This page documents the various Synthesis outfits obtained from event gachas.

Museum of WondersEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadMOW Fossilized Resin Hairband orangeMOW Fossilized Resin Hairband blueMOW Fossilized Resin Hairband greenMOW Fossilized Resin Hairband purple
MOW Artistic Beret
MOW Artistic Beret preview
OutfitMOW Dress with Amber redMOW Dress with Amber blueMOW Dress with Amber greenMOW Dress with Amber purple
MOW Artistic Girl
MOW Artistic Girl preview
AccessoryMOW Ancient Urn redMOW Ancient Urn blueMOW Ancient Urn greenMOW Ancient Urn purple
MOW Designer Art
MOW Designer Art preview

Fairy ParadeEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFPE Puffy Clown's Hat PinkFPE Puffy Clown's Hat BlueFPE Puffy Clown's Hat GreenFPE Puffy Clown's Hat Yellow
FPE Fantasy Dancer's Hat
FPE Fantasy Dancer's Hat preview
OutfitFPE Puffy Clown PinkFPE Puffy Clown BlueFPE Puffy Clown GreenFPE Puffy Clown Yellow
FPE Fantasy Dancer
FPE Fantasy Dancer preview
AccessoryFPE Juggling Clubs PinkFPE Juggling Clubs BlueFPE Juggling Clubs GreenFPE Juggling Clubs Yellow
FPE Balloon Arch
FPE Balloon Arch preview

Chocolate KingdomEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadCK Cookie Ribbon Hairband Type 1CK Cookie Ribbon Hairband Type 2CK Cookie Ribbon Hairband Type 3CK Cookie Ribbon Hairband Type 4
CK A Lady's Hat
CK A Lady's Hat preview
OutfitCK Choco Kingdom Maiden WhiteCK Choco Kingdom Maiden DarkCK Choco Kingdom Maiden StrawberryCK Choco Kingdom Maiden Milk
CK Prima Donna's Soiree
CK Prima Donna's Soiree preview
AccessoryCK Afternoon Tea Type 1CK Afternoon Tea Type 2CK Afternoon Tea Type 3CK Afternoon Tea Type 4
CK Rose-Ribbon Stand
CK Rose-Ribbon Stand preview

New Year's SunriseEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadNYS Sheep's Beanie RedNYS Sheep's Beanie BlueNYS Sheep's Beanie OrangeNYS Sheep's Beanie Purple
NYS King Of The Sheep
NYS King Of The Sheep preview
OutfitNYS Sheepish Style RedNYS Sheepish Style BlueNYS Sheepish Style OrangeNYS Sheepish Style Purple
NYS Divine Sheep's Dress
NYS Divine Sheep's Dress preview
AccessoryNYS Flock Of Fluffies Type 1NYS Flock Of Fluffies Type 2NYS Flock Of Fluffies Type 3NYS Flock Of Fluffies Type 4
NYS Sleepy Sheep Seat
NYS Sleepy Sheep Seat preview

Happy ChristmasEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadHXM Star-Topped Hairband GreenHXM Star-Topped Hairband BlueHXM Star-Topped Hairband PinkHXM Star-Topped Hairband Yellow
HXM Strawberry Ribbon
HXM Strawberry Ribbon preview
OutfitHXM Fluffy Tree Dress GreenHXM Fluffy Tree Dress BlueHXM Fluffy Tree Dress RedHXM Fluffy Tree Dress Orange
HXM Strawberry Gown
HXM Strawberry Gown preview
AccessoryHXM Champagne Shower GreenHXM Champagne Shower BlueHXM Champagne Shower RedHXM Champagne Shower Yellow
HXM On The Cake
HXM On the Cake preview

School FestivalEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadSF Fairy High Crepes Staff Cap RedSF Fairy High Crepes Staff Cap BlueSF Fairy High Crepes Staff Cap GreenSF Fairy High Crepes Staff Cap Orange
SF Music Club Performance Hat
SF Music Club Performance Hat preview
OutfitSF Fairy High Crepes Staff RedSF Fairy High Crepes Staff BlueSF Fairy High Crepes Staff GreenSF Fairy High Crepes Staff Orange
SF Guitarist's Performance Clothes
SF Guitarist's Performance Clothes preview
AccessorySF Fairy High Crepes Sign PinkSF Fairy High Crepes Sign BlueSF Fairy High Crepes Sign GreenSF Fairy High Crepes Sign Yellow
SF Music Club Rehearsals
SF Music Club Rehearsals preview

Festival in FallEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFIF Samurai LordFIF Samurai MagistrateFIF Samurai AmbassadorFIF Samurai Shogunate
FIF Ushiwaka's Headgear
FIF Ushiwaka's Headgear preview
OutfitFIF Striking Hakama BlueFIF Striking Hakama RedFIF Striking Hakama YellowFIF Striking Hakama Green
FIF Ushiwaka's Advent
FIF Ushiwaka's Advent preview
AccessoryFIF Faithful Dog Light BrownFIF Faithful Dog BlackFIF Faithful Dog Dark BrownFIF Faithful Dog White
FIF Battlesteed
FIF Battlesteed preview

Fairies in WonderlandEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFIW March Hare's Hat GreenFIW March Hare's Hat PurpleFIW March Hare's Hat RedFIW March Hare's Hat Brown
FIW Crazy-Go-Mad Hatter's Hat
FIW Crazy-Go-Mad Hatter's Hat preview
OutfitFIW March Hare's Fashion GreenFIW March Hare's Fashion BlackFIW March Hare's Fashion RedFIW March Hare's Fashion Yellow
FIW Crazy-Go-Mad Hatter
FIW Crazy-Go-Mad Hatter preview
AccessoryFIW Humpty Dumpty Type 1FIW Humpty Dumpty Type 2FIW Humpty Dumpty Type 3FIW Humpty Dumpty Type 4
FIW Tweedledum & Tweedledee
FIW Tweedledum & Tweedledee preview

Summer FestivalEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadSMF Shiny Ribbon redSMF Shiny Ribbon greenSMF Shiny Ribbon blueSMF Shiny Ribbon orange
SMF Red Fairy Mask
SMF Red Fairy Mask preview
OutfitSMF Flower Dancing Butterfly Yukata blackSMF Flower Dancing Butterfly Yukata greenSMF Flower Dancing Butterfly Yukata blueSMF Flower Dancing Butterfly Yukata pink
SMF Sharpshooter ☆ Hunting Girl
SMF Sharpshooter ☆ Hunting Girl preview
AccessorySMF Fireworks Preparation!! type1SMF Fireworks Preparation!! type2SMF Fireworks Preparation!! type3SMF Fireworks Preparation!! type4
SMF Carnival Stall
SMF Carnival Stall preview

Summer GetawayEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadSGG Orange Hat beigeSGG Orange Hat blackSGG Orange Hat brownSGG Orange Hat white
SGG Hat of Summer Memories
SGG Hat of Summer Memories preview
OutfitSGG Casual College Style whiteSGG Casual College Style blackSGG Casual College Style blueSGG Casual College Style orange
SGG Heroine Summer Dress
SGG Heroine Summer Dress preview
AccessorySGG Mountain of Citrus type1SGG Mountain of Citrus type2SGG Mountain of Citrus type3SGG Mountain of Citrus type4
SGG Blue Dolphin
SGG Blue Dolphin preview

Harvest FestivalEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadHFG Scallion Pompom Hat greenHFG Scallion Pompom Hat orangeHFG Scallion Pompom Hat redHFG Scallion Pompom Hat purple
HFG Vegetable Chewing Doggie
HFG Vegetable Chewing Doggie preview
OutfitHFG Onion Hoop Skirt greenHFG Onion Hoop Skirt orangeHFG Onion Hoop Skirt redHFG Onion Hoop Skirt purple
HFG Vegetable Farmer
HFG Vegetable Farmer preview
AccessoryHFG Spring Onion type1HFG Spring Onion type2HFG Spring Onion type3HFG Spring Onion type4
HFG Guardian Scarecrow
HFG Guardian Scarecrow preview

Green Leaf CarnivalEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadGLCG Japanese Ivy Bandana redGLCG Japanese Ivy Bandana brownGLCG Japanese Ivy Bandana blueGLCG Japanese Ivy Bandana purple
GLCG Purple Wisteria Hairpiece
GLCG Purple Wisteria Hairpiece preview
OutfitGLCG Japanese Ivy Girl pinkGLCG Japanese Ivy Girl yellowGLCG Japanese Ivy Girl blueGLCG Japanese Ivy Girl purple
GLCG Wisteria Arrangement Kimono
GLCG Wisteria Arrangement Kimono preview
AccessoryGLCG Ivy Fairy pinkGLCG Ivy Fairy yellowGLCG Ivy Fairy blueGLCG Ivy Fairy purple
GLCG Spirit of Japanese Wisteria
GLCG Spirit of Japanese Wisteria preview

Strange StrengthEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadSSG Fire Horns yellowSSG Fire Horns blackSSG Fire Horns silverSSG Fire Horns brown
SSG Thunder Barrette
SSG Thunder Barrette preview
OutfitSSG Burn Blast type1SSG Burn Blast type2SSG Burn Blast type3SSG Burn Blast type4
SSG Clothes of Thunder God
SSG Clothes of Thunder God preview
AccessorySSG Fire Butterfly type1SSG Fire Butterfly type2SSG Fire Butterfly type3SSG Fire Butterfly type4
SSG Thunder God Seal
SS Thunder God Seal preview

Jewelry EventEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadJEG Agate Knight's Hat blackJEG Agate Knight's Hat yellowJEG Agate Knight's Hat whiteJEG Agate Knight's Hat purple
JEG Japanese-Style Agate Ribbon
JEG Japanese-Style Agate Ribbon preview
OutfitJEG Agate Soldier redJEG Agate Soldier greenJEG Agate Soldier blueJEG Agate Soldier purple
JEG Agate Princess
JEG Agate Princess preview
AccessoryJEG Agate Treasured Sword crimsonJEG Agate Treasured Sword steelJEG Agate Treasured Sword silverJEG Agate Treasured Sword purple
JEG Butterfly Lamp
JEG Butterfly Lamp preview

Hanami FestivalEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadHFEG KnottedRibbonHairbandpinkHFEG KnottedRibbonHairbandgreenHFEG KnottedRibbonHairbandblueHFEG KnottedRibbonHairbandpurple
HFEG SakuraBonnet
HFEG Sakura Bonnet preview
OutfitHFEG SakuraTeahouseGirlcrimsonHFEG SakuraTeahouseGirlemeraldgreenHFEG SakuraTeahouseGirlroyalblueHFEG SakuraTeahouseGirlpurple
HFEG SakuraFairy
HFEG Sakura Fairy preview
AccessoryHFEG PicnicBoxpinkHFEG PicnicBoxgreenHFEG PicnicBoxblueHFEG PicnicBoxpurple
HFEG SakuraFairyWings
HFEG Sakura Fairy Wings preview

Fairy ZooEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadFZEG MeshCapblackFZEG MeshCappinkFZEG MeshCapskyblueFZEG MeshCappurple
FZEG BrownAnimalEars
FZEG Brown Animal Ears preview
OutfitFZEG KidsShortParkayellowFZEG KidsShortParkapinkFZEG KidsShortParkablueFZEG KidsShortParkapurple
FZEG StripedShortSalopette
FZEG Striped Short Salopette preview
AccessoryFZEG PetGuineaPigorangeFZEG PetGuineaPigpinkFZEG PetGuineaPiggreyFZEG PetGuineaPigyellow
FZEG CurlyTail
FZEG Curly Tail preview

Mechanical AdventureEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadMAG Apprentice Air Pirate's Hat red
MAG Sky Pirate's Gear Barrette
MAG Sky Pirate's Gear Barrette preview
OutfitMAG Apprentice Air Pirate red
MAG Sky Pirate Dress
MAG Sky Pirate Dress preview
AccessoryMAG Apprentice Sky Pirate Companion red
MAG Sky Pirate's Sky Ship
MAG Sky Pirate's Sky Ship preview

Picturebook KingdomEdit

Category Item Synthesis
HeadPBK Head Maid's Bonnet whitePBK Head Maid's Bonnet redPBK Headmaid's Bonnet bluePBK Head Maid's Bonnet yellow
PBK Noble Navy Canotier
PBK Noble Navy Canotier Preview
OutfitPBK Long Maid Uniform whitePBK Long Maid Uniform pinkPBK Long Maid Uniform bluePBK Long Maid Uniform orange
PKG Miss Question Dress
PBK Miss Question Dress Preview
AccessoryPBK Tea Time Cart greenPBK Tea Time Cart redPBK Teatime Cart bluePBK Teatime Cart brown
PBK Mr.Butler Sheep
PBK Mr.Butler Sheep Preview