Sweets Gacha
March 19, 2015
March 28, 2015


Each day, three separate items are available in the gacha at the same rate. From night on the 25th to the 28th, all items that had been available throughout the week are available at once.


3/19 23:00 to 3/20 22:59 (PDT): Head Accessory Series, 400DP per play
3/20 23:00 to 3/21 22:59 (PDT): Accessory Series, 400DP per play
3/21 23:00 to 3/22 22:59 (PDT): Clothes Series, 600DP per play
3/22 23:00 to 3/23 22:59 (PDT): Head Accessory Series v2, 400DP per play
3/23 23:00 to 3/24 22:59 (PDT): Accessory Series v2, 400DP per play
3/24 23:00 to 3/25 22:59 (PDT): Clothes Series v2, 600DP per play
3/25 23:00 to 3/28 22:59 (PDT): All Limited Gacha Items, 500DP per play



There are three bonus items you can obtain based on the number of plays you do. It does not matter which day you do your plays on.
Image Name #plays
SG Valentine-StyleRedSofa
Valentine-Style Red Sofa2
SG ChessboardFloorcookie
Chessboard Floor cookie4
SG LovelyHeartBackgroundGraduatedpink
Lovely Heart Background Graduated pink6

All 5★ ItemsEdit

Image Item Type
SG WhiteGemandBeanSyrupHairpiece
White Gem and Bean Syrup HairpieceHead Acc.
SG PeachPinkCandyBeret
Peach Pink Candy BeretHead Acc.
SG SweetCookieHat
Sweet Cookie HatHead Acc.
SG EasternSweetsFrame
Eastern Sweets FrameAcc.
SG FancyJellyBeans
Fancy Jelly BeansAcc.
SG BrownCookieBackground
Brown Cookie BackgroundAcc.
SG ElegantUjiHoneyKomachi
Elegant Uji Honey KomachiClothes
SG CandyRibbonGirl
Candy Ribbon GirlClothes
SG PixieTeaTime
Pixie Tea TimeClothes
SG BerryTartHat
Berry Tart HatHead Acc.
SG Choco-MintRibbon
Choco-Mint RibbonHead Acc.
SG BitterChocolateHat
Bitter Chocolate HatHead Acc.
SG LovelyPastryFrame
Lovely Pastry FrameAcc.
SG SweetChocolateMint
Sweet Chocolate MintAcc.
SG BrownieChocolateCurtains
Brownie Chocolate CurtainsAcc.
SG LoveStrawberryMillefeuilleDoll
Love Strawberry Millefeuille DollClothes
SG ChocolateMintPrincess
Chocolate Mint PrincessClothes
SG GirlyChocolateFountain
Girly Chocolate FountainClothes