Strange Strength big banner
Finally, the long-awaited release from gaming giant Fairysoft is here! Strange Strength! Our setting is a metropolis of super powers, known as the Central Cities. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to help the government's Kami Agency bring down the evil organization, SJK. Grab your gear and jump into the digital world of Strange Strength♪


  • PDT: 4/29 02:00 - 5/19 23:00
  • EDT: 4/30 05:00 - 5/20 02:00
  • UTC: 4/30 09:00 - 5/20 06:00

Midway Ranking RewardsEdit

SS midway
Ranking Item Item Item
SS Dreamy Rocking Horse Girl
SS Dreaming Rocking Horse Girl preview
SS Slow Moving Pendulum
SS Slow Moving Pendulum preview
SS Dream Smoke
SS Dream Smoke preview
SS Mage's Attendants
SS Mage's Attendants preview
SS The Spirit of Payback
SS The Spirit of Payback preview
Raffle Ticket

Total Ranking RewardsEdit

SS total
Ranking Item Item Item
SS Master of the Four Elements
SS Master of the Four Elements preview
SS Spirit of the Four Elements
SS Spirit of the Four Elements preview
SS Triple Bird Beast
SS Triple Bird Beast preview
SS Extraordinary Magical Girl
SS Extraordinary Magical Girl preview
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Raffle Ticket


Tie-Up Bonus
SS Player of Time
SS Player of Time preview
released 1st half, 3x fp
SS Wandering Puppeteer
SS Wandering Puppeteer preview
released 2nd half, 5x fp
SS Superpower Academy City Night
SS Superpower Academy City Night preview
bonus fairy gacha play background

Stage RewardsEdit

SS stage progress
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 50
Raffle Ticket
Stage 60
SS Birdcage World Helpers
SS Birdcage World Helpers preview
Stage 70
Closet Expansion 5
Stage 80
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Stage 90
SS Electronic World Frame
SS Electronic World Frame preview
Stage 100
SS Electronic Birdcage Dress
SS Electronic Birdcage Dress preview

Early ClearEdit

SS earlyclear
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 7
Stage 15
Stage 20
Raffle Ticket
Stage 25
Stage 30
Stage 35
Closet Expansion 5
Stage 40
Raffle Ticket
Stage 45
SS Superpower Academy City Morning
SS Superpower Academy City Morning preview

Event GachaEdit

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SS gacha banner

Event DialogueEdit

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SS play banner

Mika SaysEdit

About the event:

We've been invited to test Fairysoft's new game, Strange Strength, meow. Apparently it's about a modern metropolis where amazing powers are part of daily life, meow. Players have to stop the evil schemings of SJK, a secret underground company, meow! It's an extremely important task, so do your best and save the world, meow♪

If you ask Mika whether she will be playing Strange Strength too, she'll tell you this:

Of course, I'll be the commander of the government's secret Kami Agency, meow. Don't worry, that means I'm on your side! The Kami Agency is leading the fight against SJK, meow. It does mean I'm also chief editor of our newspaper front company, meow~.
Ah, I almost forgot. I'm not the only Fairy Agency Member appearing in Strange Strength, meow! I'll be an NPC, but the others will appear as mere copy programs, meow. They'll also be playing the game too of course, so don't freak out if you see two or more Silias walking around, meow. What will they be doing in-game, you ask? Well, you'll have to go meet them and find out, meow♪