To see dialogue from different Personality Types, visit their individual pages! This page contains Festival in Fall event dialogue for our lovable NPCs!


FiF Robin

# Stage Name Dialogue
1An Autumn Day It's the Fall Festival ♪ Let's go, hurry, let's go! It's going to be over before we even get there!
2The Fall Festival Actually, Julia and Anko are apparently going to be dancing at the festival today! I brought a camera so I'm going to get some good photos... but it's pretty heavy... I'm worried I won't get any good shots.
3Pray First *clap, clap* I hope Chief stays healthy and doesn't get sick or hurt! Also, also, I hope I can eat a lot more cherry pie!
4The Festival Begins Julia and Anko both look so pretty ♪ Camera, please!
5Visiting the Shrine Stands There's no cherry pie stand? Hmm, that's disappointing...
6Yabusame So this is called yabusame? So you just go around tring to scare people by saying stuff like YEAH! BOO! SAW ME?
7Huh, What is This... Wha? Where is Chief? ... There's no answer. She must be in the bathroom.
8Autumn Leaf Messenger? Huh, who are you? It's a secret? Ho ho! I've hard that beautiful women have tons of secrets! So it is true ♪
9Let's Make Ema! A wish, a wish... Hm. I can't decide what to write!
10The Road Home It's going to start getting cold from now on, so I'll sleep with Chief ♪ Ehehe, it'll be like a pajama party.


FiF Julia

# Stage Name Dialogue
1An Autumn Day Oh my, look at the time! If I don't hurry up and get ready...! I'm a bit busy, so I'll see you later!
2The Fall Festival I've never really worn a shrine maiden costume before... Is it like this? Hmm, something's not right...
3Pray First Okay then... Now I'm all prepared! I can't believe Karume said there was no reason to come watch...
4The Festival Begins Whew... Ah, thanks. So you watches as well? Huh? The meaning of the dance? Its about sending off autumn at the mountain and waiting for winter.
5Visiting the Shrine Stands Finally time to eat! Huh? You're buying? Well then... In that case, thank you.
6Yabusame You want to try, Anko? ... Amazing! They all hit dead center... You'd probably be completely fine doing it from horseback, too.
7Huh, What is This... ... This place looks really strange... It just feels different from the shrine we were just at.
8Autumn Leaf Messenger? Ah, Karume. Why do you have that branch of autumn leaves... What! It broke off of the shrine's sacred tree...?!
9Let's Make Ema! My wish... Okay. I guess I'll ask to get that magic book that I've been wanting ♪
10The Road Home The lanterns here have been lit, and their light really makes the red of the leaves look beautiful...


FiF Karume

# Stage Name Dialogue
1An Autumn Day The Fall Festival is today ♪ Apparently Kyouko and Anko are dancing so let's hurry and go!
2The Fall Festival Since this is a festival there should be a lot of different food stands~ ♪ Especially a potato stand!
3Pray First
4The Festival Begins
5Visiting the Shrine Stands Ishiyakiimo, imomochi, imodango, daigakuimo... Whew! This is heaven~ ♪ My potato wish was heard!
6Yabusame Anko is amazing! All of the arrows are hitting dead center! But my shots are all falling flat.
7Huh, What is This... Hm? where is everyone? Where did they go... Ah, there's someone on the dance stage!
8Autumn Leaf Messenger? Whoa, that's a beautiful branch of autumn leaves! Is it okay for me to take this? Ehehe, thank you!
9Let's Make Ema! Um... I hope I can eat lots and lots of potatoes! Okay, all done!
10The Road Home It got really cold! Is it almost time to start using the kotatsu?


FiF Mika

# Stage Name Dialogue
1An Autumn Day Apparently there is a fall festival going on at that shrine over there, meow. Meow, well, I am free today, meow... Maybe I'll go and see the stands, meow.
2The Fall Festival Huh, I guess the festival hasn't started yet, meow. I guess I'll take a little nap over there then, meow~
3Pray First What should I wish for, meow~? ... Ah, I know, moew. Meow, meow, meow! What am I wishing for, meow? That's a secret, meow!
4The Festival Begins Meow. That's an amazing Kagura dance. The change from fall to winter is so beautiful, meow. Julia also looks completely different from usual, meow.
5Visiting the Shrine Stands Yakitori is so yummy, meow~ ♪ It's so light but salty and so good, meow!
6Yabusame What am I doing, meow? Trying to prevent the arrow from flying off in the wrong direction, meow. The price is a can of high-quality chicken, meow. I can't wait!
7Huh, What is This... Looks like I've arrived at a different place, meow~ Well, isn't this some sort of sanctuary, meow ♪
8Autumn Leaf Messenger? You got a branch of autumn leaves, meow? Meow, meow... That branch has a strange feeling to it, meow. It looks like you got something really special, meow.
9Let's Make Ema! I hope that the fridge gets filled with chicken... Okay, looks good, meow ♪
10The Road Home Brr. It's a little cold, meow. I feel like eating oden today, meow. Meow, meow~ ♪

Cocoa ChiefEdit

FiF Cocoa

# Stage Name Dialogue
1An Autumn Day The weather is so nice today. Now is the kind of day for a walk.
2The Fall Festival
3Pray First Um... I hope everyone at the Fairy Agency live long, healthy lives! ... Okay, I'm done praying.
4The Festival Begins Whoa...! Both Julia and Anko look so beautiful. Those red and white clothes really suit them.
5Visiting the Shrine Stands
7Huh, What is This... Everyone around us just disappeared suddenly... Do festivals always end that quickly?
8Autumn Leaf Messenger? Wait, what's with that branch of autumn leaves? ... You were given it? Wow, those leaves are so pretty.
9Let's Make Ema!
10The Road Home