Job Time2hr 50min
Dialogue Preview
{Line: 1} Hmm, did you call me?
{Line: 2} I'm good.
{Line: 3} Hmm... snacks? Come over, come over.
{Line: 4} Don't look at me so much, I feel bashful.
{Line: 5} [Owner], will you show me your smile?
Modesty 200
Curiosity 300

Hope Change OutfitEdit

Item Position Hope Change
HC Red Plum Braided Hairband
HC Red Plum Braided Hairband preview
Head ★★ Hope Change
HC Golden Princess Cotton Print
HC Golden Princess Cotton Print preview
Back ★★★ Hope Change
HC Kaguya 12-Layer Kimono
HC Kaguya 12-Layer Kimono preview
Clothes ★★★★ Hope Change

Dialogue Edit


  • ..... I've pushed the door marked "pull" again. These human doors take getting used to...
  • Don't be bashful, come closer.
  • [Owner], today we're having a different menu. I've really gone all out to cook this. Tell me what you think, and I can improve next time!
  • No need to worry, if you're out, just leave it up to me.
  • W, what?... Don't look at me so much, it's embarrassing.
  • The human world is also a nice place...... Ho, ho, ho.
  • Lots of fairies have found bodies to inhabit, and many now live in the human world. I wonder if it's possible to return to how it was in the past... Little by little...
  • This TV thing is so mysterious. It shows all types of pictures. It's a new form of recording things... We're no longer limited to pictures and characters.
  • Hmm... Hmm hmm...... What? I was just looking through the dictionary. There are so many interesting words, and learning the meaning and origins is so much fun.
  • There are many questions without answers in the world. But I think it's sometimes better that the answers aren't revealed... This is so deep!
  • What's up, [Owner]? What, what if I suddenly disappear somewhere...? No, I'm going nowhere. I'm happy here.
  • You're always on the computer, what are you looking up... What are you so flustered about?
  • Hmm... I want to see a mountain covered by autumnal leaves. Would you take me to one, [Owner]?"
  • We have to gather the fallen leaves... It looks like it will be quite an effort to gather them all in one place. [Owner], could you help me?... Oh, thank you, I knew I could count on you. Why don't we start right away then.
  • As they say, "the horses fatten and the skies are clear"... I could watch the sky all day like this... Ha, this is not good, I guess I'm sort of out of it after the long summer break.
  • [Owner], why don't we walk outside? With this good weather, something nice is bound to happen.

Condition/Mood Boosting Options Edit

  • [Fairy] is peering into the refrigerator.
    • [Let's splurge and eat out today.] You suggest splurging a little and eating out.
      [Fairy]: "Ha ha ha, I'm looking forward to it."
      • [Go for a luxurious French lunch (Pay 150 jewels)] You go for a luxurious French lunch.
        [Fairy]: "I think this is a bit too high class for me, isn't it?"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better. 150Jewels decreased.
      • [Settle for a normal chain restaurant] You settle for a normal chain restaurant.
        [Fairy]: "Wow, they have a comprehensive Japanese-style menu."
        [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
    • [It's a waste of money, so let's get something at the convenience store.] You think it's a waste of money, so you suggest getting something at the convenience store.
      [Fairy]: "I think cooking yourself would save even more money..."
      [Fairy] is a bit shocked...? [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • [Fairy] is sitting Japanese style, and looking in this direction.
    • [Don't you want to go to the aquarium?] You ask her if she wants to go to the aquarium.
      [Fairy]: "Ha ha ha, I am looking forward to it."
      • [Schools of fish are so mysterious] You comment that schools of fish are so mysterious.
        [Fairy]: "How do they swim without bumping into each other?"
        [Fairy] likes you.
      • [That person is beautiful] You comment that that person is so beautiful.
        [Fairy]: "Come on, you shouldn't say that in the presence of a lady!"
        [Fairy] was left with a bad impression. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Show her an ammonite reference book.] You show her an ammonite reference book.
      [Fairy]: "This picture book.... It only contains information on ammonites?"
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
  • [Fairy] is sitting Japanese style, and looking in this direction.
    • [It's so nice out today! Let's go to the zoo.] Perfect weather! Let's go to the zoo today!
      [Fairy]: "Ha ha ha, has so much energy!"
      • [Hippos really are big] Hippopotamuses are so big!
        [Fairy]: "They are so agile considering how they look."
        [Fairy] likes you.
      • [Yeah, the zoo is a little hot] Yeah, it is a bit hot at the zoo today.
        [Fairy]: "Yeah, it is... why don't we take a little rest?"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
    • [Hand over a stuffed animal.] Handed over a stuffed animal.
      [Fairy]: "...what should I do with this?"
      [Fairy] is a bit shocked...? [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • [Fairy] is sitting Japanese style, and looking in this direction.
    • [It's a perfect time for karaoke!] You declared that it's the perfect time for karaoke!
      [Fairy]: "Hmmm... you're so full of energy."
      • [Jump in] You jumped in.
        [Fairy]: "Hmm, I feel a bit bashful."
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [Join during the chorus] You joined during the chorus.
        [Fairy]: "Do you want to sing along?"
        [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
    • [I'm tired. Let's just stay home and relax] You're tired. So you suggest just staying home and relaxing.
      [Fairy]: "Well, if you're tired, there's nothing one can do about that."
      [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • [Fairy] brought a game controller.
    • [Play nice together] You play nice together.
      [Fairy]: "Let's do our best together."
      • [I cleared the whole stage] You cleared the whole stage.
        [Fairy]: "Wow, you are amazing..."
        [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [Almost did it...] You almost did it...
        [Fairy]: "Sorry for dragging you down..."
        [Fairy is a bit shocked...? [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Have a closely heated battle] You have a closely heated battle.
      [Fairy]: "Hmm, did I improve... At least a bit?"
      [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
  • [Fairy] is sitting Japanese style and looking this way.
    • [Go to the park together] You decided to take her to the park.
      [Fairy]: "Hmm... Let's take it easy."
      • [Ride the seesaw together] You rode the seesaw together.
        [Fairy]: "Come on, don't do it too vigorously."
        [Fairy] is a bit shocked...? [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
      • [Climb the jungle gym] You decided to have her climb the jungle gym.
        [Fairy]: "The view from on top is really nice!"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
    • [Hang around your room] You decided to just hang around your room.
      [Fairy]: "Oh, there's dust on my clothes. We must clean up better."
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • [Fairy] is sitting Japanese style, and looking in this direction.
    • [Shopping at the Fairy Shop] You go shopping at the Fairy Shop.
      [Fairy]: "Ha ha ha, I'm looking forward to it."
      • [These clothes look like they would suit you] You'll look good in this Japanese outfit!
        [Fairy]: "Well, now I'm feeling bashful."
        [Fairy] likes you.
      • [Ah! I forgot my wallet] Shoot. I forgot my purse.
        [Fairy]: "Well then, shall we go back to get it?"
        [Fairy] is a bit shocked...? [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
    • [Watch the Fairy Collection Show] You watch the Fairy Collection show.
      [Fairy]: "That's an amazingly luxurious dress... but do you have anywhere to wear it to?"
      [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • Decided to go to a movie that [Fairy] was interested in.
    • [Buy some popcorn and watch the movie] You decided to buy some popcorn and watch the movie.
      [Fairy]: "Hey, thanks for thinking of me!"
      • [I couldn't stop eating snacks throughout the whole movie] You couldn't stop eating snacks throughout the whole movie.
        [Fairy]: "We have to be careful not to make too much sound."
        [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
      • [That movie was kind of boring] You thought that movie was kind of boring.
        [Fairy]: "Hey, there are other people around... Don't say too many bad things!"
        [Fairy] is a bit shocked...? [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Buy some juice and watch the movie] You decided to buy some juice and watch the movie.
      [Fairy]: "Now we can watch the movie without worrying about being thirsty."
      [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
  • [Fairy] is sitting Japanese style, and looking in this direction.
    • [Let's go as crazy as we can at the amusement park] You suggest going as crazy as you can at the amusement park.
      [Fairy]: "Hmm... don't horse around too much... OK?"
      • [Let's ride the Ferris wheel] You suggest riding the Ferris wheel.
        [Fairy]: "I sort of... feel bashful..."
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [The waiting time is so long] You comment that the waiting time is too long.
        [Fairy]: "Ha ha ha, waiting is also one of the enjoyments."
        [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
    • [Let's spend the day sightseeing] You suggest spending the day sightseeing.
      [Fairy]: "Owwwww.... I have a cramp in my leg!"
      [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • [Fairy] is sitting Japanese style, and looking in this direction.
    • [Go to the library!] You decide to go to the library.
      [Fairy]: "I'm really looking forward to going out with you!"
      • [Research about the fairy world.] You research about the fairy world.
        [Fairy]: "You're interested in the fairy world... Can you teach me about the human world later?"
        [Fairy] likes you. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [Sleep] You sleep.
        [Fairy]: "Come on, you shouldn't sleep in such a place!"
        [Fairy] is a bit shocked...?
    • [Ask Mr. D!] Ask Mr. D!
      [Fairy]: "They were twins... right?"
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.

Hope Change Scenario 2★Edit

  • [Fairy] wants to cook together.
    • [Make curry] You make curry.
      [Fairy]: "It's important to go back to basics once in a while."
      • [Use lots of spices] You use lots of spices.
        [Fairy]: "Come on, be careful, if you put in so much, we won't be able to eat it any more!"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
      • [Use honey and chocolate] You use honey and chocolate.
        [Fairy]: "So it leads to a deeper flavor... Cooking is so profound!"
        [Fairy] likes you.
    • [Make gratin] You make gratin.
      [Fairy]: "Hmmm, so that secret touch makes it all the more delicious... That's really interesting."
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
  • [Fairy] is gazing at the sound system.
    • [Play some pop music] You play some pop music.
      [Fairy]: "Oh, I know this one too. It goes with a dance like this..♪"
      • [Play some techno pop music] You play some techno pop music.
        [Fairy]: "What a unique rhythm. This is so intriguing."
        [Fairy] likes you.
      • [Play some rock music] You play some rock music.
        [Fairy]: "I feel invigorated already... Is this the power of music?"
        [Fairy] likes you.
    • [Play some classical music] You play some classical music.
      [Fairy]: "This melody sounds like it is telling a history. I can almost close my eyes and see the scenery."
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.

Hope Change Scenario 3★Edit

Hope Change Scenario 4★Edit


  • A fine article. Where did you obtain it?
  • You look marvelous! I must learn from you.
  • I have much yet to learn about the Human World...
  • If there is anything you might need, let me lend an ear.
  • Can I call on you again?
  • The Human World is rife with oddities. Would you not agree?
  • [Fairy], what do you call your owner?
  • A splendid and well-kept room, I see...
  • Hm? Ah, excuse me. It seems that you were napping. I'll come back later...
  • [Fairy], what are your thoughts on the Fairy World today?
  • Hm? Something smells nice. What is it?
  • This smells exquisite...
  • How have you been, [Fairy]? I brought some yam pancakes.
  • [Fairy], your room looks markedly different. Is this a fall makeover? How elegant, simply elegant!
  • The change from summer to fall is a queer one. Look up and suddenly nature has changed entirely. I suppose that's the seasons for you.
  • It may yet be hot, but mornings are getting cool. Make sure to stay healthy as the seasons turn, my dear.
  • [Fairy], what are you up to? Peeling chestnuts? Can I be of service to you?
  • It finally got warm. This temperature is perfect. How about we go watch cherry blossoms?
  • The wind really feels like spring. Have you sen the cherry blossoms already?
  • Yes, Spring truly is a great season... Aside from the hay fever...

Socialized Edit

  • Ho ho ho, I do agree with you there, .
  • I was planning to make some candied potatoes today. Care to join me in my labors, [Fairy]?
  • Quite right. Looks like I'll have to keep studying.
  • Alright. I'll be sure to turn to you for help.
  • Say, is that not [Fairy]? Healthy, are you? I have some sweets from a local lady. Shall we sample them with some tea?
  • Very well, I shall be waiting.
  • A movie? 'Tis fine by me, but what shall we watch? Why not wait till the next time?
  • Best to make up your mind to do that before proceeding.
  • You've brought some literature? You know, it's rich with the ideas of our ancestors. Nothing is finer than sinking one's thoughts into such great tomes.
  • I found a shop with an exquisite array of fine cloths. We must venture there together.
  • Do you know this one? It's the scent of incense, dearie.
  • I see. I was thinking the same thing, you know.
  • We're in the same boat.
  • Is that so? You'll make my face blush red.
  • This place is warm and feels really good. Come closer, don't be shy.
  • Do you feel the breath of spring too?
  • Yawn... I was planning to take a nap... [Fairy]. how about we sleep together?
  • Oh? Did you...gain some weight? Ah, sorry. Me too... It's because I get sleepy after eating.


  • This is a fine piece of cloth.
  • So, does it look alright?


  • Is that so? Just wait but a moment, would you?
  • Hail and well met. What need you?



  • I... am honored to receive your support.
  • I shan't disappoint you, dear.


  • Ho ho, I shall give it the old college try.
  • I am honored by your support.


  • It's quite a relief to get your support.


  • [Sleeping]
    • See you tomorrow, then.
  • [Waking up]
    • Oh, yes, I'm up bright and early.

After Work/Study/ErrandEdit


  • I believe this wraps it up.
  • I merely did my duty - nothing more, nothing less.


  • A fine spot of studying, if I do say so myself.
  • Yes, that should be a fine place to conclude my studies.


Nickname Change Edit

  • A new name, you say? This is an occasion to turn over a new leaf. > Will this be to your liking? > Not to worry, I've got it. I look forward to working with you for many moons to come.

My Fairy Talk Edit

Socializing Edit

  • My goodness. You woke up very late today... Good morning.
  • [Fairy], shall we play cards together?
  • [Fairy], your room is always fantastically arranged.
  • [Owner] complimented you?
  • My clothes that match yours. I feel kinda embarrassed.
  • I keep having conversations like this and then I understand the person I am talking to... Conversations are interesting.
  • Blip blip blip... Um... These things called video games really do make my eyes strain...Snap! ...You taught me how to use a thing called a camera so I tried practicing it.
  • [Fairy], I made daifuku, so won't you eat them with me?
  • [Fairy], [Owner] what sort of things do you talk about to each other?

Socialized Edit

  • Tee-hee. Is that right?
  • Tee-hee. All right. Well, what game will we play today?
  • My goodness this is wonderful. I'll have one.
  • Hehe. We're just like siblings when we do this.
  • It's getting late...Want to go to bed soon?
  • Whoops...I was looking through books and then it was dawn before I knew it...Neglecting your health isn't good.
  • Will you show it to me afterwards, too?
  • We talk about many things, but... It's typically idle chit-chat about how our day went.
  • [Fairy], [Owner] you are both important family to me.

Condition/Mood/Intimacy Boosting Edit

  • "Oh, [Fairy]. What're you looking at?"
    • [Want to go shopping?]
      "Well then, we need to get ready. I'm going to get changed, so wait just a moment."
      • [Recommend matching dresses]
        "Tee-hee-hee, I match with [Fairy]."
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
      • [Recommend a jersey.]
        "This thing called a jersey... It seems a little unfashionable."
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
    • [It's cute but it's expensive.]
      "...Say what you wanna, but isn't this a little too expensive?"
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became a bit antagonistic... [Fairy]'s mood became a bit worse...
  • "Lalala... Laaa, laaa...♪"
    • [Go to karaoke]
      "What sort of songs is everyone singing?"
      • [Sing together]
        "Will you sing with me, [Fairy]?"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate! [Fairy]'s mood became a bit better!
      • [Monopolize the microphone.]
    • [Try and harmonize.]
  • "Oh, [Fairy]. I have too much free time now..."
    • [Want to go rent a movie?]
      "There is a noh play that I'm a bit interested in. I heard that it came out on DVD recently... I wonder if they have it."
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became a bit more intimate! [Fairy]'s impression became a bit better!
      • [What will you eat?]
        "Huh? ...Right, I'm fine with just a drink. The air conditioning inside makes me thirsty."
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate! [Fairy]'s mood became a bit better!
      • [Let's look at the pamphlet first...]
    • [Go to the movie.]
  • "What do you plan on doing today?"
    • [Want to go to the park?]
      • "You rally look like you are going far away...Hehe. Okay, okay. That might be better."
        • [Swing.]
          • "All right, ride on this. I wills push your back." [Fairy ] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
        • [Play in the sandbox.]
    • [Want to rest at your place?]
  • "Should we make candy for [Owner]?"
    • [Act like you don't notice]
      "You mix it ...kind of like this?"
      • [Make sure]
      • [It smells delicious, doesn't it?]
        "[Owner], will you eat this candy?"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
    • [What are you making?]
  • "I read a book and finished the housework...So there is nothing to do today.
    • [Want to go have a picnic?]
      • "I made a bento with [Fairy]. All right, let's go quickly.
        • [Go to the planetarium nearby.]
          • "It is quite a strange feeling to be able to see how the seasons change while we stand still looking at the starry sky."
        • Go to the museum nearby.
    • [I'm going out.]

Hope Change Edit

Letters Edit

  1. To my bosom buddy, [Owner]
    I am grateful to you, [Owner]. I can feel myself growing with each passing day, and it gives me joy. I as for your continued support, [Owner].
    From [Fairy]
  2. To my kind-hearted [Owner]
    Um... I'm so happy that you let me stay here beside you! I love you when you praise me for being good, and I love you when you scold me for being bad. Mmm... umm... writing a letter is awkward, isn't it?
    From [Fairy]

Event DialogueEdit

Picturebook KingdomEdit


  • What a strange occurrence. To be trapped inside a book... [Fairy], are you alright?

Stage 1: Agency Library

  • Yes, today is the book reading day, [Owner]. Let us visit the Agency Library to expand our knowledge.
  • As usual, the Agency Library feels huge and has a wide selection of literature. What book should I read today...
  • [Owner], what are you planning to read? A mystery novel? Are they interesting?
  • Oh, I feel a strange aura emanating from this book. Cover full of roses and brambles... I think I will borrow this one today.
  • I'll take a quick peek inside. I see, I see... These brambles are really realistic... Oh?! Everything went white... What's happening? [Owner]! Keep close to me...!!

Stage 2: Where are we...?

  • Uh... I can't see anything... Where am I? ...oh, I can see again... Are these roses? Is this a garden?
  • These roses are beautiful, looks like someone is taking good care of them. That said, where's [Owner]? I guess I should find out what this place is first.
  • I will gain nothing by staying here. I should find out more about this place if I keep moving.
  • Huh? Is that the exit? Phew! These garden really felt like a maze, but I can finally get out.

Stage 3: Rose Mansion?

  • You there, are you from this mansion? I have a question. Do you mind?
  • I'm looking for [Owner]... Oh, you know?! Tell me everything.
  • I see, I see, [Owner] went inside this mansion because of an invitation.

Stage 4: The Rose Mistress

  • Knock, knock, I'm coming in. Oh, [Owner], you were here all along... Hm? What are you doing? Chess? Oh, it's like shogi, right?
  • Are you the mistress here? It's an honor to meet you. I must ask you, do you know something about this place?
  • So this is Rose Mansion, I see. And do you know how we can return to out real world?
  • So we have to solve the riddle of this place or else we won't be sent back... Well, no time to lose. [Owner], let's do it!

Stage 5: A mystery...

  • I wonder what the riddle is... I'm afraid that searching for it in this giant mansion won't be easy...
  • We can't search recklessly, because we won't find anything. Let's try searching from the entrance hall.
  • The entrance hall really is big, just like the whole mansion.. Oh, is that a painting of the mistress? There's something written under it.
  • I see, I see... [A rose is a show-off, moody and selfish mistress]... She didn't seem to be that selfish.

Stage 6: Wonders of this world?

  • ...oh? Isn't that the maze that I got lost in? You can really see how big it is when you look at it from a place this high.
  • This place isn't called the Rose Mansion for nothing. It really is full of roses. Watch out for the thorns.
  • What is it, [Owner]? You see something in the middle of the maze? Show me...
  • Maybe we'll understand more if we get near... [Owner], let's go.
  • I see... [Owner], it's just like you said. There is a weird cluster of brambles in the middle of the maze... What is it...

Stage 7: The Maze of Thorns

  • You drew a map where we were looking out from the window? As expected of [Owner]!! Where should we go now?
  • only drew the way from the entrance so you don't know where we are? You should say that at the entrance...
  • I didn't expect that I'll be in this maze garden again. But since you're with me, I have nothing to be afraid of.
  • ...sigh, I got lost again. I got through here once, but I don't remember how.

Stage 8: The Spirit of Thorns

  • It took a long time, but we finally got to the strange cluster in the center! And it's all thanks to you, [Owner].
  • Oh, it was made of brambles... I saw it from the second floor but didn't think it was this big.
  • Hm, is there someone there? Spirit of Brambles? We're searching for a riddle, but who knows if it exists.
  • Oh, you have the riddle? I see, I see... [It looks wonderful, but touching it hurts. What flower is a show-off, moody and selfish, but still the most beautiful in the world?]...

Stage 9: All mysteries solved!

  • Ah! Spirit of Brambles is shining!! [Owner]! Someone is coming out of the light... Mistress of the mansion? Why are you here?
  • If you're bored you shouldn't do things like that, but think of something else instead. Oh no, we had fun, of course.
  • You promised to send us back to our world if we solved the riddle. If you're ever bored again, we'll come here to play.

Stage 10: Evening Library

  • This is... The Agency Library. Was it all a dream?
  • [Owner]! All the brambles disappeared from this book and the mistress is laughing happily on the pictures.
  • When I checked this book earlier, brambles and roses were like a seal, but looks like all we've done happened in the world of this book.
  • What, what? [And that's how many people started coming to the mansion of the mistress. And they lived happily ever after]. It's good that she's finally happy!
  • Well then, it's already getting dark, so let's return home. I'll read this book when we get back.

Mechanical AdventureEdit


  • Oh dear, the Town of Steam princess really surprised me. The way she was steering the airship made it feel like a rollercoaster. It was a truly enjoyable experience.
  • Airships are similar to ships... Ah, this one looks like a sailing boat!
  • The food and language used here are the same as in our world. The culture and history are different.
  • Oh, isn't it [Fairy]. You came here as well?

Stage 1: Cleaning Silia's Laboratory

  • Today is the day of the big cleaning of the Chemist's laboratory? Let's get ready!
  • There are so many documents scattered on the floor... There's a big chance of losing something important... Sigh, I guess I'll have to deal with this first.
  • I took care of all white clothes. Chemist, remember that you can't just leave laundry like that.
  • Oh... I suddenly feel very sleepy... N-no... I can't even stand...

Stage 2:The Town of Steam

  • ...zzz...zzz.. [Owner], what happened...? Hm...? What... is this place?
  • I've never seen this place... Was there such a place near the Agency?
  • There's someone selling newspaper and a stand where you can buy drinks... But it looks different than a regular town... I can't put my finger on it.
  • [Owner], there's an informant on the other side of the street. How about we check it out? Maybe they'll tell us how to get to the Agency.
  • [Owner], it says [Town of Steam] on that sign. Does it mean that the smoke covering the town in steam.

Stage 3: Sky Pirates?!

  • Excuse me. Have you seen a gold gear like this before by any chance?
  • I see... Gear door in the Flying City... Does it really fly in the sky like the name implies?
  • Hm? What is it? ...give you the gear? What a group of ruffians... You can't just tell people to give you things.
  • We need this gear to return to our world. We can't give it to you. And I don't think it's a key to a treasure like you're saying.
  • Ah... Smoke! Who is pulling my hand? It's not [Owner]... Looks like I have no way but to follow in order to get out of here.

Stage 4: Steam Town Princess☆

  • Huff... Puff... T-thank you for getting us out of there. I'm really grateful. Well then... Who are you?
  • I see. You're the princess of the Town of Steam. That said, what does a high class individual like you doing in such a place like this?
  • But... How can we get to that Flying City? Flying means that it's in the sky, right? Is there a way?
  • Hm, you'll help us get to our world? Thank you, that's very nice of you.
  • Princess will take us on the airship. Thank you very much.

Stage 5:Boarding the Airship!

  • Oh... So there are the fabled airships. They have so many different shapes...
  • [Owner], that one looks like a spinning top.
  • That person there... [Owner], could you look a bit to the right? ...I was right. Sky pirates are on us.
  • Let's board an airship and run away. Hurry up, [Owner].

Stage 6: Adventures in the Sky!!

  • ...we're actually flying. I feel like a character from a book.
  • What does this button do...? What? This is the airship attack system? What do you mean by that? Paint bullets? What are those?
  • I see, I see... If you press this bullet, a paint ball comes out. From what I've seen, it's like a big lump of dye, right?
  • Hm? I should press this button? ...I'm doing it... Oh, something came out! What is this ball-like thing...?
  • That said, princess is amazing at controlling this airship. It's like that one time, when we were on a jet together.

Stage 7: Flying City

  • People here wear clothes very different from the ones in the Town of Steam. Are those mechanical wings on their backs for flying?
  • According to the people from here, we can find the mechanical door in the palace. How about we check it out? Maybe we'll find some clues.
  • [Owner], that's the palace. It truly is wonderful. It must have taken them quite a lot of time to build a palace this big. So this is the Flying City... Oh, there are holes in the ground covered in glass. Are these for looking down?

Stage 8: Flying City Palace

  • Once you get closer you can really see that this is a real palace. But... While it really is beautiful, it feels a bit... Too big. Finding the gear door will take years.
  • This place seems to be the entrance to the palace... Hm? That person... Isn't that the sky pirate? Who is that person in white standing next to her?
  • What are you doing in a place like this... Don't tell me that you followed us all the way here.
  • Oh, you're the queen of the Flying City? Do you know where we can find the Big Gear Door?

Stage 9: The Gear Door

  • What a big door~ Is this the Big Gear Door? It certainly lives up to the name. I'm afraid that opening it will provide a challenge.
  • If we put the gear in this hole, the door will open...? Well then, there's no time to lose... I put it in.
  • Oh, the door mechanisms started moving. A sandglass...gears...needles... This door is made out of quite a lot of parts.
  • So the gear was a part of the door. That said, I don't quite understand how these mechanisms work.
  • I'm sure that the Chemist would be delighted to see this door. She would probably shout about a great discovery or something like that.

Stage 10: Back Home

  • Now we can return to our world. We've been here for quite a while...
  • Queen, do you know who was this door made for? don't... Solving this mystery will be a real happy end.
  • Sky pirates, only cowards use violence. Next time listen to what people are telling you.
  • Princess of the Town of Steam... I hope you'll be in good health and that fate will allow us to meet again... That airship ride was really enjoyable..
  • Well then everyone, goodbye. I hope we can meet again someday.

Fairy ZooEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • [Fairy], are you enjoying the Fairy Zoo?
  • I agree. I'm truly impressed with this zoo.
  • It's not a problem. I'm not leaving [Owner]'s side.
  • I'm glad that you're enjoying it. We should use our time wisely.

Stage 1: Let's go to the Zoo!

  • I see, since the Fairy Zoo is far away we're going by bus. We'll be able to enjoy the scenery.
  • What was I doing in the kitchen so early in the morning...? Ha, ha, soon you will see for yourself.
  • You don't know the answer? Ha, ha, ha... Should I answer for you?
  • Hmm... I'm looking at the map of the zoo... Looks really big. Let's think of a good route between different zones.
  • Hm... We went to different places together so many times... I'm really happy that I'm here.

Stage 2: Arrived at the Zoo!

  • This is quite an impressive gate. Not a splotch of dirt on it. I guess we can expect great things from this place.
  • Here, here. We should listen to what Chief has to say first. We should come back here at a specified time... Don't scare animals...
  • Okay, let's enter the zoo. Hm? The zoo tickets...?
  • [Owner], this is not good at all! How could I... Forget the tickets!!
  • Ah... [Owner], you had them. Sigh, I got really scared for a moment there.

Stage 3: Let's check the Small Animal Zone!

  • There are so many animals I've never seen here. And they all look so happy.
  • They didn't put all the animals in the same space. Good, looks like they're treating them well.
  • Oh, looks like the staff is doing their best to make the animals happy. I'm relieved.
  • [Owner], what animals do you like the most?
  • [Owner], do red pandas and normal pandas like each other?

Stage 4: Walking through the Savannah Zone!

  • Hm? [Owner], what is it? Ah, a giraffe came so near! It really looks impressive.
  • These are called meerkats? Why are they standing on two legs?
  • I've heard that elephants can move their trunks as they like. That must be useful.
  • Oh, look at that bright pink bird. What is it called? Ah, a flamingo. What a beautiful color.
  • Oh? [Owner]! The ostrich... Is it running away from something?

Stage 5: Resting Area

  • Having someone to prepare the food for us is a reason enough. Ah, there's dessert.
  • [Owner], it's going to be noon soon. I've made bento. Will you eat it?
  • I-I'm sorry. I think I made a bit too much. I can't eat any more... Uh...
  • Zzz.... Ah... Looks like I dozed off for a bit. [Owner]... Is asleep too, fu, fu.
  • The wind feels really good and it's warm in the sun... No wonder we got so sleepy after eating.

Stage 6: Petting Zoo

  • It's sad that sheep have all their fleece cut? Ha, ha, you're so gentle. But I'm sure it feels better when it's warm outside.
  • It's as if they understand what the animals are saying... Hm? I'm really impressed by the feeding staff.
  • Oh, it's so fluffy♪ [Owner], come here!
  • It's possible to ride horses here? That sounds like an unusual experience. I really want to try it.

Stage 7: Let's check the Fierce Animal Zone!

  • There are even wolves here. There are really all kinds of animals in this zoo.
  • Ah, it came close to us. [Owner], you should greet this tiger as well. First a bow...
  • Ah, a baby bear is playing with a ball. It's adorable.

Stage 8: Let's check the Monkey Zone!

  • Ho, ho, ho. [Owner], look. It saw us and now is asking for food...
  • Chimpanzees here can draw pictures? I've never see something like this...
  • Baby monkeys are playing. Ho, ho, ho, just looking at babies makes me smile, no matter the species.
  • Oh, this monkey is using the tools to break the coconut shell. It must be very intelligent.
  • I see. Even animals, including monkeys, have hierarchical relationships. The one on the top must have a lot of authority.

Stage 9: Let's buy souvenirs!

  • We are going to the souvenir shop? This will make a good memory from this trip.
  • Ah, is this the stuffed kangaroo that we've seen before? Ho, ho, it's very cute.
  • What, what... Jigsaw..? I see. 3000 pieces...? This will take a while.
  • [Owner], did you decide what you're going to get? Me...? Right... I think I only want these backed cookies.
  • Ah, this is the stuffed kangaroo I was looking at before... Are you sure? It's quite expensive... Thank you...

Stage 10: Let's go home!

  • It was a splendid day! Spending it with you felt truly refreshing!
  • Today I was able to meet many animals I didn't even know existed... It was a good experience.
  • How many days have passed since we've started spending all the time together... I hope these days will continue...
  • [Owner]? ...oh, you fell asleep? Now that I think about it, it's really quiet inside the bus... Everyone is asleep.
  • Your face looks so calm, despite me being right beside you. You look cute when you're sleeping.

Hanami FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • I want to be able to laugh and have fun with you forever...
  • Fairy, you came here too? You're in the mood for cherry blossoms?
  • Ho, ho... Today is a good day. Look, cherry blossoms are in full bloom!
  • Yes. Looks like Spring got safely to the Human World. The Spring flower colors look amazing as usual.
  • Everyone is having fun. The flowers are amazing. That makes everyone smile. What an amazing thing.

Stage 1: Before going out

  • I wonder what will happen today... A lot is changing in the Human World every day.
  • It's finally warm. Spring is the season of flower buds. The scenery will change drastically, so don't look away or you'll miss it.
  • Hm? Ah, I can go anytime. Tell me when you're ready.
  • We don't need to be in such a hurry, cherry blossoms won't run away. I'm looking forward to hanami, ho, ho...
  • There will be many people there. I'm sure they're curious if the Spring really has arrived safely.

Stage 2: At the park

  • [Owner], where should we start? I'll follow you.
  • Watching cherry blossoms with you... I'm very excited.
  • sniff sniff* ...something smells nice. To think that the smell is so strong even at the entrance. I expect great things.
  • It's quite lively here. Looks like everyone we know is here. I saw someone just a while before.
  • Looks like the Spring got here safely... I wonder how many people here know this Spring comes from the Fairy World?

Stage 3: At the shopping district

  • In the Human World you don't only look at flowers at such festivals. This is fun, too.
  • I smell something delicious. It's called a grilled squid? It's so big... I can't eat it alone.
  • Uhm... Eating cotton candy is hard... I have it all around my mouth...
  • Candy making? Oh, we can see how those candies turn into beautiful things by hand... Show me, show me... Ah! It looks like a fox! Amazing!
  • I see, I see... Use the ring like this, and put the stick here. Done! [Owner], I did well!

Stage 4: Looking after a store!?

  • What's wrong, owner? You forgot one box of masks? You should be needing someone to look after your stand while you go get it.
  • [Owner], I'll keep selling the masks, you go help the owner.
  • No problem. Helping those in need is what I do. Time to work, we can't make our customers wait.
  • I'm a temporary helper here. Ah, this mask suits you really well. It's quite cute.
  • I'm happy that you like it. Please come again. The owner said that he has more of these.

Stage 5: Hanami time

  • I didn't expect to get such a good place just by helping with a stand. Now we can enjoy cherry blossoms.
  • To have this whole space just for us feels so luxurious... We must thank the owner.
  • Hm? I know that there's a lot of space here, but I just want to sit next to you. You don't mind, right?
  • There are amazing cherry blossoms like this even in the Human World. ...maybe the worlds will connect again someday.
  • Hm? I said that cherry blossoms are beautiful. Ho, ho, ho...

Stage 6: Let's check Agency food stands

  • The Fairy Agency have a number of stands, too. Even the Chief is running one. Let us go and say hello.
  • So the Chief made these candies. A positively thriving business I see. I wonder what the secret is?
  • Karume's Sweet Potato Snack Stand, huh. Seems incredibly popular. They must taste great. Shall we purchase some?
  • Julia is selling magic tools. Hmm? Are you sure these prices are correct? They seem a little low to me.
  • Silia seems to be selling suspicious bottles... surely the bizarre liquid inside them is not for drinking?

Stage 7: Stage event time

  • That stage over there seems rather raucous. I wonder if something is about to start?
  • Oh, manzai. This could be fun. Shall we listen for a bit, [Owner]?
  • Wow! A flower, from her wand! Magicians really are magical. I just cannot see how they do it...
  • A Spring Beauty Pageant. Hm? What is that [Owner]? An entry sheet?
  • When exactly did you...?! Well, I suppose I have no choice. If you so wish...

Stage 8: Riverside sunset

  • There are a number of little boats in the river over there. Shall we see what it's all about?
  • Ah, a river cruise, to watch the cherry blossoms. Well, since we are here, [Owner], shall we take a ride?
  • They have not had many customers today, so we can ride as soon as we are ready, he says. I am just full of luck today!
  • It is so peaceful. And beautiful. Going down the river, watching the flowers... I like it.
  • If you lie down, there is a whole new scenery to enjoy. You should try it too, [Owner].

Stage 9: Watching evening sakura

  • It seems like they are lighting the lanterns. So we can continue enjoying the hanami all night?
  • It looks like the sun has finally set. Let us then enjoy the nighttime flowers.
  • Cherry blossoms at night is beautiful in its own light. Shall we take a look over there?
  • The stands seem different than they were during the day. There's a different atmosphere. A little strange, perhaps, hohoho~
  • If humans are so moved by the cherry blossoms... why is there such little nature in the Human World?

Stage 10: Relaxed walk home

  • Time has flown by so quickly today. I can scarcely believe it is already time to leave.
  • I did not expect to have so much fun at a hanami in the Human World. A great day!
  • Today's wonderful new experience was all thanks to you, [Owner].
  • It was such a great time. I wish I could always spend this time with you, [Owner].
  • It seems the hanami festival will continue a short while. Should you have the time... may we come again?

Jewelry EventEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Oh, [Fairy]. You found yourself here too, I see.
  • I know you must be feeling unsure, but shouldn't we at least try to enjoy ourselves?
  • Such a beautiful world. They say the people here live their lives with the gemstones.
  • The sky so blue, the air so clean... this world is a true haven.
  • You say the gemstones are capable of such wonders? Hm, how strange...

Stage 1: Silia's strange movie projector!

  • Hohoho, a movie screening event you say? I suppose it might be fun to watch a movie with everybody.
  • Let's let those who truly want to sit in the front [Owner], we can take the rear seats.
  • Mmm... it is rather tight back here... I did not imagine quite so many people would come...
  • There is popcorn... all over the floor... Where is the help?!
  • Hm? Silia's projector seems to have an odd-shaped stone in the middle. I wonder what it's for...

Stage 2: Lost in a strange new world?!

  • Do my eyes deceive me, [Owner], or is the wall really rippling like that?
  • W-what is this?! Whats happening?! Grab my hand, [Owner], and don't let go!
  • [Owner]... right through the wall... I must go in after!
  • [Owner]! [Owner]? Thank heavens you're safe. Let's try to get out of here.
  • Judging by the smile across that so-called scientist's face over there, you wouldn't think she'd just pulled us all through a wall into another world!

Stage 3: Sapphire Town

  • I've never seen anything like this... gemstones as far as the eye can see...
  • They say gemstones are a part of everyday life here in the Gem World. See those sapphires, producing vast falls of water.
  • Hm? That strange machine Silia gave you, it seems to be pointing us towards that shop over there.
  • Keeper of this fine establishment, we come to you in dire need of this gemstone. Money, we have not, but we ask that you find some way to allow us this gem.
  • Hm? Really? Just like that? You're happy to help those in need, you say? Keeper of shop, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Stage 4: Ruby Cave

  • Hm, it is quite hot, isn't it. If only there were a well or something nearby, where we could cool ourselves down...
  • Hm? Is it raining? Can't be, we're in a cave... your pack. Your pack is raining.
  • I see, the sapphire we received just earlier, it produces water just like all the others. Well, this should certainly help us cool off.
  • It may not swing a sword, or help us fly, but a gemstone that produces water is as good as any other.
  • So this is the Keystone ruby. It certainly looks the part, almost as if it was burning with a passionate fire.

Stage 5: Lapis Lazuli Road

  • This machine is making quite a racket, but... surely not every gem here is a Keystone?
  • It must have broken. It's even reacting to you!
  • A talking owl? That is not something you see every day. It must be very intelligent indeed.
  • Hm, so you mean to say that solving your riddle will see us the Keystone Gem? Then let us begin.
  • What has a neck but no head? Hohoho, too easy... a bottle! We'll be taking the Keystone then, thank you.

Stage 6: Garnet Tunnel

  • Hm? I think I hear a knocking sound... Do you not hear it, [Owner]? I think there is something underground.
  • This tunnel holds the next Keystone, you say? Hmm. I suppose we will need some light...
  • Digging, is it? I suppose we must. I'll help, as best I can.
  • Open that... move this... put that in there... Ah! All done. It is a little small, but it should do for now.
  • The Keystone garnet... It must have been a powerful force that led us here with its knocking. We should be thankful.

Stage 7: Emerald Valley

  • A valley...? I don't think we can get down from here. What should we do...?
  • It was supposed to be this way. There should be a Keystone Gem nearby.
  • ...[Owner], let's return to the tunnel. Hurry up! A dragon is coming!
  • It looks friendly. Let's try talking with him. We're not familiar with this place, maybe it'll tell us something useful.
  • You are not only giving us the Keystone Gem but you'll also take us to the next one? ...we're very, very grateful.

Stage 8: Diamond City of Ancients

  • The view from the dragon's back was amazing! What a beautiful world.
  • I see, there's no one here... Looks like this city was abandoned long ago, but it's still beautiful.
  • I wonder what happened. There are no signs of fighting. Maybe it's for the best...
  • Is that a throne? Looks like this place had a king. I wonder if he was a good ruler.
  • The Keystone Gem was in the pillar of light coming from the ceiling. ...what are these Keystone Gems anyway?

Stage 9: Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!

  • Keystone Gems can be used to open gates between worlds...? So for coming here...
  • Everyone here was so nice, despite us being just some random strangers to them...
  • Our stay here felt long but was actually very short. This is our goodbye to this place. Well then, chemist, send us back home.
  • How can that chemist do all these things? Very interesting.
  • We can finally return home. It looks like we're returning directly there. Ho, ho...

Stage 10: Back to the Human World!!

  • ...yes. I'm perfectly fine. Looks like we returned safely.
  • It was an interesting experience, but if we made one mistake it would've ended poorly. If we haven't been careful...
  • Uh~ stomach is rumbling. Well, that's to be expected with the amount of walking we did. Ho, ho, ho...
  • We walked so much, that I want to clean my body first...
  • There are so many more unknown worlds to explore. Today's adventure was a valuable experience.

Strange StrengthEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Looks like this is the next big hit from Fairysoft.
  • To create a whole world like this... I'm surprised how skilled humans are.
  • If this was the real world... What if people really had special powers... Ah, instead of thinking about such things we should just enjoy the game...
  • This isn't the real world, but you should enjoy it regardless. Not often does a chance like this come up.
  • My special power... It's not something I want to talk about... Sorry...

Stage 1: At Home

  • Hmm? You certainly look very happy, [Owner]. What is the good news?
  • A game test for Strange Strength, is it? Well, if Fairysoft are the ones behind it, it must be something to behold.
  • Hmm? Am I fan of Fairysoft? Well, they certainly make the news often, I have read many an article about their successes.
  • I wonder what Strange Strength is actually about... No, don't tell me, I'd like to keep it a mystery.
  • You want to get there early? I suppose it is quite exciting. Let's get ready, then.

Stage 2: To the Event Hall

  • The early bird gets the worm... Or so they say. It does look like they are right, though. Maybe we should do things early more often...
  • We were right to come early, after all. Look at the entrance now, I have never seen a line so long.
  • I'm glad we managed to get a number ticket, though. It is certainly better than waiting in line like that.
  • It appears as though entering that booth will enter us into the world of Strange Strength.
  • It looks like we are playing in pairs again. All the more fun!

Stage 3: The Central Cities

  • It seems like we have arrived. Our power is... the ability to see the future.
  • Have you seen anything yet, [Owner]? Do share if you have.
  • Hmm? I see a light... a faint image in my mind's eye... Move over just a little, [Owner].
  • A vase! It dropped right out of the sky... just as I saw! I am not quite sure how else we can use this power, though...
  • I suppose we just have to wait a short while. Hmm, where is this...? A black market?

Stage 4: A Secret Deal

  • Hmm? Is something the matter? Ah, you noticed those people under the bridge too... It certainly is strange.
  • Those black clothes... I saw them in one of my visions earlier. This can't be a coincidence...
  • You want to get closer? Please, don't, I cannot foresee what will happen to you.
  • You see their next moves? Why that's just perfect! You seem to be getting the hang of these powers, [Owner]!
  • Well, at least you were not harmed... Hmm? Did I say something? N-no, surely it was just the wind...

Stage 5: Intelligence Gathering

  • Did you finish reporting to Commander Kami? Did she perchance provide us with another mission?]
  • Infiltration... just as I saw in the dreams. I can't tell if this power is a blessing or a curse...
  • Infiltration does sound rather fun though. Please, don't worry [Owner], remember this is only a game. Let's enjoy it.
  • I may not be able to change the future... but I can certainly do my best to protect you, [Owner].
  • I suppose this isn't the time for deliberations. Let's make for this SJK HQ at once!

Stage 6: Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!

  • There don't seem to be too many guards. They seem rather low-ability, too. This should be no problem for us.
  • Excuse me. I seem to have lost sight of my friend. Have you seen anyone here? I have a picture of them...
  • Yes, perhaps over there? *POW!* *BIFF!* *SPLAT!* Well, that was easier than I expected. Let's go in, [Owner].
  • Something evil is waiting for us down that way, I can feel it... yet, you would like to go? Then allow me to accompany you.
  • A science laboratory... and a black magic laboratory? This place really is something...

Stage 7: Find the Evidence!

  • Hmm, I have a feeling something very important is kept in this room.
  • Is it this? No... How about this? Potato nutritional information...? Not exactly evidence.
  • Ah, but this! [Owner], I found some business records!
  • Did you find anything, [Owner]? Plans? Let me see. World Domination Plans?! Well that is quite the find.
  • ... We should not hang around. I foresee a number of SJK agents closing in on us very soon...

Stage 8: Escape!!

  • I don't believe we can return the way we came. We have to find another way...
  • Ah, that way! There's an open path to the roof! Let's go!
  • I think we're nearly at the roof! How does this plan out...? I can't see! The most important future at all!
  • Careful not to hit any of them. We don't want to stoop to their level causing injuries.
  • Whatever happens... do not leave my side, [Owner].

Stage 9: Mission Complete

  • W-what?! How did they know we would go to the roof? They were waiting for us all along...
  • We could possibly take a few of them, but... there are just too many...!
  • Silia, Julia and Karume... Ah! SJK! It was you three all along?! You'll pay for this...!
  • I can see! I can see the whole roof from above... Behind you, [Owner]!
  • The way Commander Kami moves, the way she took out all of those foes... it was inhuman... a special power, perhaps?

Stage 10: Logout!

  • We must have completed the game, then. I'm glad we got home safe.
  • I can't believe only a few hours passed in the real world here though. It felt like we were in there for ages...
  • That was certainly a great experience. Perhaps the only time we can see our futures.
  • Not only a great experience, but certainly very fun, too. I should like to try it more often.
  • You wish you could see your future for real? Your future is only what you make it, [Owner].

Green Leaf CarnivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Hmm. I think I'll just stick to what I'm used to.
  • You might be feeling a little nervous, but don't worry. As long as you keep dancing, you can't go wrong.
  • Exactly, just do what feels right. The most important thing is to have fun.
  • With this many people all working together, I don't think we even need magic.
  • What kind of outfit did you make, [Fairy]?

Stage 1: What is the Green Leaf Carnival?

  • You want to know about the Green Leaf Carnival? It's a spring festival, basically.
  • I suppose it is a ceremony by name, but it's not quite so formal. Everyone just enjoys themselves quite freely.
  • We give thanks to spring by wearing outfits made of flowers, singing and dancing and having fun.
  • I imagine it might look a little different than usual though, what with us not being able to use charms in this world.
  • I don't suppose there is anything to worry about though. Certainly not with Robin in charge of events. Let's make our way there.

Stage 2: Let's go!

  • [Owner], how important is nature to the Human World?
  • For us, nature is a way of life... no, it's family. With no nature, there are no fairies...
  • Sorry, that's not the right mood for a festival, is it. Please, I want you to enjoy our Green Leaf Carnival as much as you possibly can.
  • I wonder what dance I'll perform this year... You'll just have to wait and see♪ Huhuhu.
  • I think I see the forest. It certainly is busy... I have a feeling this year's carnival is going to be quite fun.

Stage 3: Arriving at the carnival

  • What a large event space this is. More than big enough for today's ceremony, I think.
  • The carnival won't start until this evening. Until then, we're making decorations, preparing food and designing outfits.
  • Everybody taking part in the preparations is part of the tradition of the Green Leaf Carnival.
  • Each and every one of us showing our enthusiasm for the event is surely the best way to give thanks to nature.
  • It's heartwarming to see the Human World accept our traditions so enthusiastically.

Stage 4: Picking flowers and leaves

  • Right, I think it's time we went and gathered some plants. You'll be coming too of course, [Owner]?
  • There certainly are a lot of flowers around for the picking. This is sure to be a fantastic carnival.
  • Hmm? Am I seeing things? I could have sworn I saw a shadow moving around in the trees there... Hmm? A mushroom?
  • Stop! There's something odd about the ground over there... Let me take a look.
  • A hole trap? Why here? It's a good job we checked first.

Stage 5: Decorating the forest

  • It's amazing, everybody is so busy at work.
  • Well, let's get decorating. Pass me that basket, [Owner].
  • Don't worry about making it look perfect. The decorating is more important than the decoration.
  • I think we are doing surprisingly well, considering we can't use charms.
  • How's this? Ivy and flowers really do look beautiful together.

Stage 6: Making carnival outfits

  • Making an outfit without charms. This is sure to be a challenge.
  • Human clothes-makers must be working so hard, making each outfit by hand like this...
  • Hmm, I cannot seem to pass the needle... With charms this would all be done in a flash.
  • Despite this I am rather good at such needleworks. I should have a beautiful outfit made by this evening.
  • I think that is most of the work finished. All that's left is to match the red and blue flowers, and find a few more leaves.

Stage 7: Making traditional fairy foods

  • I wonder what everyone else is making... Shall we take a look?
  • Right, I think I know what to make. Some after-dinner sweets.
  • Warabi-mochi, I think. With primrose.
  • We have to move quick if we hope to make enough for everyone.
  • Phew, all that's left is to let them cool. I haven't made this much food in a while.

Stage 8: Green Leaf Ceremony

  • I think today will prove to be a very big day for the Human World and Fairy World's friendship.
  • We really hope you treat nature with the kindness it deserves in this world, too. Otherwise... Well that's a story for another day.
  • Of course the preparations are important too, but the true Green Leaf Carnival starts with this dance.
  • I think it's about time I joined the dance. Please enjoy, [Owner].
  • I can't even remember how many times I have performed in this ceremony. Do watch closely, [Owner].

Stage 9: Let's eat!

  • All these foods smell quite exquisite. Very well done, everybody.
  • I could swear the food this year is even better than ever. I suppose everyone is learning things from the Human World.
  • We should bring this Human-Fairy fusion food back to the Fairy World. I have a feeling they may like it.
  • Which food do you like the best, [Owner]?
  • The warabi-mochi, truly? Huhu... Thank you, [Owner].

Stage 10: Singing, dancing and having fun

  • Oh look, Robin is on the stage. I wonder what song she will sing for us this year...
  • How about we join them on the stage, [Owner]?
  • You're embarrassed to get on the stage? Even together with me? Come on, let's dance!
  • I think the Green Leaf Carnival is coming to an end. How did you find it, [Owner]?
  • Surrounded by friends... smiling with [Owner]... I wish this day would never end.

Harvest FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Such fine weather today. A perfect day for working outside, there's no doubt.
  • I came here with [Owner], Did your owner bring you here, too?
  • Oh, [Fairy]. I see you are enjoying the farm work too?
  • I cannot quite believe that this whole farm is managed by just one farmer, though. She must be quite the worker.
  • Hoho, do not worry yourself with such things. Today is a day for enjoying some farm work.

Stage 1: To the farm!

  • It's morning, [Owner]. Come on, time to wake up... I know...
  • Ah, you're awake? Hohoho, I see the smell of breakfast got you up. Great success.
  • We have to get some food in our stomachs if we're to be working all day.
  • Working with your hands is important [Owner], especially when it comes to food. It is very rewarding work.
  • I think it's about time we left, [Owner]!

Stage 2: Listen to the Chief!

  • It appears this year's harvest is quite unprecedented. That must be why we were called.
  • The Chief and the farm owner seem to be exceptionally good friends. That must be fantastic... to have a close friend for so long...
  • I see the Chief is as well-prepared as ever. She even has our work outfits ready for us.
  • Hmm? We will receive vegetables as reward for our hard work? Hohoho, I see that has given you quite some motivation.
  • I suppose we should try our best, if we are to be rewarded for our efforts. We must always make a good impression.

Stage 3: To the greenhouse!

  • I hear they are growing spinach here too. Shall we take a look?
  • What does this machine do...? Ah! Automatic sprinklers. Fascinating.
  • Even the humidity and temperatures are regulated, you say? Incredible. Humans have a magico f their own, I suppose.
  • So this must be one of those automatic cultivation systems I've heard about... Isn't it amazing how all these components work so perfectly together?
  • ... Incredible. A harvest this big, and this delicious, is simply incredible. There truly are no limits to human thought.

Stage 4: Let's harvest onions!

  • Hou, so these are the onion fields I suppose. It certainly seems the right place for them, perfect sunlight, plenty of nutrients...
  • How's it going? You're getting quite used to it? That is certainly the spirit!
  • Wow! I hardly even noticed, but it seems we harvested every last one! Now for the next step, carrying these boxes.
  • You can't lift it? Here, watch. *hup* See? It's all in how you lift.
  • ... Hmm? Oh I was just thinking. It's quite surprising that the farm owner doesn't ask for help more often, what with the sheer number of fields and greenhouses here...

Stage 5: Time for lunch!

  • Hey, [Owner]~! Time to take a break, don't you think?
  • It's more or less lunch time already. Let's take a look over there, it looks like they're handing something out.
  • Oh, onigiri! There's truly nothing better than the taste of fresh rice.
  • Apparently the Fairy Academy was up making this lunch for everyone early this morning... I'm certainly very grateful.
  • Hohoho, don't eat too fast or you'll get some indigestion! I can certainly understand the feeling though, we have worked up quite a hunger...

Stage 6: Let's harvest cabbages!

  • Cabbage harvest? Why not. Let's make our way to the cabbage patches.
  • This is a breeze. *cut cut cut* All we have to do now is gather them up in baskets.
  • Ah... My apologies, I seem to have gotten a little carried away... I'm not sure we can carry quite this many cabbages...
  • I am so glad we found a wheelbarrow. Now we can surely harvest even more!

Stage 7: Let's try farm machinery!

  • Machinery, you say? How exactly do these machines help the farm work?
  • Hmm... tractors, yes... and combine harvesters... I see. Different machines for different jobs.
  • W-wow! So much harvested in such a short time!
  • Yes. These machines must be of quite some importance to those who cannot use magic in their farm work.
  • ... I suppose the help of these machines has reduced the need for human help... Is that a good thing, I wonder...

Stage 8: Let's harvest carrots!

  • Next we shall be harvesting carrots. Shall we make it interesting?
  • It's easy. Whoever harvests the most carrots within the time limit, wins. Don't go easy on me, okay?
  • Hohoho, you seem to be going at quite the pace! I hope your stamina will keep up... there are a lot of carrots left to go...
  • Huhuhu. So, how did you do, [Owner]? How many carrots did you manage?
  • I should have expected you would win, [Owner]. Although I was rather confident, if I am honest.

Stage 9: Make a scarecrow!

  • Hmm? We finished all the harvesting? What do we help with next?
  • Making scarecrows, I see. We shall need a lot of tools, I imagine... Oh, they are all prepared? Well, let us get started then.
  • Thinking about the job this scarecrow will have to perform... we really should make something quite intimidating. Hohoho, I'm sure we can manage that.
  • First a big circle... then the expression like htis... Last of all, put this on his back...
  • Hohoho, I think a scarecrow like this should be able to scare off more than just crows. Of course, if it is too much, you do not have to use it.

Stage 10: Time to go home!

  • The sun is setting already... That was quite fast, don't you think? Hohoho, I suppose time flies when you're having fun.
  • I suppose we should take this opportunity! Let us take as many vegetables as we can carry!
  • Really? Are you quite sure we can take this many vegetables? I am so very grateful!
  • A-ah... [Owner], perhaps we have taken too many...?
  • I think today was a very good experience. I really learned a lot about farm work in the Human World.

Summer GetawayEdit


Stage 1:It's so hot...

Stage 2:We've arrived!

Stage 3:Check out the rooms!

Stage 4:A walk in the woods!

Stage 5:Let's go to the lake!

Stage 6:Let's explore the town!

Stage 7:Glass-blowing Studio

Stage 8:A traditional street

Stage 9:Fireflies!

Stage 10:Time to sleep...

Summer FestivalEdit


  • [Fairy], your yukata appears to be coming undone at the back. Here. let me fix it for you.
  • I believe I see a goldfish scooping game! Come [Fairy], let us give it a try.
  • [Fairy], what is that mysterious foodstuff you are holding? It looks quite intriguing.

Stage 1: Let's go to the festival!

  • Hmm? [Owner], we appear to have a letter from the Fairy Agency.
  • A festival? Today? Then we had better get ready quickly, [Owner]!
  • Will you be wearing a yukata too, [Owner]? What's that? You don't know how? Then allow me to put it on for you.
  • What? A yukata? Do you really have to tell me to wear a yukata, [Owner]...? I'm not sure I even have any other outfits.
  • There, I think we're all ready. Let's go and join the festival! This is quite exciting, hoho.

Stage 2: Leo Shrine!

  • I see we have arrived. I am quite surprises to see so many people here this early.
  • Ring-toss, goldfish scooping... That one sounds quite interesting indeed. Let's give it a try later, [Owner]
  • I certainly didn't expect quite so many festival stands... Takoyaki, yakisoba, yakitori... Hmm? Is there anything other than foods? I hope I can work up an appetite...
  • I see there are even performers here too! You should go and join them, [Owner]. Hohoho, don't panic, don't panic. It was merely a jest.
  • Hmm... The letter we received this morning said the Fairy Agency ladies had their own stand today. Perhaps we should make a visit later tonight.

Stage 3: Food stands!

  • I think it's about time we tried some of these foods, don't you? Eating is a very big part of the festival experience, I'm told.
  • There are just so many things to choose from, I don't know where to start... Have you decided, [Owner]?
  • Is that... mizumamae? That should make this decision quite a lot easier! Mizumame for me.
  • Shopkeep? Yes, hello. I would like to purchase one of your delicious-looking mizumame, please... Flavor? I hadn't thought of that... hmm... Lemon, please.
  • What did you decide on in the end, [Owner]? Mizumame? You saw mine and wanted one too? Hoho, how sweet of you.

Stage 4: Goldfish scooping!

  • Hmm, I have had my eye on the goldfish scooping game since we entered. I think we should try it now, before all the goldfish are scooped up.
  • Have you tried this before perchance, [Owner]? Then I would be honored if you were to show me how it's done. Please, go ahead.
  • Hmm? You're feeling nervous? Because I'm looking? I have to look [Owner], how else am I going to learn? Ah... I think you missed it...?
  • Goldfish scooping is not about winning or losing, [Owner]. It's about the challenge, and the thrill of the chase. Here, I shall give it a try myself.
  • Hmm...? I believe... I just caught two of them, together! Amazing!... Huhu, here [Owner], I shall give one to you.

Stage 5: Shooting Gallery!

  • I think I hear the sound of guns... Could it be a shooting gallery, perhaps? It is rather quite a sound.
  • Hmm? You want to give it a try? I suppose it is a festival, after all... We should try everything we can.
  • Hoho, so we just need to hit these targets... If we manage to knock one off, we get a prize? Like, perhaps, that teddy bear over there...?
  • pow! pow!* Hoho, I knocked it over. I suppose I receive my prize now? The teddy bear, if you would... Wow... it's a lot bigger up close... a lot bigger...!
  • I had no idea the bear was this big... I suppose I have no choice but to carry it home on my back... Hoho, it looks like a traveler has joined our party, [Owner].

Stage 6: Dinner time!

  • [Owner], I think it may be time for another break. Perhaps we could stop for some food? It might be nice to replenish some energy.
  • Ahh... you didn't have to, really... Oh, what's this? Is that tamagoyaki on top of the yakisoba? Humans really do think up the most incredible recipes.
  • What do I want? Hmm, that is the question... I would like to try some yakisoba, I think.
  • Hmm? You'll buy it for em? I think I can do that much myse--- H-hey! Please don't walk away when I'm... talking to you...
  • nom nom* This is exquisite! As much as I adore the gourmet of the Fairy World, I have to say the Human World does have some quite amazing dishes too.

Stage 7: Watch the omikoshi!

  • What's this? Everyone is making quite a commotion. Is something about to start, perhaps...?
  • Is that an omikoshi? I don't believe I've ever seen one up close like this. Come a little close, [Owner], I'm sure you cannot see well over there.
  • The spirit of the people is really quite incredible to see... I suppose this must be the power of a festival, hohoho.
  • [Owner], I think I should like to try my hand at carrying the omikoshi next year. Will you join me?

Stage 8: Katanuki!

  • Hmm? Is that katanuki, perchance? I remember reading about this during my studies of the Human World. It looks quite interesting.
  • Excuse me, shopkeep. Is it that I am supposed to cut this shape out of this board without breaking it? And if I do, I win a prize? Huhu, how intriguing. I shall have to give it a try.
  • Let's get started then. *scratch scratch* Hmm... this is surprisingly tiring work... I see you have already broke yours there, [Owner]. Hoho...
  • Just a little more... Hmm? Are you almost finished too, [Owner]? Then how about we make it a race? hohoho!
  • Ah, finished!... You were already waiting, [Owner]? I hadn't even noticed, I was so focused on cutting. That was great fun.

Stage 9: Raffle time!

  • If I may go first... How about... this one? Crab? A set of crab legs. What a luxurious prize.
  • Some splendid prizes, we really are quite lucky. Especially you, [Owner]. Three picks, three scrubbing brushes... you must really enjoy doing the dishes. Hohoho~!

Stage 10: Fireworks show!

  • I believe the firework's show is almost upon us. We should try to find a prime spot from which to watch...
  • What? You know the prefect spot...? Fantastic, [Owner]. Please, lead the way.
  • Few people... a perfect view of the sky... This is incredible, [Owner]. Look, it's starting.
  • Fireworks are truly breathtaking... This is quite a show, too. So many giant and technical fireworks are being used. It is an art in and of itself.
  • Phew... I suppose the festival has ended, then. I had a fantastic time today, [Owner]. I sincerely hope we can come again next year.

Fairies in WonderlandEdit


  • Hey... is that you, [Fairy]? You've gotten pretty big, haven't you? Are you in the middle of a growth spurt?
  • I talked with dodo birds or something. They really seem to like mysteries. It was a really nice conversation.
  • These cakes and cookies are really delicious. How were they... What? Transformed from rocks? ... Hmm, that has to be a recent development for sweets.
  • Pairing Japanese sweets and green tea together, I understand... but why on earth are we using English teacups? It's such a strange feeling.
  • Ha ha ha... The recipe for these Japanese sweets? It comes directly from the duchess. Or rather, I guess it was Anko from the Agency?

Stage 1: A Golden Afternoon

  • Isn't this weather great, [Owner]? How about we take a little walk?
  • Hm? A picnic? Hohoho, that sounds good, too. I guess I'll prepare some light eats, then. Just a moment.
  • The sunlight feels so good... How about we take a little break beneath that tree? We can eat the food I made.
  • What book is that? ... Aha, Alice in Wonderland? I looked over and couldn't read what was written... Oh, just for the atmosphere? Aren't you something, [Owner].
  • ... Mmm... The sunlight, the breeze... It feels so good that I'm starting to get quite drowsy...

Stage 2: Hastily Heading into the Deep Darkness

  • ... Hm? Looks like I fell asleep for a while... Hmm? [Owner]? Where did you go?
  • Lost...? No, [Owner] must have gone to buy some candy or something. I suppose I'd better just wait right here.
  • Huh...? That voice... Is that you, [Owner]? Wait, where are you hurrying off to...? Ans why do you have rabbit ears...?
  • Where are you going, [Owner]? I said, hold on!
  • Why on earth is there a rabbit hole here!? Ugh, I was hurrying too much, I didn't watch my step...!

Stage 3: Shrinking and the Sea of Tears

  • Ouch! Ah, leaves. Well, that saved me quite nicely... Now, where did you go, [Owner]?
  • This place is pretty big, but... where am I? There's a key on the table and behind this curtain... Hey, a door. A small door at that.
  • Hm...? Was this juice always here? What's this written here... Drink me... That's strange.
  • Well, I don't have any other clues. I suppose I could just try a little... Oh, this is amazing! I'm shrinking!
  • Okay... I don't feel so good... W-what!? My tears are growing! What is this?!

Stage 4: Growing Big and Small

  • Everything that's been going on has been so bizarre. But I have the feeling I've read this story before... What was it again...?
  • I've finally caught up to you, [Owner]. Why did you run off so fast?!
  • Who is Mary Ann? Gloves and a folding fan? What are you even talking about, [Owner]...?
  • I found the things you asked for. I suppose I'll be heading back then... Hm? What's this... "If you eat this wake-up cake you'll go back to normal," it says. What a strange dessert... But perhaps it's my only chance...
  • [Owner], eat this cake. Just trust me and open wide.

Stage 5: What the Brown Caterpillar Said

  • I am so glad you are back to normal, [Owner]... Huhu, are you going to hold my hand?
  • There are so many mushrooms growing here... Look, that mushroom has suck a strange shape and color.
  • ... Hm? On top of that mushroom... Look, there's something there. But I can't see it well from here. Shall we go closer?
  • Oh, if it isn't Leo. Why is Leo rolling around on top of that mushroom? Is something wrong?
  • Leo, do you know how we can get back to our word? ... Huhu, you're going to show us? Well then, let's go.

Stage 6: The Duchess and the Grinning Cat

  • I see a house over there. Someone there might well know how we can get back to our world. Let's go and ask.
  • Well if it isn't Anko. What are you... What? You're not Anko, you're the Duchess?
  • That cat girl keeps disappearing and reappearing! ... *cough* Well then, anyway. An... I mean, Duchess, do you know how we can get back to our world?
  • You'll write an invitation letter for me to visit the castle, if I deliver these sweets? ... That's not what I want. I want to go back...
  • ...But if I go to the castle, perhaps I'll find something out... It's probably best I just helped Anko.

Stage 7: A Strange Tea Party

  • I've brought some sweet... Hm? Isn't that Silia and Robin?
  • Oh, you're inviting me to the tea party? Huhu, well then I suppose I shall join.
  • I would have thought that if Japanese sweets are required then tea would be prepared. Apparently everyone has their own idea of what a tea party is.
  • These tea cups are for black tea. Putting green tea in them is a fairly bizarre sensation.
  • Hohoho... The important thing for a tea party is entertainment. This was a really fun and overall fantastic tea party.

Stage 8: Croquet with the Heart Soldiers

  • What a large garden. And it seems well-cared for too. The plants are amazingly shaped and stunningly pruned, too.
  • The Chief is talking in a really boastful way... And everyone else from the agency has a different feeling about them. They're just like the characters from that book.
  • By the way, [Owner], do you know anything about croquet? ... You don't? Huhu, well that is a shame. I'm not sure I know either...
  • Hm... so you hit the hedgehog balls with flamingos... I think I want to pass on this.
  • Some big fuss seems to be going on at that table over there... What? A trial? Whatever could have happened...

Stage 9: The Tart Trial

  • So it seems the Chief... Er, I mean the Queen of Hearts, has had her tarts stolen by someone.
  • And they suspect... Julia? Hm... If I think about that, there is simply no way Julia would do anything like that... At least, not the Julia I know...
  • It doesn't seem like Julia is under the influence of Wonderland. Everyone else, though... I do worry about Karume...
  • ... Hmm? What's wrong, [Owner]? Karume's mouth? ... She's got something on her face. Could it be... Ah!
  • So Karume is the true culprit... Ah, Julia is looking over here. It looks like she heard...

Stage 10: The Dream's End

  • ... That was... a dream? Huhu, having you by my side when I wake up makes me feel quite safe indeed, [Owner].
  • I feel as though I had the strangest dream. I was Alice and you were the White Rabbit...
  • Everyone from the Agency was there as well... What? You had the same dream, [Owner]?
  • It was a very strange dream indeed... Though it really did feel quite real.
  • What's that in your hand, [Owner]? A pocket watch? ... Huhu, if you ever get the chance to have that dream again, you're going to have to give that back to the real rabbit.

Festival in FallEdit


  • Are you done with your praying? If not, I do believe it would be best to hurry up and say it.
  • Oh my, the Kagura dance was quite splendid... That green-haired girl gave off quite the different impression from her normal self.
  • They have been performing what is being called a wa-rock on the stage for a while now. It's quite interesting.
  • Well, if it isn't [Fairy]. Is something wrong... What, you're lost?
  • That candied apricot I just ate was quite delicious. Have you had one yet?

Stage 1: An Autumn Day

  • What a very lovely day... What do you think, isn't it a day just fit for taking a walk?
  • The sky is so clear... The air is gradually beginning to feel like winter air... At least that's how I feel.
  • Hm, what is it, [Owner]... What is that sign talking about? A Fall Festival?
  • So a Fall Festival is going on at the shrine ahead. Hm, well since we have no plans for today, how about we go take a look?
  • Hohoho, do you enjoy festivals that much, [Owner]? You look just like a little child.

Stage 2: The Fall Festival

  • Each and every one of the stone steps has been carefully swept. To do such cleaning is quite marvelous ♪
  • Phew... The shrine's... stone steps... Phew... This climbing is so hard... Ah, we finally made it!
  • This is... an outstanding torii. While its size is grand, it also exudes marvelous color, style and taste... It must have been painted red many tines. Hm, yes this shrine has fine capabilities.
  • Hm, there are many maple leaves amongst the fallen. There seems to be many maple trees at this shrine, but I do wonder the reason.
  • The sacred tree of this shrine is a maple tree? ... It has lived for over a thousand years? I must see this!

Stage 3: Pray First

  • Is there something that is concerning you? ... The stage? Ah, that is the place where Kagura dances and the like are performed. From the information I received earlier, apparently after the Kagura dance something called a wa-rock will be performed.
  • This are is so well taken care of. Yes, what a fine shrine. I would love to visit it when there isn't a festival going on.
  • What's more is this is such a large shrine. I feel I may get lost when many people are here. Shall we hold hands when that time comes so that we do not get separated?
  • Okay, first we pray. The first step is to wash our hands. Be sure to use the proper techniques.
  • Well then, what should I pray for. There is nothing in particular which I desire... Perhaps safety and good health shall suffice.

Stage 4: The Festival Begins

  • I can hear some quite elegant music. It has been coming from the stage over there. Shall we go and see what it is?
  • Autumn and winter are being represented, The mixing of the red and white clothing is truly beautiful.
  • Gratitude and joy are directed towards autumn... And reverence to winter. This dance displays quite the ceremonious feeling.
  • Oh ho, if it isn't Julia and Anko! Oh my, this is such a lovely dance... This the meaning of eye-grabbing.
  • Oh, my! What a wonderful thing I have seen today! Those clothes really do suit Julia. What a new discovery.

Stage 5: Visiting the Shrine Stands

  • Hm, the crowd has grown quite a bit. We should hold hand as to not get separated.
  • But, there are quite a number of stands. Just looking at them all makes me a tad excited.
  • This candy apple... It's a bit big, isn't it? Of course, when it's this big I cannot eat it all. What trouble...
  • String lottery eh? Which one... Ooh, first place. First place is... a giant teddy bear. Hm... I'm not sure how I feel about this...
  • Everyone is staring... Hm, it's this teddy bear. I see. It's so big that walking with it is stressful. To be laughed at for that is embarrassing.

Stage 6: Yabusame

  • Hm? I think I can hear horses running somewhere... It's coming from over there. Shall we go take a look, [Owner]?
  • Aha, so this is called yabusame. What is being used for the targets... Fans? No, no, it is more like a picture scroll.
  • We can try the experience of shooting a bow and arrow at that building over there. Would you like to go and rake a little look, [Owner]?
  • There are fans, apples and even normal targets, but... even an experts would have trouble hitting those small targets... Oh my! You hit it, [Owner]? You... You truly seem to have the gift of archery.
  • Ooh! You truly are amazing, [Owner]! My, you are so skilled at accurately hitting the target!

Stage 7: Huh, What is This...

  • Huh... Where are we? This place feels a bit different from the shrine we were just at... It's not a bad feeling, but we should be careful.
  • There's someone dancing on the stage... It's not Julia... Who could it be?
  • That woman and papier-mache boar and such a strange aura around them.
  • Wow... What an awe-inspiring dance. Just looking at i has such a calming feeling... Hm? There's this magical charm-like sensation going on.
  • [Owner], what that branch you're holding? What? You just suddenly found yourself holding it? ... Hm, how strange.

Stage 8: Autumn Leaf Messenger?

  • Hoho, and now we're back all of a sudden. Hm? That old man... He seemed surprised to see me. I wonder why.
  • Excuse me, kind sire, but I was wondering you seemed surprised to see us. ... Hm? This branch? I just received it from a most beautiful woman.
  • So that woman was the god's messenger, and the papier-mache boar dancing with her was the god. Hm, meeting a god is quite the good fortune.
  • Being given that branch of autumn leaves apparently grants sound health and good fortune. What, hurry and hold it... You want to share the happiness? Huhu, thank you.
  • But still, it was a rather odd experience... Hm? You do not think it's surprising? Is that so?

Stage 9: Let's Make Ema!

  • Now that I think about it, the Shinto priest suggested we go see the ema display... Would you like to write something before we go home?
  • There are quite a few ema already hanging up... Everyone has written out their dearest wishes.
  • Well then... What should I write... Hm. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to think of anything at times like this.
  • Well the... I have decided. And now... I am done. What did I write? Huhu, that is a secret.
  • What sis you write, [Owner[? ... Aha, academic achievement. I see. Truly, life is a cycle of learning.

Stage 10: The Road Home

  • It's completely dark now. We must be careful when we go down the steps... Oh, the lantern are kit. That makes me feel better.
  • The light reflecting off of the leaves is so elegant. Moments like these are the most beautiful parts of autumn.
  • I was planning on walking today, but... I walked much further today than I was anticipating.
  • Is something wrong, [Owner]? What? You feel like you saw god? ... Perhaps something was shown to you.
  • So dinner tonight will be nabe. Preparations have been done since the morning. All we have to do is put the ingredients together when we get home. Ah, don't run or you'll trip and fall!

School FestivalEdit


  • Long time to see, [Fairy]. So you've come to the school festival as well?
  • Have you been to the maid cafe, [Fairy]? Isn't Chief's cooking just magnificent?
  • The sweetness of that pancake is quite delectable, is it not? You should try it if you have the opportunity.
  • Aha... So you are going to participate in the mini concert? What a coincidence, as I shall be participating as well.
  • Dancing is quite a difficult thing... Can you dance, [Fairy]?

Stage 1: An Invitation to Fairy High

  • Now, [Owner]. Fireworks are being shot off over there... Is there something going on?
  • Oh-ho.. So there is a festival going on at Fairy High today? How exciting...
  • What is that? You are going to bring me along? That sounds so much fun. Well the, let's go.
  • I see... So this is what you call a school festival? All the students seem to be enjoying themselves... What's more is that gate looks spectacular.
  • That is such a pleasant fragrance... Is that... sponge cake?

Stage 2: Where to Go First?

  • There are so many store... Where do you want to begin, [Owner]?
  • This is... yoyo fishing? I will get one for you then.
  • Yoyo fishing is... quite hard... Therefore I shall treasure this one you got for me.
  • This is... the rest area. Why, it even seems that person is preparing tea. That's quite kind of them...
  • Hm, that person carrying the tea spilled their tray. Are you okay? Please, go ahead and use my hand towel

Stage 3: Welcome to the Maid Cafe!

  • Oh ho, what is going on here? A made cafe...!? What is it made from...!?
  • Oh, I see... A maid cafe. So these maids... They are a kind of serving girl?
  • How surprising. Isn't that Chief dressed as a maid?
  • Those clothes quite suit Chief. It's a very... Oh, that's right. It's a very classical style.
  • Chief's cooking is as exquisite as ever. This daifuku is particularly delectable.

Stage 4: Romeo and Juliet?

  • The Theater Club will now be putting on a performance of something called Romeo and Juliet. I'm quite excited.
  • The girl playing Juliet... She's so beautiful and her white hair shimmers like silk.
  • Ho-ho... So Romeo is... the type of man who wears a wig?
  • What a humorous play. Is Romeo and Juliet always such a joy? ... I see, so the original was a tragedy? Well, happiness is the greatest of things...
  • There are some goods on sale apparently. Let's see... Oh, isn't this a poster of the girl who was playing Juliet?

Stage 5: Munch, Munch, Munch...

  • It is nearly time for our midday meal. What would you like to eat?
  • Oh-ho... So this is a pancake... This white stuff on top is... Whipped cream, you say? Chief was just telling me about this earlier.
  • I see... I would like to try those sweet things called pancakes. Is that fine?
  • Well then, time to eat... *munch, munch* This is delectable... Would you like a bite, [Owner]?
  • This is so good that I can barely believe it was made by students. I'm touched.

Stage 6: The Haunted House's Scary Trap?

  • Oh...? That student over there is calling us. What could they want?
  • Yes, is there something we can help you with? What's this... Oh-ho, so you say there is an amusing event going on over there?
  • This is... A jaunted house? ... Well, [Owner], we were invited. Do you suppose that we should go in?
  • It is... so hard to walk in this haunted house because it is dark... Oh, my... I must thank you for supporting me, [Owner].
  • Finally, we're out of there... Did you find it frightening? I... I was with you so I did not think it so.

Stage 7: The Fairy High Mini Contest

  • Oh my... Doesn't that girl over there seem a bit troubled?
  • Is there something troubling you, my dear? If possible, we could be of any help?
  • I see... So the person who was supposed to participate in this mini contest is now absent? Then how can I help you?
  • You want me to participate in the mini contest? Just leave it to me. If the clothes are ready, then there is no problem.
  • [Owner], the Seasonal Princess Collection came in first place. Although this was by chance, I am quite happy.

Stage 8: Fairy High Newspaper Hallway Interviews!

  • Oh, my... There are so many people gathered over there... Oh? Karume and someone holding a microphone are coming this way.
  • Oh... So you are performing street interviews in this hallway? Well then, is there something you need of us?
  • You are covering those who were awarded in the mini contest... I see, and therefore I shall help. Please ask anything you wish.
  • Actions befitting a princess... you ask? I see... Well, no matter the occasion, one must treat one's surroundings with the utmost care.
  • Being interviewed was quite fun. Hm? What is it? I see... Of course you are my treasured family, [Owner].

Stage 9: Live at Fairy High ✰

  • What? Oh ho... So there is going to be a concert going on in the gym now. What exactly is a concert?
  • I see... So it is some sort of musical festival. Well then, I suppose we should go and enjoy ourselves.
  • I'm surprised... I had not expected a concert to be this loud...
  • Now, what are those glowing sticks? Glow sticks... How mysterious... I believe I shall go and purchase one myself.
  • All these glow sticks together are quite beautiful. It feels like I am watching multicolored fireflies.

Stage 10: Late Night Festival!

  • The Late Night Festival is starting. Let's go.
  • Oh ho... So the people at the Late Night Festival are dancing. Hm? Dancing together? Two dancing as one is quite harmonious...
  • [Owner], why don't we have something to eat while watching the dance? Let's take it nice and easy.
  • This is... takoyaki? I'll just take one... Ow! That was so hot... Be careful, okay?
  • This School Festival was very fun... This was my first time, but it was extremely enjoyable. If possible, I'd like to come with you again.

Happy ChristmasEdit


  • [Fairy], are you delivering too? Let's be sure to work hard.
  • Rudolph is quite the dependable reindeer. Have you spoken with him, [Fairy]?
  • Quietly on tiptoes... Hohoho, I feel almost as if I've become a ninja.
  • There are so many different kinds of presents. Is there something that you would like, [Fairy]?
  • Have you eaten any of the party food, [Fairy]? The turkey leg was quite scrumptious.

Stage 1: Merry--- What's That Sound?

  • Merry Christmas, [Owner]. Today is the Fairy Agency's Christmas party and I must say I'm quite looking forward to it.
  • Oh, [Owner]. Do you think those fabrics are suitable for Christmas? I believe they are quite fine.
  • What about my clothes? They suit me? Hohoho, if you say that, I am only going to get embarrassed...
  • What a wonderful spread they have laid out for us... Oh? That was quite a terrible sound... What could have happened?
  • I am so surprised... The Agency's roof has caved in. [Owner], are you hurt?

Stage 2: Santa's In Trouble...

  • Hm!? There's someone in the roof rubble... [Owner], can you lend me a hand?
  • What mysterious clothing... I was frightened for a moment as everything is completely red. So this is Santa clothing, I see... Hm? Was that you just now, [Owner]?
  • Ho ho... So this is a new Santa Clause? And your name, dear reindeer, is... Rudolph. A pleasure.
  • Why did you crash here? Oh ho... The map is old and this new Santa wasn't looking straight ahead... So that's why you crashed into our roof?
  • Rudolph, you look quite troubled... What is it? Oh-ho, the present delivery. Well then, I believe you should just leave that to us.

Stage 3: New Santa On The Scene ✰

  • I see... So I just put on this clothing and then deliver presents? Let's see... Oh, these feel so wonderful. And what's more, so warm...
  • Hm? There seems to be a pouch and a trumpet... Oh-ho, so I'll be using them later? Well then, I shall wait for Rudolph's explanation.
  • [Owner]? What is that you are wearing? ... I see, a costume suit. I think it suits you well.
  • By the way, how are we going to deliver presents? Isn't this map quite old? Oh-ho... There is a navigator that the professor has attached.
  • Well then, we should set off. This is my first time riding a flying sleigh. I'm feeling quite more excited than I had expected.

Stage 4: Let's Go Fairy Santa!

  • Oh, this is so fast! This is quite the convenient mode of transportation. The scenery is also lovely. If we weren't making deliveries, I would love to slow down a bit... How terribly regrettable.
  • Now, now, [Owner]. Don't hang over the side too much. It would be most terrible if you were to fall.
  • With the speed of this sleigh, delivering presents to all the children of the world is definitely possible.
  • What is that, [Owner]? I see. Christmas lights. They make quite the illumination... It's very beautiful.
  • The glow from the homes is quite warm... And looking at it from up here makes it feel like it is covering me all the more...

Stage 5: Sneaking on the Rooftop...

  • So we've finally arrived? Hm...? We're on top of a roof...
  • I see. So we're going to enter through the chimney? Ho, ho... What a strange way to pay someone a visit.
  • Oh? It does appear that there is still a fire in the fireplace... The hip pouch? I should sprinkle what's inside of it onto the fire?
  • Oh my...! The powder that was in the pouch has put out the fire... What an oddity. Well, now let's go inside.
  • The chimney is completely full of soot. Do be careful, yes?

Stage 6: Hello! In The Fireplace

  • It appears that everyone in the house is asleep... We must be careful to make no noise as we walk.
  • Hm? I hear something from the stairs... Someone is coming down. Apparently they woke up.
  • If someone is awake I should use this trumpet? Pfff! What... it seems everyone is asleep again...
  • So I just place my hand into this bag to take out the presents.... What could it be... Oh, this is... A radio controlled toy, I believe?
  • We're done with this house. Well then, let's move on to the next one.

Stage 7: Keep On Delivering!

  • So, Christmas presents are delivered to children who have been good. It is a reward for the previous year.
  • Let's go to the next house. This is... a really big house. I wonder what kind of people live here.
  • That is a big and long chimney... How should we go down... Hm? Just hang down this string from my hip pouch?
  • Oh...! The string turned into a rope ladder. Santa has so many useful tools.
  • I wonder what this child wants... *rustle* Oh. This is a beautiful doll.

Stage 8: The Agency Girls...?

  • Oh? This is... This is the Agency. I see, the last stop is presents for the Agency. How savvy.
  • So I should place the presents beneath this big Christmas tree? Regardless... How beautifully decorated it is.
  • Now, who is first...? *rustle, rustle* ... Oh-ho, a magic crystal decoration set? I can easily imagine who will be receiving this...
  • Next is... hm? This is... An afternoon nap set. Hohoho, this is perfect to curl up in places other than beneath a kotatsu.
  • I cannot wait to see the looks on everyone's faces as they open their presents... Huhu, I can only imagine this is how Santa feels when delivering presents.

Stage 9: Deliveries Complete...

  • Are all of the deliveries complete now? We can finally go back to everyone, hohoho.
  • Well, now that all the presents have been delivered, it is finally time for the Christmas party. To be honest, I have really been looking forward to this for a long time... hohoho
  • Oh-ho, aren't you the Santa who passed out earlier? We just finished delivering the presents now.
  • Our deliveries were the last batch for this year? That is wonderful... Oh, no, I would do the same for anyone in a predicament. There is no need to feel indebted.
  • Is this... a roasted turkey? What a wonderful looking dish. Why, I think I'll go get some for you, [Owner].

Stage 10: Merry Christmas

  • Tonight's banquet will soon be at its end... Oh? I do not see either Santa or Rudolph anywhere...
  • Look, [Owner]. look over there. Santa and Rudolph are up in the sky... It appears that they are going home.
  • It was fun, Santa and Rudolph. I do believe we will meet again someday... Soon, at that.
  • Oh? What is that coming down from the sky? Is that... why, I do believe it is presents. Well now, let us hurry and open them.
  • Oh... This cloth is quite marvelous... [Owner]... Why, that looks like a lovely embroidered hat. We both received splendid gifts.

New Year's SunriseEdit


  • ... Hm? Ah, how terrible. I fell asleep. And in the middle of cleaning, no less. How awful.
  • The New Year is so tense. Don't you agree, [Fairy]?
  • [Fariy], where are you going? ... Oh-ho, a bazaar? So it is being run by the blonde lady... I did not know about this.
  • [Fairy], are your preparations for Mt. Vela going smoothly?
  • Hm, there was an owl acquaintance of mine in this hole... It looks like they are not here now.

Stage 1: New Year's in the Fairy World

  • Phew... Now all the house cleaning is done. I wonder what [Owner] is doing... I suppose... I should go and look.
  • [Owner], how is the plant inspection going... Is something wrong? ... What? A strange noise is coming from the roots?
  • What... Ah, there is a mole sleeping under this tree. A big mole at that. And what a sound it makes while sleeping.
  • How did the work turn out? Huhu, so your legs are tired. Well then, let's have some tea when we return. Just wait as I prepare everything.
  • Well then, before [Owner] comes home... Hm, perhaps some coarse tea. And nerikiri for a snack would be nice. It's winter, and I could make a snow hare with white anko.

Stage 2: Kimono Fashion Show ✰

  • What amazing designs. Where did these... Hm? Anko? So you came too.
  • Ah, so these kimonos are yours. How did you even bring so many... Oh-ho. It is one of the Professor's inventions.
  • You brought these so we could wear them in the Fairy World... Huhuhu, how wonderful. Well then, with your gracious permission I do believe I shall put one on.
  • This olive green kimono is nice. And the camellia design on this one is a nice touch. [Owner], what do you think? Which one suits me?
  • You also look good in a kimono, [Owner]. But that obi... Don't you think this design looks better?

Stage 3: Who Are You?

  • Hm? [Owner], why did you tug on my kimono? ... You didn't?
  • Oh, who... are you? You don't seem to be either a fairy or a human... What! You're a trainee goddess?
  • You're looking for Mt. Vela? Well, that mountain is, let's see. It's that mountain past that grove and that forest. You can see the snowcap, I'm sure.
  • But, why are you going to Mt. Vela? ... Hm, so as a trainee it is your test to become a goddess... Even goddesses face troubles, it seems.
  • However... I do believe making it through that forest at this time is quite difficult, no? The fallen snow makes seeing the path difficult... Hm. I suppose I could guide you. Well, we must help one another in difficult times.

Stage 4: Preparing to Mountain Climb

  • The mountain itself isn't much, but it's really cold. We've got time, so we should prepare for that.
  • It's cold, so we should bring scarves. Here's yours, [Owner]. I actually brought it from the Human World.
  • We're going to need bentos and tea too. Blankets would also be a good idea.
  • The luggage is just packed with stuff... Hm? You'll carry it, [Owner]? Thank you.
  • We need to reach the top before sunrise, right? That's no problem. From here, we'll easily make it there before dawn.

Stage 5: To the Akiha Grove

  • Phew... It's been a long time since I've been here. This crisp air is quite relaxing...
  • Hohoho, the winter camellias look beautiful with the snow on them... If we have the time, I'd love a leisurely stroll trough here.
  • [Owner], you shouldn't walk under the trees... Too late. Here, use this cloth to wipe the snow off of you.
  • Hm... Where is Julia? She was behind us for quite some time... Oh! She's been buried in the snow. Quickly, let's dig her out.
  • Once we make it through this grove we will be in the Deep Snow Forest. After that is Mt. Vela.

Stage 6: Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest

  • [Owner], I do not think you should eat that strawberry. It is known as a December Strawberry, and eating it causes you to become very sad and sob uncontrollably.
  • It is best to make something out of these strawberries. Yes, why don't we make something after we return?
  • There are many mysterious plants in this forest. If we have time, I would love to come back again.
  • The snow here is so deep so there are sometimes natural trap holes...?! Ah, that was close... Sorry [Owner].
  • We are getting close to Mt. Vela. The cold is getting worse.

Stage 7: Mount Vela

  • All of the plants here are made of ice. Even in summer the snow does not melt.
  • Hm, the cat girl looks cold. ... Ah, actually... Hold on a moment.
  • Cat girl, eat this. It's a fire fruit. It will warm you up and tastes of heavy cream. Sweet and warm.
  • There is also one known as the flame fruit, however... Yes, that fruit there. If you eat it... Ah! I was trying to warn you that it is extremely spicy...
  • [Owner], are you all right? Flame fruits are convenient as they warm you up, however... Their spiciness is nothing to scoff at.

Stage 8: Finally at the Top!

  • Phew! We've finally reached the summit. An there is still time until sunrise. Let's set up the tent while we wait.
  • Hm? I thought Karume got on something and slid down to the bottom... Oh, I suppose I was imagining things, perhaps?
  • I had no idea I would be spending the New Year in a place like this however... Since you are beside me, [Owner], it feels no different than the norm... Hohoho.
  • A fire clearly is so relaxing. [Owner], those are... marshmallows? Huhu, if you're going to roast them, you can use these chopsticks.
  • Day is starting to dawn... I had no idea the sky at this time could be so beautiful...

Stage 9: First Sunrise!

  • Ooh... The sun has risen. Seeing the sun from the mountain summit makes it so different...
  • Look, the sun has risen. Trainee Goddess... Oh? Your clothes are different from before... Did you pass your trial?
  • Congratulations! Well, what kind of goddess are you? ... You're in charge of the New Year? Ho ho, so you are in charge of changing the old year to the new... What an important duty.
  • Hm... It seems that cat girl can no longer take the cold. We should descend the mountain soon... What is wrong, New Year Goddess?
  • We will be brought back by the trainee... I mean, the New Year Goddess. My apologies.

Stage 10: Happy New Year!

  • Home is the best. Much has happened, but I am glad we had a safe New Year's.
  • Clearly the greatest is to spend time leisurely at home during the New Year. Staying under the kotatsu, enjoying some mochi and the like.
  • [Owner], I've made some osechi, how about we eat? You did also help with the plant inspection so isn't it about time for a break?
  • Well, as it is the new year, I suppose I should do my first calligraphy of the year. New Year's Day is what decides the whole year, after all.
  • A Happy New Year to you. I hope we can both do out best, [Owner.

Chocolate KingdomEdit


  • There are so many kinds of chocolate sweets. I suppose I shall go take a look for future reference.
  • It appears that everyone from the Agency is participating in the competition. Hm, these will be some difficult opponents.
  • Oh, [Fairy]. What kind of chocolate did you make?
  • Hm? This chocolate? Huhuhu, this chocolate is for [Owner].
  • Oh, you have some chocolate on your cheek... Now, now, if you move too much I won't be able to wipe it off.

Stage 1: What Should Today's Snack Be?

  • Let's look for a book for today's snack. I'll search here, you search over there, [Owner].
  • This is... a book of supper recipes. This is for pork and daikon stew... Hm, it has been cold recently, so... But that's not what we're looking for right now.
  • We cannot just seem to find the book on candy we are looking for. Hm? This is... Oh ho, isn't this a book about chocolate?
  • Hoho. All of these candies look delicious. Now, to pick one of them...
  • Hm? What's this book... It's shining...! [Owner]...!

Stage 2: Waking up to Find...

  • ... Hm... What is this place? The Chocolate Kingdom? Who are you? Wait, where is [Owner].. Oh there you are
  • You said your name is Marone? ... And this is the Chocolate Kingdom... Wait, are you saying I'm in a different world?
  • You tied to summon a helper fairy, but failed and got us... I see... So how do we get back to our world...
  • Hm? You want us to help you first... What kind of help? ... You want to make the best chocolate... So what can I do?
  • Hey, calm down! I'm listening! There's no need to shake me!

Stage 3: The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire?

  • Hohoho, you're quite energetic, Marone. One might even say you're fired up... Wait, are you really on fire?!
  • What is the best chocolate? ... Oh-ho, you are speaking of a competition to determine the best chocolatier... I see. And you are participating in this competition, Marone.
  • A competition for chocolatiers that promises great fame and fortune... With all the kingdom's chocolatiers gathering for it, it will be quite the grand competition.
  • It will be a difficult road to be the best in the kingdom. But you have been preparing for this day, right Marone? Then everything shall be fine. Believe in yourself.
  • So it will be [Owner], myself and Marone the chocolatier. Let's work together and make the best chocolate possible.

Stage 4: Chocolate Spy ✰

  • So we are going to go and see the other stores. I am terribly sorry but we do not know much about this kingdom. Would you be so kind as to show us around?
  • This road is all chocolate shops. I am surrounded by such sweet smells...
  • This is a chocolate specialist's shop... And all those shops along there sell ingredients.
  • This... this is chocolate imitating the sun and the moon. Ooh, the sun is ascending with the dial's numbers.
  • Sample the other stores' chocolate? Which should I... Ooh this chocolate has fresh cream inside of it.

Stage 5: What to Make?

  • Matcha chocolate... Hohoho, well then, please leave the matcha to us. We shall make the finest of sweets.
  • However, this is not just simply normal matcha chocolate, correct? ... Hm, hm, I see. The keys to victory are shape and hidden flavor?
  • Another twist... perhaps? Hm... Well, then how about we change the shape of your chocolate? Look, perhaps like this...
  • Oh so you shall be using what you call magic, Marone? ... Is this different from a charm?
  • Hohoho... Both Marone and you yourself, [Owner], are quite excited about this. I shall prepare myself as well!

Stage 6: Get the Ingredients!

  • In order to make deliciously smooth chocolate, we're going to have to get the best ingredients.
  • I wonder what matcha would be good... Hm, the stuff at this shop smells good. The color is wonderful as well. I believe I shall take this.
  • There are two kids of chocolate available. Brown and white. However... As all of the stores specialize in chocolate, I wonder where it would be best to purchase them.
  • These bamboo toothpicks? These are specifically for Japanese sweets. However, they seem suitable for this matcha chocolate.
  • Well then, we have gotten all that we need. Now let's do a trial ♪

Stage 7: The Grand Competition Begins!

  • There's a time limit? Three hours... Hm, well then we should plan how to divide the labor and do this as quickly as possible.
  • Make sure to avoid getting any hot water in there. That would be quite the problem.
  • Marone will be making the finalizing the magic. So not everything will be made with magic. Huhuhu, what an honest child.
  • I suppose I will shake this matcha onto the chocolate. And then finally... Some golden powder on top and it is done.
  • This magic for the chocolate is... magic that brings up memories of spring. Ooh, sakura petals are floating around Marone!

Stage 8: The Kingdom's Best Is...

  • We had some issues and time delays, but the decorations are perfect ♪
  • It seems Marone's rival has finished as well... It seems to be a chocolate cake. ... Hm.
  • The man standing over there is the king of this land. He seems to be overflowing with dignity...
  • Marone, it is all right. It is the best chocolate with the best magic. Let us watch without worry.
  • They are finally announcing first place next. Hm, I feel quite nervous... Hoho, [Owner], would you please hold my hand?

Stage 9: To the Original World

  • Our matcha chocolate has been tested by the panel? It seems to be quite popular.
  • Oh my... What an eventful competition this was. But very enjoyable as well. If the chance presents itself, I would love to come again.
  • I would have liked to tour the Chocolate Kingdom some more. Next time we visit I suppose we could ask Marone to show us around.
  • Well then, shall we be off. I am sure we shall meet again. Next time you will come to visit us? Huhu, I am looking forward to that.
  • Hohoho, you take care of yourself as well, Marone. Your chocolate makes the people so very happy. Be proud.

Stage 10: This is Today's Snack!

  • Oh... It looks like we're back in our world. It also does not appear much time has passed.
  • [Owner], I smell chocolate coming from you... Huhuhu.
  • Well considering all that happened, I think we should have some matcha chocolate for our snack today.
  • We cannot use magic, but we do have heart. Will you help me, [Owner]?
  • Well then, let us hurry back home and make it. We need to buy ingredients, so off to the supermarket we go ♪

Fairy ParadeEdit


  • Oh, [Fairy]. Are you all going to the amusement park as well?
  • What preparations are you doing, [Fairy]?
  • Hm? Are you looking for Chief? I do believe I saw her resting upon a chaise lounge near the entrance.
  • Oh ho. Your costume is so lovely, [Fairy]... It suits you well.
  • Why, this 'crepe' offers up fantastic flavor. Would you like some, [Fairy]?

Stage 1: Let's Go! Amusement Park!

  • [Owner], I have received some amusement park tickets from Chief. The park's name? ...Candy Land... Hm, I have never heard of it.
  • It seems these tickets were obtained from the shopping street chairman. Everyone from the Agency is going as well. Huhu, this shall be fun.
  • Will we need... bentos at the amusement park? ... Hm, I see. There are places within the park where we can eat?
  • It seems many places to enjoy oneself are being built. Recently I saw a television commercial commercial about a place called Destiny Amusement Park. It appears they are at full capacity daily.
  • Hohoho. This seems fun, [Owner]. Well then, let's hurry off.

Stage 2: Sad Amusement Park

  • It looks like we have arrived. [Owner]? I can't believe you fell asleep on such a short trip...
  • What is going on here? is so quiet. Are all amusement parks like this?
  • The rides are stopped and the mascots are all sad...
  • That girl sitting over there looks so sad. I wonder what happened.
  • Well, we cannot just leave her like that. Let's go ask her what's wrong, [Owner].

Stage 3: The Reason Is...

  • Now, now, you over there. Why do you look so sad?
  • So you are the owner of this park. Despite that, you look incredibly young...
  • So a similar park has opened nearby... Oh, Destiny Amusement Park? Hm, so everyone is going there instead...
  • I understand wanting to preserve things like this park. But this is quite the predicament, [Owner]...
  • ...Hm. I believe I have a good idea. What do you say? Why don't we try it out?

Stage 4: Parade Planning ✰

  • A few days ago I saw a foreign nation's festival on the television... I believe they called it a... parade? With advertisement included in the festivities, surely this would increase the townsfolk's interest in this park.
  • We shall construct festival vehicles to advertise the park and move them around the town. What do you think, [Owner]?
  • Oh-ho the agency will help as well? Nothing is better than helping hands. We have much to be grateful for.
  • If everyone from Candy Land and the Agency work together then I am sure we can make a marvelous festival.
  • Hohoho. I hope this becomes a lovely parade everyone will enjoy.

Stage 5: Preparation Is Important

  • Hm, I suppose I can sew. But as Momoko and Yuzu are here I shall let them help.
  • I believe I shall work on the costumes to wear during the procession. Although, I cannot say this is my specialty.
  • Well then, what kind of costume should I make? Perhaps I should embroider some lights that will stand out at night... Or maybe this butterfly embroidery...
  • Hm... This is quite hard. It will be some time before I'm done, but I must finish before the parade begins.
  • What are you doing, [Owner]? Ah, the float decorations. Those look difficult as well... We must both work hard.

Stage 6: Out to the Street!

  • All preparations have been completed. I was working up to the last minute, but I made it in time.
  • I made your costume, [Owner]. Here, try it on.
  • Hm, I think it looks quite good on you. Well now, [Owner]. How about we practice the dance?
  • Hohoho, it does it seem to pale as you are dancing with me. You said nothing about dancing together?
  • Well then, it is time to set out. Let's make this a success, [Owner].

Stage 7: Fantastic Parade

  • Soon the song where we dance together will play. What? No, I am not nervous at all. Look. Right, left... Huhuhu.
  • ...oh my. Aren't you good at this, [Owner]. Is it true that you did not practice?
  • Oh! The townsfolk keep gathering. We got results rather quickly.
  • Hm. This was quite fun. Hohoho, the crowd is all looking over here.
  • Well, I can see Candy Land now. The parade will be finished soon. Let's keep it going until the very end!

Stage 8: Illuminated Attraction

  • I decided to join in as well. I want to help to the very end.
  • These illuminations are the passion of both Candy Land and Silia's laboratory.
  • Oooh...! The playground is also illuminated! The light trajectory is so beautiful... It's like a scene from a fantasy...
  • I'm so glad to get to see this with you, [Owner].
  • Although, I have not yet seen it in motion. What is it going to be like for the rides...

Stage 9: Great Success!

  • Why, it appears we have some time to explore Candy Land. Will you come with me?
  • As there are long lines for the attractions why don't we go shopping now?
  • So this is the largest store as Candy Land. Drawn on the wall, is that... candy? Ah, yes, the symbol of this park.
  • In all honesty, I found the mascots of this park adorable as soon as we arrived! I think I may buy this decoration.
  • What a grand success. An amusement park is clearly more charming when it has crowds of people.

Stage 10: Congratulations All!

  • Oh, isn't that the person in charge of Candy Land? It's so nice that so many people came to Candy Land, isn't it?
  • Oh no, oh no, this was because of how hard everyone worked. We didn't do anything special.
  • Oh, so this is a lifetime pass? So with this I can visit the park whenever I'd like... Ooh, what an incredible thing... Can I really have this?
  • Hm. I believe [Owner] and I shall come again. Truly. Put out your little finger... There, a pinky swear ♪
  • Hohoho. With this great success, it might be difficult to come to this park even with a lifetime pass.

Museum of WondersEdit


  • We cannot be running around a place like this, okay? There are many precious items on display.
  • This is a perfect chance to learn more about the history of the Human World.
  • Hmm? I think I may have seen this animal before... Have you?
  • Hmm? Silia? I believe I saw her over there, by the fossils... but she appears to have moved elsewhere.
  • I see you too were intrigued by this fascinating museum.

Stage 1: We've arrived

  • Really? The Museum of Wonder? I've been meaning to make a visit. This is quite exciting.
  • Hoho, I see its appearance on the news has made this place rather popular already.
  • I see we're not the only ones to think this was a perfect day for a museum visit. Everyone seems to have a big smile on their faces though.
  • To see all of history like this at a glance, to learn so much with one visit... Museums truly are a spectacular invention.
  • You were looking forward to it too, [Owner]? Hohoho ♪ This should be a fantastic day, I believe.

Stage 2: Looking at the exhibitions

  • This statue is spectacularly well crafted. It truly feels as if it's real.
  • Hoho, so this must be the famous Goddess Tear gemstone. It certainly is a thing of beauty.
  • Shall we try the art gallery next, [Owner]? There looks to be some fantastic pieces on display.
  • After hundreds, maybe even thousands of years, these exhibits are holding up fantastically well. It's hard to even imagine what they have been through.
  • The scientist has been acting somewhat strange since we arrived. She seems to be carrying some kind of odd potion, too...

Stage 3: Phantom Thief Alice...?!

  • Strange, there seems to be a commotion over there. What could it be?
  • A thief you say?! Phantom Thief Alice has sent a letter...? So she plans to steal the Goddess Tear...
  • What does this Alice child think she's doing? Stealing is unforgivable. If you want something, you must work for it.
  • Here... I just need to... there. This should keep us safe, [Owner].
  • We must be prepared, [Owner]. Prepared for whatever may be about to happen.

Stage 4: Strategy meeting

  • This Goddess Tear must be something quite incredible, for a thief to target it specifically like this.
  • No, that surely won't work... We cannot risk such power in a small environment like this one... If only we had more people...
  • I suppose all we can do is wait, watch and above all, protect the gemstone.
  • It is your duty. It is your destiny. It is what you were born to do. You must save the stone!
  • It's almost time. Everybody, to your stations. Wait on my command.

Stage 5: Power cut...?!

  • A power outage?! I-It's so dark! [Owner], where are you?
  • [Owner], do you hear a sound...? If only we could see...
  • This must be the work of the phantom thief. She has us all back into a panic...
  • How could she have done it in such a short time? And with all these people around...?
  • The lights still won't come back on... It feels like we've been in darkness forever already.

Stage 6: The exhibits...?!

  • Phew, there you are. It felt like that darkness would never end.
  • D-do my eyes deceive me?! Is the Goddess Tear truly... gone...?
  • [Owner], am I going mad, or was there not a giant T-Rex skeleton standing there before?
  • There is not a chance she could have carried out this theft by her own hands... She must have used some sort of trickery.
  • Perhaps the thief was flying? Perhaps there were multiple thieves? Perhaps I don't have a clue what went on tonight...

Stage 7: Discussion Time

  • I cannot possibly believe that all of this was the work of just one person. It simply cannot be so.
  • We should try to gather some information, don't you think? Excuse me! Yes, you sir!
  • Hear something? I certainly did too, though. I'm afraid to say I didn't get a good look at what it was. Footsteps? Hmm, I'm not so sure...
  • It may be hard to believe, but... is there perhaps a chance that these objects... left of their own accord?
  • Perhaps the thief was flying? Perhaps there were multiple thieves? Perhaps I don't have a clue what went on tonight...

Stage 8: The Phantom Thief appears!

  • So the thief was Silia after all. What exactly was she trying to do this time, I wonder.
  • A lifebreathing potion, you say? It certainly is creative if nothing else.
  • You don't have the Goddess Tear? Whatever do you mean?
  • She claims that the Goddess Tear has wandered off to some other part of the museum. An unexpected turn of events, as Silia put it.
  • The museum staff are all too panicked to be of any use at all. Come [Owner], we shall have to do the searching ourselves.

Stage 9: Find the Goddess Tear!

  • It is quite amazing that Silia has the ability to create potions like this. I do wish she'd put her talents to more useful projects, though.
  • We should be focusing our efforts on finding this Goddess Tear. It can now go anywhere it wants, so where would it want to go...
  • Hmm, not here either. All this stabbing in the dark is doing us no good at all. We need to get back to gathering information, I think.
  • .. I think I have the answer. [Owner], follow me this way.
  • I don't think we have to worry about that crazed scientist. The Fairy Agency seems to be taking care of it themselves.

Stage 10: Got the Goddess Tear!

  • It appears the scientist lady has been caught too. I do hope they're not too rough with her, though.
  • If that potion really does breathe life into objects, then perhaps the T-Rex just wanted to go back outside where it belongs.
  • Which means the Goddess Tear must have tried to go back to where it belongs, too. Inside the Goddess Statue. There it is.
  • The owner says he's going to leave the tear inside the statue. I think that is a splendid idea.
  • So, what do you want to take a look at next, [Owner]? Hmm? Oh come on, there is still plenty of time until the museum closes, you know.