This page documents the various Synthesis outfits obtained from Raffle 3★ items. (Mouse-over images for item names.)

Idol on Stage SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadIoS Sealing Wax Casual Hat blackIoS Sealing Wax Casual Hat purpleIoS Sealing Wax Casual Hat blueIoS Sealing Wax Casual Hat white
IoS Mini Shine Stage Hat
IoS Mini Shine Stage Hat preview
OutfitIoS Boyish Off-Style greenIoS Boyish Off-Style blackIoS Boyish Off-Style blueIoS Boyish Off-Style white
IoS Idol Pose
IoS Idol Pose preview
AccessoryIoS Goldy pochiIoS Goldy blackIoS Goldy brownIoS Goldy white
IoS Shining Stage Set
IoS Shining Stage Set preview

Tanutanu Waitress SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadTWS Fluffy Lamb Cap yellowTWS Fluffy Lamb Cap blackTWS Fluffy Lamb Cap whiteTWS Fluffy Lamb Cap brown
TWS Azure Wolf Ears
TWS Azure Wolf Ears preview
OutfitTWS Cotton Mary redTWS Cotton Mary blueTWS Cotton Mary greenTWS Cotton Mary yellow
TWS Blue Wolf of Ice and Snow
TWS Blue Wolf of Ice and Snow preview
AccessoryTWS Fake Wolf Shadow redTWS Fake Wolf Shadow blackTWS Fake Wolf Shadow greenTWS Fake Wolf Shadow yellow
TWS Guardian Fairy
TWS Guardian Fairy preview

Lonely Doll SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadLDS Duck Clasp blueLDS Duck Clasp purpleLDS Duck Clasp redLDS Duck Clasp green
LDS Swan Feather Ornament
LDS Swan Feather Ornament preview
OutfitLDS Happy Duck Dress whiteLDS Happy Duck Dress pinkLDS Happy Duck Dress yellowLDS Happy Duck Dress black
LDS Swan Long Dress
LDS Swan Long Dress preview
AccessoryLDS Ducks in a Row whiteLDS Ducks in a Row pinkLDS Ducks in a Row yellowLDS Ducks in a Row black
LDS Two Swans
LDS Two Swans preview

Frilly Mint Dress SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFMD Lace Ribbon Hairband blackFMD Lace Ribbon Hairband greenFMD Lace Ribbon Hairband sky blueFMD Lace Ribbon Hairband white
FMD Protector's Holy Leaf Ornament
FMD Protector's Holy Leaf Ornament preview
OutfitFMD Vintage Lace Dress redFMD Vintage Lace Dress greenFMD Vintage Lace Dress blueFMD Vintage Lace Dress black
FMD Keeper of the Divine Tree
FMD Keeper of the Divine Tree preview
AccessoryFMD Half Circle Plant type1FMD Half Circle Plant type2FMD Half Circle Plant type3FMD Half Circle Plant type4
FMD Holy Wind
FMD Holy Wind preview

Fantastical Chima Jeogori SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFCJ Baiana Turban redFCJ Baiana Turban sky blueFCJ Baiana Turban purpleFCJ Baiana Turban yellow
FCJ Moravian Flower Hat
FCJ Moravian Flower Hat preview
OutfitFCJ Flower Baiana Dress redFCJ Flower Baiana Dress blueFCJ Flower Baiana Dress purpleFCJ Flower Baiana Dress yellow
FCJ Moravian Skirt
FCJ Moravian Skirt preview
AccessoryFCJ Cuica x Agogo Bell type1FCJ Cuica x Agogo Bell type2FCJ Cuica x Agogo Bell type3FCJ Cuica x Agogo Bell type4

Neon Art Short Dress SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadNASD Simple Headphones purpleNASD Simple Headphones greenNASD Simple Headphones yellowNASD Simple Headphones pink
NASD Slightly Bent Droopy Ears
NASD Slightly Bent Droopy Ears preview
OutfitNASD Boys Sailor purpleNASD Boys Sailor greenNASD Boys Sailor yellowNASD Boys Sailor pink
NASD Pop Zipper Parka
NASD Pop Zipper Parka preview
AccessoryNASD Spring Butterfly blueNASD Spring Butterfly greenNASD Spring Butterfly yellowNASD Spring Butterfly pink
NASD Short Fur Tail
NASD Short Fur Tail preview

Planet Invader SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadPIS Captain's Cap aqua bluePIS Captain's Cap light greenPIS Captain's Cap rosePIS Captain's Cap red
PIS Future Goggles
PIS Future Goggles preview
OutfitPIS Spaceship Captain aqua bluePIS Spaceship Captain light greenPIS Spaceship Captain rosePIS Spaceship Captain red
"PIS Space Mad Scientist
PIS Space Mad Scientist preview
AccessoryPIS Space Ship type1PIS Space Ship type2PIS Space Ship type3PIS Space Ship type4
PIS Black Hole
PIS Black Hole preview

Colorful Buttons with Pink Frills SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadCBPF Clown's Hat redCBPF Clown's Hat purpleCBPF Clown's Hat pinkCBPF Clown's Hat blue
CBPF Rainbow Bird Crown
CBPF Rainbow Bird Crown preview
OutfitCBPF Clown Girl redCBPF Clown Girl purpleCBPF Clown Girl pinkCBPF Clown Girl blue
CBPF Cute Circus Queen
CBPF Cute Circus Queen preview
AccessoryCBPF Rabbit from a Hat Magic Trick blackCBPF Rabbit from a Hat Magic Trick purpleCBPF Rabbit from a Hat Magic Trick pinkCBPF Rabbit from a Hat Magic Trick blue
CBPF Magical Puppets
CBPF Magical Puppets preview

Chess Noble Queen SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadCNQ Gentle Hat Type 1CNQ Gentle Hat Type 2CNQ Gentle Hat Type 3CNQ Gentle Hat Type 4
CNQ Gothic Veiled Hat
CNQ Gothic Veiled Hat preview
OutfitCNQ Chess Gentleman Type 1CNQ Chess Gentleman Type 2CNQ Chess Gentleman Type 3CNQ Chess Gentleman Type 4
CNQ Gothic Madame
CNQ Gothic Madame preview
AccessoryCNQ Wstern-Style Streetlights whiteCNQ Wstern-Style Streetlights blackCNQ Wstern-Style Streetlights blueCNQ Wstern-Style Streetlights green
CNQ Chess Table
CNQ Chess Table preview

Grass Green Mini 12-Layered Ceremonial Kimono SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadGGM Feng Shui Lacquered Hat redGGM Feng Shui Lacquered Hat blueGGM Feng Shui Lacquered Hat yellowGGM Feng Shui Lacquered Hat green
GGM Little Demon Horns
GGM Little Demon Horns preview
OutfitGGM Feng Shui Master Hakama red & whiteGGM Feng Shui Master Hakama blue & whiteGGM Feng Shui Master Hakama yellow & blackGGM Feng Shui Master Hakama green & white
GGM Sweet Devil Girl
GGM Sweet Devil Girl preview
AccessoryGGM Holy Magic Seal redGGM Holy Magic Seal blueGGM Holy Magic Seal yellowGGM Holy Magic Seal green
GGM Dark Familiar Spirit
GGM Dark Familiar Spirit preview

Forest Flute Player SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFFP Pearl Lily Hairpiece whiteFFP Pearl Lily Hairpiece sky blueFFP Pearl Lily Hairpiece yellowFFP Pearl Lily Hairpiece pink
FFP Gothic Ribbon Barrette
FFP Gothic Ribbon Barrette preview
OutfitFFP Lilly of the Valley Fairy pinkFFP Lilly of the Valley Fairy sky blueFFP Lilly of the Valley Fairy yellowFFP Lilly of the Valley Fairy white
FFP Gothic Hresvelgr
FFP Gothic Hresvelgr preview
AccessoryFFP Old Well and Flowers type1FFP Old Well and Flowers type2FFP Old Well and Flowers type3FFP Old Well and Flowers type4
FFP Magic Hourglass
FFP Magic Hourglass preview

Royal Dealer SetEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadRDS Ribbon Hairband Accent yellowRDS Ribbon Hairband Accent pinkRDS Ribbon Hairband Accent blueRDS Ribbon Hairband Accent green
RDS Natural Wood Crown
RDS Natural Wood Crown preview
OutfitRDS School Parka yellowRDS School Parka pinkRDS School Parka blueRDS School Parka brown
RDS Blossom Dryad
RDS Blossom Dryad preview
AccessoryRDS Cat Tower naturalRDS Cat Tower blackRDS Cat Tower greyRDS Cat Tower white
RDS Between the Dancing Dandelions
RDS Between the Dancing Dandelions preview