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  • PDT: 4/16 02:00 - 4/29 23:00
  • EDT: 4/16 05:00 - 4/30 02:00
  • UTC: 4/16 09:00 - 4/30 06:00

Midway Ranking RewardsEdit

JE midway rank
Ranking Item Item Item
JE Emerald Knight's Hat
JE Emerald Knight's Hat preview
JE Emerald Knight
JE Emerald Knight preview
JE Emerald Treasure Tree
JE Emerald Treasure Tree preview
JE Skeleton Performance Mic
JE Skeleton Performance Mic preview
JE Chromium Stage Lights
JE Chromium Stage Lights preview
Raffle Ticket

Total Ranking RewardsEdit

JE total rank
Ranking Item Item Item
JE Ancient Treasure Dress
JE Ancient Treasure Dress preview
JE Old Jewel Feathers
JE Old Jewel Feathers preview
JE Treasure Spirit
JE Treasure Spirit preview
JE Chrome Augite Diva
JE Chrome Augite Diva preview
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Raffle Ticket


Tie-Up Bonus
JE Defender of the Jewels
JE Defender of the Jewels preview
1st half, 3x fp
JE Ruby Queen
JE Ruby Queen preview
2nd half, 5x fp
JE Ye Olde Brilliant Palace Night
JE Ye Olde Brilliant Palace Night preview
bonus fairy gacha play

Stage RewardsEdit

JE stage progress
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 50
Raffle Ticket
Stage 60
JE Guardian's Hat
JE Guardian's Hat preview
Stage 70
Closet Expansion 5
Stage 80
Fairy Gacha Ticket
Stage 90
JE Diamond Ore
JE Diamond Ore preview
Stage 100
JE Diamond Guardian
JE Diamond Guardian preview

Early ClearEdit

JE early clear
Clear These Stages! Prizes!
Stage 7
Stage 15
Stage 20
Raffle Ticket
Stage 25
Stage 30
Stage 35
Closet Expansion 5
Stage 40
Raffle Ticket
Stage 45
JE Ye Olde Brilliant Palace Daytime
JE Ye Olde Brilliant Palace Daytime preview

Event GachaEdit

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JE gacha banner

Event DialogueEdit

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JE play banner

Mika SaysEdit

Here's what Mika has to say about the Gem World:

The Gem World is filled with strange and incredible gemstones, meow! For example, rubies that breathe fire, and sapphires that shoot water, meow. The people of Gem World put the power of these gemstones to use in their everyday lives, meow. Sounds a whole lot different to the Fairy World, meow. Ah, speaking of which, the Keystone Gems are even more beautiful than normal, but apparently the people here have no use for them, meow. Someone even told me that the natives are able to produce gemstones from their own bodies, meow! I'm not sure if that's physically possible though, meow...