The title displayed on your page and visible to other Fairy Doll owners. The titles are earned by clearing the conditions.

Level Edit

Title Conditions
Apprentice Owner Initial title
Novice Owner Level 3
Fairy Doll Owner Level 10
Apprentice Master Level 30
Novice Master Level 40
Mainstay Master Level 50
Veteran Master Level 60
Usual Master Level 70
Final Weapon Master Level 80
End of the Century Master Level 90
Fairy Doll Master Level 100
Fairy Professor Level 150

Type Edit

Title Conditions
Beginner Love Changed Type into Beginner
Tomboy Love Changed Type into Tomboy
Cheeky Love Changed Type into Cheeky
Tsundere Love Changed Type into Tsundere
Crybaby Love Changed Type into Crybaby
Boyish Love Changed Type into Boyish
Cool Love Changed Type into Cool
Gentle Love Changed Type into Gentle
Sweet Love Changed Type into Sweet
Angel Love Changed Type into Angel
Demon Love Changed Type into Demon
Princess Love Changed Type into Princess
Warrior Love Changed Type into Warrior
Cosmo Love Changed Type into Cosmo
Yandere Love Changed Type into Yandere


Title Conditions
Search For Kindness Kindness 200
Mischievous Naughtiness 200
I'm so Modest Modesty 200
Paris Collection Wannabe Flamboyance 200
M Toughness 200
I want to Protect Her Bashfulness 200
Full of Energy Cheerfulness 200
Shy Girl Shyness 200
Search for Truth Curiosity 200
To the Point Frankness 200
Eternal Warmth Kindness 1000
Pure Mischief Naughtiness 1000
Maiden of Virtue Modesty 1000
Paris Collection Artist Flamboyance 1000
Super M Toughness 1000
I must protect her Bashfulness 1000
Smiling Committee Cheerfulness 1000
Can I hug her? Shyness 1000
Fairy Doll Research Team Curiosity 1000
Looking only at you Frankness 1000


Title Conditions
Read through Karume's Scenario
Read through Julia's Scenario
Read through Karume/Julia Scenario
Read through Mika's Scenario
Read through Anko's Scenario
Read through Silia's Scenario
Read through Anko/Mika/Silia Scenario
Read through Yuzu's Scenario
Read through Momoko's Scenario
Read through Yuzu/Momoko Scenario
Read through Robin's Scenario
Read through Chief's Scenario
Read through Robin/Chief Scenario
Fairy Model Rank 1
Fairy Model Rank 2~5
Fairy Model Rank 6~15


Title Conditions
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