Hope Change Edit

Hope Change is a feature allowing a Fairy Doll to rank up after she reaches the Personality Points limit [5000 by default].

All personality points of a Fairy Doll who has undergone Hope Change will be reset back to 0, but you can increase the Rank [★] of one of her currently available Types! If the Type's Rank has been increased even once, you can allow your Fairy Doll to use it, even if she has 0 Personality Points.

To Perform a Hope Change, the following requirements must be met:

  • Reached the personality points limit.
  • Met the requirements for obtaining a Type.

If your Fairy Doll doesn't meet both of the above requirements, she can't perform a Hope Change.

You can Increase the Rank of each type up to 4 times. Every rank will Increase the total personality points limit by 100.

After Hope Changing:

  • The available conversations will increase for the type that has undergone Hope Change.
  • She will send you a letter from the Fairy you Hope Changed. This letter was written by the type that had a rank increase.
  • When your Fairy Doll's Affection is high, she might say something different from before the change.
  • Starting from the second rank increase, Fairy Dolls will send you an Outfit for each increased rank.

To see dialogue and learn more about each type visit our Personality Types Page!!