This is the events gacha from the Hanami Festival Event.

Drop RatesEdit

★5 items are available during the second half of this event!

Gold Silver Bronze
★5 20.99% 6.00% 0.32%
★4 45.02% 30.01% 4.33%
★3 33.99% 44.04% 6.95%
★2 0.00% 19.95% 88.39%

5★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
HFEG Sakura Hairband
HFEG Sakura Hairband preview
Sakura HairbandHead Acc.
HFEG Sakura Mini Dress
HFEG Sakura Mini Dress preview
Sakura Mini DressClothes
HFEG Cherry Balls
HFEG Cherry Balls preview
Cherry BallsBack Acc.

4★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
HFEG LaceHairBonnetpink
Lace Hair Bonnet with Floral Motif pinkHead Acc.
HFEG LaceHairBonnetnavy
Lace Hair Bonnet with Floral Motif navyHead Acc.
HFEG LaceHairBonnetbrown
Lace Hair Bonnet with Floral Motif brownHead Acc.
HFEG LaceHairBonnetwhite
Lace Hair Bonnet with Floral Motif whiteHead Acc.
HFEG FrillyLaceDresspink
Frilly Lace Dress pinkClothes
HFEG FrillyLaceDressblue
Frilly Lace Dress blueClothes
HFEG FrillyLaceDressgreen
Frilly Lace Dress greenClothes
HFEG FrillyLaceDressblack
Frilly Lace Dress blackClothes

3★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type Synthesis
HFEG KnottedRibbonHairbandpink
Knotted Cord-Style Ribbon Hairband pinkHead Acc
HFEG SakuraBonnet
HFEG KnottedRibbonHairbandgreen
Knotted Cord-Style Ribbon Hairband greenHead Acc
HFEG SakuraBonnet
HFEG KnottedRibbonHairbandblue
Knotted Cord-Style Ribbon Hairband blueHead Acc
HFEG SakuraBonnet
HFEG KnottedRibbonHairbandpurple
Knotted Cord-Style Ribbon Hairband purpleHead Acc
HFEG SakuraBonnet
HFEG SakuraTeahouseGirlcrimson
Sakura Teahouse Girl crimsonClothes
HFEG SakuraFairy
HFEG SakuraTeahouseGirlemeraldgreen
Sakura Teahouse Girl emerald greenClothes
HFEG SakuraFairy
HFEG SakuraTeahouseGirlroyalblue
Sakura Teahouse Girl royal blueClothes
HFEG SakuraFairy
HFEG SakuraTeahouseGirlpurple
Sakura Teahouse Girl purpleClothes
HFEG SakuraFairy
HFEG PicnicBoxpink
Japanese Picnic Box Covering pinkAcc.
HFEG SakuraFairyWings
HFEG PicnicBoxgreen
Japanese Picnic Box Covering greenAcc.
HFEG SakuraFairyWings
HFEG PicnicBoxblue
Japanese Picnic Box Covering blueAcc.
HFEG SakuraFairyWings
HFEG PicnicBoxpurple
Japanese Picnic Box Covering purpleAcc.
HFEG SakuraFairyWings

2★ OutfitsEdit

Image Item Type
HFEG RoseCorsageDresspink
Rose Corsage Dress pinkClothes
HFEG RoseCorsageDressorange
Rose Corsage Dress orangeClothes
HFEG RoseCorsageDressgreen
Rose Corsage Dress greenClothes
HFEG RoseCorsageDressblue
Rose Corsage Dress blueClothes
HFEG RoseCorsageDresspurple
Rose Corsage Dress purpleClothes
HFEG SpringBreezeShortspink
Spring Breeze Shorts pinkClothes
HFEG SpringBreezeShortsblue
Spring Breeze Shorts blueClothes
HFEG SpringBreezeShortsgreen
Spring Breeze Shorts greenClothes
HFEG SpringBreezeShortsyellow
Spring Breeze Shorts yellowClothes
HFEG SpringBreezeShortspurple
Spring Breeze Shorts purpleClothes
HFEG ViewingBlanketstriped
Cherry Blossom Viewing Blanket striped
HFEG ViewingBlanketdotted
Cherry Blossom Viewing Blanket dotted
HFEG ViewingBlanketstar
Cherry Blossom Viewing Blanket star
HFEG ViewingBlanketcat
Cherry Blossom Viewing Blanket cat
HFEG ViewingBlanketstrawberry
Cherry Blossom Viewing Blanket strawberry
HFEG BentoBoxesred
Cherry Blossom Viewing Bento Boxes red
HFEG BentoBoxesblue
Cherry Blossom Viewing Bento Boxes blue
HFEG BentoBoxesgreen
Cherry Blossom Viewing Bento Boxes green
HFEG BentoBoxeswhite
Cherry Blossom Viewing Bento Boxes white
HFEG BentoBoxespink
Cherry Blossom Viewing Bento Boxes pink