The different shops allows you buy items and clothes or change your Fairy Doll's appearance in exchange for Jewels and DP.


  • Hair and Eyes bought with DP in the Style Shop can be bought again in the Beauty Salon by using jewels.
  • Hair and Eyes bought with DP are usable on the fairy they were bought for only. "Premium" hairstyles (which function like wigs, and are currently not available) are usable on any fairy.
  • Hair and eye colors bought with DP will not be re-purchasable with jewels. You will need to buy the color again with DP or a Ticket.

Shop ListEdit

Name Description
Item Shop Usable items. Jewel and DP options.
Beauty Salon (Hairstyles) Hair customization. Jewel and DP options.
Beauty Salon (Eye Shapes) Eye customization. Jewel and DP options.
Magic Palette Hair, Eyes, and Skin color customization. Jewel, Free Ticket, and DP options.
Style Shop More Hair and Eye customization. DP only.
Select Shop Clothes and Backgrounds. Jewel and DP options.
Furniture Shop Clothes and Background that can be combined. Jewel and DP options.
Premium Shop Unknown. Implemented in Future Update.
Beginner Shop Items available for 7 days at a discounted price

Effect GachaEdit

Effect Gacha minibanner

  • Accessible from the Shops. There is no strict time limit to play it.

Limited Period Shop ListEdit

Beginner Shop

  • Available for 6 Days [144Hours] after Registration.


  • Occasionally pops up offering limited items.