To see dialogue from different Personality Types, visit their individual pages! This page contains Green Leaf Carnival event dialogue for our lovable NPCs!


GLC Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What is the Green Leaf Carnival?I really hope everyone in Human World enjoys out carnival! It's so much fun ♪
2Let's go!It's not that far, so just enjoy the walk!
3Arriving at the carnivalThe carnival will start as the sun falls. Until then, there's a lot to get ready♪
4Picking flowers and leavesTell me when your baskets are full, I'll take care of them!
5Decorating the forestThe carnival area is just so big, everyone has to work together to get all the decorating done.
6Making carnival outfitsYou made a mistake? Ahh, cheer up...! Here, take this outfit I made♪
7Making traditional fairy foodsThis... is some traditional food... from the Fairy... World...
...Ahh!! I... I dropped it...
8Green Leaf Ceremony... la la la la~ ♪ do do la lee laaaa~ ♪
9Let's eat!Hehe, the Fairy World has some pretty delicious foods, right?
10Singing, dancing and having funChief, Chief~! Come over here, let's dance together♪


GLC Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What is the Green Leaf Carnival?It really is an honor to join the Fairy World's most sacred and traditional event.
2Let's go!Come on, now is not the time to be taking shortcuts. You'll just get lost and miss the carnival.
3Arriving at the carnivalThis place is huge. No wonder it takes all of us to decorate it... I should have worn some looser clothes...
4Picking flowers and leavesK-Karume! That's a fly agaric, it's extremely poisonous! Stop touching everything you see!!
5Decorating the forestDoes this look right? I think we're decorating pretty well. This place really is very big.
6Making carnival outfitsAre all fairy clothes this see-through and revealing? M-me?! You want me to wear this too? I-I graciously refuse.
7Making traditional fairy foodsHuhuhu ♪ Didn't think I could cook quite this well, did you?
8Green Leaf CeremonyIt's such a beautiful dance everyone is doing here. Really very well done.
9Let's eat!Of course the food's delicious, it was made with hard work and cooperation.
10Singing, dancing and having funWhy me? Why do I have to be the one to dance with you, Karume? ...!! G-get off me!!


GLC Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What is the Green Leaf Carnival?Festivals always have a lot of delicious food, right? Right??
2Let's go!The forest behind the Fairy Agency? I remember that place! We used to have gym class there sometimes ♪
3Arriving at the carnivalThis place is so big~! I think I might even find a new type of potato here...!!
4Picking flowers and leavesHey Kyouko, do you think I could eat this weird, red mushroom~?
5Decorating the forestThis spot is perfect! Time to build Karume's Special Stage!
6Making carnival outfitsIt's pretty amazing to make clothes out of plants! I wonder if I can do it too...
7Making traditional fairy foodsRight! Time for me to make my specialty: Potato and Mushroom Soup!
8Green Leaf CeremonyYou want to see me dance? Huhuhu... Well, if you really insist...!
9Let's eat!The Fairy World really has some delicious foods... I should think about living there...!
10Singing, dancing and having funHey Kyouko, let's dance together~!! Come on!!


GLC Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What is the Green Leaf Carnival?I think the humans are going to be pretty surprised by the traditions of the Fairy World today, meow.
2Let's go!Are you guys lost, meow? If you're looking for the carnival, it's over this way, meow.
3Arriving at the carnivalMake sure you listen to the Chief's instructions, so you know what you have to prepare.
4Picking flowers and leavesWarm sun, fresh air... It's the perfect weather for a nap, I think, meow~
5Decorating the forestI know! I'll prepare a camp fire!
6Making carnival outfitsIt's said fairies make their clothes using magic, meow. There's no magic in this world though, so their hands are hard at work, meow.
7Making traditional fairy foodsThey said... there's no chicken in the traditional Fairy World cooking... I can't... I can't believe it... meow...
8Green Leaf Ceremony
9Let's eat!*nom nom* Hmm? I brought my own chicken, just for a snack... Keep it a secret, okay, meow?
10Singing, dancing and having funEating delicious pocket-chicken and watching everyone dance makes for a perfect night, I'd say, meow.

Cocoa ChiefEdit

GLC Chief

# Stage Name Dialogue
1What is the Green Leaf Carnival?I've never actually joined the Green Leaf Carnival myself, either. I'm pretty excited.
2Let's go!The carnival is usually held in a giant forest a short walk from the Fairy Agency.
3Arriving at the carnivalWelcome to the carnival♪ I'm glad to see you made it here.
4Picking flowers and leavesThere are so many exotic flowers here. I wonder if I can pick this red one...
5Decorating the forestSuch a beautiful stage, covered in all kinds of pretty flowers ♪
6Making carnival outfitsHmm? You want me to wear this leaf outfit too? It's a little revealing, but... hehehe.
7Making traditional fairy foodsRelax, these flowers are edible. Try one!
8Green Leaf Ceremony
9Let's eat!
10Singing, dancing and having fun

Food Made by TypeEdit

Interested in what each Type made for the dinner? Look below to find out!

Type Ability Description
Fairyflower-petal soup
Beginnerflower jelly with marigolds
Cheekyhoney and walnut bread
Tsundereflower-petal jelly, herbal cookies, flower-petal ice cream
Coolsalad with violets and pansies
Gentlesnapdragon and calendula salad, with mushroom omelette
Angelbalsam cake
Demonflower muffins
Princesswarabi-mochi, with primrose
Warriorsalad and soup
Cosmomushroom soup
Yanderehoney pie