This is the events gacha from the Festival in Fall event.

Drop RatesEdit

★5 items are available during the second half of this event!

Gold Silver Bronze
★5 20.99% 6.00% 0.29%
★4 45.02% 30.01% 4.29%
★3 33.99% 44.04% 7.02%
★2 0.00% 19.95% 88.4%

5★ OutfitsEdit

FIF outfit
Image Item Type
FIF Colorful Peony Patch
FIF Colorful Peony Patch preview
Colorful Peony PatchFace Acc
FIF Disturber Of Peace
FIF Disturber Of Peace preview
Disturber Of PeaceClothes
FIF Heart of Japan
FIF Heart of Japan preview
Heart of JapanOther Acc

4★ OutfitsEdit

Weeping Sakura
FIF Weeping Sakura Red
FIF Weeping Sakura Blue
FIF Weeping Sakura Black
FIF Weeping Sakura Yellow
color Red Blue Black Yellow
Japanese Flared Dress
FIF Japanese Flared Dress Black
FIF Japanese Flared Dress White
FIF Japanese Flared Dress Purple
FIF Japanese Flared Dress Brown
color Black White Purple Brown

3★ OutfitsEdit

FIF Samurai Lord
FIF Samurai Magistrate
FIF Samurai Ambassador
FIF Samurai Shogunate
FIF Ushiwaka's Headgear
FIF Ushiwaka's Headgear preview
color Lord Magistrate Ambassador Shogunate (synthesis)
Striking Hakama
FIF Striking Hakama Blue
FIF Striking Hakama Red
FIF Striking Hakama Yellow
FIF Striking Hakama Green
FIF Ushiwaka's Advent
FIF Ushiwaka's Advent preview
color Blue Red Yellow Green (synthesis)
Faithful Dog
FIF Faithful Dog Light Brown
FIF Faithful Dog Black
FIF Faithful Dog Dark Brown
FIF Faithful Dog White
FIF Battlesteed
FIF Battlesteed preview
color Light Brown Black Dark Brown White (synthesis)

2★ OutfitsEdit

Kamioki Celebration
FIF Kamioki Celebration Pink
FIF Kamioki Celebration Green
FIF Kamioki Celebration Blue
FIF Kamioki Celebration Yellow
FIF Kamioki Celebration Purple
color Pink Green Blue Yellow Purple
Japanese Hoodie
FIF Japanese Hoodie Yellow
FIF Japanese Hoodie Orange
FIF Japanese Hoodie Blue
FIF Japanese Hoodie Black
FIF Japanese Hoodie Green
color Yellow Orange Blue Black Green
Nostalgic Candy
FIF Nostalgic Candy Red
FIF Nostalgic Candy Green
FIF Nostalgic Candy Blue
FIF Nostalgic Candy Yellow
FIF Nostalgic Candy Purple
color Red Green Blue Yellow Purple
Bang The Drum
FIF Bang The Drum Brown
FIF Bang The Drum Orange
FIF Bang The Drum Blue
FIF Bang The Drum Black
FIF Bang The Drum Green
color Brown Orange Blue Black Green