To see dialogue from different Personality Types, visit their individual pages! This page contains Summer Festival event dialogue for our lovable NPCs!


Robin SF

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's go to the festival! Summer festival~ ♪ Yay yay yay~ ♪ Come on, let's go~!!
2Leo Shrine!Ahh... there's so many people here!! I have to be careful not tp get--- Hmm?! Ch-Chief?! Where are you~?!
3Food stands! There's no cherry pie this time... but it's okay! This strawberry candy is delicious~ ♪
4Goldfish scooping! All the little goldfishies swimming around so fast~ ♪ They're so cute~!!
5Shooting gallery Hya~!! It's so loud... Ahh, that's the teddy bear the Chief wanted!! I have to try to get it!!
6Dinner time! *nom nom* I love corn dogs~ ♪ Especially the outer part! Spongy, crispy, sweet~ ♪
7Watch the omikoshi! Wasshoi-wasshoi~! Hmm...? They're pulling me into the dance!! Chief, help me~!!
8Katanuki! Mmm... this is my eleventh try... I'm not very good at katanuki...
9Raffle time! Step up and try the raffle, please~ ♪ My special prize is this beautiful beaded vase~ ♪
10Fireworks show! The fireworks are so pretty... like giant sunflowers ♪ I can't wait for next year's festival already!!


Julia SF

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's go to the festival! So the summer festival is finally here. We have a lot of work to do setting up the stand, so I suppose I'd better go early.
2Leo Shrine! Phew... It certainly is a hot summer day today... I think i should find some shade, and quick.
3Food stands! Huhu, there's nothing better than shaved ice on a day like today. *mo, nom* Ahh... brain freeze... all part of the fun... ♪
4Goldfish scooping! ...Ah, I got one! That's another fish down ♪ Tips? All you need to do is keep your scoop flat against the surface of the water.
5Shooting gallery A piggy bank... But if I shoot it off, won't it break? Is it even light enough to knock down?
6Dinner time! Hmm... do you have any recommendations? I don't really eat these foods very often... Okonomiyaki? Okay, I'll take one.
7Watch the omikoshi! Everyone's dancing so well... Hmm? who's that up on someone's shoulders? Is it... Robin?
8Katanuki! It seems like that mask is a prize for the best katanuki, but... I'm not sure it's...I mean... I don't think I'd exactly want it...
9Raffle time! Come on, come and join the raffle everyone. You all look so very very... lucky, to me... huhuhu.
10Fireworks show! They call that firework Niagara, apparently. It's supposed to be quite gorgeous indeed ♪


Karume SF

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's go to the festival! Alright, summer festival!! Hmm, what do I wear, what do I wear... It's gotta be a yukata ♪
2Leo Shrine!We're here~!! Ahh, I love the smell of festivities ♪
3Food stands!
4Goldfish scooping! Calm... still... wait... and strike!! Ack, missed again!! This is really heard...
5Shooting gallery
6Dinner time! *nom nom* Why? *nom nom* Somebody tell me why food-stand yakisoba tastes so, so good? *nom nom*
7Watch the omikoshi!
8Katanuki! *bzzt bzzt* Ack!! It broke again!! I can't do this katanuki at all!!
9Raffle time! Come one come all, step right up to Karume's Wonderful Raffle of Amazement~ ♪
10Fireworks show! BOOM!! POW!! KABLAM!!... What do you mean you can hear just fine?! I'm just adding my own sound effects!


Mika SF

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's go to the festival! Meow, meow. Today's the summer festival, is it, meow? Hmm... I think I overslept, meow... *yawn*...
2Leo Shrine!It's time I started helping prepare the raffle, meow. Be careful not to get lost in the crowds, meow.
3Food stands!
4Goldfish scooping! Meow!... Meow!!... Pretty little goldfish, meow... come to me, meow...
5Shooting gallery *pow pow pow* I won the candy, meow? Hmm, here, you guys take it, meow.
6Dinner time! The Chief said if I work hard, she'll buy me some yakitori, meow... So I have to work hard, meow!
7Watch the omikoshi! Meow meow? Was that... Robin I just saw, meow? What was she doing all the way up there, meow...?
8Katanuki! Meow meow... Hmm? It broke, meow... This katanuki is really hard, meow...
9Raffle time! Come up and play the raffle, meow! You won't win unless you try, meow!
10Fireworks show! It feels like summer itself is over, meow... I can't wait for next year's festival, meow ♪

Cocoa ChiefEdit

Chief SF

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Let's go to the festival! The Leo shrine Summer Festival starts today. I wonder if I should wear a yukata...
2Leo Shrine!
3Food stands!
4Goldfish scooping!
5Shooting gallery A shooting gallery... I wonder what the prizes are... Wow, that teddy bear is so--- Ahem, hmm? No, nothing.
6Dinner time! I got some delicious corn-on-the-cob. There's no better festival food, right?
7Watch the omikoshi!
9Raffle time!
10Fireworks show!