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This gacha was added on February 24th, 2016. It is available any time; there is no strict time limit to play it.

1 play is 250 DP and the 11-play gacha is 2500 DP.


About the Effect GachaEdit

  • It is possible to receive duplicate items from this Gacha.
  • Due to the nature of this Gacha, it is not always possible to receive each and every item.
  • You will receive 1 Raffle Ticket per play of the Effect Gacha.
  • You will receive 11 Raffle Tickets per 11-Play of the Effect Gacha.
  • You cannot use Fairy Gacha Tickets to play the Effect Gacha.
  • All items have the same drop rates.

About the Effect Gacha ContentsEdit

  • Only "Back" and "Other" avatars are available in the Effect Gacha.
  • The drop rate for all items is the same.


Stardust Sky
EFG Stardust Sky Blue
EFG Stardust Sky Pink
EFG Stardust Sky Yellow
EFG Stardust Sky Green
EFG Stardust Sky Purple
color Blue Pink Yellow Green Purple
Light Reflection
EFG Light Reflection Yellow
EFG Light Reflection Blue
EFG Light Reflection Pink
EFG Light Reflection Green
EFG Light Reflection Purple
color Yellow Blue Pink Green Purple
Elegant Illumination
EFG Elegant Illumination Yellow
EFG Elegant Illumination Light Blue
EFG Elegant Illumination Pink
EFG Elegant Illumination Green
EFG Elegant Illumination Purple
color Yellow Light Blue Pink Green Purple
Twinkle Stars
EFG Twinkle Stars Light Blue
EFG Twinkle Stars Yellow
EFG Twinkle Stars Pink
EFG Twinkle Stars Green
EFG Twinkle Stars Purple
color Light Blue Yellow Pink Green Purple
Magical Mist
EFG Magical Mist Blue
EFG Magical Mist Red
EFG Magical Mist Orange
EFG Magical Mist Green
EFG Magical Mist Purple
color Blue Red Orange Green Purple
Snow Crystals
EFG Snow Crystals Light Blue
EFG Snow Crystals Yellow
EFG Snow Crystals Pink
EFG Snow Crystals Purple
EFG Snow Crystals White
color Light Blue Yellow Pink Purple White
Happiness Hearts
EFG Happiness Hearts Pink
EFG Happiness Hearts Light Blue
EFG Happiness Hearts Yellow
EFG Happiness Hearts Green
EFG Happiness Hearts Purple
color Pink Light Blue Yellow Green Purple
Graceful Harmony
EFG Graceful Harmony Solo
EFG Graceful Harmony Duo
EFG Graceful Harmony Trio
EFG Graceful Harmony Quartet
EFG Graceful Harmony Quintet
color Solo Duo Trio Quartet Quintet
Shining Halo
EFG Shining Halo Green
EFG Shining Halo Red
EFG Shining Halo Blue
EFG Shining Halo Purple
EFG Shining Halo Yellow
color Green Red Blue Purple Yellow
Belle Fleur
EFG Belle Fleur Un
EFG Belle Fleur Deux
EFG Belle Fleur Trois
EFG Belle Fleur Quatre
EFG Belle Fleur Cinq
color Un Deux Trois Quatre Cinq
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