JobToy Store Staff
Job Time1hr 40min
Dialogue Preview
{Line: 1}Hey! Hey! (Owner)! Let's play!
{Line: 2} You feel good if you sleep a lot. Puts you in perfect condition!
{Line: 3} I wonder if I can grow big and strong if I drink a lot of milk?
{Line: 4} Coffee is so bitter. Adults who drink it are amazing!
{Line: 5} When you go out with me, make sure you dress up, (Owner)!
Naughtiness 150
Cheerfulness 70
Curiosity 220

Hope Change OutfitEdit

Item Position Hope Change
HC Albatross and Harbor Breeze Boater Hat
HC Albatross and Harbor Breeze Boater Hat preview
Head ★★ Hope Change
HC Kids Slide
HC Kids Slide preview
Back ★★★ Hope Change
HC Yellow Tomboy
HC Yellow Tomboy preview
Clothes ★★★★ Hope Change

Dialogue Edit

Talk Edit

  • We have to gather the fallen leaves...It looks like it will be quite an effort to gather them all in one place. [Owner], could you help me? ...Oh, thank you, I knew I could count on you. Why don't we start right away then
  • Heave...ho! Ah! Hehe. Were you surprised, [Owner]? You didn't think I was in the closet, did you?
  • [Owner]! Let's eat those snacks. I know you secretly bought them yesterday♪
  • Hey, hey, [Owner]. I want to go to the store on this flier!
  • [Owner], what with that face?...Boredom? Haha. I see.... I'm gonna try to imitate it...poof...ahahaha! Stop laughing! Hahahah
  • I drew a portrait of you, [Owner]........It's not a monster!! It's your face, [Owner]!! So rude!!
  • Wow, it's beautiful out. It's so nice...Ugh...I'm a little sleepy...ZZZZ...
  • I'm going digging for sweet potatoes with Karume!! I'm gonna get lots of them, so I hope you're looking forward to it!!
  • Umm, [Owner], I want to eat the food that you made. Is it OK?
  • No need to worry, if you're out, just leave it up to me.
  • Hey, hey. [Owner]. Since you're going to take a nap, I'll sleep next to you. That's OK?

Condition/Mood Boosting Options Edit

  • [Fairy] said that she wants to go to an amusement park.
    • [Let's go as crazy as we can at the amusement park.] Let's go as crazy as you can at the amusement park.
      [Fairy]: "Woohoo!~ We are gonna go completely insane♪"
      • [Let's ride the Ferris wheel] Let's ride the Ferris wheel.
        [Fairy]: "Wow! That building looks pretty even from above!...Um, why are you looking over here!?"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better/
      • [The waiting time was so long] ??
    • [Let's spend the day sightseeing] ??
  • [Fairy] exchanged the remote for the mic and is singing.
    • [It's the perfect time for karaoke!] You declared that it's a perfect time for karaoke!
      [Fairy]: "Yes! I was just thinking the same thing ♪"
      • [Jump in] You jumped in.
        [Fairy]: "Yeah! I want to do a duet with you for the next song, [Owner] ♪ Oh ohhh!"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [Join during the chorus] ??
    • [I'm tired. Let's just stay home and relax] ??
  • Fairy] said that she wants to go to the zoo.
    • [It's so nice out today! Let's go to the zoo.] Let's go the the zoo!
      [Fairy]: "I agree! Haha, I'm looking forward to the petting zoo ♪"
      • [Hippos really are big.] Hippos are really big!
        [Fairy]: "If my mouth was as big as a hippo's, I wonder how many hamburgers I could eat at once?"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [Yeah the so is a little hot.] The zoo is a little hot.
        [Fairy]: "Let's go somewhere cool then."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Hand over a stuffed animal.] ??
  • [Fairy]'s stomach is rumbling.
    • [Let's splurge a little and eat out today.] Let's splurge a little and eat out today.
      [Fairy]: "Nice! Eating out! Things taste better at a restaurant ♪"
      • [Go for a luxurious French lunch (Pay 150 jewels)] You go for a luxurious French lunch.
        [Fairy]: "This is the kind of luxurious French place that I usually only hear about! I'm gonna eat a ton♪"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got better. 150Jewels decreased.
      • [Settle for a family restaurant.] You settle for a family restaurant.
        [Fairy]: "[Owner], what are you gonna have? Right, right, I will have the kid's meal.... wait! Hey! Hey! Hey!"
        [Fairy] was left with a bad impression. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [It's a waste of money, so let's something at the convenience store.] ??
  • [Fairy] is reading a book..
    • [Go to the library!] You decide to go to the library.
      [Fairy]: "I wonder if they have the latest issue of 'Chuchu's Strange Adventure'?"
      • [Research about the fairy world.] You research about the fairy world.
        [Fairy]: "What? [Owner], are you interested in it?"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
      • [Sleep.] ??
    • [Ask Mr. D!] Ask Mr. D!
      [Fairy]: "Who's that? I don't know him!"
      No Condition/Mood Change
  • [Fairy] said that she wants to go to the aquarium
    • [Don't you want to go to the aquarium?!] You ask her if she wants to go to the aquarium.
      [Fairy]: "Woohoo!"
      • [[Schools of fish are so mysterious]] Schools of fish are so mysterious.
        [Fairy]: "When a bunch of little fish get together, they look like one big fish♪ Hey [Owner], let's take a picture in front of the tank ♪"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [That person is so beautiful] ??
    • [span style="color:red">Show her an ammonite reference book</span>] You show her an ammonite reference book.
      [Fairy]: "I don't really care about learning about ecology."
      Affection and Mood decrease
  • [Fairy] brought over a game controller.
    • [Play nice together] You play nice together.
      [Fairy]: "[Owner], you're depending on me?"
      • [I cleared the whole stage] You cleared all the stages.
        [Fairy]: "We cleared it easily! We make such a good team [Owner] ♪"
        [Fairy] is very happy. ]Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better/
      • [Almost did it...] ??
    • [Have a closely heated battle] ??

  • You decided to go see a movie [Fairy] has been wanting to see.
    • [Buy some popcorn and watch the movie]] You decided to buy some popcorn and watch the movie.
      [Fairy]: "Yup♪ Eating at the theater is great. [Owner], open up♪"
      • [I couldn't stop eating snacks throughout the whole movie] You couldn't stop eating snacks throughout the whole movie.
        [Fairy]: "It's too bad when you eat all of the snacks in the first half of a good movie, huh? So go buy a lot ♪"
      • [That movie was king of boring] ??
    • [Buy some juice and watch the movie] ??

Hope Change Scenario 2★Edit

Hope Change Scenario 3★Edit

Hope Change Scenario 4★Edit

Socializing Edit

  • Lets play again for sure!!
  • I can tell the difference between people now!!
  • Scribble scribble...ah, stay still, or I can't draw you!
  • The world is so interesting, with so many different things!
  • Ah, this item! I have the same one.
  • These clothes are nice!! Will trade with me?
  • Ooh, so this is your owner, huh?
  • Ah!! [Fairy], your room is different!! Nice It looks really nice with this kind of furniture~♪
  • [Fairy], Hi!...I dug up a lot of potatoes, so lets share♪
  • I came to play♪
  • My friends in the Fairy World said they want to come here.
  • Fall makes me think of sports! So, I brought a ball! Let's play dodgeball!
  • You're always cute, huh?♪
  • [Fairy], long time no see!
  • I can't hear the cicadas anymore. Kind of lonely...
  • Hey, hey, let's go catch bugs~! I know a great place!
  • It would be a waste to stay home when the weather outside is so great~!
  • Napping in the sun is the best~!
  • Hey, hey, [Fairy], let's go see cherry blossoms~!
  • I've made sakura mochi with soy sauce, try them~♪


  • [Fairy], you have a sakura petal on your head~!
  • I was thinking it was a little different.
  • When you think of Spring, you think of this~♪
  • Your timing is perfect! I just finished making dango, let's eat them together!
  • My owner is so kind♪


  • Hmm, how's this on me?
  • Oh, this is really tasteful, for sure.


  • I was just playing hookie... I mean, uhm, taking a break! Yeah, that's it.



  • Alright! After a second! I'll do my best!
  • Here I gooo!


  • Thank you so much for your help!
  • Tee hee, thank you!



  • [Sleeping]
    • Ah, I don't think I can be any more sleepy.
    • Good night!
  • [Waking up]
    • No, no, no! I don't wanna get up!
    • G'morning!

After Work/Study/ErrandEdit


  • My jobs all done ♪


  • Alright! I finished! I'm beat!
  • I finished~!


Nickname Change Edit

  • What should I call you? > Yes! Is this ok? > I got it! Ah, but forgive me if I make a mistake! He he...

My Fairy Talk Edit

Socializing Edit
  • Hey hey, gimme a hug!!
  • Let's go see a movie!! It'll be fun, I promise!
  • Woah, that comic looks totally cool!! Can I borrow it later?
  • Wow! [Fairy], those are some nice clothes!!
  • Hehe, [Fairy], you're the best!
  • I love this picture book. Want to read it with me?
  • [Fairy], what kind of stuff do you and [Owner] talk about?
  • Hmmm...what shoudl we do about this?
  • Munch munch...I'm eating a cookie. Want one?
  • Woo hoo! How're you doing?
Condition/Mood/Intimacy Boosting Edit
  • "Let's make a treat for [Owner]! It's a secret, okay?"
    • [Pretend not to notice.]
      " egg, and 200 ml of milk...oh no, I put in too much!"
      • [Look at her.]
      • [Something smells good.]
        "Oh! [Owner]! Hey, try some of this!"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
    • [What are you making?]
  • "I'm so bored today! Isn't there anything fun we can do, [Owner]?"
    • [We could even go on a picnic.]
      "I made a bento with [Fairy]♪ Hehe, I'm pretty proud of it!"
      • [Go to the nearby planetarium.]
        "Hmmm...I'm looking for my star but I can't find it!!"
        [Fairy]'s impression became a bit better!
      • [Go to the nearby museum.]
    • [Let's go out.]
  • "Say, let's do something!! I'm getting tired of just hanging around here!"
    • [Let's go to the park together.]
      "Awesome! Let's go!!"
      • [Play on the swings.]
        "[fairy], let's get on together!"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became a bit more intimate!
      • [Play in the sandbox.]
    • [Let's hang out at home today.]
  • "Lala la laaa♪ La la laaa♪"
    • [Let's sing karaoke.]
      "It's [Fairy]!! Live and in person!"
      • [Sing a duet.]
        "...and a one and a two!! Double songstress time!"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate! [Fairy]'s mood became a bit better!
      • [Hog the microphone.]
    • [Try to harmonize.]
Socialized Edit
  • Hold on wait...what are we going to do? I totally spaced out!!
  • Is that right? You sure?
  • Oh, so sorry! I'm gonna go buy a comic book right now, but next time!
  • Just gonna run to the grocery store!
  • Yay♪ Thank you!
  • Ooh~ I think that's a good look!
  • Ummm, ummm.......maybe next time!
  • *Yawn*....oh, did I make you yawn too?
  • Um, uh... that's a secret!!
  • Hehe, and me too, right?

Hope Change Edit

Talk Edit

  • *Nibble nibble... Munch! Nom nom....* Mmmm...So good♪ These are so good that I might end up eating them all!
  • These clothes are so cute. Hmm, I wonder what you would think if I wore it, [Owner]?

Letters Edit

  1. Thanks as always, [Owner]!
    Thanks as always, [Owner]! It's because of you that I can live each day full of energy! Heh heh, it was a bit of a surprise getting a letter out of the blue, eh?
    From [Fairy]
  2. A secret letter to [Owner]!
    I. Am writing. Again. I. Have. Gotten. Fairly. Used. To. The. Human. World. At first. I was. Anxious. I didn't. Understand. Anything. But. Thanks to. [Owner]. Now. I am. Having. Much. Fun. There are. Still. Many. Things I. Want to. Know. Please. Continue. To. Teach. Me.
    From [Fairy]
  3. To [Owner], an owner with a radiant smile!
    Writing this letter reminded me of when I first came to your house. I was nervous, but you smiled and reached out a helping hand. I remember being so relieved... So now, I'm going to try hard to make this a relaxing space for you! So please keep watching my progress.
    From [Fairy]
  4. To [Owner], the best owner in the world!!
    Mmm... It's hard to write down everything you want to say in a letter! I want to spend eeeven more time with you- going to all sorts of places, studying new things! I come alive when I see your face break into a big smile or light up with amazement!! Being around you makes me smile, and I want you to smile, too. I lave you, [Owner]!! ...Ah, I messed up!! I misspelled love!
    From [Fairy]

Event DialogueEdit

Picturebook KingdomEdit


  • Who the Rose Mistress really is? Hmm... I'm more curious about the maid~ She's the only maid I've seen here~

Stage 1

  • Today we're going to borrow books from the library, right? We must watch out, the Agency Library is so big that it's easy to get lost!
  • Hey, hey, [Name], did you already choose a book? So fast! I'm not done yet!
  • That book looks hard. This one too...A book with many pictures would surely be easy to read. A comic or something♪
  • Oh, this book...Is this a fairy tale? [Owner], what's the title?
  • Wha! Suddenly everything went black!? it night already? That's impossible, right?

Stage 2

  • W-whoa, everything went white...Oh? I can see now. I didn't fall asleep or anything!! Phew~!
  • First, I must look for [Owner]...We're always together so I'm not used to being alone~
  • What is this place? So many roses!...Oh? [Owner] isn't here!!
  • I don't mind these beautiful roses, but they reach so high that I can't see far! I guess they won't get lower for me...
  • ...huh? Didn't I just pass through here...? Is this a maze, not a garden?! I don't want to be lost~!!

Stage 3

  • Finally out of the maze! Yay~ Now I can finally get back to searching for [Owner]...Wow what is this huge house? A mansion?
  • Are you the maid from this house? Hello~! What is this place?...the rose mansion? Ah, so it's a mansion after all!
  • Oh, right! Listen, do you know [Owner]?...oh? You do?! Where, where?
  • Inside this mansion?...I see, [Owner] was invited by the owner of this mansion! Phew, what a relief...
  • I was invited as well? Yay, I can meet [Owner] again!!

Stage 4

  • Hel...Oh! [Owner], you're here! Yay, I finally found you!
  • When I woke up and noticed that I'm alone I was super worried about you! By the way, what are you doing? Chess? What's that?
  • Since I found you, I want to go home...Do you know how we can go back?
  • She will tell us how to get home if we solve the riddle, right? Okay, I'll do my best for both of us!
  • By the way, what riddle are we supposed to solve? What, a secret? Okay, let's see what I can think of!

Stage 5

  • A riddle, a riddle, a riddle...Argh! I don't know!! If we search through the mansion maybe we'll find it.
  • We went through here before, but this hall really is big! Maybe there's a hint here.
  • This painting was the only thing we've found in the entrance hall, right? Hm, let's look in other rooms!!
  • This is a painting of that mistress! Huh? There's something written here...[Owner], how do you read this?
  • It says [A rose is a show-off, moody and selfish mistress]! Hm, doesn't sound like a hint...

Stage 6

  • There are roses and brambles inside the garden and in windows~ I wonder why? Does that mistress love brambles that much?
  • Those roses and brambles inside the mansion are really weird. Why are they growing here...
  • By the way, I got lost in a maze on my way here~ Oh? [Owner], what did you find~?
  • Outside the window? Ah, it's that garden with a maze~! What do you... In the middle? Oh, what's that?! Why are there so many brambles in one place?
  • That thing looked really suspicious~ Let's check it out! [Owner], together we can get through that maze!!

Stage 7

  • This is the maze from before. You can leave it to me~ Yay! Okay, first we have to turn... Uh... Where exactly?
  • Now turn right... Huh? A dead end... Ha, ha~ Looks like I got lost. No worries! We'll get through this somehow!!
  • Argh! Another dead end~! Can't we just cut these bramble walls to proceed?! ...I can't because I'll get hurt? Sigh... Okay, I get it...
  • How can we get to the center? Hey, [Owner], do you have a plan?
  • Wow, amazing!! We stopped running into dead ends! [Owner], you're the best! This way we won't get lost again!

Stage 8

  • Yay, we're here!! It sure took us a while~ So this is the cluster of brambles. Really leaves an impression on you when you look at it this close.
  • ...hey, hey [Owner]... There is someone in these brambles... It's not a ghost, right?!
  • Oh, you're the Spirit of Brambles?! I thought you're a ghost... Oh, you know the riddle?! Tell us, tell us!
  • It looks wonderful, but touching it hurts. What flower is a show-off, moody and selfish, but still the most beautiful int he world? I've heard this somewhere...? Ah, that hall!
  • Rose is the answer! I'm right, right?! Hurray! Thanks to me we can get back home!!

Stage 9

  • I see, you're the spirit! That was surprising... Oh! Brambles around us are disappearing~! Awesome!!
  • By the way, why did you call us here...? Y-You were bored?! Oh come on!
  • Whoa, the Spirit of Brambles is shining! ...huh? It's the mistress from before. Why are you here? Where did the Spirit go?

Stage 10

  • What? This is the Agency Library...right? When did we return? ...or rather how did we return?
  • When did it get dark?! We were in that world for so long~! But it was fun. So no need to worry ♪
  • We were sleeping... No, that's impossible. There were many roses and brambles and we met the spirit, right?!
  • Ah, this picture book... The cover is different than before! Brambles disappeared~! This really is strange~!!
  • Let's check the inside of this book! ...ah, this is the mistress! Look, she's smiling happily! looks like she's not bored anymore~!

Mechanical AdventureEdit


  • The queen of the Flying City can see a lot of things in her crystal! Like a fortuneteller!
  • Ah, [Fairy]!! [Fairy], you came here to? Hey, hey, let's explore the town together~ ♪
  • There are so many machines in this town right~? Look, there's an automatic egg opener there... Wait, why did someone make something like that?

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6: Adventures in the Sky!!

  • Oh, looks like our paint bullets hit them!! We gained some distance. They shouldn't be able to catch us at this rate ♪ Yay! A great victory!

Stage 7: Flying City

  • The Flying City is really flying! I wonder how it's done. Maybe there's a giant electric fan under the city?
  • Hey, hey, what is that store selling? I smell something delicious ♪ Can we just take a peek?
  • Door to our world...A gear... Hm, I don't see anything like that around here. I wonder where it is...
  • [Owner]. what is it? You think about asking people here... The palace? That's where the door to our world is?
  • I wonder how a door opened with a gear looks like! And for it to be in the palace! This sounds like a manga or something... I'm so excited~! I want to see it now ♪

Stage 8: Flying City Palace

  • This is the palace... What a beautiful gate! How do you go inside... I'll ask the guard ♪ Sorry!! Uhm, we want to go inside!
  • Yay ♪ She'll take us inside!! [Owner], hurry up, let's go!
  • Wow, what a beauty~ ...huh? You're the queen!! Uhm, we're looking for the door to our world... Huh, why?
  • Ah, it's the sky pirates again! Sigh~ I already told you that you're not getting this gear! And it's not even a key to the treasure!
  • It's the key for us to return to out world! That's why you're not going to... Oh, someone from the palace is coming here!!

Stage 9

Stage 10

Fairy ZooEdit


  • Look, look, I bought so many souvenirs ♪

Stage 1: Let's go to the Zoo!

  • Today I'm going to pet some animals!! ...what? You can't pet some of them? O-of course I know that much!
  • Hey, [Owner], give me a snack ♪ He, he, I know you brought some with you~
  • What a huge bus ♪ ...*rumble rumble* Wow!! It even has karaoke set!! He, he... I can finally let the world hear my songs!
  • Wow~! Chief Cocoa is really good at singing! But, I won't lose~! La, la, la~ ♪
  • La, la, laa ♪ Boom!! ...ah! I kicked the seat of the person in front of me!! ...I'm sorry... He, he.

Stage 2: Arrived at the Zoo!

  • Ta-dah ♪ I got a map of the zoo from the girl at the counter~ ♪ Where are the cheetahs... Ah! They're in the furthest part from here!!
  • Hey, hey, let's hurry... Let's hurry... Ah, I tore your sleeve... Sorry!!
  • We're here!! [Owner], hurry up! I want to see cheetahs~ ♪
  • I'm happy that the weather today is so good~ ♪ I made tons of teru teru bozu yesterday to chase the rain away~ ♪
  • Hey, hey, can I give the rest of the snacks from the bus to the animals when no one is looking? No...?

Stage 3: Let's check the Small Animal Zone!

  • Hey, hey, I wonder why tanuki have round circles around their eyes... I know, it must be make up ♪
  • Look, look, a raccoon is washing its hands ♪ I'll give you some soap!
  • Looking at these foxes is making me want to eat something... *Rumble* Oh, looks like I'm a bit hungry ♪
  • Ah~ a red panda! Look how fast it can climb trees ♪

Stage 4: Walking through the Savannah Zone!

  • That panda isn't moving at all. Is it sleeping? Hey~ Wake up~ It's morning already~!!
  • Whoa! Something there is really loud... Maybe it's an elephant! Hey, let's go!

Stage 5: Resting Area

  • Phew! We walked quite a bit and I got really hungry! Let's eat lunch~!
  • Hey, hey, [Owner], let's buy hamburgers there and eat them on a bench ♪
  • I'll take a bite while [Owner] isn't looking ♪ *Chew, chew*... Delicious ♪
  • Wah, a pigeon came to us?! I guess I'll give it some of my my fries! Catch!
  • Hey, hey, let's play a word games with animal names ♪

Stage 6: Petting Zoo

  • Tlot tlot* ♪ He, he, I wanted to ride a pony since I saw it on TV~! What do you think? Do I look good?
  • I see, I see, this is the famous alpaca who appears a lot on TV ♪ ...which one is it? Show me...? Ah, such round eyes!!
  • Look, look, this sheep's fleece is so fluffy~ ♪ It feels so good~ ♪ Isn't it hot~?
  • Ms. goat, Ms. goat, eat this gra...Ah!! This is my hand!! Don't eat it!!
  • Ah... My hand is all sticky because of that goat's saliva... I'm going to wash my hands with that raccoon ♪

Stage 7: Let's check the Fierce Animal Zone!

  • Wow!! A cheetah!! We finally met! It's as cool as I expected!
  • If only I could run like that~! I would dash all day every day!
  • I wonder if they don't get bored living in such a small space. If it was me, I'd try to run away~!
  • Oh no! [Owner], there's a lion behind you...!! Roar!! if ♪ He, he, did I scare you?

Stage 8: Let's check the Monkey Zone!

  • I want to be able to climb trees and jump between them like that too~! Maybe they'll take me as their student ♪

Stage 9

Stage 10: Let's go home!

  • Today was really fun~ ♪ Ah, hey, hey, I want to go to a safari park and watch animals from a car! I Saw it on TV!
  • [Owner], what was your favorite animal in the zoo? For me... The cheetah ♪
  • Ah~!! The candies we bought earlier taste really good~! [Owner], try them!! Say aah!
  • Yawn... I got a bit sleepy~... Zzz...zzz...

Hanami FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • [Fairy], you came here too! Let's enjoy hanami together~♪
  • Huh? Someone digged a hole beside a cherry tree? He, he.. I don't know anything about that~♪
  • Welco-!! ... hm? I'm looking after the oden stand~!
  • Hey, hey~♪ I'm a paper lantern ghost~♪ if!

Stage 1: Before going out

Stage 2: At the park

Stage 3: At the shopping district

  • Look! I won this stuffed toy in that shooting gallery~ I'm great, right~?
  • Oh, people from shopping district prepared their stands here too! I wonder if they'll give me a little extra~
  • Okay, I'll start from the right, you start from the left, we buy all the food and bring it under the tree.
  • The grocery shop owner has oden at his stand! Okay, let me ask him for some!
  • Hey, hey, [Owner], buy some yakisoba~! And mochi♪ Ah, get some cotton candy while you're at it~

Stage 4: Looking after a store?!

  • Huh? Where is the grocery store owner going? He's leaving his stand to us...? What is that supposed to mean?
  • I see, he believes in my selling skills. Okay! Time to do it~♪
  • Chew chew* ...ah! When did I start eating this?!
  • Wah!! Cherry blossom petals fell into the oden...?! I must take them out... Ouch! It's hot!!
  • Radish and fist paste... Eggs and noodles... It's 3 million Jewels.. I mean 300 Jewels~!

Stage 5: Hanami time

  • Well then, what should we eat first♪ ...huh? You want us to watch the cherry blossoms? Yeah, yeah, I'm looking at them.

Stage 6: Let's check Agency food stands

Stage 7: Stage event time

  • Hey! An open mic singing contest! I wanna join too!
  • Hehehe~♪ What do you think [Owner], I was the best, right?
  • Huhuhu!♪ Well if it's an encore you want, then...! You don't want? Oi oi oi!
  • Yeah, taking part is much more fun than just watching! You should give it a try!♪

Stage 8: Riverside sunset

  • That stand's line is all the way out to here. Whatever, let's go round once mo--- hmm? What's that, a boat?
  • Wow, he said there's not many people out today so we can take a boat for free! What a kind guy!
  • He~y, captain! I want a go! Can we switch? Please? Plea~se!♪
  • Are you getting seasick, [Owner]? Face the wind and look into the distance, you'll feel better soon.
  • Hmm? I can't get the balance... Uh-oh... Brace! We're going in! ...As if! Did I get you?

Stage 9: Watching evening sakura

  • I'm ba~ck! What was I doing? Erm... scaring the kids with this lantern♪
  • The bright white flowers shine so nicely at night!♪ I wish they would always bloom like this~
  • Hehe, are you happy to be watching the night time cherry blossom together with me?
  • *shudder* I guess the night is a little cold. Let's get some more oden from over there!
  • Eating under a sakura tree is just the best!♪ [Owner], say aah!

Stage 10: Relaxed walk home

  • Wha~t time to go home already? But I wanna stay here! Let's go round again!
  • Hey hey, let's come back again tomorrow! I wanna come back again every day!
  • Haha~♪ [Owner], you've got petals in your hair. Bend down, I'll get them for you.
  • Hey hey [Owner], I wonder if we can plant a cherry tree in the garden? Then we can enjoy hanami at home!
  • Hehe♪ What, these? Cherry blossom petals! I brought a whole bunch, so we can put them in the bath~

Jewelry EventEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Hehehe, I'm gonna get every single Keystone Gem this world has to offer!
  • Let's collect a bunch of gemstones together, [Fairy]♪
  • I'm looking for the next gemstone too♪
  • Hey listen~! I think I broke the radar Silia gave us~!
  • Did you visit the Emerald Valley yet? The base sparkles with such a beautiful green light~♪

Stage 1: Silia's strange movie projector!

  • Looks like Silia called everyone here today. Wonder what she plans to do?
  • Silia wants to test out a new projector she made? So... we get a free movie screening, then? Awesome!♪
  • So this is Silia's laboratory! Hey which do you think is messier, my room or this one?
  • Hey, hey [Owner], right here!! I got the perfect seats! Front and center, couldn't be better♪
  • I mean when you watch a movie, you've just gotta have popcorn, right? And cola. And fries. And a hotdog........ Too much?

Stage 2: Lost in a strange new world?!

  • Hmm? The picture's gone all gloopy, what's the prob--- It-it's sucking us in~?!!
  • Wow, that hurt... Are we inside the movie now? Where is this place?
  • Hmm, it seems like we'll need to collect some Keystone Gems to return to our world!
  • Hey, if we collect every last Keystone Gem, maybe we'll win a prize!♪
  • I think this is the start of another big adventure, [Owner]! Let's go!

Stage 3: Sapphire Town

  • Wow, look [Owner]! This water, flowing through the streets... it makes me want to take a swim!
  • *nom nom* I asked Silia if she had any sweets, and she gave me these caramel. ...Tastes a little funny, but who cares!♪
  • Ah, Silia's gemstone radar's pointing to that store over there! I hope they'll sell it to us...
  • Shopkeeper~! How about a game of rock-paper-scissors for that Keystone Gem over there? Ready? Rock, paper, scissors, GO!
  • Ahh, it feels good to win. Plus we got a Keystone Gem! Hope the ol' shopkeeper doesn't feel too bad♪

Stage 4: Ruby Cave

  • This cave just keeps getting hotter and hotter. I'm getting thirsty over here!
  • Hm? The sapphire gemstone from earlier, it's starting to shine...
  • W-woah! Water's gushing out of the sapphire! It's... so refreshing!
  • Hey, that red light shining from between the rocks there... could it be the ruby?
  • If the sapphire makes water, then surely this ruby will make a fireball! Here we go, fire~! Hm. There went nothing~

Stage 5: Lapis Lazuli Road

  • There are lapis lazuli everywhere, but I can't tell which one is the Keystone~!
  • Hey, this owl says he'll tell us which is the Keystone if we answer his riddle!
  • What has hands, but cannot clap? That one's easy! It's a clock! Like clock hands, y'see?!
  • Yes, correct answer~!♪ And so, the mighty hero [Fairy] collects the third Keystone Gem!! Tada~♪
  • Wow, the sun's setting really quick! I think it's almost time for dinner~!

Stage 6: Garnet Tunnel

  • I think Silia's radar is completely broken, it's not making a sound... Not since I dropped it...
  • It's so dark already! We'll never find a gemstone this late; we might as well set up camp!
  • That's the sleeping bags set up! All that's left is to set some traps, so nobody steals from us in the night!
  • There we go... just a little more and this pit will be--- Is that? Surely not...
  • It is! It's the garnet Keystone Gem! I can't believe it was in my thief pit!!

Stage 7: Emerald Valley

  • Okay, let's find the gem! ...huh? You're still sleepy? If you keep saying things like this, someone else will take it~!
  • Wow, amazing!! [Owner], this valley is all green and it's shining♪
  • Wow, this dragon is guarding the Keystone Gem! It's sleeping... Ah, I woke it up!
  • We'll get the Emerald Keystone Gem if we defeat this dragon! I won't lose~!!
  • Huh? He doesn't seem to want to fight with us! ...huh? Are you giving it to us just like that? Yay~♪

Stage 8: Diamond City of Ancients

  • This place totally feels like a last dungeon or something! [Owner], let's go!
  • Looks like no one lives in this castle. How about we start living here? It would be a waste if such a place stayed empty♪
  • Oh, I found the kitchen!! Uhm, what here is still edible... Hm? We're not here for this? He, he, sorry~!!
  • Hey, this diamond figurine is beautiful! ...can I snatch it?
  • Ah, I see the Diamond Keystone Gem on the throne!! It doesn't look protected or anything~

Stage 9: Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!

  • Silia!! We got the Keystone Gems~♪ I want a reward!! After we successfully return? ...right!
  • Huh?! We throw these gems inside the machine?! Uh... We worked so hard to find them...
  • Hey, hey, if we used this movie projector and had enough gems, could we go anywhere we want?
  • If we jump in here, we'll be able to go back, right?! Okay! [Owner], let's jump in together!

Stage 10: Back to the Human World!!

  • We're home! Ah, today was a great adventure♪ Let's boast to everyone later~!
  • We were adventuring so much that I got hungry~! Hey, hey, let's eat something~
  • Ah!! I forgot to get the reward for all that hard work from Silia~!! Boo... What a bummer!
  • Hey, hey, look! I brought a gem with me~! It's my trophy! He, he.
  • I want to go to the Gem World again~! Let's get more gems next time and become rich!

Strange StrengthEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • This is serious business, even if it's just a game! For justice~! Is what a Fairysoft staff member said!
  • Hm? Backing off? That means that there's some evidence involved!
  • The Central Cities! This is a special city where people with various special powers gather! That part was in the opening, right?
  • Saving the day in a flash! It's me, wandering... Hm? We're in a secret organization, so I shouldn't act like this?
  • Fu, fu, fu~... My special power is amazing~! But it's a secret~ I want to surprise many people with this♪

Stage 1: At Home

  • What's that, [Owner]? A letter? Is it from the Agency? Give it to me!
  • An invitation from Fairysoft?! What game, what game?!
  • Actually, don't tell me what game it is! I want it to be a surprise~♪
  • Isn't Fairysoft like, the biggest games company out there?! I can't wait to see what their newest release is~♪
  • Hurry up, [Owner]! I wanna be first in line~!

Stage 2: To the Event Hall

  • Wow, what a big event hall! Fairysoft really is an amazing company!
  • Can I take a look over there? I think it's a special Fairysoft goods store♪
  • Ah! I see a friend, over there! He~y!
  • Hm, I don't think they heard me... I guess there are a lot of people here.
  • Tada! Step in to enter the world of Strange Strength... Not yet? Awww...

Stage 3: The Central Cities

  • Let's login!! Hoho this is amazing! We got the power Blink, instant movement!!
  • Let's give it a try! First, pick a location... okay. And then... Woah! I made it! [Owner], I--- [Owner?!
  • Our first quest already. Save a man from a high fall...? Really?!
  • Come on, come down from there! You're completely surrounded!... Hmm? Not like that, you say? Well you get up there then! Quickly!
  • Why am I not helping you? All the way up there? Erm... I would but... y'know... Good luck~!

Stage 4: A Secret Deal

  • What could people possibly be talking about under a bridge this late at night? Let's take a look.
  • Don't worry! I just wanna get a little closer to hear what they're saying...
  • Ah! I think they spotted me! Quick, teleport...! Uhoh... I just switched places with [Owner]
  • What was that...? Fill the whole world with potatoes...? What exactly are those people planning?!
  • This smells like a shady plot if ever there was one. Leave it to me!

Stage 5: Intelligence Gathering

  • How do we gather intelligence? Hehehe. Well, those people under the bridge, they were surely SJK, right? Well, then, of course...!
  • Commander Kami! [Owner] and I will henceforth be gathering intelligence regarding SJK! We await further instruction!
  • Hmm... apparently Kami Agency has been after this SJK for a long time. How do you think we could help?
  • Hmm? What was all that before? I dunno. but it sounded cool, didn't it?♪
  • Teleport~ go! Ah... they're all around me... the black suits... Erm... Teleport~~~ Go!!!

Stage 6: Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!

  • Hehehe... so there are two guards... and two of us for them to teleport-switch with...!
  • What to do with the guards... Ah! I know! First, to the toilets!
  • Perfect~! Now's our chance, we can slip in while they're confused in the toilets~!
  • Hehehe, that plan was flawless. But where to go now... Hmm? What's with that glass-walled room? It's all smoky inside...
  • Wow, look at that, [Owner]! That giant machine is sort of... humming!!

Stage 7: Find the Evidence!

  • I can look around, right? Of course I can, we're infiltrating♪
  • Maybe I shouldn't be throwing the files around quite so much...? Meh, whatever. Let's check over there!
  • Now this looks like what we need. This room has files everywhere! Let's see...
  • I found it, i have the evidence~! Hehe~, I wonder if I'll get some kind of reward...
  • Hey something's been bugging me. That thing up there. I forgot it's name... what was it... ah! CCTV camera, that's it!

Stage 8: Escape!!

  • Kyaa!! Is that a security alarm? We gotta run!
  • Ahh, they're everywhere... What do we do... Ah! [Owner], ready to activate?
  • Teleport! And again! And again! Ahh... *puff* Haha~, these files are ours, SJK chumps!
  • Is that Silia's own-brand explosive? How do you do? I've found a new owner for you. Teleport! *BOOM*
  • I think... we're lost. The only way to go is up, to the roof. At least we can always teleport...

Stage 9: Mission Complete

  • They're on the roof too? I-is that Silia? And Julia, and Karume... SJK?!
  • Hehehe, you think you can catch us? *blip* We have teleporting powers! *blip* Try and stop us! *blip*
  • Too much teleporting... too tired... What's that sound? Commander Kami! Down here! Help us!!
  • Wow, Commander Kami is so strong! All of them cut down with a single stroke!
  • We won... we won!! I can't believe we managed to escape! Logout? I guess it's over.

Stage 10: Logout!

  • Yay! We're back! My score? I wonder...
  • [Owner], look! We've trampled our opponents! My score is amazing.
  • I wonder if people with the highest scores get a prize... I'll ask♪
  • [Owner], look, look! I got all of these! Sometimes it's a good idea to ask~♪
  • [Owner], today was fun! Let's come back again~! Hm? You're tired? Oh come on, the first clear is like a tutorial!

Green Leaf CarnivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • I think we all know who stole this show... Me♪
  • I made a very special salad, everybody! Dig in hehehe, how is it?
  • Did you make that dish, [Fairy]? Lemme try it!
  • Let's dance together, [Fairy]!
  • Try to keep up with me, okay [Fairy]? Hehehe... Ack!! I'm falling!!

Stage 1: What is the Green Leaf Carnival?

  • Hey, [Owner]! The Green Leaf Carnival is coming to the Human World~!
  • You've never heard of it? It's an annual festival from the Fairy World~!
  • Everyone eats delicious sweets, and traditional dishes, and local foods, and celebrates the spring!... Hmm? What do you mean, other than eating?
  • Hehehe, you'll finally get the chance to see my amazing dance moves!
  • You're coming too, right [Owner]? It'll be a year of punishments if you don't~♪

Stage 2: Let's go!

  • Okay, potato chips, chocolate, cookies... Hmm? It's not that far?... Meh!
  • Oh yeah, it looks like it's in a forest a short walk from the Fairy Agency. Come on then, let's go ♪
  • Heheh, I'm gonna show you how I enjoy carnivals, [Owner]!
  • Hey, we have time to explore a little, right? How about the park over there? Let's take a look!
  • I think I see it! There's so many people around! Hey, let's race the last few yards!

Stage 3: Arriving at the carnival

  • This is the place?! It's huge! Hey [Owner], let's kick a can around or something, have some fun ♪
  • There really are a lot of people here~! I suppose everyone's come to see me bust some moves...? No?!
  • You don't know where to start? Huhuhu ♪ Don't worry about that! I have no idea either ♪
  • We have to prepare first? I suppose it doesn't start until this evening... Fine, but let's play a little first!
  • Is that Robin over there? Every time I see that shiny mop of hers I just wanna mess it all up!... I'll be right back♪

Stage 4: Picking flowers and leaves

  • We'll use the flowers we gather in the cooking later! Also for decorating... I think? Hehe... I can't remember♪
  • Do you think this weird mushroom is edible...? I suppose we'll find out, in the basket it goes ♪
  • I found the cutest flower♪ Here, let me put it in your hair, [Owner]... Perfect!
  • This flower has a really delicious nectar! Try is, [Owner]! Ack!! You ate my bit too...
  • How dare you eat mine...! Right, I know. Let's see which of us can get the most delicious-tasting flowers! Ready... GO!

Stage 5: Decorating the forest

  • Tada~♪ I brought some tea for the hardworking [Owner]! Of course using some of the flowers we just picked♪
  • So, how is it? The tea, of course! Good? Dizzy...?! Ahh... maybe I used the wrong flower...
  • Hey [Owner], d'you think we could make a rope swing on that big tree there?
  • Finished♪ What is this? It's a tanzaku! I want to hang it from that tree there~!
  • What? Tanzaku are for Tanabata? Hmm... now that you mention it...

Stage 6: Making carnival outfits

  • Usually we use charms for this, but we can't do that in the Human World. I'll have to bust out my amazing needlework skills!
  • Hehe~ ♪ I'm gonna make something that really pops~!... Hmm... I've certainly made something... A Santa suit...?
  • Ack, this one is too big... Erm... [Owner], a present, for you!
  • Where did all the flowers go? The basket is empty!... I used them all?!
  • Look, look! I asked Robin and she gave me an outfit ♪ Isn't it cute~?

Stage 7: Making traditional fairy foods

  • The rest of the flowers we use for cooking! Recipes? All in my head, [Owner]!
  • Right, I've decided! Flowery potato salad~!
  • And my secret ingredient... all-natural wasabi♪ Let's add it all in here and... done!
  • Getting bored~... Ah, I know! Let's go around tasting bits of everyone's cooking!
  • Tada~! Let's eat♪ *nom nom* Hmm?! Too early? Hehe, sorry, I was just a little hungry...

Stage 8: Green Leaf Ceremony

  • Why do we dance? It's to show our thanks to... each other... or something? Yeah.
  • It's time for [Fairy]'s Special Dance of the Fairies. What do you mean that's not what it's called?... Is so...
  • It's started already?! No way!! How can they possibly start without their shining star?!
  • He~y, [Owner]? Are you watching? Hehehe.
  • Triple spin... go!! Woahwoah... woahwoahowah!! Oof... That was close...

Stage 9: Let's eat!

  • Hey hey, [Owner], how was my dancing? Amazing, right?♪ I saw you staring, haha~.
  • There's so much food I don't know where to start!... We'll eat everything anyway? Haha, good point, [Owner]!
  • *nom nom* This honey pie... is amazing! I can hardly believe it, but it might even be better than my own dish...!!
  • Wow [Owner], your cake looks amazing~!... Can I have a bite?♪
  • Hmm... I wonder if everyone's enjoying my super-wasabi soup~?

Stage 10: Singing, dancing and having fun

  • Hey look, [Owner]! Everyone's dancing on the stage~!
  • Come on, we're done eating, right? Let's get dancing!
  • Wow... I feel like I'm not really moving right... Maybe I ate too much...?
  • Wow, Robin is such a good singer! Hey, Robin!! let's have a competition!
  • I really think this year's carnival was the best ever! Thanks to you, [Owner]♪

Harvest FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

Stage 1: To the farm!

Stage 2: Listen to the Chief!

Stage 3: To the greenhouse!

Stage 4: Let's harvest onions!

Stage 5: Time for lunch!

Stage 6: Let's harvest cabbages!

Stage 7: Let's try farm machinery!

Stage 8: Let's harvest carrots!

Stage 9: Make a scarecrow!

Stage 10: Time to go home!

Summer GetawayEdit


Stage 1:It's so hot...

Stage 2:We've arrived!

Stage 3:Check out the rooms!

Stage 4:A walk in the woods!

Stage 5:Let's go to the lake!

Stage 6:Let's explore the town!

Stage 7:Glass-blowing Studio

Stage 8:A traditional street

Stage 9:Fireflies!

Stage 10:Time to sleep...

Summer FestivalEdit


  • Which stands have you tried so far, [Fairy]? Really? It sounds amazing ♪
  • The goldfish scooping? I tried it, but I only caught one~... I really tried my best, though~.
  • Kya~!! Oh, it's you, [Fairy]! Don't scare me like that~... Why am I scared? It's... just, your mask... haha ♪

Stage 1: Let's go to the festival!

  • [Owner]! We got a letter! Read it read it~!
  • A summer festival at the Leo Shrine? I wanna go! When is it...? Today?!
  • The Fairy Agency is running a stand there? Well now we just have to go!!
  • Hey, do you know how to put on a yukata? Hmm... ack... that's not... [Owner], help me~!
  • Alright, I think I'm ready! Let's go to the festival!

Stage 2: Leo Shrine!

  • Wow~! There's so many people!! [Owner], don't go getting yourself lost!!... Hehe ♪
  • Wow! What's that?! Woah! Look at that! There are just so many different stands here!
  • Every single spot of land is covered with a festival stand! I don't know where to start~ ♪
  • Wow, that guy over there is plate-spinning! Hey [Owner], go ask if you can try it out!
  • Over there! And over there, too! So many of my friends are here! I gotta go and say hello!

Stage 3: Food stands!

  • Can we get some food? Yay! Hehe~, it all looks so delicious! I don't know what to choose~ ♪
  • Alright! I've decided. It is a festival after all, so... candy apple! Ah, but... it all looks so good... Can't I just have one of everything...?
  • Wow, this candy apple is so sweet~ ♪ Here! Take a bite, [Owner] ♪
  • Hey hey, can I have a bite of your cotton candy, [Owner]? Yay~! *nom nom* Ahh, delicious~ ♪
  • I love festival foods~! Where do we go next?! How about that stand over there! Ahh, or that one over there!

Stage 4: Goldfish scooping!

  • Hi-ya~! Ahh... it got away~! This is harder than it looks...
  • Hmm? You have some tips for scooping, [Owner]? Tell me tell me~!... Uh-huh... Yep... Alright! I'll never lose again ♪
  • Hand close to the water... scoop laid flat... and... Alright! I got one!! Yay~ ♪

Stage 5: Shooting Gallery!

  • Hmm? Did I just hear...? Ah, a shooting gallery! Come on, let's try it [Owner]!
  • Woah, there are so many prizes ♪ I don't know which one to go for... Ah, yes I do! That cat right there!
  • [Owner]! Let's see who can get the most prizes, okay? Hehe, I'm not gonna lose~ ♪
  • pow!* Ahh, missed again...! This is harder than I though!
  • Wow! You got it, [Owner]! You got the cat!... For me? Yay~!

Stage 6: Dinner time!

  • Hey hey! Let's check that stand over there--- *rumble* Oof... I think I'm getting hungry...
  • [Onwer]! Let's get something to eat~! There's still so much left to choose from!
  • Fried corn! Yakitori!... But it's a festival right? We've gotta get the yakisoba!
  • Excuse me~! Yakisoba for three, please!... One too many? Sorry, yakisoba for two, please~ ♪
  • nom nom* Mmm! It's so good! Hot, fresh and delicious ♪

Stage 7: Watch the omikoshi!

  • Hmm... Where to go next... ♪ Hmm? Everyone seems to be gathering over there. What could it be...?
  • Wow! That is a huge omikoshi! Everyone's crying wasshoi-wasshoi! Let's join in, [Owner]!
  • Hehe, this omikoshi really completes the festival atmosphere. Wasshoi-wasshoi~!!
  • I wanna dance like them! They look so cool ♪

Stage 8: Katanuki!

  • Hey, what's this? Katanuki...? We have to cut a shape out of this pink board without breaking it? Alright, I'll try my best~ ♪
  • sniff sniff* Is this pink board edible...? It feels like some kind of snack!
  • We get a prize if we cut really well? Hehehe~, I've gotta win ♪
  • Ahh... this is more difficult that I thought it would be... Ack! Did you break yours, [Owner]? Hehe... me too...
  • I did it!... It's not very good though... I still get a prize anyway? Yay, thank you~!

Stage 9: Raffle time!

  • Ah! I can see the Fairy Agency girls! They're running a raffle ♪ They said we can go and play it!
  • Alright, here we go~! I've got a good feeling about this one!... A scrubbing brush...
  • What did you win, [Owner]? A pillow and blanket? Wow, that's a great one~!!
  • Okay, here we go again...! This one...! A frying pan and chopping board set? I can use these to cook some delicious foods for you, [Owner]!
  • Let's use these as soon as we get home! I'll make us something great for dinner ♪

Stage 10: Fireworks show!

  • Wow, there are some more stands over here,,, Ack! It's almost time for the fireworks show! We have to find a good spot, [Owner]!
  • How about here? wow, great timing, the show's starting! Hehe, phew, that was close.
  • Does the festival end when the firework's stop...? That's a little sad...
  • Wo~w! They're so pretty! There's so many all at one!... It's called a Starmine? I didn't know that ♪
  • It's over~! That was such a fun festival! I can't wait to come again with you next year, [Owner]~!

Fairies in WonderlandEdit


  • Watch out! ... Sorry, sorry! I had no idea I'd see you after falling down here, [Fairy]! ... Are you okay?
  • [Fairy], did you see a dodo bird in this area? Some kind of mouse is looking for it... We should probably help!
  • There are supposed to be some super-scary monsters deep in the forest!... Wanna take a look?
  • The duchess said not to put pepper into the soup. I wonder why.
  • I'm going to go deliver these Japanese sweets to a tea party! Want to come with me, [Fairy]?

Stage 1: A Golden Afternoon

  • What great weather! A day like this is just perfect for eating lots of sweets at a picnic! So, let's go! Let's go now!
  • Hahaha... I just met Chief and got some sweets. Hey, let's go eat them under that tree!
  • munch munch* ... Yum! Hey, [Owner], what are you reading? Show me, show me!
  • Alice in... something something? Ah, Alice in Wonderland? Wow! I can't read any of that!
  • Mmm, I'm so stuffed and sleepy... Hey, [Owner], let me put my head on your lap...

Stage 2: Hastily Heading into the Deep Darkness

  • Zzz... Zzz... Grumble, ooh, a tart fell on my face... Whoa! Ack, what... Huh? Where are you, [Owner]?
  • [Owner]! [Owner]! Where are you! ... That's weird. Where could you have gone...
  • Huh? Those white ears... Is that a rabbit? Slowly... Slowly... Whoa! What! ... [Owner]! Why do you have rabbit ears?
  • You gotta hurry? But what's up with those ears... Ah! Wait! Where are you going, [Owner]?!
  • ... Huh? Whoa, a hole! I'm going to faaaaaaaaaaaaall...!

Stage 3: Shrinking and the Sea of Tears

  • Whoa!? ... Ah, I've reached the bottom. Um, now where is Rabbit [Owner]... Ah, over there! Wait!
  • Ah, there's some juice here! Lucky me! I'm thirsy! *glug* ... Ah! There's a whole bunch of flavors going on here! Not bad, but a little strange!
  • Huh? What's... Am I getting smaller? Whoa! This is amazing! The juice made me smaller! Now I can get through the door... Wait, it's locked...
  • Gah, I'm so stupid! ... Whoa, what now!? It's a sea of my tears!
  • Hey, you! Mister Mouse! Can you take me to shore? Please!

Stage 4: Growing Big and Small

  • I finally caught up with you, [Owner]! What are you doing? ... Mary Ann? Who's that? Huh? You want me to get something? Whoa! Hold on!
  • A folding fan and gloves, a folding fan and gloves... Um, um... Here they are! What... what is this cake? It looks good...
  • A wake-up cake... Eating it returns you to normal? Normal... Ah, if [Owner] eats it that should make everything go back to normal, maybe!?
  • [Owner]! Eat this cake! Don't worry, just hurry and eat it! ... This should return you to normal... I think?
  • Haha, I helped you, [Owner]! Hehe!

Stage 5: What the Brown Caterpillar Said

  • [Owner], what's up with those rabbit ears? Don't you know? You don't...
  • Hey, up on top of that mushroom... What's that? Look, there's some brown lump... Ah, it's Leo!
  • Leo, what are you whistling? Um, what was it, something like that thing you often at festivals that goes beep-boop... Everything you do seem fun, Leo!
  • Leo, do you know how to get back to our world? Rolling... You're rolling? Where are you going, Leo?
  • It looks like Leo wants us to follow! Let's go, [Owner]!

Stage 6: The Duchess and the Grinning Cat

  • I can finally see a house! Okay, time to ask how we can get back home! Excuse me!
  • Huh? Anko? What are you doing here? Wow, also you've been sneezing so much. Did you catch a cold?
  • These sweets look so good... Ah... No, I'm not eating! Don't look at me like that!
  • What lovely sweets... Huh, if I deliver these then I can get an invitation letter to the castle? Okay, I'll try going to the castle!
  • So I deliver these to... wait was it the Hatter or the March Hare...!?

Stage 7: A Strange Tea Party

  • Sorry to keep you waiting! Here are the sweets from the Duchess Anko... Huh? Silia and Robin? Why are you here?
  • You're having a tea party? ... Here? Wit this tea set? No, it's not wrong, but... Just one look ad you can see how unbalanced... No, no, it's nothing! Hahaha!
  • I was invited to the tea party! Hey, who's that person sitting over there and wearing sunglasses... Don't you think we've seen them somewhere before? Or am I just imagining things?
  • Japanese sweets at a tea party... No, it's not strange. I think? If it tastes good, there's nothing wrong with it!
  • Ah, these sweets are so good! You have some too, [Owner]! I recommend this one!

Stage 8: Croquet with the Heart Soldiers

  • Hedgehogs and flamingos are running around! Did something happen... Ah, Chief... Wait, no? Um, then who are you?
  • Chief, you look a little different. What is it... Something about your tone or maybe your personality...

Stage 9: The Tart Trial

Stage 10: The Dream's End

Festival in FallEdit


  • It's easy for me to accidentally eat too much since all the festival food is so good.
  • Sigh, I never thought this many people would come. I guess everyone liked festivals!
  • [Fairy], let's go goldfish scooping! The man at the store over there is saying the carp are goldfish!
  • Hey, so where did [Owner] go? ... Could it be they're lost?
  • So I got this branch of autumn leaves from a god and... Huh? It's not a lie!

Stage 1: An Autumn Day

  • Ah, this is perfect fall weather~ ... Ah, there's a sign over there! What does it say?
  • There's a festival going on at the shrine! Let's go check it out ♪ ... What, where is it? Ah, I forgot to check!
  • The Fall Festival is going on at the shrine over there! Hurry, let's go ♪
  • Lalala ♪ Lalala ♪ There are going to be so many stands at the festival!

Stage 2: The Fall Festival

  • One, two, three, four... Huh? I'm counting, seven, the shrine, nine, steps~! How many are there? Uh, how far did I count?
  • Don't the guardian lions look like they are roaring~? I really want to stick my hand in its mouth!
  • There are so many maple trees at this shrine! I wonder if this shrine's god likes autumn leaves.
  • Wow, I didn't know about this shrine! The stands are already setting up! Let's go!
  • A bunch of stands are almost ready~ ... Ah, a yakisoba stand! Hey, hey, let's buy some when we're leaving!

Stage 3: Pray First

  • This crunchy sound from the gravel sounds so neat ♪ Hey, [Owner], let's play tag!
  • People are wearing so many kinds of clothing~! What is that... Oh, there's a mini fashion contest for Japanese patterned clothing! How nice! Let's go check it out later!
  • The bell on top of this rope is so big. If it fell on your head... You'd probably get a triple bump!
  • What should I pray for... Ah, that's it~ ♪ Huh? What is it? Heheh, it's a secret.
  • Oh wow! That candy that child had looked so good! I want to eat it too~!

Stage 4: The Festival Begins

  • Hey, [Owner]! Something is going on over there on that stage! Let's go take a look!
  • The sound of the taiko and the bells... and that flute! Hey, what's that guitar-looking instrument? ... A shamisen? That's so awesome~!
  • Whoa, look at that huge boar! Ooh! Wow, the boar became a deer! Oh, so that's the part of god? ... So the god is turning into animals.
  • Julia and Anko are... dancing? How lovely! I'd like to try those clothes on too!
  • Hm, that dance looks so hard. Julia and Anko can really dance well...

Stage 5: Visiting the Shrine Stands

  • Now what should I eat~ ♪ Ehehe, I'm so hungry! Ah, look, look, yakisoba! Ah, snow cones too! ... Huh, it's not the season for snow cones? Hm, I wonder.
  • They're selling frankfurters over there! Oh, and corn dogs too... Which should I pick? What do you think, [Owner]?
  • Hm? What is it, [Owner]... Yay! Mini sponge cakes! I wanna eat them~ ♪ [Owner], say Ah!
  • munch, munch* ... Hm, the burnt part of this grilled corn with soy sauce is just... *munch, munch* ... Ah, all I can focus on is eating!
  • Huh? All I'm doing is eating? Really... You think so? Hey, hey, want to go look at some more stands?

Stage 6: Yabusame

  • Hey, I can hear some kind of clapping sound. What is it? Huh, can you hear it?
  • Ah! That person on the horse has a bow and arrow... Aiee! I'm falling, I'm falling! ...
  • Wow... So it's called yabusame! But wouldn't doing that on a horse make your arms shake? Don't they make mistakes and shoot the wrong place?
  • Hey, you can try shooting a bow and arrow! I want to do that! ... Huh, huh? The bow is slipping... Wha-wha-wha-wha?
  • Whoa, that person over there is nailing so many targets! Amazing! Maybe I can try like that...! Ah, no! The bow slipped!

Stage 7: Huh, What is This...

  • Wha-wha~t? Why are we suddenly in a place with no people? Isn't that strange? Just until now there were stands here...
  • Did everyone already go home? There was still so much I didn't eat! ... Hm? This is the place Julia and everyone danced... It looks like someone is here.
  • Wow... She's so beautiful... Ah, that fake boar! Huh? Isn't it bigger than before? Are they doing some sort of dance? Are they practicing?
  • Huh, the woman is calling me over... Oh? What's this branch of autumn leaves? You're giving it to me? They're so beautiful! Thank you ♪
  • Ehehe, she gave me this beautiful branch of autumn leaves ♪ ... Huh? Something about it feels strange...

Stage 8: Autumn Leaf Messenger?

  • Huh, this branch? There was this beautiful person dancing and... Huh? We were just by the stage, why are we behind the sacred tree?
  • There's someone over there, [Owner]! Let's go ask if the festival is over! Excuse me!
  • So, yeah, I got this branch from a beautiful woman. Aha, so she's the messenger of this shrine's god, adn that boar was the god! So even animals can become gods!
  • Why do you know that story, sir? You're the Shinto priest at this shrine? Ah, I get it! You're the most important person at this shrine!
  • So the person who gets this branch will find happiness! Yay, [Owner]! You're going to find happiness too!

Stage 9: Let's Make Ema!

  • Wow, there are so many lovely wooden plaques! Hey, and there's something written on them... This one says I want to run fast!
  • So you write a wish and hang them...? And god will listen to your wishes? Well then, I gotta write one now! God might be getting sleepy and be done for the day!
  • Um, I want to be able to eat delicious food every day... And I want a little bit better luck at raffles... And then, and then~!
  • Too many wishes? Really? I was already holding back... Hmm, this is hard!
  • There are so many different em. Hm, how should I write it... Ah, should I just do it like the other people? ... I hope to win first place at Sports Day... Um, are you supposed to write so gently?

Stage 10: The Road Home

  • Ah, the festival is already over... Wait, it;s still going on tomorrow? Well then, let's come again!
  • Brr. Ugh, it's a little cold now... Ah, that's right! Let's hold hands, [Owner]! Ah, they're so warm~ ♪
  • So much happened today... I'm probably going to forget some because there was so much! Ehe!
  • Hey, hey, what are we having for dinner? Since it's cold I want to eat something warm~!
  • Hey, let's have race home! The loser has to do what the winner wants! Ready, go!

School FestivalEdit


  • Drinks are free if you go to that beef kebab stand now! Let's go.
  • When they said takoyaki I didn't' think that an actual fried octopus would come out...
  • Ah, [Fairy]! Hey, let's go to the haunted house together! It's super scary but really fun!
  • The AV room~ ... Ah, we can take a break there! My legs are beat, so let's go!
  • Huh, I feel like I was just here... Um... Am I lost?

Stage 1: An Invitation to Fairy High

  • [Owner], [Owner]! The school festival is today! Hurry, wake up!
  • If this happens... You're going to be late, [Owner]! ... Ehehe, you're up ♪ Today's the school festival!
  • Wooooow! There are fireworks and balloons on the roof! Ooh... I'm so excited! Hurry, let's hurry~!
  • When you're at a school festival, you want to eat crepes and takoyaki, right? And then, um, um! Anyway, let's just eat a whole lot of stuff!

Stage 2: Where to Go First?

  • This mixed up feeling at a school festival is great! It feels like a real festival!
  • Now, where should we start~! What do you want to see first, [Owner]? Let's say together on three, ready? One, two, three!
  • You're too slow, [Owner]! ... Aha! I just thought of something great ♪ Hey, hey! Let's race to the top! The loser buys the winner ikayaki. Ready? Go!
  • There's a bazaar going on over there! I bet we'll find something interesting... Let's go take a look!
  • Wow! There are so many photos in this room... Ah, the Photography Club! Ooh, the cat in this picture is so cute~ ♪

Stage 3: Welcome to the Maid Cafe!

  • Wha!? What happened to everyone!? Chief is dressed up like a maid... Well, it suits her, but I still can't believe it!
  • Chief looks like a classic maid! such a traditional girl! ... You wouldn't cal a maid costume traditional!? Pfft, don't worry about all that!
  • I think I'd like to try on a maid outfit too. Ah, but if it is as long as Chief's it'd just drag...
  • Ah! Chief made this financier? earlier Karume and I took some and... Awawawa! No, no, it's nothing!
  • This tea has a wonderful aroma, ohohoho... Hey! Don't laugh just because I'm acting a little ladylike!

Stage 4: Romeo and Juliet?

  • Romeo and Juliet... Isn't that an old play? I wonder if there are funny parts...
  • Hu-huh? Is that Karume over there? Hey, Ka... Mhe!? Mmmmmmuh! Mmmmgh! Mrmmrm! ... Pfha! ... Ah, sorry, sorry. I completely forgot a play was going on ♪
  • Oh! Someone slipped poison into the potato juice... I wonder who could have done it!
  • Ahahaha! Romeo is in women's clothing... Buhu. Ahahahahaha! What's a komeko? Ahaha!
  • Ooh, my stomach hurts from laughing so much... It's amazing that they can do a remake like this.

Stage 5: Munch, Munch, Munch...

  • I wonder what I should eat. It's a bit inconvenient that all of the school festival's food stands aren't in the same place.
  • You have to eat crepes when you're at a school festival! Now, which ones should I eat?
  • They have taiyaki?! That's what I want! Custard cream would be great ♪
  • Hehe! Look, look, I got some free ice cream ♪ You want some, [Owner]?
  • Churros! ... They're so crunchy... Mm, and sweet ♪ Uhwa? I have some on my face? Where? Where?

Stage 6: The Haunted House's Scary Trap?

  • Um, where's the information board... Ah, there it is! Hm, there are so many things that I don't know where to go next.
  • Huh, is this... a haunted house? How neat ♪ Hurry, let's go in, [Owner]!
  • Whoa, check out this atmosphere... Excuse me... ooh, I like when a haunted house has this kind of scary feeling ♪
  • Aieeee! Waaaah! There's a hand right in... Gaaaaah!
  • Whew... Wow, all of that was great! Let's go again, [Owner]!

Stage 7: The Fairy High Mini Contest

  • Ah, wait! A friend of mine is over there! I'm going to go talk to them!
  • [Owner], my friend has a bit of a problem and asked me to help! I don't really understand, but I'm going to help! Ah, I want you to watch the mini contest!
  • Ahaha. I can't believe I was asked to participate in the mini contest... But I'm going to do my best! [Owner], will you watch me?
  • Um, so over there I... Uwah!? I'm gonna fa... Oh, that didn't hurt... Ah, [Owner]. Sorry! Could you go back to the stage? If you just stand there... Ehehe.
  • I fell while I was walking on the runway, but I still came in first place! Isn't that amazing, [Owner]?

Stage 8: Fairy High Newspaper Hallway Interviews!

  • Wow, there are so many people gathered over there! Wait, what? What are they doing? Let me see too!
  • Wow, that's amazing ♪ They're got TV cameras! Is this being broadcast on the school TV? It feels so realistic!
  • Survey coverage? Okay, okay~ ♪ Now here's a smile and a peace sign! Ehehe, perfect~ ♪
  • Wait, you also saw the mini contest? Haha, yea! I fell off the runway, ahaha! But I'm glad I won first place ♪
  • Which stand was the best? Hm... Hm.;.. They were all good. I can't really pick just one!

Stage 9: Live at Fairy High ✰

  • A concert! I can't wait ♪ Hey, they're selling glow sticks so let's buy some~!
  • The gym is so big that it feels like a real concert! Come on, get ready ♪
  • Wow! I'd love to join in and perform at a concert!
  • Ah, on bass... is that Mika? Or, wait, is that a bass or... an electric shamisen?
  • Everything is so loud it must be hard to hear your own instrument!

Stage 10: Late Night Festival!

  • The Late Night Festival is a dance party in the school yard! We can dance while the Light Music Club plays~! I am so excited!
  • Let's go eat at the stand the teachers are running! It smells really good~!
  • The stands are in the schoolyard too! I'm a bit hungry, so let's take a look!
  • So would you call that a camp fire? Or does it have another name?
  • The school festival was so much fun! We've got to come again next year~ ♪

Happy ChristmasEdit


Stage 1: Merry--- What's That Sound?

Stage 2: Santa's In Trouble...

Stage 3: New Santa On The Scene ✰

Stage 4: Let's Go Fairy Santa!

Stage 5: Sneaking on the Rooftop...

Stage 6: Hello! In The Fireplace

Stage 7: Keep On Delivering!

Stage 8: The Agency Girls...?

Stage 9: Deliveries Complete...

Stage 10: Merry Christmas

New Year's SunriseEdit


  • Put everything away~ Clean everything~ ... Waah! I want to go and have fun!
  • [Fairy], your kimono is so cute ♪ I'd like to wear something like that too...
  • [Fairy]! Long time no see! So you came here too!
  • Are you going to Mt. Vela, [Fairy]? Then I'll lend you these gloves ♪
  • The lake over there is frozen ♪ [Fairy], let's go skating!

Stage 1: New Year's in the Fairy World

  • This year, we're going to spend New Year's in the Fairy World! Welcome to my room~ ♪ Hey, [Owner], how is your room? Is it clean?
  • I've gotten some mochi ready, and all the preparations for New Year's are perfect!
  • If I place a charm on the window glass... There! Now they sparkle! I wonder if [Owner] will be surprised...
  • Okay... Let's see if I can reach the top of this bookshelf... Wha?! Ouch... A bunch of book fell out...
  • Are you going to help the Agency now, [Owner]? Wow... You're going to help in the garden. Take care!

Stage 2: Kimono Fashion Show ✰

  • Ah, Anko! You came too! Hm? Hey, what's in that wrapping cloth?
  • Huh? You have a lot of kimonos in there? But it's so small...
  • What?! A whole bunch of kimonos came out of the wrapping cloth! That's amazing! Is that one of Silia's inventions?
  • These kimonos are all so pretty... Huh? I can wear whichever one I like? Um... Hey, [Owner], which one do you think would look good on me?
  • Ehehe, I tried on the kimono you selected [Owner]! How does it look?

Stage 3: Who Are You?

  • This kimono is so cute... Huh? Hey, [Owner], look at that. Who is that person... They look like something is wrong.
  • Hey, what are you doing there? You need to go to Mt. Vela for you goddess training... Wait... Goddess?!
  • I see... You need to reach the top of the mountain before sunrise to become a real goddess, but you got lost...
  • Hey, I'll show you to the top of Mt. Vela! Leave it to me! I know that area like the back of my hand ♪
  • All right, we gotta get ready and head off! It's really cold out there... Okay! I'll just use a charm on my clothes to make them big enough for everyone!

Stage 4: Preparing to Mountain Climb

  • Mt. Vela? Um, it's not that big of a mountain, but it's really cold! I'll lend you my scarf, [Owner]!
  • A tent for the top of the mountain, a~nd hot cocoa~ ♪ This is like a field trip!
  • [Owner], look, look! What warm gloves ♪ I found these while cleaning my room ♪
  • There's only one path on the mountain, so we won't get lost! ... Probably.
  • Ah, Mika ran off to the kotatsu! Hey, Mika! Come with us!

Stage 5: To the Akiha Grove

  • This is Akiha Grove! Look! See those frozen leaves? They sparkle in the sunlight!
  • There's camellias, narcissuses, snowdrops... This place is always pretty... How about we come just to walk around sometime?
  • Ah! There's a snowman! I wonder who made it. Okay... I'm going make a bigger one!
  • The lake looks like it's frozen! We could skate on it! Just do this and... Whoa!
  • Ouch... I fell since I haven't done that in a ling time... I can do better than that, you know?

Stage 6: Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest

  • Could that be... December Strawberries! Ah, Karume! Don't eat them raw or...!
  • If you eat December Strawberries just like that you'll become really sad. Here, wipe you tears.
  • Ah! I see a three-colored branch! I haven't seen on like this in a long time...
  • Hey, [Owner]. How about you try breaking off that three-colored branch? If you do...! It feels like spring! How warm ♪
  • Breaking off a three-colored branch makes spring flowers bloom. But only for thirty minutes or so.

Stage 7: Mount Vela

  • Okay, we've made it to Mt. Vela! Get ready, because it's really cold from here on out!
  • All of the plants here are made of ice. Aren't they pretty? Although, that is why it's so cold... Brr.
  • Take this, [Owner]. It's a flame fruit! I hope you like the taste ♪
  • Hey, [Owner], how does it taste? Pft, ahaha! It's really spicy, right? But I bet you feel really warm!
  • We're almost at the top. Let's keep it up!

Stage 8: Finally at the Top!

  • Phew... We're finally at the top. It's so cold...!
  • The sky is getting brighter and brighter. Will the sun rise soon? Let's pitch the tent while we wait ♪
  • Mika, are you okay? Here, have a flame fruit. It'll warm you up, so eat it. ... Oh, no, was it too spicy? She's running around...
  • Julia! Chief made some milk tea, so come have some with us!
  • [Owner], are you cold? Really? Okay, hold on... *squeeze* Ehehe, does this make you feel warmer?

Stage 9: First Sunrise!

  • Karume, do you have a fire going? What? Roasted potatoes? Here?!
  • The sun's risen... Finally! Ah, look, look! The goddess is sparkling...
  • The goddess's clothes changed into shepherd's clothing! Which means... she passed her test! Congratulations!
  • Ah, so she has those clothes because it's the year of the sheep. I'd like some sheep clothes too...
  • The goddess said she's going to take us back home! That's going to make it real quick ♪

Stage 10: Happy New Year!

  • We're home! Oh, Mika, hold it together!
  • We've got to help get ready for the party! Let's go, [Owner]!
  • Ah, Chief is calling... The shiruko is ready! [Owner], let's go eat.
  • [Owner], happy New Year! I'm going to go for my New Year's gifts later ♪
  • I'm looking forward to another year of us together. I can't wait!

Chocolate KingdomEdit


  • I'm so hungry~ [Fairy], do you have any candy I could eat?
  • How do you make this candy? Tell me if you can!
  • Hey, what kind of candy do you think would win the competition?
  • [Fairy], let's make some delicious candy!
  • I'm going to make some unbeatable chocolate candy~ ♪

Stage 1: What Should Today's Snack Be?

  • Hey, what should we have for a snack today? I think making something would be fun!
  • You want to make something with chocolate? Okay! Let's go look for a chocolate recipe book!
  • Wow, there are so many books with chocolate recipes~! Everything looks so good.
  • Look, look~! This book is so much thicker than most of the recipe books! Let's give it a read! It looks neat!
  • Huh? The book is shining for some reason. Whoa...?! Am I being sucked in~?! Help me~!

Stage 2: Waking up to Find...

  • Ouch... What is this place? ... The Chocolate Kingdom? ... What?! Weren't we just in the library?!
  • Hm, hm... Have we entered the world of that book? Who's that woman... Oh, your name is Marone? Nice to meet you!
  • What~?! You were trying to call for a helper fairy but you ended up getting us?
  • You're trying to make the best chocolate. Hm, so do you want us to help in place of the fairy your were trying to call?
  • Hm, what should we do? Hey, wait! What do you mean it's already been decided~?!

Stage 3: The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire?

  • Hey, hey, why are you trying to make the best chocolate? Will you get something good?
  • There's a yearly competition to determine the best chocolatier in the kingdom? What's a chocolatier? Is it yummy?
  • Making chocolate with magic... huh? Magic? By magic you mean... all that stuff you see in movies and the like...
  • If you win the competition you get enormous wealth and tremendous fame?! Now that's worth it~!
  • Marone is really into this! Let's sheer on Marone so she can make the best chocolate possible!

Stage 4: Chocolate Spy ✰

  • First we're checking out the enemy? I see, knowing our opponents will improve our chances in the competition!
  • This really is the Chocolate Kingdom! All of the stores are selling chocolate candy and other chocolate food~! Everything looks delicious!
  • Ooh~ Seeing all of this yummy looking candy is making me hungry...
  • This candy looks so good~! [Owner], can I eat some?
  • Marone is really passionate about candy... She said since we're investigating before the competition we can't eat!

Stage 5: What to Make?

  • After looking at all those chocolates, I feel like we can make anything! So what should we make for the competition?
  • Marone is going to pick what we're going to make! I can't wait to find out what it is ♪
  • She's decided ♪ It looks like we're making chocolate cookies!
  • Even with chocolate cookies, you need to think about how to bake them based on their shapes. I wonder if we'll have any good ideas~ ♪
  • Ah! Doesn't this shape look interesting? What do you think, [Owner]?

Stage 6: Get the Ingredients!

  • In order to make the best chocolate, we need the best ingredients ♪ Let's hurry up and go shopping!
  • What do we need to make sure it bakes well? I wonder if that changes the ingredients.
  • Good eggs and butter will give it a heavier taste and make it look delicious ♪
  • We can't forget to buy granulated sugar and baking powder. Um... What else do we need?
  • Ah! Marone and her rival are facing of! It looks like sparks are about to fly!

Stage 7: The Grand Competition Begins!

  • They announced the competition's starts~ ♪ Which means it's time for us to work together! Woo~!
  • I didn't know there was a time limit~! We've got to hurry!
  • Um... So I put in a teaspoon of this... Ah! I put in way too much!
  • Okay, we fixed that... Now we just bake them until they're perfect ♪ Ah~! They baked into funny shapes...
  • I wonder if it turned out okay? Last Marone's magic is going to make these cookies put a smile on your face ♪

Stage 8: The Kingdom's Best Is...

  • D-did we finish in time? Oh, good~ ♪
  • Marone's rival made a huge chocolate chip cookie! It looks like she challenged Marone with the same kind of food.
  • After the competition do you think we can eat the exhibits? I'm so hungry...
  • I think I'm more nervous than Marone is...
  • Hey, it's time for the final results! Marone looks really nervous.

Stage 9: To the Original World

  • The cookies we made were so popular. It was a great success ♪
  • Marone told me that I helped to make there cookies so great!
  • So much has happened during this competition, but it was super fun~! What did you think, [Owner]?
  • It's almost time to go? Whaa~t! No, no, no! I want to stay here and keep talking~ ...
  • ... Next time you're going to come visit us, Marone? ... Okay then, until next time!

Stage 10: This is Today's Snack!

  • Hm~ ... we're suddenly back at the library now, so that was a dream, right?
  • No, it really wasn't a dream... I'm so glad ♪ Marone said she'd come see us next time, right? Ehehe, I can't wait!
  • Huh? [Owner], isn't that the Chocolate Kingdom book you're holding?!
  • Ah! Look, look! It's open to a page with Marone's special chocolate cookies!
  • Okay, [Owner]! Let's make some chocolate cookies when we get back ♪

Fairy ParadeEdit


  • You're really into this, [Fairy]! Oka~y! I'm going to do my best to prepare for the parade~!
  • Tah~dah! What do you think about the parade costume? I think it is awesome! Yours looks cute too, [Fairy] ♪
  • Hey, hey~! [Fairy]! Let's practice dancing! It's going to be fun and you'll learn it right away~!
  • I recommend the merry-go-round! And the lights are so pretty that it's like a dream~!
  • [Fairy], what are you eating~? Whoa~! That looks so yummy! Where did you buy that? Tell me!

Stage 1: Let's Go! Amusement Park!

  • Yay! I got some amusement park tickets from Chief! ... Let's see... Huh, these are for a park called Candy Land.
  • But I've never heard of this Candy Land. Have you ever gone, [Owner]?
  • Hey, hey! This park is actually really close by! Let's go right now!
  • Chief Cocoa and everybody are going~! I can't wait to go to the park with everyone!
  • What should we ride first? I think the merry-go-round is good, but a screaming-fast roller coaster would be good too~ ♪

Stage 2: Sad Amusement Park

  • We're at Candy Land! Ehehe~ What should we ride first... Huh? Why is it so quiet?
  • Hey, do you think maybe the park isn't open? And we came all the way here, aw...
  • Why is an amusement park so quiet? Look, that rabbit and that bear looks so sad~ ...
  • But we can't give up! Let's find someone who works here! We are going to ride a roller coaster!
  • Hm! There seems to be a lost child sitting on that bench! ... She looks so sad... Let's go and talk to her!

Stage 3: The Reason Is...

  • Hello! Hey, what are you doing here? You look so sad... What's wrong?
  • Wow~ So you're the owner of this park~ ...huh?! Wait, so you're a big shot?! You're not a grade-schooler?!
  • Can I ask you something that's bothering me? Why is the park so quiet? We came here to play, but this is no fun!
  • So a new park opened up and everyone is going there instead... Wait, so if there's another park, maybe we should go there... I'm kidding~! I'm kidding~! Ahaha ♪
  • Listen, listen! I've got a great idea! This will fix absolutely everything! Eehe~!

Stage 4: Parade Planning ✰

  • That name is also part of this great parade plan! We'll walk through the town and come back to the park! Just like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. This is so great ♪
  • I've got good news~ ♪ The Agency is going to help! This is going to be amazing!
  • Silia is going to handle the parade cars! ...huh? [Owner], what's that anxious look for?
  • The parade is going to be important, but this is an amusement park! We need to focus on the attractions! We've got to fix up the merry-go-round and the roller coaster!
  • Okay! Let's hurry up and get ready for the parade! This sounds even more fun than riding the attractions!

Stage 5: Preparation Is Important

  • Okay, let's get to work on these costumes! Yuzu and Momoko are going to show us how!
  • Let's see how Momoko does this... Huwha~?! Her hands are so fast I can't see them! I blinked and the dress was done!
  • I'm not going to lose! Yuzu! Help me attach these lights~!
  • How is it? This design is all me! It's so cute~ ♪
  • Okay, I'm into this! At this rate we'll make costumes for everyone~! [Owner], you help too!

Stage 6: Out to the Street!

  • Tah-dah! What do you think? I made this! Isn't it cute?
  • Okay! Everything ready! Hey, let's put our costumes on!
  • Put on your costume, [Owner]. I made that one too! Isn't it great?!
  • I'm nervous about the parade, but I practiced so much that I'm sure it'll be fine!
  • Everybody is ready! Okay, let's start the parade!

Stage 7: Fantastic Parade

  • Hey, hey, the townspeople are gathering! We've got to do a great dance so they have a good time!
  • Get with the rhythm, 1-2-3! ...success! Ehehe, this was really fun ♪
  • Hey, hey, [Owner], that child is waving at us!
  • Now candy presents for everyone here! ...look, look! Everyone is so happy ♪
  • So many people came here ♪ Let's all go to Candy Land ♪

Stage 8: Illuminated Attraction

  • We did it! The parade was a big success! Now it's time for the crowd to enjoy the park!
  • Do you remember seeing the truck selling crepes? ...ah! I know! It was one of the ones in the parade!
  • Ah, it's the limited edition Candy Land caramel almond crepe! [Owner], let's eat one together ♪
  • Look, look, that child is holding a balloon that's sparkling on the inside! I want one of those!
  • Hey, hey! All the attractions are illuminated! They're so sparkly and cool! It's so pretty ♪

Stage 9: Great Success!

  • The sparkling attractions are so pretty! The illuminations make this look like a dreamworld!
  • Hey, hey! Let's ride something! That merry-go-round looks gorgeous and really fun~!
  • There are a lot more people here now! All that hardwork paid off! Our parade was a big success ♪
  • There are people saying how they want to come back here! I'm so glad that everyone is having so much fun!
  • Even the staff is really happy~! They said so many nice things to me! I'm a little embarrassed~

Stage 10: Congratulations All!

  • Woo~! We got a lot of people to come and now Candy Land is going to be all right! There are even long lines now~!
  • Ah~! It's the park owner! She's coming over here! And she looks really, really happy!
  • I'm so glad that you're happy~! Even I am feeling wonderful~ ♪
  • Hey, hey! Look, look~! I got a lifetime pass from the park owner! Now I can come here whenever I want ♪
  • Wow, this lifetime pass is amazing! What attractions should I ride next time~? Let's come again, [Owner]!

Museum of WondersEdit


  • A place this big is just asking to be run around ♪
  • You came here too, [Fairy]? Let's look around together~!
  • Someone broke a vase?... Mmm... it might have been me... hehe.
  • Don't worry, I'll catch that Phantom Thief Alice ♪
  • I wonder if there's any way they'll let me ride the T-Rex skeleton...

Stage 1: We've arrived

  • I had no idea there was a place like this on Fairy Street...
  • So this is the Museum of Wonder~♪ Stop staring and let's go, [Owner]~!
  • This museum is so big~! If we run out of things to see, we could play hide-and-seek in here!
  • We can't touch the exhibits? Hehe, I'm sure we can just a little ♪
  • Hey look, there's a silver-haired lady sneaking around over there... Is that Silia...?

Stage 2: Looking at the exhibitions

  • Uh-oh, it's falling!!
  • Hey hey, I wanna ride! I wanna ride the big dinosaur!!
  • The dinosaur, it's moving~!!... Impossible?... But, I just saw it... didn't I...?
  • Hey, [Owner], which do you think is prettier, the Goddess Statue or me? ♪
  • The blue stone is the famous Goddess Tear? Heheheh... with it, I could be the richest fairy in the world...!

Stage 3: Phantom Thief Alice...?!

  • Look, a crowd of people's gathering over there! What if it's something really fun?!
  • Did they say someone's after the Goddess Tear?!... A thief?! I-it's not me...!
  • It says she'll try to steal it at 8pm tonight... That's really soon...!... How exciting ♪
  • Hehehe, I think this Phantom Thief Alice is just a big attention seeker!
  • I won't let her lay a finger on my Goddess Tear!... It's not mine?... Oh yeah, it's not! Hehe ♪

Stage 4: Strategy meeting

  • W-what if she's already here... disguised as one of us...?!
  • No, I have to be brave! I'm gonna catch this phantom thief myself!... So please give me the Goddess Tear as thanks, okay? ♪
  • Pull this rope right... Hmm? What am I doing? Making a trap of course ♪ This'll catch that so-called thief for sure!
  • I think we should hide somewhere Alice will never find us... right?
  • All this waiting is boring. Can we go and patrol the museum?... It's too dangerous?... Aww...

Stage 5: Power cut...?!

  • Waaah?! A power outage?! It's all gone dark!
  • I can do anything I want in the dark like this! Pranks pranks pranks ♪
  • Hehe ♪ The perfect chance for a... hug!!
  • Is this the light switch? *click* Ahh, no!! No it's not!!
  • Hmm? Do you hear that? Do think the thief fell into my trap?!

Stage 6: The exhibits...?!

  • Aah! The Goddess Tear is gone!! I guess my trap was no good after all...
  • The dinosaur is gone too! That one was mine~!!
  • How dare she! She did this just to spite me... my lifelong rival, Phantom Thief Alice!
  • A vase got broken too?... That might have been me~! I'm sorry, hehe ♪
  • It is exactly 8 pm too... she was perfectly on time! That just makes it all the more annoying!

Stage 7: Discussion Time

  • I guess the dinosaur really did just walk away by itself, right?
  • Didn't I see someone doing something strange on the way in here? Who was it again...
  • *rumble* Ah... all this thinking has made me hungry, hehe~.
  • Tell me if you find something out of the ordinary, [Owner] ♪
  • The thief might have gotten away already... I have to chase after her!

Stage 8: The Phantom Thief appears!

  • See [Owner]! I told you the T-Rex could move!
  • Silia was the Phantom Thief after all?!
  • You made a lifebreathing potion Silia?! That's amazing! I want one too!
  • Hey, Silia~! I wanna ride the dinosaur too~! Lift me up ♪
  • Where's the Goddess Tear Silia?... You don't know?!

Stage 9: Find the Goddess Tear!

  • If I do find it, I'll be expecting some kind of reward y'know ♪
  • This is our chance to get a hold of some of Silia's potion ♪ We can give it to our toys at home ♪
  • There's no way it could have gotten outside, right? It must be in here somewhere, and I'm gonna be the one to find it!
  • If I were a Goddess Tear with newfound life where would I go... Hmm, I think I know...!
  • Hmm... Do you think it could be with the other Goddess exhibit...?

Stage 10: Got the Goddess Tear!

  • Ah, there it is! It was with the Goddess Statue after all! Just as I thought ♪ Hehe~.
  • The museum owner says the Goddess Tear and Goddess Statue used to be one exhibit! I guess they just wanted to be back together again!
  • I think I'd like to take the Goddess Tear for my reward... Hehe~, only joking!
  • Case closed ♪ I guess all that's left to do is take a ride on that T-Rex~!
  • We still have some time before the museum closed, [Owner]! Let's take another look around~ ♪