This page documents the various Synthesis outfits obtained from fairy Gacha sets. (Mouse-over images for item names.)

Goddess SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadGSG Peak Of Grace Type 1GSG Peak Of Grace Type 2
GSG Elegant Adornment
GSG Elegant Adornment preview
OutfitGSG Goddess Of Love Venus Type 1GSG Goddess Of Love Venus Type 2
GSG The Goddess Izanami
GSG The Goddess Izanami preview
AccessoryGSG Wings Of Fortune Type 1GSG Wings Of Fortune Type 2
GSG Illuminated Pinwheels
GSG Illuminated Pinwheels preview

Cocktail SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadCkSG Jasmine Hairpin RedCkSG Jasmine Hairpin Blue
CkSG El Diablo's Hat
CkSG El Diablo's Hat preview
OutfitCkSG Loving China Doll BlueCkSG Loving China Doll White
CkSG Passionate El Diablo
CkSG Passionate El Diablo preview
AccessoryCkSG Landscape Silhouette NightCkSG Landscape Silhouette Evening
CkSG Night Sky Window
CkSG Night Sky Window preview

Boutique SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadBSG Brooch Fedora BlackBSG Brooch Fedora Purple
BSG Red Ribbon Beanie
BSG Red Ribbon Beanie preview
OutfitBSG Masculine Stripes Blue & OrangeBSG Masculine Stripes Black & Purple
BSG Fluffy Nordic Dress
BSG Fluffy Nordic Dress preview
AccessoryBSG Fairy Torso WhiteBSG Fairy Torso Black
BSG Antique Wireframe Torso
BSG Antique Wireframe Torso preview

Colorful School SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadCSSG Butterfly Hairband PinkCSSG Butterfly Hairband Blue
CSSG Set Of Neon Hairpins
CSSG Set Of Neon Hairpins preview
OutfitCSSG All-In-One Sailor PinkCSSG All-In-One Sailor Blue
CSSG Pop Artist
CSSG Pop Artist preview
AccessoryCSSG Butterfly Dream Catcher PinkCSSG Butterfly Dream Catcher Blue
CSSG Works Of Art
CSSG Works Of Art preview

Magical Show SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadMSSG Big Sunglasses RedMSSG Big Sunglasses Green
MSSG Rabbit's Top Hat
MSSG Rabbit's Top Hat preview
OutfitMSSG Chequered Jack RedMSSG Chequered Jack Green
MSSG Conjurer Girl
MSSG Conjurer Girl preview
AccessoryMSSG Veteran's Cane RedMSSG Veteran's Cane Green
MSSG Sword Trick Box
MSSG Sword Trick Box preview

Shop of Mysteries SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadSoMG Guiding Star Hairpiece redSoMG Guiding Star Hairpiece blue
SoMG Dainy Maiden's Barrette
SoMG Dainty Maiden's Barrette preview
OutfitSoMG Astrology Girl redSoMG Astrology Girl blue
SoMG Dainty Maiden
SoMG Dainty Maiden preview
AccessorySoMG Crystal Pillar Entrance redSoMG Crystal Pillar Entrance blue
SoMG Star the Star Curtain
SoMG Star the Star Curtain preview

Fancy Dream SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFDSG Fancy Mini Hat blueFDSG Fancy Mini Hat orange
FDSG Ribbon Veil of Joy
FDSG Ribbon Veil of Joy preview
OutfitFDSG Sweet Sailor type1FDSG Sweet Sailor type2
FDSG Dream Wedding Dress
FDSG Dream Wedding Dress preview
AccessoryFDSG Dreamland Unicorn type1FDSG Dreamland Unicorn type2
FDSG Sea of Clouds
FDSG Sea of Clouds preview

Literary SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadLSG Lucid Koto Hairpiece red braidLSG Lucid Koto Hairpiece white braid
OutfitLSG Blind Shamisen Player redxblackLSG Blind Shamisen Player blackxpink
LSG Demon's Faust
LSG Demon's Faust preview
AccessoryLSG Mother-of-Pearl Brazier chestnut brownLSG Mother-of-Pearl Brazier dark brown
LSG Mini Mephistopheles
LSG Mini Mephistopheles preview

Gothic Punk SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadGPSG Gothic Ribbon Headdress purpleGPSG Gothic Ribbon Headdress red
GPSG Red Butterfly Charm
GPSG Red Butterfly Charm preview
OutfitGPSG Cross Long Dress blackGPSG Cross Long Dress purple
GPSG Border Punk Skirt
GPSG Border Punk Skirt preview
AccessoryGPSG Crystal Coffin light blueGPSG Crystal Coffin purple
GPSG Fang Mirror
GPSG Fang Mirror preview

Elemental SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadESG Selenium Special Forces Hat redESG Selenium Special Forces Hat black
ESG Platinum Crown
ESG Platinum Crown preview
OutfitESG Selenium Secret Military Corps Uniform redESG Selenium Secret Military Corps Uniform black
ESG Platinum Dress
ESG Platinum Dress preview
AccessoryESG Selenium Special Corps Rapier blackESG Selenium Special Corps Rapier red
ESG Platinum Flower Window
ESG Platinum Flower Window preview

Forest Friends SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFFSG Felt Flower Hat redFFSG Felt Flower Hat purple
FFSG Willow Branch Crown
FFSG Willow Branch Crown preview
OutfitFFSG Colorful Flower Overalls redFFSG Colorful Flower Overalls purple
FFSG Country-Style Cookie Dress
FFSG Country-Style Cookie Dress preview
AccessoryFFSG Small Slide light greenFFSG Small Slide pink
FFSG Super Fun Car
FFSG Super Fun Car preview

Cards SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadCSG Playing Card Ribbon blackCSG Playing Card Ribbon purple
CSG Cardmaster Hat
CSG Cardmaster Hat preview
OutfitCSG Playing Card Dress blackCSG Playing Card Dress purple
CSG Playing Card Master
CSG Playing Card Master preview
AccessoryCSG Scattered Cards blackCSG Scattered Cards white
CSG Suit Motif Charm
CSG Suit Motif Charm preview

Pop SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadPSG Star-Shaped Hairpin1PSG Star-Shaped Hairpin2
PSG Pop Devil Hairband
PSG Pop Devil Hairband preview
OutfitPSG Sparkly Print Shirt pinkPSG Sparkly Print Shirt black
PSG Suspenders Pop
PSG Suspenders Pop preview
AccessoryPSG Monster Rucksack blackPSG Monster Rucksack white
PSG pop balloon art 2
PSG Pop Balloon Art preview

Fairy Tale SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFTSG SmallWolfEarsblackFTSG SmallWolfEarsgray
FTSG Gorgeous Red Riding Hood
FTSG Gorgeous Red Riding Hood preview
OutfitFTSG PetiteWolfredFTSG PetiteWolfpurple
FTSG Little Red Riding Hood Outing Clothes
FTSG Little Red Riding Hood Outing Clothes preview
AccessoryFTSG SimpleStumpwhiteFTSG SimpleStumpbrown
FTSG Tree of Warmth
FTSG Tree of Warmth preview

Castle Town SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadCTSG Magician's Ribbon Hat redCTSG Magician's Ribbon Hat blue
CTSG Prince's Feathered Hairpin
CTSG Prince's Feathered Hairpin preview
OutfitCTSG Magician Frilly Skirt redCTSG Magician Frilly Skirt blue
CTSG Elemental Prince
CTSG Elemental Prince preview
AccessoryCTSG Magician's Cane redCTSG Magician's Cane blue
CTSG Prince's Guardian Fairy
CTSG Prince's Guardian Fairy preview

Wedding SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadWSG Wedding Hat whiteWSG Wedding Hat pink
WSG Marriage Angel Ring
WSG Marriage Angel Ring preview
OutfitWSG Wedding Tuxedo whiteWSG Wedding Tuxedo pink
WSG Fortune Cupid
WSG Fortune Cupid preview
AccessoryWSG Happy Wedding Cake pinkWSG Happy Wedding Cake yellow
WSG Marriage Angel Wings
WSG Marriage Angel Wings preview

Orchestra SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadOSG Note Symbol Ribbon blackOSG Note Symbol Ribbon blue
OSG Hydrangea Headdress
OSG Hydrangea Headdress preview
OutfitOSG Melody Dress rougeOSG Melody Dress bleu clair
OSG Expert Conductor
OSG Expert Conductor preview
AccessoryOSG French Horn goldOSG French Horn silver
OSG Grand Piano
OSG Grand Piano preview

Steampunk SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadSSG Steampunk Chain Hat brownSSG Steampunk Chain Hat green
SSG Retro City Platinum Goggles
SSG Retro City Platinum Goggles preview
OutfitSSG Steam Gunner brownSSG Steam Gunner green
SSG Retro City Sky Woman
SSG Retro City Sky Woman preview
AccessorySSG Retro Wheelchair redSSG Retro Wheelchair blue
SSG Steam Guardian
SSG Steam Guardian preview

Battle Uniform SeriesEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadBUS Butler Mask blackBUS Butler Mask brown
BUS Azure Flame Summon Dragon
BUS Azure Flame Summon Dragon preview
OutfitBUS Butler School Coat blackBUS Butler School Coat brown
BUS School Summoner
BUS School Summoner preview
AccessoryBUS Source of Light royal blueBUS Source of Light red
BUS Dragon Fire and Hellfire
BUS Dragon Fire and Hellfire preview