Friend Gacha
Number of Items Drop Rate
4★ 24 Unknown
2★ 36 Unknown

Batch 18: Tomato DressEdit

2016/04/02 - ? [ONGOING]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Tomato DressTomato DressClothes
FRDG Ketchup HeaddressKetchup HeaddressHead Acc
FRDG Mini Tomatoes Mini PlatesMini Tomatoes Mini PlatesBack Acc
FRDG Tomato Ketchup FrameTomato Ketchup FrameOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Sweet Tooth Dress
FRDG Sweet Tooth Dress White
FRDG Sweet Tooth Dress Brown
color White Brown
Spoon Rack
FRDG Spoon Rack White
FRDG Spoon Rack Brown
color White Brown
Sugar Earrings
FRDG White Sugar Earrings
FRDG Brown Sugar Earrings
color White Brown

Batch 17: Honey GirlEdit

2016/03/03 - ? [ONGOING]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Honey GirlHoney GirlClothes
FRDG Honey Brown SugarHoney Brown SugarHead Acc
FRDG Bee WingsBee WingsBack Acc
FRDG Melty Honey FrameMelty Honey FrameOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Embroidered Dress
FRDG Embroidered Dress Green
FRDG Embroidered Dress Pink
color Green Pink
Strawberry Fork
FRDG Strawberry Fork Gold
FRDG Strawberry Fork Silver
color Gold Silver
Button Earring
FRDG Button Earring Gold
FRDG Button Earring Silver
color Gold Silver

Batch 16: Exciting New LifeEdit

2016/02/02 - ? [ONGOING]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Exciting New LifeExciting New LifeClothes
FRDG Cat-Eared CasquetteCat-Eared CasquetteHead Acc
FRDG Relaxing RoomRelaxing RoomBack Acc
FRDG Exciting Bachelorette FrameExciting Bachelorette FrameOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Relaxed Roomwear
FRDG Relaxed Roomwear White
FRDG Relaxed Roomwear Black
color White Black
Cool Earrings
FRDG Cool Earrings Blue
FRDG Cool Earrings Pink
color Blue Pink
Time To Stop!
FRDG Time To Stop! Type 1
FRDG Time To Stop! Type 2
color Type 1 Type 2

Batch 15: Camellia BustierEdit

2016/01/01 - ? [ONGOING]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Camellia BustierCamellia BustierClothes
FRDG Camellia Hat 2Camellia HatHead Acc
FRDG Flowery BenchFlowery BenchBack Acc
FRDG Camellia ChokerCamellia ChokerFace Acc
2★ Outfits
Halterneck Dress
FRDG Halterneck Dress Red
FRDG Halterneck Dress Blue
color Red Blue
Relaxing Butterfly
FRDG Relaxing Butterfly Red
FRDG Relaxing Butterfly Blue
color Red Blue
Camellia Flowers
FRDG Camellia Flowers Red
FRDG Camellia Flowers Blue
color Red Blue

Batch 14: Frilly Ribbon DressEdit

2015/12/03 - ? [ONGOING]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Frilly Ribbon DressFrilly Ribbon DressClothes
FRDG Pearl Ribbon EarringsPearl Ribbon EarringsFace Acc
FRDG Ribbon SofaRibbon SofaBack Acc
FRDG Butterfly RugButterfly RugBack Acc
2★ Outfits
Frilly Dress
FRDG Frilly Dress Pink
FRDG Frilly Dress Blue
color Pink Blue
Pop-Up Rabbit
FRDG Pop-Up Rabbit White
FRDG Pop-Up Rabbit Black
color White Black
Frilly Standing Light
FRDG Frilly Standing Light Pink
FRDG Frilly Standing Light Blue
color Pink Blue

Batch 13: Veteran MaidEdit

2015/11/02 - ? [ONGOING]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Veteran MaidVeteran MaidClothes
FRDG Stylish Maid's HairbandStylish Maid's HairbandHead Acc
FRDG Lil' HelperLil' HelperBack Acc
FRDG Frame of SplendorFrame of SplendorOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Trainee Maid's Outfit
FRDG Trainee Maid's Outfit Black
FRDG Trainee Maid's Outfit Pink
color Black Pink
Trainee Maid's Hairband
FRDG Trainee Maid's Hairband Black
FRDG Trainee Maid's Hairband Pink
color Black Pink
Cleaning Goods
FRDG Cleaning Goods Type 1
FRDG Cleaning Goods Type 2
color Type 1 Type 2

Batch 12: Singing CamelliaEdit

2015/10/02 - 2016/04/02 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Singing CamelliaSinging CamelliaClothes
FRDG Camellia HatCamellia HatHead Acc
FRDG Cobbled StageCobbled StageBack Acc
FRDG Bird Cage FrameBird Cage FrameOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Travelling Girl Nurse
FRDG Travelling Girl Nurse white
FRDG Travelling Girl Nurse black
color white black
Travelling Nurse's Hat
FRDG Travelling Nurse's Hat white
FRDG Traveling Nurse's Hat black
color white black
Travel Companion
FRDG Travel Companion light brown
FRDG Travel Companion burnt brown
color light brown burnt brown

Batch 11: Bakery WaitressEdit

2015/09/03 - 2016/03/03 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Bakery WaitressBakery WaitressClothes
FRDG Baker's BandanaBaker's BandanaHead Acc
FRDG Food InteriorFood InteriorBack Acc
FRDG Baker's CounterBaker's CounterOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Bakery Costume
FRDG Bakery Costume red
FRDG Bakery Costume green
color red green
Baker's Hat
FRDG Baker's Hat red
FRDG Baker's Hat green
color red green
Yummy Donut
FRDG Yummy Donut red
FRDG Yummy Donut green
color red green

Batch 10: Pretty Store GirlEdit

2015/08/02 - 2016/02/02 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Pretty Store GirlPretty Store GirlClothes
FRDG Fairy Stores CapFairy Stores CapHead Acc
FRDG Sweet CashierSweet CashierBack Acc
FRDG Fashionable Black CatFashionable Black CatOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Classic Polka-Dot Skirt
FRDG Classic Polka-Dot Skirt blue
FRDG Classic Polka-Dot Skirt pink
color blue pink
Polka Dot Ribbon
FRDG Polka Dot Ribbon blue
FRDG Polka Dot Ribbon pink
color blue pink
Stardust and Candy
FRDG Stardust and Candy blue
FRDG Stardust and Candy pink
color blue pink

Batch 9: Chinese Fighter GirlEdit

2015/07/02 - 2016/01/01 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Chinese Fighter GirlChinese Fighter GirlClothes
FRDG Panda Chignon CoverPanda Chignon CoverHead Acc
FRDG Mountain TrainingMountain TrainingBack Acc
FRDG Panda MasterPanda MasterOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Retro Pop Girl
FRDG Retro Pop Girl red
FRDG Retro Pop Girl blue
color red blue
Retro Pop Bandana
FRDG Retro Pop Bandana black
FRDG Retro Pop Bandana orange
color black orange
Retro Sunglasses
FRDG Retro Sunglasses orange
FRDG Retro Sunglasses black
color orange black

Batch 8: Snow Girl of 100 LotusesEdit

2015/06/05 - 2015/12/03 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Snow White Girl of 100 LotusesSnow White Girl of 100 LotusesClothes
FRDG Lotus HairpieceLotus HairpieceHead Acc
FRDG Lotus Leaf with Dripping WaterLotus Leaf with Dripping WaterBack Acc
FRDG Lotus Bloom FrameLotus Bloom FrameOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Autumn Casual
FRDG Autumn Casual purple
FRDG Autumn Casual green
color purple green
Classic Hat
FRDG Classic Hat brown
FRDG Classic Hat green
color brown green
Blizzard Flower Birdcage
FRDG Blizzard Flower Birdcage pink
FRDG Blizzard Flower Birdcage sky
color pink sky

Batch 7: Cosmos Dancing OutfitEdit

2015/04/05 - 2015/11/02 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG Cosmos Dancing OutfitCosmos Dancing OutfitClothes
FRDG Precious Jewel HairpinPrecious Jewel HairpinHead Acc
FRDG Jumping Carp BridgeJumping Carp BridgeBack Acc
FRDG The Frame of Years Gone ByThe Frame of Years Gone ByOther Acc
2★ Outfits
FRDG Spacesuit pink
FRDG Spacesuit black
color pink black
Space Helmet
FRDG Space Helmet pink
FRDG Space Helmet black
color pink black
Petit Flares
FRDG Petit Flares pink
FRDG Petit Flares purple
color pink purple

Batch 6: Cheerful Pop AngelEdit

2015/02/03 - 2015/10/02 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG CheerfulPopAngelCheerful Pop AngelClothes
FRDG MonsterCapMonster CapHead Acc
FRDG MiniatureCastleMiniature CastleBack Acc
FRDG MiniToyRobotMini Toy RobotOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Pretty Dress
FRDG PrettyDressBlack
FRDG PrettyDressWhite
color black white
Bat Hairband
FRDG BatHairbandBlack
FRDG BatHairbandWhite
color black white
Macaroon Cushion
FRDG MacaroonCushionCalm
FRDG MacaroonCushionPop
color calm pop

Batch 5: Mini Outing DressEdit

2015/02/03 - 2015/09/03 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG MiniOutingDressMini Outing DressClothes
FRDG CapelinHatCapelin HatHead Acc
FRDG SweetRibbonSweet RibbonBack Acc
FRDG SunflowerFrameSunflower FrameOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Casual Cut-and-Sewn
FRDG CasualCutandSewnSkyBlue
FRDG CasualCutandSewnWhite
color sky blue white
Twin Ravens
FRDG TwinRavensBlue
FRDG TwinRavensWhite
color blue white
Dice Earrings
FRDG DiceEarringsSkyBlue
FRDG DiceEarringsWhite
color sky blue white

Batch 4: Messenger of the Healing GodEdit

2015/02/03 - 2015/08/02 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG MessengerOfTheHealingGodMessenger of the Healing GodClothes
FRDG RecoverGodsHatRecovery God's HatHead Acc
FRDG CaneOfDivineHealingCane of Divine HealingBack Acc
FRDG CrossPiercingCross PiercingFace Acc
2★ Outfits
Bolero Cardigan
FRDG BoleroCardiganBlue
FRDG BoleroCardiganRed
color blue red
Cupcake Tower
FRDG CupcakeTowerBlue
FRDG CupcakeTowerPink
color blue pink
Munching On ___ Waffle
FRDG MunchingOnPlainWaffle
FRDG MunchingOnStrawberryWaffle
color Plain Strawberry

Batch 3: Cocktail WaiterEdit

2015/02/03 - 2015/07/02 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG CocktailWaiterCocktail WaiterClothes
FRDG SparklingGlassesSparkling GlassesFace Acc
FRDG LavishPartyTableLavish Party TableBack Acc
FRDG SweetTreatsServiceWagonSweet Treats Service WagonOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Floral Tunic Dress
FRDG FloralTunicDressSkyBlue
FRDG FloralTunicDressPink
color sky blue pink
Fancy Plaid Hat
FRDG FancyPlaidHatSkyBlue
FRDG FancyPlaidHatPink
color sky blue pink
Playful Puppy
FRDG PlayfulPuppyBlack
FRDG PlayfulPuppyBrown
color black brown

Batch 2: Sky Tube Top DressEdit

2015/02/03 - 2015/06/05 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG SkyTubeTopDressSky Tube Top DressClothes
FRDG SkyLaceRibbonSky Lace RibbonHead Acc
FRDG SkyBlueCurtainsSky Blue CurtainsBack Acc
FRDG PersianCelebPersian CelebOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Army Uniform
FRDG ArmyUniformGreen
FRDG ArmyUniformBlue
color green blue
Army Helmet
FRDG ArmyHelmetGreen
FRDG ArmyHelmetBlue
color green blue
Camo Chihuahua
FRDG CamoChihuahuaYellow
FRDG CamoChihuahuaBrown
color yellow brown

Batch 1: Punky Diva DressEdit

2015/02/03 - 2015/04/05 [ENDED]

4★ Outfits
Image Item Type
FRDG PunkyDivaDressPunky Diva DressClothes
FRDG SkullHairpinSkull HairpinHead Acc
FRDG LiveNeonLightLive Neon LightBack Acc
FRDG LittleBunnyAmpLittle Bunny AmpOther Acc
2★ Outfits
Cheap Waiter Outfit
FRDG CheapWaiterOutfitBlue
FRDG CheapWaiterOutfitBlack
color blue black
Ten Gallon Hat
FRDG TenGallonHatBlack
FRDG TenGallonHatBrown
color black brown
Hamburger Order
FRDG HamburgerOrderBlue
FRDG HamburgerOrderBrown
color blue brown