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JE Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Silia's strange movie projector!Ya~y ya~y! Movie time~♪ ...But Silia's strange-looking projector there... I've got a bad feeling...
2Lost in a strange new world?!Wow, everything's spinning~... Where am I~?! Gem World, you say? Everything's sparkling~
3Sapphire TownWo~w, it's all so beautiful~... Could it be, this town's delicacy is Transparent Pie?! ...I have to try it~♪
4Ruby CaveIt's so hot in here~... I think I might melt~!
5Lapis Lazuli RoadIt's so shiny~♪ It looks like little stars are falling to the ground~!!
6Garnet TunnelAhh, it's so dark and narrow, I don't like it~... I'm not scared, I'm not scared......
7Emerald ValleySuch a deep valley! I can hardly see the bottom for all the fog... Wait, did I see something green... Must be my imagination.
8Diamond City of AncientsIt's so quiet here~... I don't like it, no matter how sparkly it is.
9Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!Time to go home! The adventure is over!!♪
10Back to the Human World!!That was so fun, I felt like a fairytale heroine~♪


JE Silia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Silia's strange movie projector!Hahaha☆ So nice to see you all came! Today's the day I reveal my brand new invention, a very special projector!! Everyone, enjoy the show♪
2Lost in a strange new world?!Oh, what's this? There's a problem with the projector? Looks like we can't return to our world until we collect these Keystone Gems... interesting~
3Sapphire TownWhat, do you think I did this on purpose? Hahaha... Eh?!? As if I would ever~!!
4Ruby CaveHm, so if you touch the rubies, the heat dissipates... Which means that something in this cave must be helping the rubies produce their heat...
5Lapis Lazuli RoadWhat a mysterious place this is! Just perfect for taking samples♪
6Garnet TunnelI can see every nook and cranny of this cave, thanks to my shiny friend here! Hm? Oh this? I put it together from bits of rubies I found☆
7Emerald ValleyI think... this is my first time meeting a dragon...!! I'd love to dissect-- I mean, take a sample, if he wouldn't mind...!
8Diamond City of AncientsHm... Diamonds, and similar elements... hot, steaming food... bizarrely stopped clocks... So the people must be... *mumble mumble*
9Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!Perfect! With this many Keystone Gems, I can finally return to my home plane-- I mean, to our world!
10Back to the Human World!!...Hm? I said, I didn't do this on purpose! There's no way I would! ...Wait, where are you taking me?! No~~~...


JE Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Silia's strange movie projector!Popcorn just goes so well with movies... but Karume seems to prefer sweet potato candy.
2Lost in a strange new world?!W-wait a minute, where am I?! Projector's broken? Can't go home?! Silia~~!!
3Sapphire TownSuch beautiful town. Not a bad place to hang around. Magical too, huhuhu.
4Ruby CaveIt is so hot...... I can't believe anything could survive in here!
5Lapis Lazuli RoadThis could be my perfect safe haven! There's more than enough of a magical aura, huhuhu...
6Garnet TunnelDark cave... but, if I use this ruby I picked up earlier... there we go! Much brighter. Karume... I bet she just tumbled right down... tsk.
7Emerald ValleyKarume went down into the valley but hasn't come back... I wonder what happened.
8Diamond City of AncientsHow very quiet... it's like that certain someone has suddenly disappeared...
9Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!Well, let's go home. Though I wouldn't mind coming back here again some time.
10Back to the Human World!!I was a little worried for a while but... of course I can always trust Silia, sigh...


JE Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Silia's strange movie projector!I hope its an action movie! I wonder how good this new projector is. Maybe we'll feel like we're really there~♪
2Lost in a strange new world?!W-woah! What is this place?! It's beautiful! Are we still in the Fairy Agency?
3Sapphire TownWhat does it say there... The Water Town: Sapphire? Hm, I can't read the rest.
4Ruby CaveSo hot!! It is absolutely roasting in he-- wait a minute. If I gather up some of these rubies, I can roast some sweet potatoes...!!
5Lapis Lazuli RoadSo pretty... What a relaxing place. I could stay here all day~♪
6Garnet TunnelSo dark! My eyes! I can't see!! It feels like... there's a steep dro~o~op~...
7Emerald ValleyWoah... that is one giant dragon! I wonder how old he is. Hello up there~!!
8Diamond City of AncientsHmm, this place feels a little creepy. Hm? Did I just see something moving in the castle? Wonder what it is.
9Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!Well, I managed to get a bunch of those sweet potato-roasting rubies, time to go back and have Silia fix them up for me♪ Extreme Infra-fried Sweet Potato♪
10Back to the Human World!!I'm ba~ck!! Wow, what a great adventure that was!! I'd so love to go again~♪


JE Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Silia's strange movie projector!I'm so excited for the movie, meow!... Popcorn? I want chicken, meow~...
2Lost in a strange new world?!Meow meow meow?! Where am I, meow?! Gem World, meow?
3Sapphire TownIt feels so cool here, meow~♪ Swaying along on this boat... paradise, meow~♪
4Ruby CaveIt's hot here, meow... We must leave, meow. If we stay any longer I think I might melt, meow.
5Lapis Lazuli RoadSuch a beautiful view, meow... All the gemstones must be shining with the strength of their various powers, meow.
6Garnet TunnelIt's dark, meow. And I think we're not alone, meow. I think we should keep as quiet as we can, meow.
7Emerald Valley... There's a familiar feeling coming from the bottom of the valley, meow...... What, meow? No, nevermind, meow.
8Diamond City of AncientsI've got a weird feeling about this place, meow. All the food is hot and steaming... but nobody's home, meow.
9Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!I've been collecting Keystone Gems too, meow! I think we have enough to go back home, meow~
10Back to the Human World!!There's no place like home, meow♪ That adventure tired me out a bit, meow...

Cocoa ChiefEdit

JE Cocoa

# Stage Name Dialogue
1Silia's strange movie projector!
2Lost in a strange new world?!What's this? We seem to be in a strange place. Looks like we need Keystone Gems to get back home... I wonder where they are.
3Sapphire TownWow, what a beautiful town♪ I'd love to live somewhere like this.
4Ruby Cave
5Lapis Lazuli Road
6Garnet Tunnel
7Emerald Valley... What is that swirling around down there...? I could swear it's moving... Is it... alive?
8Diamond City of AncientsThis is quite an old city. Looks like it used to be the capital.
9Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!
10Back to the Human World!!Time must have stopped while we were gone. Who wants to grab a snack then?