Let's go pray first. Since there's not much of a crowd, the chance of getting separated is... Hey, I'm not worried about getting separated from you, [Owner]
  • Looking from here, this shrine feels up really high. In fact, these stairs make a good place for stands to be, it seems...
  • Ah, there's the fortune lotteries. There's a whole bunch of different kinds, but... This is the first time I've heard of candy fortunes.
  • I thought there were a lot of kids here... What are they doing? Shichi-Go-San? Ah, I think I heard about that on TV.
  • There's a well... Hey, I'm not scared! I'm not thinking about horror movies! My hand? My hand... It's just cold! You could warm it, you know!

Stage 4: The Festival Begins

  • Wow... What a beautiful dance. I'm so touched... Hey, what are you grinning about? Of course I'd feel that way!
  • This is a Kagura dance? That's going on up on the big stage... Now, where is it. Ah, here we go. There's an outdoor stage that's been built here.
  • What's all that fluttering... Ah, so this dance is about the change from fall to winter. So that's paper leaves and snow being blown around.
  • Ah, over there... Isn't that Julia and Anko? Why are the two of them up on the stage?
  • After the Kagura dance, there is going to be a fashion contest with western clothes from Japanese patterns and a wa-rock concert... I wonder if this will make the shrine's god angry.

Stage 5: Visiting the Shrine Stands

  • There are so many stands. Where should we begin... I'm going to start with the sculptured stand, [Owner]!
  • There's so much stuff like ikayaki and fried corn but... With all this stuff I can't decide what to eat.
  • *munch, munch* ... Wh-what? What are you looking at me like that for? If you want some, just say so... You can eat it yourself!
  • A mask stand. They're cute but... not really for kids. What, are you going to say that I'm a kid?
  • H-hey! Hold on! Why are you leaving me behind!? ... You want me to get lost in the crowd. I see. Well then, we should be holding hands!

Stage 6: Yabusame

  • This is yabusame... It's some competition or something... I've seen this before. It looks so hard to do it while riding a horse. How amazing.
  • Ah, look. You can try shooting a bow at the practice field over there. Want to go?
  • Hm, ugh~... Whoa! This... This is so hard/ It looked so easy to do but... I can't really do it at all.
  • How can I hit the target... *grumble, grumble* ... Ahh! What are you doing?! ... Huh? You're going to show me? ... Oh well! If you say so then... Yeah, you can show me!
  • Hey, wait, wow you're good, [Owner]! Hey, what's with that smug look~...!

Stage 7: What is This...

  • Where are we... We're still at the shrine... Aren't we? But there's no one here... Wh-what? We'd be in trouble if we get lost, that's why I'm holding your hand!
  • Well, these autumn leaves are at least pretty... It feels like it's some sort of charm or something. Maybe I'm just imagining things?
  • A woman..? I wonder why she's dancing. Also, that boar... It's a bit different from that papier-mache boar that we saw earlier, but... I can't quite put my finger on what it is...
  • Ack?! Um, when did you... What, this branch of leaves... You're giving it to, hey, wait! .. She's gone...

Stage 8: Autumn Leaf Messenger?

  • We finally made it back. Whew... And I can hear people talking, so we're really back. I'm so glad...
  • ...? That old guy over there looks a bit confused... What could have happened?
  • Huh, this branch? This woman who was dancing on the stage just gave it to me... Why, is something wrong?
  • So that woman is a messenger of this shrines god! And the person who receives this branch will be blessed with good health and luck... Is that real?
  • So apparently that papier-mache boar is the god of this shrine, but I don't know about that. A lot of papier-mache versions of mountain animals show up.

Stage 9: Let's Make Ema!

  • Hey, [Owner], what are those? They're called ema? Hm, so you write a wish on them and ten hang them.
  • I can wish for anything? ... I' n-not writing anything strange! Hey, don't look while I'm writing!
  • Don't look, okay? Absolutely do not look! ... And don't try peeking from behind either!
  • *scribble, scribble* ... Next year... [Owner] and I... Okay... Done!
  • Ah, hey! Why are you looking? Okay then, I'm looking at yours! ... Hey, our wishes are the same...?

Stage 10: The Road Home

  • The festival is still going on again tomorrow. ... What? Nothing. I didn't say I wanted to come tomorrow! ... But, if you say you want to go... I guess... I suppose I'd go with you...
  • Wh-what's with that smile... A well? Hey! Why are you talking about that, that's not scary! Try all you want but you can't scare me at all... This place isn't scary at all!
  • Tonight's dinner? I think something warm would be nice, something like mizutaki... Whoa! My mind's all a mess... Ugh!
  • We gotta hurry home because it's only going to get colder. Achoo... I'm only a little cold! Hold y ha... Um, uh... Thanks.

School FestivalEdit


  • Apparently there's a bazaar going on in that classroom over there. So... I guess if you're free would you like to go, [Fairy]?
  • You want to see the Photography Clubs exhibition? ... Uh, well, I guess that's that, then! I'll take you there!
  • What's with this sign. It's takoyaki, but without the yaki. ... What does that even mean?
  • The crepe stand is giving free ice cream, so... Do... Do you want a bite?
  • You were in the mini contest, [Fairy]? How was it?

Stage 1: An Invitation to Fairy High

  • ... Ugh, what is it... I'm still sleepy... [Owner]... It's not like you to... wake up before me...
  • Today's the... school festival... Sch-school festival!? Ah... Oh no! I've got to get ready! Ugh, why didn't you wake me up!?
  • You did... Wait, really? ... Ah, um... Sorry... Are you mad?
  • The Fairy High School Festival... I can't want... Wh-what!? I didn't say anything! I'm not excited or anything... Ugh. Don't you laugh!
  • Ahh!? What... What's that sound?! The opening fireworks? ... I wasn't expecting that...! Ugh! Hey, don't look at me!

Stage 2: Where to Go First?

  • There are so many shops... Where should we start? Something to eat? That's fine but... There are quite a few shops selling food.
  • This place is selling candy apples. Isn't making them hard? They're turning white. That's a bit strange at a school festival.
  • Hey, you're walking too fast! We're going to get separated or... What, I'm not worried about you or anything...!
  • The Fine Arts Club is selling a bunch of stuff... Ah, that illustrated calendar is cute... Not that I want it.
  • Um. There are so many people that I can't see the exhibition... Whoa!? Hey! Don't just make me ride piggyback like that! Uh, ah, I'm going to fall! Hey, I'm up here so don't shake around!

Stage 3: Welcome to the Maid Cafe!

  • Hey, doesn't there seem to be something interesting over there? ... A maid cafe?
  • That smells good. Is that scones? Wow, all the sweets were made here... Huh? Isn't this a regular classroom? The interior seems really extravagant.
  • Wh-why is everyone from the Fairy Agency dressed like a maid?! ... They're helping student council? Student council is running a maid cafe? This school is strange...
  • What!? I won't wear a maid outfit! Hey, hold on, why are you bringing that outfit towards me like that?! Stop it!
  • ... I'm not wearing this for your sake, [Owner]! Ugh... Why is this happening...

Stage 4: Romeo and Juliet?

  • Apparently they are putting on Romeo and Juliet in the gym... [Owner], do you want to go watch it?
  • A comedy version of Romeo and Juliet? Well, I'm not really looking forward to it or anything, but... it looks like you want to say something.
  • Did Juliet's older brother really like his little sister that much...?
  • The poison is that thing Karume brought, why it's potato juice I don't... Is it really potato juice?
  • Pf... Kukuku... Wh-what! I'm not trying to hold back laughter!

Stage 5: Munch, Munch, Munch...

  • What? ... You want to eat? ... Oh well, then let's go to the roof.
  • There's soba, ramen, and udon stands. I just feel this invisible spark.
  • I bought some yaki-onigiri and tamogoyaki since they were selling it. You don't see those often at school festivals.
  • Crepes... No, I don't particularly want to eat some! Aren't you the one who wants to eat them, [Owner]?
  • Hm, now I have a better idea of what you like, [Owner]. Errands... What I'm not looking at you, [Owner]! You idiot!

Stage 6: The Haunted House's Scary Trap?

  • Where to next? ... You saw something interesting earlier? What's with that grin? You planning something?
  • A... haunted... house... I'm n-n-not sc-scared. You're the one who's scared, [Owner]!
  • ... Hey, say something! I'm not scared. I'm not scared at all!
  • ... Don't look at me. I'm not... I'm not scared! Everything is completely fine..!? Don't do that!
  • Aiee! ... This is so scary! I'm trying, but you're making this worse... ooh... If you let go of my hand... I'll... I'll never forgive you... Hey... ugh...

Stage 7: The Fairy High Mini Contest

  • Huh, over there, is that... Hey, my friend is over there so I'm going to go say hi. Wait for me, okay?
  • Um... So, like, apparently their model is out sick and they want me to fill in... Don't take any pictures! Hey, listen to me! Ugh!
  • I wonder how these clothes look... It suites me? Hm... Hey, I'm not happy or anything!
  • Ooh, these shoes are hard to walk in... Aaah!? Huh, wha?! Hey, why are you down there, [Owner]! You're going to catch me if I fall? ... Oh...
  • Um.. When I fell from the stage... Well, um... Thanks for helping me... I'm only going to say it once!

Stage 8: Fairy High Newspaper Hallway Interviews!

  • What, wait, who are you people!? An interview about the mini contest? I don't really have any thoughts!
  • Getting first place... Well... The clothes were cute... Hey, I didn't say anything! Don't go listening to anything I say to myself!
  • What's with that grinning... Hmph! Why don't you answer them, [Owner]!?
  • What do you mean that tsundere model... Hey! Don't go calling me that! And don't you go and try to run away!
  • After them, [Owner]! I do not approve of that title...!

Stage 9: Live at Fairy High ✰

  • I think the Newspaper Club ran away to the gym... I can hear something, but what is going on?
  • Whoa, just listen to that... Ah that's right, a concert is going on. And there are so many people here... The Light Music Club must be pretty popular.
  • Ugh, there are so many people so I can't chase after them... Oh well, I guess I'll give up this time. I guess since we're here we may as well watch the concert?
  • I wonder how I could look that awesome while performing...
  • Wh-what? ... My eyes are sparkling and I'm enjoying myself? Wh... Who are you talking about!? I'm totally normal. Totally normal.

Stage 10: Late Night Festival!

  • Today was really satisfying. Because of you, [Owner]? ... Maybe.
  • Huh...? Everyone is gathering in the schoolyard. What's going on?
  • Dancing at the Late Night Festival... I... I... don't really want to dance or anything...
  • That... Um, thanks for asking me... to dance. ... Don't tell me you can't hear me! Ugh!
  • If you're going to ask me to dance then properly escort me out there! I won't forgive you if you step on my foot!

Happy ChristmasEdit


  • How are you doing? ... Me? I'm doing okay. This is more fun than I thought... But, don't overwork yourself. I... I'm not worried, I'm just giving advice!
  • Hey, [Fairy], what kind of presents did you get? You can show it to me, right?
  • Apparently blowing this trumpet can put children to sleep. You didn't know that, right? ... Huh... You did? Well then why didn't you tell me you knew? Ugh.
  • It looks like you still have some presents left over. You got lost? ... Oh well, I just finished so I guess I'll help you out.
  • Okay, so the next house is... Ah! ... Ouch... Ah! did... Did you see that? Forget about it! I was on top of a roof! What could I have done?

Stage 1: Merry--- What's That Sound?

  • The Fairy Agency's Christmas party is today. Oh well, I guess I'll go with you then?
  • Wow... all the decorations are so sparkling and pretty... Wh-what are you looking at!?
  • Everyone has such cute and stylish clothes. I... What, I don't really care that much!
  • Everything seems to be ready, and it's almost time for the toast! Merry Christm... Wha!? What, what was that sound!?
  • The roof caved in!? What is going on... Did something big crash into us?

Stage 2: Santa's In Trouble...

  • Someone fell through the broken roof, but... Don't they look kind of familiar?
  • Huh?! That was Santa that fell through the roof!? So even Santa does that...
  • Ah! Is that reindeer talking!? ... Its name is Rudolph... Uh, n-no... I wasn't surprised or anything!
  • So this new Santa can't work right now, and we'll have to deliver the presents instead... W-well, I guess I'll just have to help.
  • What... I'm not helping because I'm worried or think it's sad or anything!

Stage 3: New Santa On The Scene ✰

  • I wear these clothes? They're really fluffy and warm... What do you think? Does it look good on me?
  • Ah, I'm so glad these clothes fit so well. What would I do if they didn't fit... Wh-what are you laughing at!?
  • Is this the bag of presents? It's so light... The bag puts out the present the child wants? What kind of thing is that...
  • Of course Santa gets around on a sleigh! And it's got some sort of navigation device... I see, so Silia made that.
  • What? I look like I'm having fun? What! It's not like I'm enjoying riding the sleigh around or anything...!

Stage 4: Let's Go Fairy Santa!

  • Let's deliver presents! ... Okay? It's because I have to, right? I'm not doing this for all the good children out there!
  • Rudolph is cheering us on... I-I'm not happy about that or anything! I can do it even without the encouragement!
  • This is really fast... Everything looks like a blur, but I don't feel cold at all... Is that because of these clothes?
  • There seems to be a snow festival going on. What is that sculpture supposed to be? It looks huge even from up here...
  • The lights we can see from up here don't look too bad. Although, if I did go look at them, I'd like it to be a nice, relaxed time with [Owner]... Wh-what? I didn't say anything!

Stage 5: Sneaking on the Rooftop...

  • So I'm going to deliver presents through the chimney... That seems pretty hard... What, it's not like I'm worried about you getting hurt or anything!
  • Wait, is there still a fire going!? Wh-what do we do... [Owner]! Think of something!
  • This magic powder will put out the fire? Let's use it and get inside... H-hey! Don't face me when you sneeze!
  • Oh no... Now I'm covered in soot. Wh-what are you laughing at! You've got soot all over you too!
  • I... I look more like a soot ghost than Santa... Huhu, you look even more like a ghost, [Owner].

Stage 6: Hello! In The Fireplace

  • Huhu, I can handle this present delivery no problem... I-I'm not saying that this is fun or anything...
  • Okay? Try not to wake anyone up... Soft steps, soft steps... Waah!? Hey! Why are you tickling me?!
  • Ugh... This is not the time to wake the sleeping children! Remember that... I'm going to get you back.
  • Uh, did, did that just wake them up!? Santa has to have something to use at times like this...
  • Huh? If playing this trumpet will instantly put any child to sleep? ... O-of course I knew that! I was just checking!

Stage 7: Keep On Delivering!

  • Okay, let's make a nice delivery to the next house! ... It feels kind of strange to be excited about giving presents.
  • This one has a fireplace too. Wh-what are you smirking at! ... I've got soot on my face? Well hurry up and tell me, then!
  • This present is...! A b-bug!? ... Oh, it's just a toy...? H-huhu, I was just acting!
  • That shout just now might have woken someone up... be careful when we go into the next room. Okay? Follow me.
  • A letter? It says Thank you, Santa. ... That doesn't really move me or anything... Huh? W-what! I've got something in my eyes!

Stage 8: The Agency Girls...?

  • The main deliveries are all done, so now it's time for presents for everyone at the Agency. Well, I guess they did help a bit...
  • What's this? It's a bit lumpy... A tool box and goggles... Well, I know who this is for.
  • This is... a kimono with a Japanese sweets styled sash band. All they had to do was say they wanted this... Sheesh.
  • An assortment of candy with a ribbon on it. This ribbon is... so cute... Wh-what? I didn't say I wanted it or anything!
  • Are all the deliveries done? We need to get out of here before someone comes in! If we're found out... Hey, I'm not saying I'd be embarrassed! Don't get the wrong idea, okay?!

Stage 9: Deliveries Complete...

  • And now the deliveries are complete! Since we worked together I figured we'd be all right, of course!
  • Santa's work is all done, so let's all enjoy the Christmas party together. I mean, that would be a lot more interesting, right?
  • Huhu, the new Santa woke up and praised us. Well, we've got to help each other when we have problems, right? ... Th-there's nothing wrong with this once in a while!
  • Hey, let's all give this new Santa a lecture on delivering presents! Well, we are already more experienced Santas, after all!
  • Huh? Why did I lecture the whole time? ... Th-there's no particular reason or anything. If Santa ran into a roof and got hurt again next time... That'd be a problem...

Stage 10: Merry Christmas

  • Now you listen here, New Santa, you made us all worry... Huh? Santa isn't here?!
  • Ah! Snow is coming through the roof! It's so pretty... Ah. up in the sky, is that the new Santa?!
  • Merry Christmas! ... Hey, something is floating down from up there... Presents?! ... Huhu! Well, I guess there is no choice but to accept these!
  • ... Um, so I have a present for you, [Owner]... B-b-but don't get any wrong idea! I just had extras!
  • A lot of stuff happened, but... spending Christmas with you wasn't bad, [Owner]! ... Merry... Christmas...

New Year's SunriseEdit


  • I'm so busy right now with cooking and cleaning... If you wear yourself out by doing too much because it's fun, don't expect any sympathy from me, okay?
  • That kimono looks good on you! That's nice. Won't [Owner] be pleased?
  • It's important to prepare for the cold if you're going to Mt. Vela. I'm not... I'm not particularloy worried or anything.
  • A cool spring is nice! But you need to be careful because you're comfortable. Understand?
  • Ah, be careful because you'll cry if you eat December Strawberries, okay... I-I'm not worried... I'm just giving some advice!

Stage 1: New Year's in the Fairy World

  • Cleaning comes first. Okay, I'll start by dusting... *Cough! Cough!* Why is there so much dust!
  • Cleaning is complete! Ah, having everything clean really does feel good... Hey, what are you laughing at... Huh? There's dust in my hair? Don't laugh! Take it out!
  • There's mochi? Well then, let's bake them and eat. Sugar and soy sauce or kinako... I'm not sure which to pick.
  • You're helping the Fairy Agency? Ah ha. Well, do your best... Wh-what, it's not like I'm going to be lonely without you here...
  • So we're going to spend New Year's in the Fairy World this year. If I'm spending it with [Owner], then... Wh-what?! I didn't say anything!

Stage 2: Kimono Fashion Show ✰

  • Everything is so busy. I wonder what's going on... [Owner], how about we got take a look?
  • Ah, Anko. What's that wrapping cloth for? Wow, what pretty kimonos. Wait, I can wear one?
  • This wrapping cloth seems to be one of Silia's inventions... But I wonder how it is able to hold so many kimonos.
  • Hey, [Owner], help me pick a kimono out... Any of them would look good? Why are you saying embarrassing things like that! But... Thanks.
  • I tried on the kimono but... I wonder. Does it look good? I-I see... It's not like I'm wearing this for you, [Owner], okay?!

Stage 3: Who Are You?

  • Putting on kimonos makes it feel even more like New Year's. Huh? That person over there... They keep walking in circles. Are they lost?
  • Hey, you've been walking around the same place for a while now. Are you having trouble finding someplace? ... You want to go to Mt. Vela? What are you going to do in that cold place?
  • Wait, so you keep getting last and you've been training? ... What trouble.
  • Wait, you're a goddess in training?! ... I feel like I keep running into people who are training for something... Eh, whatever.
  • So you need to go to Mt. Vela for your pilgrimage? Well then, we'll show you the way. Wh-what! There's no other choice!

Stage 4: Preparing to Mountain Climb

  • It's not that big of a mountain, but there's lots of snow and it's really cold. So we need to stay warm. ... I guess I should change out of this kimono.
  • If we're going to a mountain, we need to get all our mountain climbing gear ready... [Owner]! Don't get into a snowball fight with the trainee goddess! Help me!
  • We absolutely cannot forget the map... Here it is. I packed bentos and... What should we bring to drink? How about cocoa?
  • What's in the bento? Um... your favorites, [Owner]... Not! It doesn't matter, right? Just wait until we eat!
  • Okay, all the preparations are done. Let's go! If you don't hurry up I am going to leave you behind!

Stage 5: To the Akiha Grove

  • Well, there is only one path to Mt. Vela. Going through this Akiha Grove is closer so let's keep going!
  • The snow is going to get deeper from here on out, so our pace is going to slow a little. In order to make it in time, we're going to have to pick up the pace a little.
  • I wouldn't say this is really cold, but it's going to keep getting colder... It's a good thing we bundled up.
  • Camellias, snowdrops, narcissuses... Winter flowers are so beautiful. If we weren't in a hurry, I'd love to just stroll through here.
  • The lake is frozen like a skating rink. ... Hey, [Owner], where did you get those skates from?!

Stage 6: Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest

  • Ah, December Strawberries. They're sweet and delicious, but you probably shouldn't eat them because they make you sad.
  • Look, a three-colored branch. If you break it off... It's a little warmer, right? But this will only last for about thirty minutes.
  • [Owner], that tree has snow in it so... It fell. That's because... Wha?! Hey! Don't throw snow!
  • There's quite a bit of snow. Be careful not to trip and fall... Ack! My... My shoe came off... [Owner]! Don't laugh! Help me!
  • We need to be quiet because there are hibernating animals around here... Gulp. Huh? What is that black... Aaaah! There's a b-b-bear! Run away!

Stage 7: Mount Vela

  • I-I had no idea that... bears were hibernating there... ... Oh well, since we ran away we made it to Mt. Vela safely, at least.
  • Ooh, even though we're protected, this mountain is really cold... I wonder if we can find a flame fruit or fire fruit anywhere... Fire fruit would be nicer...
  • Here we are. This is a fire fruit and this is a flame fruit. Fire fruits are sweeter and tastier but... Ah, hold on! Listen to me first!
  • Wait until I'm finished talking to eat... Okay? Flame fruits will warm you up, but they are really spicy.
  • The summit looks a bit bright. I wonder if this has something to do with the trainee goddess. Only a bit more. Let's go!

Stage 8: Finally at the Top!

  • W-we finally made it to the top... There's still a bit of time before sunrise, so why don't we set up the tent and rest while we wait?
  • You're all shivering, are you okay? Here, have a blanket. D-don't get the wrong idea. I just don't want to catch a cold from any of you, okay?
  • Okay, now for what you've all been waiting for, bentos... Huh? You bento has all of your favorites, [Owner]? ... Huh! What a coincidence!
  • Would you like some hot cocoa, Trainee Goddess? ... I have some extra, that's why I'm asking! It's not like I brought a whole lot on purpose!
  • Anyway, I wonder what the point of coming to the top of Mt. Vela was. Was the goal just to climb?

Stage 9: First Sunrise!

  • Finally, the first sunrise is here. It's so sparkling and pretty... It was worth showing her the way here.
  • It's so beautiful I don't even feel tired anymore. All the hardships climbing up here definitely weren't for nothing.
  • Whoa! Why is the trainee goddess shining?! And she's changed... Is she a Shepard now?
  • Wait, does this mean... She passed her trial? Phew... I'm glad... Huh! N-nothing! Anyway, it's all taken care of, right?
  • Ah, she's going to take us back home as a way of saying thanks. We might as well accept, right? ... I mean, it's help from a goddess.

Stage 10: Happy New Year!

  • We're finally back... Phew, I'm beat. But that was kind of fun. Want to go again? ... I mean, just the two of us.
  • Okay! Just don't fall asleep, alright? ... Not that I'll be lonely or anything if you're not with me...
  • Ah! The decorations aren't all up. [Owner]! Let's hurry.
  • Okay! Get it together. This is the first day of the year, right? We're going to all celebrate together, so let's stop standing around here!
  • Ah, that's right. I forgot. ... *cough* ... Um, Happy New Year,

Chocolate KingdomEdit


  • Candy made with magic? I want to try that... I'm not uninterested.
  • Any candy will be great if it is made with love... Wh-what?! Don't laugh!
  • What?! I wasn't even thinking about trying to snack on something because I'm hungry!
  • [Fairy], if there's anything you're unsure about, tell me immediately.
  • How do you think your chocolate came out, [Fairy]? Me? I'm pretty confident in mine.

Stage 1: What Should Today's Snack Be?

  • [Owner]! Are you free? Come and help me look for a recipe for today's snack!
  • First, we need to pick what kind of thing we're going to make... Chocolate would be nice. Wh-what! It's nothing special. Chocolate is just delicious.
  • Doesn't this one look good? It's written out like a story, so it's easy enough for even someone like you, [Owner].
  • Wow, that looks so delicious... Ah! Did you hear that? Forget it! Forget I said anything!
  • Hm? Is that book sparkling? ... I have a strange feeling about this. Hey, [Owner]! You go instead!

Stage 2: Waking up to Find...

  • Hm? What is this place> The Chocolate Kingdom? ... Whoa! [Owner], move! You're heavy! You're embarrassing me!
  • Ugh, what is this place. Ah! Finally, a person. I guess we should go talk to her.
  • Huh, so according to Marone over here, she was trying to summon a fairy to help make chocolate, but she made a mistake and ended up bringing us here.
  • You want us to help? ... Well, no choice I guess. Hey, don't misunderstand me! I just want to try making chocolate.
  • H-hey! Don't get so close to [Owner]! You don't have the... Oh, never mind.

Stage 3: The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire?

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. Why do you want to make the best chocolate, Marone?
  • So the winner of the yearly competition is granted the title of best chocolatier in the kingdom. Hmm...
  • Wait, so you also get lots of money for first place?! That's going to make everyone frantic...
  • Umm, Marone? You're scaring me. Calm down! You stop it too, [Owner]!
  • M-marone... If you shake [Owner] too much then... Ah, it's no use. Oh well. Let's just keep working.

Stage 4: Chocolate Spy ✰

  • Investigating the opposition? Before the competition begins? It's probably better to... Ah, hey, don't pull! I'm going, I said I'm going!
  • Wow, there really are just candy stores, and they all look amazing. I've got to come here later by myself...
  • Just looking at all the kinds of chocolates is fun. Ah, this one looks so cute... Just pretend you didn't hear that.
  • The chocolate cake at the last store was decorated so nicely. It was so fascinating. Ah... Looking at all of this is making me so hungry.
  • That hunger gives you power to work hard? ... So you won't let us eat. Ugh! I am going to eat until I drop after the competition!

Stage 5: What to Make?

  • Chocolate cake... Chocolate cake... Ah! They all look so good that I can't decide. [Owner], help me!
  • We went and looked at lots of different chocolate, but... We didn't decide what to make. ... Wh-what. You were just obsessed the whole time, [Owner]!
  • We should make chocolate macaroons? I guess Marone decided after all. Why did I even waste all that time thinking about this...
  • Well, since we've decided what to make, now we just need to decide how to decorate it. It's going to be an important point, so we need to think carefully.
  • Marone is really passionate about this competition, so we need to work hard to help her... What? I didn't say anything!

Stage 6: Get the Ingredients!

  • The best chocolate needs the best ingredients. Which means it's time to go shopping. Get ready!
  • Ah, all these chocolate ingredients makes it so hard to choose. Ah, this looks good for macaroons! We need to buy some before they run out!
  • There are so many kinds of decorations that I don't even know where to begin. I think this one would work, but what do you think?
  • Marone just started talking to someone all of a sudden... Her rival? ... There's a competition, Marone has a rival... It's like she's the hero in some manga or something...
  • We've got a lot of ingredients, but is there anything else you want? If, if it's no problem I might make you something with what we have left over...

Stage 7: The Grand Competition Begins!

  • Phew, the competition is finally starting. [Owner]! If we're going to do this, we're aiming for first.
  • Having a time limit makes me so nervous my hands are shaking... Can I get some support? ... I'm counting on you.
  • Um, now we need some salt... Huh?! Ah, oh... We need sugar! I-I know that! I was just checking.
  • Ah, ugh! This is unfair to Marone! I've got to concentrate...
  • H-huh? We screwed up the baking... It smells burnt... Ah, we have to start over!

Stage 8: The Kingdom's Best Is...

  • Th-this kind of... time limit... is nothing... Look, we're done!
  • Making macaroons was hard, but... Well, considering how I feel now, it was worth it.
  • It doesn't matter what Marone's rival made. There's no way we'll lose!
  • There's a bit more time until the results announcement... Hey, I'm not n-nervous at all!
  • Hey, Marone! What are you nervous about? We did our best, so pull yourself together.

Stage 9: To the Original World

  • The competition ended well, and even though a lot happened, it sure wasn't boring.
  • Everyone seemed to enjoy the macaroons so they must have turned out okay? Well, I guess at least.
  • Hey, Marone! What are you doing just hugging me all of a sudden?! You surprised me!
  • We made great chocolates thanks to you. That doesn't sound like you, Marone. Hey, it's not like I'm happy or anything...
  • Well, it's about time to leave... You're going to visit us? I don't expect much, but I'll be waiting...

Stage 10: This is Today's Snack!

  • Ooh... Uh... Where's Marone? Th-this is... the library? So we're back?
  • It still smells like chocolate here. Is it something from around here?
  • Hey, that book is open to the macaroon recipe we used.
  • I wonder if we can borrow that book. I've got a good idea.
  • When Marone comes to visit I'm going to make some macaroons that are so good! I'll show her what's what!

Fairy ParadeEdit


  • [Fairy], your costume is a mess! Turn around so I can fix it.
  • Well, your parade costume is pretty cute, [Fairy]... Not that I want it or anything.
  • Are you having problems with the dance? Ugh, fine... I'll help you practice, so be sure to remember!
  • You can ride the attractions, but if you see someone who looks busy be sure to help them!
  • Here, have a balloon... I'm only giving you this because it's left over. Not because I met you here, okay?! Don't go getting the wrong idea!

Stage 1: Let's Go! Amusement Park!

  • Look, [Owner]. I got a ticket for an amusement park from Chief! I'm, I'm not excited, okay? I am not!
  • The park's name is... Candy Land? This is the first time I've heard of it... Huh? It's nearby? I had no idea...
  • Well if it's nearby we can go today, right? I'm looking forward to going with Chief and everybody... No, it's not that. No one will get lost if we're all together, right?
  • We've gotta ride the roller coaster at the park. H-hey, I'm not saying I want to do it! You just have that I want to ride it look on your face!
  • [Owner], do you have your ticket? We came all the way here so you'd better not lose it!

Stage 2: Sad Amusement Park

  • This is Candy Land? It's so much quieter than I thought an amusement park would be... Is it maybe closed today?
  • It looks open so I guess we can go inside... It seems deserted... I don't think there's anyone here but us.
  • None of the rides are running, the mascots all seem sad... There's not even anybody at the stands? What's going on?
  • There has to be an explanation. Let's look for someone who works here and ask.
  • Hm? There's a girl sitting on that bench... She looks so sad. Is she lost? Let's go and talk to her.

Stage 3: The Reason Is...

  • Hey, you wanna talk? You look so sad. What happened? Did you get separated from your parents?
  • What! You're the owner of this park?! I thought you were a grade-schooler... But why are you sitting on this bench?
  • Wow~ So a new park got built nearby and they have taken all your customers. That sure explains your look...
  • I wonder if there is some way we could help you. ...not that I feel bad for you, or anything, it's just we won't be able to have fun here if we don't do something!
  • Ah, that's it. I've got a good idea. Hey, do you want to hear my idea for what we can do for your park?

Stage 4: Parade Planning ✰

  • The first plan is to have a parade to send out a call to customers. This should naturally bring in some foot traffic.
  • A parade won't be enough to make the customers happy. The attractions need to be fixed up, too. We've all got to think about this.
  • It seems like the park owner agrees to this plan. And since the Agency is going to help, it looks like it's time to start getting ready!
  • Of course you're going to help too, right [Owner]? You're not allowed to say no... Not because I care or anything! There's just no other choice!
  • Using a parade to get the customers to come in here... This is kind of like the Pied Piper. We're going to call this the Hamelin Project... Hey, what are you laughing at?!

Stage 5: Preparation Is Important

  • Wouldn't it be best to change up the menu? A limited-edition menu for Candy Land would get more attention, right?
  • Chief and the park owner went to get a permit to use the roads for the parade. Momoko and Yuzu are making costumes... What?! Those two work so fast you can't see their hands?!
  • Okay, let's help with the costume making then. ...sewing on lights is pretty hard...
  • I'm getting used to making costumes. I can't compete with Momoko and the rest but... At this rate I can keep on making them.
  • Phew, I've finally finished one! ...hey, this design is pretty cute. I d-didn't say I wanted it or anything!

Stage 6: Out to the Street!

  • I made your costume, [Owner], so I want to hear some gratitude!
  • The costumes and the parade cars are all ready! Now we just have to learn the dance... Don't go tripping during the parade, [Owner].
  • It's almost time. ... I want you to work hard with me so this is a success, okay?!
  • I'm k-kind of nervous... Hey, is my costume strange? Does it look good? O-oh... Thank you. Hey, don't stare!
  • Whoa! Don't pat my head all of a sudden, okay?! ...trying to calm my nerves? don't need to do that... Okay, thank you.

Stage 7: Fantastic Parade

  • People from the town have gathered... Okay, time to do a great dance and make this parade a success!
  • Step, step... And now pose! Okay... That's it! Wow, the crowd is applauding us... I d-didn't say I was happy!
  • It's time to use these flowers. I'm sure sprinkling these petals will make the crowd really happy!
  • D-don't push~! There are still lots and lots of balloo~ns! ...phew, we sure got a really big crowd.
  • [Owner], let's bring all of these people to Candy Land!

Stage 8: Illuminated Attraction

  • Wow, I can't believe what time it is... I was completely absorbed in the parade. Hm, there's illuminations... Oh, that looks nicer than I expected.
  • The crowd is really getting into the illuminations for the attractions that everyone planned... Well, I guess that's not a bad thing.
  • [Owner], we can't just stand around here. Let's go help the staff!
  • The crepe stand looks really busy, so let's help out there! You're going to help me right [Owner]?
  • We safely completed the parade and led the crowd to Candy Land. I guess we could call this a success?

Stage 9: Great Success!

  • [Owner], the illuminations are shining even brighter. Was this planned?
  • Seeing all these sparkling illuminations makes me happy we tried so hard here.
  • The park owner looks entirely different from when we first met her... She's so happy.
  • The people seem so pleased and are saying such nice things... I kind of feel a tingle.
  • The park staff and owner have been very gracious. I, I'm not h-happy about that or anything, okay?!

Stage 10: Congratulations All!

  • With all these people here, I guess Candy Land is going to be all right.
  • Ah, it's the park owner... Wha?! Don't just hug me all of a sudden like that! You s-surprised me.
  • I know you're happy, so you can let go anytime now... Everyone can see. This is embarrassing.
  • What's this? A lifetime pass? ... I d-don't really need this... I mean, I could come whenever I want anyway... Well... Thanks
  • [Owner], well, since this happened... Let's come to Candy Land again! You can't say no okay?!

Museum of WondersEdit


  • That cafe has a delicious-looking cake set... N-not that I'm hungry or anything!
  • I wouldn't want to get lost here... H-hey, [Fairy]! Don't leave me here!
  • It says not to touch the exhibits, but I could have sworn I saw Silia... No, never mind.
  • That room over there holds gemstones, this one has famous pages of history... Shall we take a look?
  • The museum received a letter from a thief?... Phantom Thief Alice? What an odd name...

Stage 1: We've arrived

  • The Museum of Wonder... Let's go in then, [Owner]. N-not that I'm excited or anything!
  • What does this sign say...? Keep quiet... no touching... This all goes without saying, really.
  • This place is really very big... I don't know where to start...
  • The front desk is over there, the gift shop over there, a cafe near the entrance... I-I think we might need a map.
  • I see some of my friends over there. I'm just going to go and say hi, okay? Don't go off anywhere.

Stage 2: Looking at the exhibitions

  • Oh, Silia... Is that potion in your hands? A cleaning potion?... What even is that? And why are you cleaning this museum?... Wait, where did she go?!
  • So this is a T-Rex... not a real one, obviously... that would be absolutely... N-never mind!
  • ...Did the T-Rex move just now? Did you touch it, [Owner]?
  • The Goddess Statue... there's something odd about this one. As beautiful as it is, it has a strange aura about it.
  • Wow... the Goddess Tear... I've never been so captivated by a gemstone before. Why do you think it's called the Goddess Tear, anyway?

Stage 3: Phantom Thief Alice...?!

  • What's all that noise over there?... A letter from a thief? Let's go take a look, [Owner].
  • Everyone's really panicking... I guess this isn't exactly a daily occurrence...
  • There's a letter pinned to the wall... I can't see it from here though... Lift me up, [Owner].
  • Tonight. 8pm. Goddess Tear is mine. Phantom Thief Alice it says... H-hey, put me down already!!
  • Stealing is wrong though! You can't take other people's stuff!... Why are you patting my head?!

Stage 4: Strategy meeting

  • This Goddess Tear must be pretty amazing for a world-class thief to chase after it.
  • Alice... I don't know who she thinks she is, but she's not gonna escape us, [Owner]!
  • She said 8pm, right? We have to stay sharp, stay vigilant stay... W-what are you laughing at?!
  • Wow! There are so many security guards in here... I am pretty sure this phantom thief doesn't stand a chance.
  • Do we even need to think of how to catch her? With all these people around, I think she'll just give up.

Stage 5: Power cut...?!

  • Kya~?! Is it a power outage?... This must be the work of that thief...
  • A-are you there, [Owner]? T-tell me if you're there, [Owner]!!
  • I cannot see a thing... I-I don't want you to get lost [Owner, so... h-hold my hand!!
  • C-can you hear footsteps?... Or is it a scraping sound?... I can't see anything...
  • If they don't get the lights back on and fast, the thief is going to take the gemstone in this darkness!

Stage 6: The exhibits...?!

  • Ah, finally the power's back on... phew...
  • A-are you still holding my hand [Owner]?! H-how embarrassing, ha... haha...!
  • It looks like the Goddess Tear was taken after all... How did she manage to do it in that darkness though...
  • The dinosaur is gone too... It was just here a moment ago...
  • All the windows are closed, there are police everywhere outside... Where could she have gotten to?

Stage 7: Discussion Time

  • I'll ask some of my friends over there if they saw or heard anything strange during the power outage.
  • Hmm... So you heard a strange, footstep-like sound in the darkness. I heard it too.
  • It may sound a little hard to believe but... what if the dinosaur kind of just... walked away?
  • All this thinking... all this information... I can't keep up...
  • What, what is it? Why are you tugging on me?.. Sound out her name backwards? A-li-s... S-il...!!

Stage 8: The Phantom Thief appears!

  • That weird scraping noise is back, what on--- Kya~!! The T-Rex is walking!!
  • I-I wasn't serious! I didn't actually think it could walk! B-but... here it is!!
  • S-Silia?! You were the phantom thief all along! I mean, I knew that much already!! Either way, get down from that dinosaur!!
  • You gave the gemstone a lifebreathing potion and now you don't know where it went? I mean, in a way that is amazing... It wasn't a compliment, Silia!
  • The Goddess Tear us at least somewhere inside the museum though, right? Come on [Owner], we'll have to go and find it.

Stage 9: Find the Goddess Tear!

  • We should all split up and look for it. If everyone works together we'll find it in no time at all.
  • If we could just try to think whereabouts it might go... Goddess Tear... Goddess... Ahh! I think I have an idea...
  • The Goddess Statue was over there, wasn't it? The exhibits might be related in some way... Let's go and take a look.
  • Silia's on the run it seems. It sounds like Julia is catching up though... closer... closer...! She's down.
  • It's amazing how we can hear her from all the way over here. Julia has quite a set of lungs on her.

Stage 10: Got the Goddess Tear!

  • The Chief's giving Silia a good telling off, by the looks of it. I didn't actually think she had it in her, but she actually looks even angrier than Julia...
  • Ah, it's here! The Goddess Tear, right under the eye of the Goddess Statue!
  • The Goddess Tear just wanted to go back to it's home. I can understand that feeling, I guess.
  • So these two exhibits are actually supposed to be one... That must be why they share a name.
  • Aw, that's nice. The museum owner says he's going to keep the Goddess Tear inside the statue as it is.