What is Synthesis?Edit

Synthesis is the process of fusing items into one base synthesis outfit to create a new outfit. The only outfits capable of being used as a Synthesis Base are 3★ outfits - those with a blue background. However, any outfits can be fused into a Synthesis Base to gain "CP." Once the Base is successfully synthesized, it turns into a special Synthesized item denoted by a purple background. Such outfits can only be obtained through Synthesis.

Synthesis is done by setting a Base, then fusing enough outfits to get the CP necessary to transform the outfit into its new form. You get more CP if the Synthesis Base and the items being fused are the same type of outfit slot. Each item being fused costs jewels and outfits used for CP disappear and cannot be recovered.


  1. Fairy Doll occasionally hosts half-price Synthesis events, so it may be worthwhile to wait until then to save some jewels!
  2. When possible, try to fuse items of the same item type as the Synthesis Base to gain more CP - this lets you transform the Base with fewer items, costing you fewer jewels!
  3. There is usually only one Synthesis result, even if there are multiple recolors of the base.

Synthesis ItemsEdit

For details on 3★ items and their Synthesized counterparts, see:

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