TWS outfit

Bonus SetEdit

TWS bonus

Image Item Type # Plays
TWS Black Tiger Striped Ears
TWS Black Tiger Striped Ears preview
Black Tiger Striped EarsHead Acc30
TWS Fighting Spirit Aura
TWS Fighting Spirit Aura preview
Fighting Spirit AuraBack Acc45
TWS Leopard Girl
TWS Leopard Girl preview
Leopard GirlClothes60

1st Prize (5★ Outfits)Edit

Image Item Type
TWS Tanuki Hairband
TWS Tanuki Hairband preview
Tanuki HairbandHead Acc
TWS Tanutanu Waitress
TWS Tanutanu Waitress preview
Tanutanu WaitressClothes
TWS Tanuki Tail
TWS Tanuki Tail preview
Tanuki TailBack Acc

2nd Prize (4★ Outfits)Edit

Cat Ear Piercing
TWS Cat Ear Piercing brown
TWS Cat Ear Piercing black
TWS Cat Ear Piercing white
TWS Cat Ear Piercing gray
color brown black white gray
Agility Cat
TWS Agility Cat green
TWS Agility Cat red
TWS Agility Cat blue
TWS Agility Cat purple
color green red blue purple
Mountain Peak Flower Garden
TWS Mountain Peak Flower Garden Morning
TWS Mountain Peak Flower Garden purple
TWS Mountain Peak Flower Garden Night
TWS Mountain Peak Flower Garden Evening
color Morning purple Night Evening

3rd Prize (3★ Outfits)Edit

Fluffy Lamb Cap
TWS Fluffy Lamb Cap yellow
TWS Fluffy Lamb Cap black
TWS Fluffy Lamb Cap white
TWS Fluffy Lamb Cap brown
TWS Azure Wolf Ears
TWS Azure Wolf Ears preview
color yellow black white brown (synthesis)
Cotton Mary
TWS Cotton Mary red
TWS Cotton Mary blue
TWS Cotton Mary green
TWS Cotton Mary yellow
TWS Blue Wolf of Ice and Snow
TWS Blue Wolf of Ice and Snow preview
color red blue green yellow (synthesis)
Fake Wolf Shadow
TWS Fake Wolf Shadow red
TWS Fake Wolf Shadow black
TWS Fake Wolf Shadow green
TWS Fake Wolf Shadow yellow
TWS Guardian Fairy
TWS Guardian Fairy preview
color red black green yellow (synthesis)

4th Prize (2★ Outfits)Edit

Asymmetrical Bent Dog Ears
TWS Asymmetrical Bent Dog Ears brown
TWS Asymmetrical Bent Dog Ears red
TWS Asymmetrical Bent Dog Ears yellow
TWS Asymmetrical Bent Dog Ears black
TWS Asymmetrical Bent Dog Ears white
color brown red yellow black white
Carrot Rabbit Ears
TWS Carrot Rabbit Ears red
TWS Carrot Rabbit Ears blue
TWS Carrot Rabbit Ears black
TWS Carrot Rabbit Ears brown
TWS Carrot Rabbit Ears yellow
color red blue black brown yellow
Naughty Boy
TWS Naughty Boy aqua
TWS Naughty Boy blue
TWS Naughty Boy red
TWS Naughty Boy green
TWS Naughty Boy black
color aqua blue red green black
Rabbit Maid
TWS Rabbit Maid pink
TWS Rabbit Maid blue
TWS Rabbit Maid black
TWS Rabbit Maid brown
TWS Rabbit Maid green
color pink blue black brown green

5th Prize (items)Edit

The following items can also be received from a Raffle play:

Time Pencil 5Time Pencil 10Time Pencil 30CandyMarshmallow

Shepherd's PurseTulipGreen MistMary's Little LambPep Squad Cat
Jewel Gacha TicketDrop Gacha Ticket

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