JobRock Vocal
Job Time3hr 00min
Dialogue Preview
{Line: 1} Wow, what a gloomy face, heehee!
{Line: 2} My belly is getting smaller!
{Line: 3} Hey, ... Ohh, nothing... Heehee!
{Line: 4} It is difficult to distinguish humans by their faces.
{Line: 5} Coo, coo...
Naughtiness 500

Hope Change OutfitEdit

Item Position Hope Change
HC Devil Skull Piercing
HC Devil Skull Piercing preview
Head ★★ Hope Change
HC Mini Devil Ereka
HC Mini Devil Ereka preview
Back ★★★ Hope Change
HC Devil's Smiler
HC Devil's Smiler preview
Clothes ★★★★ Hope Change

Dialogue Edit

Talk Edit

  • If you go out, take me with you.
  • Hey, [Owner], stop sobbing! Heehee!
  • This place is so good... hee hee...
  • ... Sleepy... So sleepy... is this normal!? That futon is so comfy!!
  • It's a belongings inspection... First of all, under your bed! Hee hee!
  • Is there any housework that I can do? Yes! Are you nervous to ask? Heeheehee!
  • Nothing to do even if you have free time!!...Oi, [Owner], won't you show me a good time as a guide?
  • Hmm... Hee hee! This slime... while [Owner] is sleeping... Hee hee!! I can't wait for the reaction!
  • Hmm, so what should we do today, [Owner]...Go, hit the ball! A punishment game for each time a ball hits you! Heeheehee!
  • I came up with a mischief which will really surprise you! Hee hee!! What is it? When???? Tell me... Hahaha! I can't bear it!!
  • Sports??? Hmm... Well, [Owner], shall we play a ball game together! Hee hee! Run as hard as you can if you don't want to get hit!
  • Hee hee, today is a great day to get in to mischief... First of all... inside of [Owner]'s bag... What is that?! What on earth...
  • Let's play the crane game at the arcade! You said you wanted to, [Owner]! Don't stand idly by, get your stuff and come along! Hahaha!!
  • I love spicy things more than sweet things and I've found these special spicy chips... Hee hee, are you going to show them down?...Well, I was told they stick to your mouth! Hahaha!
  • Oh, we've come to a great place, haven't we? shall we eat some cake? Hee hee, choose one from here... That is so... hee hee! Well then... Oooh, is that Mogamoga? Umm... so delicious!!
  • Great weather for tricks... Hee hee, What's that in the garden... while you weren't looking...!? Well... what on earth... such a surprise! Eh, you're going to fill the holes in the garden now? Can I also help? Well then... Let's strike while the iron is hot!!
  • An elderly neighbor has gone around and collected up all the fallen leaves... Why would anyone bother, it's not like there aren't going to be even more leaves falling... Well... This chestnut... This means something good is surely going to happen!! Now I'm happy!

Condition/Mood Boosting Options Edit

  • [Fairy] has brought a game controller.
    • [Play nice together] You play nice together.
      [Fairy]: "COOP? Okay!!!"
      • [I cleared the whole stage] You cleared the whole stage.
        [Fairy]: "Wow, this is thanks to my mad skills!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy's] Mood got much better.
      • [Almost did it...] You almost did it...
        [Fairy]: "Oi, [Owner]... You're not going to pull the plug out of the socket are you? Huh?"
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Have a closely heated battle] You have a closely heated battle.
      [Fairy]: "You think you're good enough to be my rival? You wish!"
      [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
  • The leaves around you have started to change colors
    • [Let's go collect the fallen leaves!] You suggest going to collect fallen leaves!
      [Fairy]: "Shall we look for leaves together, [Owner]? Maybe you're not the kind of person to have such an interest in nature..."
      • [Th, that is...] You are confused.
        [Fairy]: "Oh, a great waterfall! Let's explore, see if we can find any living creatures!!"
      • [We have to get eating our lunchbox] ??
    • [Let's go gather mushrooms!] You suggest to gather mushrooms!
      [Fairy]: "Hmm... This mushroom... Hee hee, this is fun!... Umm... Anything will do, hee hee!!"
  • Fairy is singing with a remote control instead of a mic.
    • [It's a perfect time for karaoke!] You declared that it's a perfect time for karaoke!
      [Fairy]: "Okay, I'm gonna give this a go!"
      • [Jump in] You jumped in.
        [Fairy]: "Danger, danger! This world is full of daaa-nger!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
      • [Join during the chorus] ??
    • [I'm tired. Let's just stay home and relax.] ??
  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go to the zoo.
    • [It's so nice out today! Let's go to the zoo] Perfect weather! Let's go to this zoo today!
      [Fairy]: "Today is a perfect day to go all out!"
      • [Hippos are really big] Hippos are so big!
        [Fairy]: "They look so docile but are really angry and fierce"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed.
      • [Yeah, the zoo is a little hot] Yeah, it is a little hot at the zoo
        [Fairy]: "I'll take a break and you buy me something to drink... Hee hee."
        [Fairy]s' Mood got much better.
    • [Hand over a stuffed animal] You gave her a stuffed animal.
      [Fairy]: "Wow... Cute!"
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
  • You decided to go see the movie that [Fairy] was interested in.
    • [But some popcorn and watch the movie] You decided to buy some popcorn and juice watch the movie.
      [Fairy]: "What's this? Chili dogs are spicy, I probably won't like it... Sweet is always the best! Hee hee!!"
      • [I couldn't stop eating the snacks throughout the whole movie] You couldn't stop eating the snacks throughout the whole movie.
        [Fairy]: "Buy the large size! That will satisfy me... Hee hee!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]s' Mood got a bit better.
      • [That movie was kind of boring] You thought that movie was kind of boring.
        [Fairy]: "Oh... Well, I like this kind of movies..."
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Buy some juice and watch the movie] You decide to buy some juice and watch the movie.
      [Fairy]: "Is this... Who do you think I am!?"
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go to the aquarium.
    • [Don't you want to go to the aquarium!?] You ask if she wants to go to the aquarium.
      [Fairy]: "Ordinary fish aren't good enough for me! Hee hee!"
      • [Schools of fish are so mysterious] You comment that schools of fish are so mysterious.
        [Fairy]: "Not interested."
        (No Condition/Mood Change)
      • [That person is so beautiful] You comment that that person is so beautiful.
        [Fairy]: "[Owner]... is really true to their desires... I don't like it... Hee hee"
    • [Show her an ammonite reference book] You show her an ammonite reference book.
      [Fairy]: "This book doesn't have any content... Hee hee"
      [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go to the amusement park.
    • [Let's go as crazy as we can at the amusement park] You suggest going as crazy as you can at the amusement park.
      [Fairy]: "I want to hear the crazy screams of humans! Hee hee!"
      • [Let's ride the Ferris wheel] You suggest riding the Ferris wheel.
        [Fairy]: "... Is this fun, [Owner]?"
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...?
      • [The waiting time was so long] You comment that the waiting time is too long.
        [Fairy]: "Oh really? I enjoyed it. I could hear people from a rollercoaster who sounded like they were super scared... Hee hee!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
    • [Let's spend the day sightseeing] You suggest spending the day sightseeing.
      [Fairy]: "Oh, really... Well, okay."
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • It looks like [Fairy] wants to play.
    • [Go to the park together] You decide to go to the park together
      [Fairy]: "Wow, both stylish and funny!"
      • [Ride the seesaw together] You rode the seesaw together.
        [Fairy]: "... Go up and down harder! Heeheehee!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
      • [Climb the jungle gym] You decide to have her climb the jungle gym.
        [Fairy]: "Oh, what a shame... I'm getting tired"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
    • [Hang around your room] ??
  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go shopping.
    • [Shopping at the Fairy Shop] You go shopping at the shopping center.
      [Fairy]: "[Fairy]: Am I scaring your senses? Hee hee!"
      • [These clothes look like they would suit you] You tell her that these suit her.
        [Fairy]: "Oh... I guess you really do have a pretty good fashion sense."
      • [Ah! I forgot my wallet] You forgot your wallet!
        [Fairy]: "Moments like this do happen sometimes..."
        [Fairy] was left with a bad impression.
    • [Watching the Fairy Collection show] You watch the Fairy Collection show.
      [Fairy]: "Fairy Models... Whatever... Hee hee."
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • [Fairy] is staring into the refrigerator.
    • [Let's splurge a little and eat out today] You suggest splurging a little and eating out today.
      [Fairy]: "I wonder if it'll satisfy me. Hee hee!"
      • [Go for a luxurious French lunch] You go for a luxurious French lunch.
        [Fairy]: "Ooh... Wonderful... Let's start with a luxurious fillet... Hee hee!"
      • [Settle for a normal chain restaurant] You settle for a normal chain restaurant.
        [Fairy]: "Wow, they have a comprehensive Japanese-style menu."
        [Fairy] was left with a bad impression.
    • [It's a waste of money, so let's get something at the convenience store] You think it's a waste of money, so you suggest getting something at the convenience store.
      [Fairy]: "Don't you always buy jerky?"
      [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
  • [Fairy] is reading a book.
    • [Go to the library!] You decided to go to the library
      [Fairy]: "Well, shall we make it a date?"
      • [Research about the fairy world] You research about the fairy world.
        [Fairy]: "The human world is so interesting... Hee hee!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
      • [Sleep] You sleep.
        [Fairy]: "Want to race who can fall asleep faster?"
        [Fairy] was left with a bad impression.
    • [Ask Mr. D!] Ask Mr. D!
      [Fairy]: "Um... Well... How! I don't know who that is... Hee hee"
      (No Condition/Mood Change)

Hope Change Scenario 2★Edit

  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to cook together.
    • [Make curry] You make curry.
      [Fairy]: "Hee hee! Curry, full of hidden tastes..."
      • [Use lots of spices] You use lots of spices.
        [Fairy]: "Hee hee, this level of spiciness! I can understand for a kid like you!!"
        [Fairy's] Mood got a better.
      • [Use honey and chocolate] You use honey and chocolate.
        [Fairy]: ".... Oh! Way too sweet! Only you could make something to such a child's taste!"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Make gratin] You make gratin
      [Fairy]: "Eh? I'm in charge of cutting? Great!... Eh? Well anyways, time to get on with it and see how it goes."
      [Fairy's] Mood got a bit better.
  • [Fairy] is staring at the stereo.
    • [Play some pop music] You play some pop music.
      [Fairy]: "Hmm... this music is kind of flighty... I guess you like this."
      • [Play some techno pop music] You play some techno pop music.
        [Fairy]: "Well, its not bad, but not exactly to my taste either."
        [Fairy]s Mood got a bit better.
      • [Play some rock music] ??
    • [Play some classical music] You play some classical music.
      [Fairy]: "...... Zzzzzz! What! Sleeping... or listening with both eyes closed!?"
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.

Hope Change Scenario 3★Edit

  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go on a short trip.
    • [Let's go somewhere far away] You suggest expanding your horizons by going somewhere a little far.
      [Fairy]: "This building is so tasteful. It's also pretty old. This is going to be fun."
      • [Let's buy some steamed buns] You bought some special steamed buns.
        [Fairy]: "Wow, shall we go for a short "Super Hot Russian Steamed Bun"? Hee hee, let's have a try on the train home!"
        [Fairy] likes you.
      • [Let's take a commemorative photo] You tell her to say cheese!
        [Fairy]: "Wow!! Hee hee, how is it! Ha ha, your expression is so funny! Looking cowardly, [Owner]!! Its like there's a flower blooming above your head!!"
        (No Condition/Mood Change)
    • [Let's go on a day trip] You went to a local hot spring.
      [Fairy]: "... Did you go in that hot spring over there? Its amazing! How did it feel? ... Duh, this is a water bath! Oh, you slipped... So funny!"
      [Fairy] is kind of impressed..
  • [Fairy] seems to want to learn of the human world.
    • [Teach her about human history] You teach her about the 100 years of human history that exists here!
      [Fairy]: "Hmm... well... I guess it is roughly understood!?"
      • [Digress into a lie] This stays between us, but...
        [Fairy]: "What!? Humans think they can fly in an emergency... Well... That's pretty stupid, but maybe I shouldn't comment on that."
        (No Condition/Mood Change)
      • [Digress into something truthful] Moreover, that person and that machine...
        [Fairy]: "Oh wow, how incredibly interesting! I want to know more! These kinds of stories are a million times more interesting!"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed/ [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
    • [Teach her about human culture] Teach about the last hundred years of culture in the human world
      [Fairy]: "Entertainment and play seem to be so important to human beings and to me. Well, let's go to the arcade! Hee hee!!"
      [Fairy] likes you

Hope Change Scenario 4★Edit

Socializing Edit

  • I mean, we've got a pretty sweet gig being Fairy Dolls, if you know what I mean.
  • No, no, no! That won't do! You can't just recklessly listen to everything humans say!
  • Those are pretty nice threads. Looks like I can't underestimate you.
  • The Human World is pretty hot! The food is delicious, as is the booze - I mean...
  • I came to party! Come one, let's have a drink!
  • I'll be back again, he he he!
  • What are you acting like a sweet little girl for, [Fairy]?! I know your true ways!
  • Yo, [Fairy], are you still with me?
  • So, about your owner, [Fairy]...
  • [Fairy], you've got to hide me! I escaped from [Owner]! Don't snitch on me!
  • The Fairy World has so many rules. It's not the place for me.
  • What's with your hands? Have you been getting beefy? I'm looking at you, !
  • A movie? Let's see the package. Ho, ho, looks like a hot one - I love to see humans shaking in their boots. We've gotta watch this!
  • WAKE UP! It's not the time for sleeping! Let's do something fun...
  • Look at this... I gathered as much pollen as I could find... Ah, give it back!
  • Achoo!! What? I'm supposed to wear a mask? I'm already sneezing because of this hay fever, a mask won't change anything!
  • Tadah! It's me! [Fairy], are you ready?! Hm? We're going to watch cherry blossoms!!

Socialized Edit

  • Argh, what a pain!
  • You're so slow on the uptake, [Fairy]
  • First, sit your bum down here.
  • Never mind that, let's do something fun! Hya hya hya!
  • So, is that some sort of strategy, ?
  • Hanami? Taking a nap is... Oh, wait, hanami means crowds... Okay, let's go!
  • [Fairy], you came at the right time! Eat this! Hm? It's Dango of Darkness, my special recipe. I forgot what put inside.
  • Come closer... over here... hya hya hya!
  • This is my special spot! I won't give it to anyone! I won't move!
  • Humm, humm, I can't hear you.
  • Zzz... Ah! What? Did some kind of a cataclysm happen!? ...Uh, I was napping, you can't just wake me up.
  • Well, you sure look healthy.
  • He, he, you're brave to invite me like that!! Okay, I guess I can go, ha,ha.
  • [Fairy], you're pretty fun. Come again, will ya?

Recommended Edit

  • That's what I like to see! Keep the gifts coming!
  • There's no such thing as clothes that don't look good on me!

Bother Edit

  • Say, how about swapping roles with me and experiencing some of what I have to suffer?! Hohoho
  • Oi, [Fairy]! Ready to party?

Yell Edit



  • Hey! Why don't you go ahead and study, smarty-pants!



  • [Sleeping]
    • The night's only getting started!
  • [Waking up]
    • Zzzz... huh, what?!
    • Yeah, yeah, I'm awake, I hear you!!

After Work/Study/Errand Edit


  • Hey, leave it to me and this is the work you get!


  • Yeah, done and done, man!!


Nickname Change Edit

  • Huh? You wanna be called by a different name? Uh, what a pain... > Huum, you sure are particular, [Owner]. Are you sure you're OK with this? > There! I've got it, you see? Now, how about my R-E-W-A-R-D??

My Fairy Talk Edit

Socializing Edit
  • Oh, we match, [Fairy]? Hmm... I wonder who wore it first?
  • Play cards with me, [Fairy]. Of course, we'll be betting on today's snack!
  • Hey! Rah! Heehee! You made such a stupid face! Owowowow! Don't pinch my cheeks!
  • Morning. Boy, you sure are late today. Did you oversleep?
  • [Owner], you complimented [Fairy]? That's good. She's quite the star student.
  • Hey, what game is that? You better let me play, too!!
  • OK, we now have a good hobby for the room. Let's begin the Operation Bug [Owner] council!
  • [Fairy], [Owner], what are you two always talking about? Are you talking about the public show or something?
Condition/Mood/Intimacy Boosting Edit
Socialized Edit
  • I wore it first! That means you're the copycat, [Fairy]!
  • Pssht. Don't say that to the person's face!
  • Ah... You're so late, [Fairy]! Are you still wearing pajamas!?
  • Heeheee, aren't you just spellbound by my charm?
  • Hah! This is a great place! Don't get in my way!
  • Ain't no way I'm going to lose to you, [Fairy]!
  • Munch munch* *gulp* Oh... that was good...

Hope Change Edit

Letters Edit

  1. To [Owner], who once again hadn't noticed today's prank
    You thought this was a love letter? Too bad, it was me! I can just picture the look on your face when you opened your mailbox and saw this letter, with the hearts and everything... heeeee hee hee hee! Just wait until my next prank... hee hee hee!
    From, [Fairy]
  2. To [Owner], who has fallen for my prank yet again
    You're always here beside me, and always kind to me... I love you, [Owner]! I can't even think about having another owner! Please stay with me forever and ever! That's a promise, you know♪
    From, [Fairy]
  3. To the ever-gullible [Owner]
    Tee hee, it's a letter from me, your loving Fairy Doll♪ Thanks for always being together with me. I get lonely easily, and act spoiled, but having you here beside me lets me live each day to the fullest. Even if you wanted to be apart, I wouldn't let you, okay! I love you! Together forever, right [Owner]♪
    From, [Fairy]
  4. Even being dull has its limits, [Owner]
    Hey, [Owner]! I wonder if I've matured a little since coming to the Human World? I was really lonely when I first came here, and used to cry every day, right? And you always comforted me... Tee hee, thinking about it makes me all nostalgic♪ I'm really grateful to you for treating me so kindly in those days. Thank you. We're gonna be together forever and ever! I love you, [Owner]♪
    From, [Fairy]

Event Dialogue Edit

Picturebook Kingdom Edit


  • He, he, he, you'll take part in the race to the exit of the maze, right? Start!! It already started! Loser buys candy for the winner!!
  • Do you know where this mansion's riddle is? He, he, he! I don't know either!
  • Argh... That mistress has seen through all my tricks... Instead of playing chess I want an excuse to get all the sweets in the mansion~
  • Sigh~ I'm so tired of walking around this mansion... (Fairy), carry me! You don't have the right to refuse!
  • He, he, looks like we got inside a book. How can we get out? Wish I knew that!

Stage 1: Agency Library

  • H-hey! Don't pull the book, you'll tear it! W-what's happening?! The pages are glowing!! I-I can't see anything!!
  • Hey, what's with this book... A picture book? (Owner), you're reading things like this? Like a little baby, ha ha ha!
  • Why do I have to go to some stupid library?! Go alone...
  • I came with you because you said they have comics as well... But I see on;y boring books? Is there anything interesting here?
  • Members of the Agency as here... How about I tell everyone what you're reading, [Owner]? Embarrassing, right?!

Stage 2: Where are we...?

  • Roses, thorns, roses, roses, thorns... This place is boring... Hm? I think I already passed through here... I-I'm just imagining things!
  • Hey, that's my treat! ...what a weird dream... Whoa! What is this place? I was in the Agency Library until a moment ago...
  • That said, (Owner) is nowhere to be seen! Where are you? Oh, I bet (Owner) got lost. He, he, he, first a picture book, now getting lost!
  • Sigh, I guess I'll go look for [Owner]. And get something good for that later.
  • Is this supposed to be a maze? I'll reach the exit sooner or later! I'll just burn these roses and brambles to the ground! Oh, I don't have a lighter!

Stage 3: Rose Mansion?

  • Uh, I got really scared for a second there... Hey, maid girl! Do you know (Owner)? We got separated.
  • I should've went straight through these thorns... Wow, what's with this house? It's so huge! Maybe there's a treasure inside!
  • Inside this mansion? Why did (Owner) go inside... Always a problem with that one.
  • If there's a treasure inside, I should quietly go in through a window... WHOA!! They even have a maid here! Don't scare me like that!
  • We were both invited here? Well if I'm going to get a treasure then I don't mind. He, he, he.

Stage 4: The Rose Mistress

  • You're the mistress of this place? Do you have any treasures here? No? (Owner), we're going home! How? You look for a way!
  • Solve a riddle to get back home? What do you mean?! Send us back this instant!! (Owner), why aren't you saying anything?!
  • You didn't get lost...? W-what? No, I didn't get lost!! I mean I kid of did in that maze, but...
  • Behind these doors, right? I can't wait to see [Owner's] face when I come in just like that!

Stage 5: A mystery...

  • Uh, what is this painting? I think I saw that face somewhere... Oh, there's something written under it. Argh, I can't read it!!
  • Is this supposed to be a hint?! I wonder if we'll find that riddle... Maybe she was lying... Whaaat, you want to keep looking?
  • It says [A rose is a show-off, moody and selfish mistress]... Which means that this person is the mistress!! The real one doesn't look anything like this!
  • Uh... This is so annoying. How are we supposed to find anything without any hints? ...sigh! Oh well, maybe we'll find an amazing treasure while searching!
  • Even if there is a treasure here... This place is too big... Okay, I'm out, good luck~

Stage 6: Wonders of the world?

  • ...roses, roses... I think I'm going crazy by looking at all these roses!! Hey, how about a rest? What? I'm not interested in looking outside!
  • (Owner), you're to slow so you probably haven't notices, but... There are roses everywhere. Are you surprised by how smart I am?
  • sniff sniff* ...I smell treasure!! Don't worry about the details. We'll cute these brambles and take a look inside! Come on, let's go!
  • What...? You want me to look out of the windows so badly? You'll have to beg... Ha, ha, I'm kidding~...

Stage 7: The maze of Thorns

  • Left-hand rule? What's that? No way we can get anywhere with it! Why do you believe in your left that much?
  • Haha, let me tell you one thing. I came here because I know you'll get lost, (Owner)!
  • Hey, hey, I didn't come here to get lost! ...huh. Are you saying that I got lost here before? What are you talking about~?
  • ...what trick did you use? No way such a weird rule would work! Don't point at that cluster of brambles! That's not our goal!!
  • I've already cleared this maze!! Go here~ And here~..... Hehe, I'll leave this to you!

Stage 8: The Spirit of Thorns

  • Look, there's no riddle that I can't solve!! Now I'll get the treasure!!
  • I won't give you the treasure just because you found the cluster of brambles!! First come, first served!! Waah? There's someone inside!
  • Spirit of Brambles? I don't want anything from any spirits. I'll cut these brambles and get the treasure! Ah, I didn't bring a knife.
  • What? [It looks wonderful, but touching it hurts. What flower is a show-off, moody and selfish, but still the most beautiful in the world?]? I don't care, just give me the treasure!
  • ... why must think about such stuff? Of course rose is the answer. I bet it was hard for you, [Owner].

Stage 9: All mysteries solved!

  • You called us here because you were bored?! ...if you do stuff like that at least prepare some treasure!! Booring!
  • You'll send us back home? ...(Owner), you can stay here for all I car... Hey, don't go without me!!
  • What, what? Brambles are disappearing! This means clearing a stage, right? W-what, you don't have any treasures? No waaay!!
  • What? are really the Spirit of Brambles? Uh, whatever. O-of course I knew!

Stage 10: Evening Library

  • You're borrowing this book? So uncool~ I don't see any manga here, so I guess I'll read it too. Before you, that is!
  • Huh? This page... [And that's how the mistress spend her time happily ever after]? Uh, that mistress is laughing!
  • What? This picture book... I remember brambles on the cover, but they're all gone. What's the meaning of this? ...ah, whatever.
  • ...whoa? Where are we? Oh, we're back in the library... Was that all a dream?!
  • Tsk, [Owner], you got back too. Don't look so scared! I'm messing with you.

Mechanical AdventureEdit

Stage 2: The Town of Steam

  • Was there a place like this anywhere near the Agency...? Like I mean, I've never seen a place like this. It's full of machines and smoke.
  • Hey, hey [Owner]!! Wake up!! ...sigh, you finally woke up. Let's look around. This place is weird.
  • We;;, at least we don't have to clean... For now, for now! We must check where we are! Yeah!
  • Well then, there is something important around... Oh? Hey, [Owner]!! Look, it's an [Informant]! He, he, we must go inside.

Stage 3: Sky Pirates?!

  • Get information first? Boring! What should I ask about? gear and the way to the Agency? Geez, you're not good at handling fairies, you know.
  • This store is selling my favorite juice? Hey, old man, give me a round of... What? [Owner], what do you think you're doing?
  • Why a gear...? Huh? Is this smoke...? Whoa!! Who's pulling my hand?! Let me go!!
  • Ho, ho, feared sky pirates... And what business does a pirate girl like you have with someone like me? want the gear? No way I'm not doing that.
  • Gear door connected to other worlds? ...uh, so that means... That we're in another world? Hey, old man, that door... Why, why are you interrupting us? Who are you anyway?

Stage 4: Steam Town Princess ☆

  • Okay, let's go to the Flying City!! ...where should we go first?
  • Huh, so you're the princess of this country? Perfect timing. Tell us everything you know about this gear!! If you don't... We'll tell people searching for you where you are!
  • Huh? You'll guide us there? ...looking for an adventure? Well aren't you a weird one...

Stage 5: Boarding the Airship!

  • It says [airships] here, but what's the difference between these and airplanes? I don't get it.
  • Huh?! You want me to choose an airship? I don't know which ones are good! ...sigh, whatever, let's take the purple one!!
  • Oh, I really like this airship!! He, he, he ♪ Let's take this one!
  • Hey, that girl there... Whoa! Yeah, I was right, it's one of the sky pirates! Let's hurry up and run!!
  • Did you notice? The old man informant and the owner of this store were both bald... You think it's because of the steam? ...ouch, what are you doing!!

Stage 6: Adventures in the Sky!!

  • ...well, that was reckless, but we got away. [Owner], you're a terrible driver!! I thought I was going to fall off!

Fairy ZooEdit

No data available for this event!

Hanami FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Hey, [Fairy]. Don't you think today is a pretty great day? We can eat and drink so much!
  • Yeah, there's a stage, so? He, he, I guess I'll have to put some life into that event! What should I do...
  • Whoa?! What are you doing! My hair is full of cherry blossom petals!
  • Take that~! Sakura blizzard! He, he, I gathered those petals around here! ...ha, sorry. Was it too much? Well, don't worry.
  • Don't tell me that you're done watching cherry blossoms... It would be a waste! A real waste!!

Stage 1: Before going out

  • Wake up, wake up~! Today is the hanami day, let's go!
  • I've heard that there are going to be many stands. He, he, he... I can't wait...
  • Hey, prepare a lot of cash. Why? Oh, I'm sure you know.
  • Not doing anything special is boring!! I have an idea... Those who come to the park first can give one order to those who come later!!
  • Huh? My shoelaces! How could you!! Wait!!

Stage 2: At the park

  • Huff... Puff. I won!! You lost!
  • Because I won, you will listen to my order! And the order is - as long as we're here, I'm the one in charge!
  • To think there are so many people here... That's the proof that there's something interesting here!
  • The smell of food, the smell of toys... Festivals are fun!
  • Which stand should we start at~♪ Hm? Cherry blossoms? Yeah, they're pretty. Okay, let's go!

Stage 3: At the shopping district

  • He, he, he, let's buy taiyaki at that stand. [Owner], come on, take out your wallet!
  • You think I want some cotton candy? Okay... Hey! Hurry up!
  • Your takoyaki are mine! Your sweets too!
  • Uh... W-wait... I-I can't eat any more... Huh? You bought something again?!
  • I told you that I'm full... Hm this grilled squid? It's yours.

Stage 4: Looking after a store?!

  • Huh? You have something urgent to take care of and want us to look after your stand? Huh?! Hey, I didn't agree!!
  • Hey, hey, [Owner], you agreed to it, so you'll be the one doing it. I'm not helping.
  • You want me to inflate these balloons? Why do I have to... what? More people will come if I do it?
  • Huff huff*...this thing isn't getting any bigger! And it wasn't made to explode in the first place!
  • Hey, you give me that balloon! No? Well then... Could you give me this balloon, please?

Stage 5: Hanami time

  • Ah~ Done! And? You got something from the owner, right? Why are you hiding it?
  • I saw that! It was a golden looking juice! Don't take it all for yourself! Give some to me!!
  • Hmph. These cherry blossoms aren't half bad for the Human World. I'm a bit surprised.
  • Hm? What am I going to do with this shovel? I'm going to dig a hole under the tree, isn't that obvious?
  • I bet something is hidden here... Ah! Give me back my shovel! I just wanted to check the soil here!

Stage 6: Let's check Agency food stands

  • I got this drink Silia's selling over there. Hey, [Owner], give it a try. Go on! Drink!
  • Oh, so Robin's doing Grab The Yoyo? Watch this, I'm gonna get so many she won't know what hit her!
  • Look, [Owner], Mika's got a shooting gallery. I wanna shoot that toy gun! Lemme at it!
  • Oi, I'm gonna take a shot, so you just stand back there and watch, 'kay? ...Woah! Misfire!
  • What...!? Mika avoided the cork at this distance! Who do you think you are, Mika?

Stage 7: Stage event time

  • She says it's magic, but she's just fooling everyone, right? I mean, people can't float, it's impossible!
  • A live concert! Yeah, louder, louder! I'm gonna jump in!
  • Eh?! Even Karume's in on it all! Nah, this stage is mine and mine only!
  • Ahh, I feel much better. You just gotta take part in these events. Which means you're up next!

Stage 8: Riverside sunset

  • Oi [Owner], there's a bunch of boats over there, what kind of event d'ya think it is?
  • Ahh, a hanami river cruise is it? Right then, I'll be at the wheel, so you take a rest back there, eh captain?
  • Why am I taking the wheel, you ask? Duh! Because... I am! Y'see?!
  • Heehee~! Faster, faster!! What? It's rocking too hard? So hold onto something then!
  • Phew... surprisingly tiring, this steering business. I've had enough. Take the wheel, [Owner].

Stage 9: Watching evening sakura

  • What do you mean, it's late so let's get home? The hanami starts here, my friend!
  • Ahh, I could eat a horse tonight! Eating, playing, shouting... this is what a festival's all about!
  • A break? Fine, you sit down here, I'm gonna wander about over there!
  • Hehehe, while [Owner]'s away, [Fairy] shall pla-- Wha~?! How did you find me?!
  • O~i, you lot! Let me in on the party! What do you mean I'm not allowed alcohol?!

Stage 10: Relaxed walk home

  • Phew. I ate, I drank, I enjoyed myself. I wish every day was a hanami festival.
  • Oi, did you hear that [Owner]? They said the festival's gonna continue for a while. Which means... we can come again? Hehehe♪
  • Always something interesting going on, eh? I guess I'll have to hang around this Human World a little longer. What? Something up, [Owner]?

Jewelry EventEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Hey, why the long face?! If you're not enjoying this amazing new world, you're really missing out!
  • What?! You found a Keystone Gem before me...?!
  • A dangerous gemstone, you say? Hehehe, I'll be taking that then!
  • Exploding gemstone! Take that, hya~! Hahaha, run for your lives~!
  • I stuck a waterfall gemstone in your owner's back there! They'll be absolutely drenched... hehehehe!

Stage 1: Silia's strange movie projector!

  • Of course she would do this on a cold night like this. There better be a lot of popcorn there. A lot!
  • As lame as it is to be the first to a party, I came with good reason... Time to start the pranks!
  • Hehehe... and for my first trick, this whoopee cushion, right under the-- what?! Plastic seats?!
  • How about the speakers then?! I'll pull out the cables and-- *bzzzt!* N-no... c-c-casing... s-so... d-d-dangerous...
  • Next trick then... If I can just peel back the lens on the projector... oh what now, no lens?! How can a projector just use a gemstone?!

Stage 2: Lost in a strange new world?!

  • Aw we definitely made a mistake coming early. I've had enough already, I'm gonna take a nap.
  • Mmm... hmm? You're going where? To the wall? Enjoy yourself. Mmm...
  • What?! You mean the wall's sucking us all in?! Why didn't you tell me sooner?!?!
  • Aww, that hurts... you'll pay for this...
  • Say what? Keystone Gems are the key to getting us home? Go collect them?! Go collect you! ... ugh, wait for me...

Stage 3: Sapphire Town

  • I'm bored of walking. Let's play a game~!♪
  • Okay, so the rules are simple. Whoever... loses... at rock-paper-scissors has to carrythebagsrockpaperscissorsGO! Hahaha~, I win~!♪
  • Hahaha! Come on [Owner], we wanna be first to get all the gemstones, right?
  • What does that old guy think he's staring at, eh? I'll give him something to stare at! ... Huh? You've got a gemstone for me?
  • Geez, that old guy... I'm-so-great this, and Bad-chicks-rule that... at least he gave us the gemstone.

Stage 4: Ruby Cave

  • Hot! So so hot, what is with this cave?! Count me out, you go in and find the ruby, [Owner].
  • No dinner if I don't come? Is that a threat?! I know what you're doing late night on your PC, y'know!!
  • Not like I had anything better to do alone anyway... Well, what're you waiting for? Get a move on!
  • See? That wasn't so hard, was it? If you ask so nicely, of course I'll join! Now don't threaten me again!!
  • Tada~! And the ruby is mine. Let's leave a message, shall we? [Fairy]... was... here... There we go!

Stage 5: Lapis Lazuli Road

  • Hey~, Mr. Shiny there, d'you think I could have him? Please~? Tch...
  • The owl dares to challenge me?! A riddle for the Keystone Gem? Fine, bring it!
  • Which month has 28 days? That's not a riddle, that's just a question! February, of course! ... What do you mean, no?!
  • Of course I know the answer!! I just... Ngh... You give it for me, [Owner]!!
  • All of them? But... Ack...! Hey, birdbrain, are you trying to trick us or something?!

Stage 6: Garnet Tunnel

  • Tch, it's way too dark in there. You're not thinking of doing any funny business, are you [Owner]?
  • This is ridiculous, I can't see a thing! Come on [Owner], do something about it already!!
  • I know, how about I just blow the entire tunnel to kingdom come? Eh? How about that? Hm? ... Say something, will you [Owner]?!
  • Lantern? You've been carrying a lantern this whole time?! Gimme that...! Lantern... tch... Was this a prank or something?
  • Hahahaha~~! Behind the wall! Haha~~, behind a wall of all places! Now I can get gems as much as I want!! Hahaha~~!

Stage 7: Emerald Valley

  • Look! We got here because you forgot the way back and didn't want to cross the fallen tree!
  • I agreed? That's because you looked so sure about where you're going... Why are you smiling!!
  • Huh? I'm busy! A dragon is approaching?! ...huh? A dragon?!!
  • You want us to scratch your back? I don't do favors for free.
  • ...hey, hey, not only are you giving us the Keystone Gem but you'll take us to the next one too? You sure have a lot of free time.

Stage 8: Diamond City of Ancients

  • Shiver*... That dragon... That was way too fast... I'm so cold...
  • Wait, wait, can I scrap the gold from these walls... No? Argh! Why's it not coming off?!
  • Hey, hey, I can smell the gem! He, he, if we took it home... I'd be super rich!
  • Right, when I become rich... I guess I'll invite you sometime! As my toy... I mean partner!
  • Hey, it's a diamond! [Owner], we must find more of these and take them home! You want money, right?

Stage 9: Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!

  • We've collected the Keystone Gems just like you said! Let us go home!! I'll sell these gems once we get home!
  • What?! We can't bring any gems from this world because it would interrupt the teleportation? Hey, what are you saying!!
  • Sigh~ And here I thought that I'll be able to bring all these gems home... Look, I even put them inside my clothes.
  • Uh. You're not going to send us to yet another world, right? I'm not going to do all this hard work again!
  • I'm switching into power saving mode. I'm leaving the rest to you... Zzz...

Stage 10: Back to the Human World!!

  • Argh... I wanted to swim in a golden bath...
  • Huh? Why do you have a gem? You had it in your pocket? That chemist, did she trick me?!
  • You're giving me the gem? Hmph, I'll accept it! In exchange, you'll listen to my orders!
  • He, hehe, he... Now that we know that we can bring that stuff back... I'll have to find that chemist... He, he...
  • That's it for today. I'm off to bed...

Strange StrengthEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • The Central Cities! Blue sky! Glass floors! High places!'s as if we're walking on air.
  • You want to know my special power? He, he, he... Want to taste it first hand?
  • Boom, boom! He, he, this is my special power! Woosh!! Hah, next I'll do some firecracker sounds!
  • Hah, this is fun. With a power like this I'll never get bored. Check it out, I only have to make a small sound behind you...
  • He, he, he... The person who came up with this power must love pranks. I can even make sounds like that... Ha, ha!

Stage 1: At Home

  • cough* Ahh... mmm.... Hmm? What do you want? Make it quick, I'm on the last boss here.
  • An invitation from Fairysoft huh... F-Fairysoft?! Gimme that!!
  • This is for the test event for Strange Strength!! And it's... today?! We gotta go, quick!
  • Get a move on, [Owner]! I don't wanna be late because of you!
  • Oh yeah, I forgot to ask for travel money. Please~♪

Stage 2: To the Event Hall

  • Nearly there! What's that look for? What are you, tired? How do you expect to have fun like that?!
  • See, I ran here. You walked. I'm just a little worn out, is all. Go get me a drink already!!
  • Ah, I forgot to get a pamphlet. Go get me one, [Owner]. Don't look away, I know you heard me!!
  • Man, I can't believe how many people are here. Exactly how popular is this company anyway?!
  • It better be as good as the reviews. I mean, it is Fairysoft, I doubt there's anything to worry about.

Stage 3: The Central Cities

  • So who should we prank first then? *squeek* W-what? That wasn't me!! [Owner] probably forgot how to use the power!!
  • Right then, let's decide it once and for all, which of us is best! Whoever shouts the loudest, wins!!
  • Hehehe... This power couldn't be any more perfect... See, I can just... SHOUT LOUDER THAN ANY OTHER SOUND!!!!!
  • Ack, it's the cops!! I-it's not what it looks like! It was all [Owner]! Tell 'em, [Owner]!... [Owner]?!
  • That was so embarrassing! It was all your fault! You'll pay for this...!

Stage 4: A Secret Deal

  • Look at that. Over there. There, I said! Under the bridge. See those people talking? This late at night? Suspicious.
  • Let's get as close as we possibly can and listen... Don't worry about making a sound. I'll just make another sound to cover it.
  • Heh, look at that, a buzzing noise right into their ears! They hate it!! Hahaha, this is fun!
  • Ahh... Oh yeah, we were supposed to be eavesdropping. Rule the world with potatoes...? Wait, what? Did I hear that right?
  • What do you mean I don't sound surprised? Oh, okay, woahhh the whole world, potatoes, oh nooo~~!! That better?

Stage 5: Intelligence Gathering

  • Ahh... So? Learn anything from Kami? Do you know how bored I've been waiting here?
  • She wants us to find information? She's the one been after them all this time, how has she not learned everything already?!
  • This? A cigarette? Haha, psyche! It was just candy! I can't believe you fell for it...
  • Ow ow ow, okay, okay, I'm sorry, stop it already!!... I swear, you're getting stronger by the ay... Not that that's a bad thing I guess.
  • HQ... HQ... What about that guy? He looks like he'd know.

Stage 6: Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!

  • Leave the guards to me. Ready? BBBOOOOOOOMM!!!! Heheh. Oi, you! Wait right there. I left you standing on purpose.
  • Hehehe♪ Here, a special drink, just for you. Poison? Don't be silly! Just a little sleepy-juice, is all. Good night!
  • Heheh, those guards really thought this was a gun. Just a toy! See? *pop* A little flag pops out. Why are you looking at me like that?
  • Could you get into this a little more? I'm the only one having fun here... Hmm, what's this? A laboratory?
  • Are these guys really researching potatoes?! Not any ordinary potatoes, either! That one's massive!!

Stage 7: Find the Evidence!

  • Searching for evidence... heheh... D'you think we could find something to use for blackmail, too...?
  • Haha, look at that, I found a file room! I am such a natural! You can reward me later, [Owner].
  • Come on, where are all the secrets... In here? No... In here?! No... What is this, business records? Hey, this must be evidence, right?!
  • I suppose that's enough pillaging-- I mean, infiltrating, for one day.
  • Heheh, looks like you were having a lot of fun there too. It is pretty exciting, all this espionage stuff!

Stage 8: Escape!!

  • Tch, security alarms. There must have been a camera in here or something.
  • huff* *huff* Ah...! Huh. Sending a group to take care of us two? I should be honored. And you should be running.
  • What did you forget, [Owner]? Our ability. Leave it to me.
  • Huh, not gonna run? All the more fun. If you choose knife, then I choose... machine gun!!
  • Hahaha, run, run away! *pow-pow-pow-pow* Look at that, just the sound of a gun makes them run!

Stage 9: Mission Complete

  • Oh look who it is. Silia, Julia, Karume. S, J, and K. I got it.
  • Fair warning, [Owner]. I'm about to make an ear-shattering sound. BBBBOOOOOOMMM!!!!!!
  • Hehe, nothing like the sound of a bazooka at point blank range to shake up your enemies. That's right, run!
  • Huh, Commander Kami breaking in stealing all the glory. How does she move a blade like that anyway?
  • Logout? I guess it's over. That was pretty fun. Crazy tiring though. Let's get home and get eating!

Stage 10: Logout!

  • Well, that's game over. Hmm? I sound upset? Well, it's just... That power was so cool, it's a shame I lost it...
  • ... Or did I? *BANG!* Haha, it was just a party cracker I had!... Why? I don't know actually.
  • BANG* *BANG* And another right at [Owner]! *BANG* Haha, who knew playing games was so much fun?
  • Hmm. Looks like our score was pretty average. Shame really, I wanted to celebrate with another cracker...
  • An error? So, what place were we then?! Top 5?! Haha, we did it! Amazing!

Green Leaf CarnivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Man, this is impossible without magic. Are they teasing us or something?
  • Hey, don't move. There's a huge bug on your head. ...Psyche! Hahaha!
  • I'm gonna eat every last bite of your food!
  • Oh, I nearly forgot! It's almost showtime!

Stage 1: What is the Green Leaf Carnival?

  • What? The Green Leaf Carnival? You wanna go back to the Fairy World yet again? Tch...
  • Huh?! It's being held in this world?! Why didn't you start with that info?!
  • Well in that case, what are we waiting for?! It's festival time!!
  • If this is the first Human World GLC, I'm gonna show you how it's done! All-you-can-eat, drink, dance, sing and enjoy!!
  • Well, I'll see ya later then, [Owner]! Don't worry, I'll eat enough for us both!

Stage 2: Let's go!

  • Glad it's being held in this forest near the Fairy Academy. It's not like we can fly in this Human World...
  • Ngh? Who's tapping my back?! Oh, you [Owner]. You finally caught up to me, huh?
  • Tch... I was hoping to lay a trap or two before you got here...
  • What are you huffing and wheezing about? You don't expect to go to the carnival like that, do you? Embarrassing...
  • What is the Green Leaf Carnival? It's all about giving thanks to spri--- No, about giving thanks to [Owner?]!

Stage 3: Arriving at the carnival

  • Hoho, looks like we can get a lot done in a place this big! A lot of what? Y'know... preparations an stuff?
  • I said preparations! What are you accusing me of?!... I won't say you're entirely wrong though... heheh.
  • Did you listen to the Chief's talk? See us fairies know what to do already. You're the one who needs instruction. Go ask what to do.
  • Oh perfect, a whole bush of ivy... now I can finally start my own preparation... heheh...
  • Hmm, having said that... there are a lot of people around... It's gonna be pretty hard to move unnoticed.

Stage 4: Picking flowers and leaves

  • dig dig* *dig dig* Hmm, is this right? Did I dig too deep? Ah whatever. Now to just sit back and wait for someone to fall...
  • Tch... I'm sure somebody'll fall in... I just need to check it every now and then.
  • yawn* No one's coming by here. Feels like I'm being being watched though...? Whatever. I might as well pick some flowers, I guess.
  • Wah?! [Owner], you!! What are you doing hiding behind a tree?!
  • What am I doing with these flowers? What do you think I'm doing?! I'm... I'm... getting ready for the carnival, of course!

Stage 5: Decorating the forest

  • Decorating... Really...? I suppose I'll do something with the entrance gate...?
  • Nope, terrible. Give me that, I'll show you how it's done, [Owner].
  • What? You never thought of doing this? How nice of you to appreciate my excellence.
  • Time for a break I think. With a nice cup of wasabi sou... green tea. Drink up.
  • So, how is it? Delicious?! That can't be... give me that! ...Ack!! Tricked... by you... of all people...!!!

Stage 6: Making carnival outfits

  • Huh? Make yours too? What a pain in the... Ack, no, wait wait wait. I'll make one sure, the best one you ever did see.
  • Hehehe... an outfit for [Owner]... covered in burr? Or something worse still...
  • Tch... with charms I'd have this done in no time, but here... annoying...
  • Hey, it's done! You'll wear it right? Right? Put it on then! Worried?! Naw, don't be worried! Just get it on you!
  • Ahh, the look on your face, priceless...! Hahaha... Ack!! I forgot to make my own outfit...

Stage 7: Making traditional fairy foods

  • See, I'm usually the one doing all the eating, right? Haha, but this is the Green Leaf Carnival! It's cooking time!
  • You think I'm gonna make something weird? No way! It's a sacred day! Just... don't look, okay? My methos are a secret.
  • As long as it looks like a flower muffin... they'll never know what's stuffed inside it... heheh.
  • I can't wait to see the look on the face of whoever eats this one...!!
  • Oh snap! I forgot to mark the dangerous ones... Argh, which one is which...?!

Stage 8: Green Leaf Ceremony

  • Somebody throw me the mic! Actually, no, a speaker! Yeah, let's get this started~!
  • Finally, the time has come! [Fairy]'s Dancing Fever!
  • Come on guys, get over here! It's time to dance!! This is a carnival, right?!
  • Hey, I do ceremonies my own way. Sure it's a little different, but it's that much more fun, right?!
  • What do you mean, am I sure? What does it matter?! It's the thought that counts, right?

Stage 9: Let's eat!

  • Ahh, nothing like a tall cool one after a dance... Hmm? What is it? Juice, of course!!
  • Wow, all this food is straight out of the Fairy World! This takes me back.
  • Curry? Don't often see that at the GLC... Hmm, not bad.
  • Just needs a little extra spice, I think... a bit more... a little more... Nah, all of it! Haha~!!
  • Hey, [Owner], try this curry! It's amazing, I promise! Open wide!

Stage 10: Singing, dancing and having fun

  • Robin's on the stage?... What, really...?
  • More dancing? Man, I am completely beat!
  • Now's the time for moving? Move then! I'm gonna eat and drink myself to sleep.
  • If you intend to get me on that stage up there I promise you you'll regret it!
  • You wanna know more about the Fairy World? How about I take you there again? Somewhere with a whole load of strange, new plants... heheh.

Harvest FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Hehehe. THink you're a match for my... Carrot Dagger?! Ack! The farm owner is watching...
  • Get my clothes dirty will you?! Take that!!... Ack!! Sorry, I didn't mean to get you in the face...
  • Time for a break I reckon. Doing the same thing again and again hurts my eyes... No, it's not at all like gaming!!
  • One of those onigiri I ate had sugar in it! Who in their right mind would make that?!

Stage 1: To the farm!

  • snore* *snore* Hng... ack!! What are you doing...?! Don't just hold my nose like that...
  • What was today again?... My birthday?... Gimme my present!!
  • Helping out the farm~? Tch, if you wanna go, be my guest. Hey, let go of me! Let - me - go!!
  • Of course I'm not ready yet. You should have told me we were doing this today!... You did? Really?
  • Tch, if you really insist, I suppose we have to go. Get outta my way then, I gotta get ready.

Stage 2: Listen to the Chief!

  • Who is that stunner next to the Chief? The farm owner? She's in charge of this whole farm...? I see...
  • This speech is so long... Hey, I'm gonna take a nap, so make sure you pay attention!
  • snore* *snore* Hmm? What is it? Did the Chief finally finish?
  • We just need to harvest a bunch of vegetables, right? Right? No...?
  • Time to get this harvest festival started, then. Hey, what are you grabbing me for? Put me down!

Stage 3: To the greenhouse!

  • How is it so hot in here?! How exactly does one thin sheet of plastic create this much humidity?! Explain to me, how?!?!
  • Fine, sure, whatever, I'll calm down, just pick the vegetables, okay... For now at least...
  • This place is crazy big though... I can't even see the end of it, not for all the mist anyway.
  • What are they growing in here anyway? Tomatoes, eggplants... Hey, we could almost make a pizza! What else is there?!
  • Alright! 40 pieces a box, 10 boxes, all harvested!!... What? Of course I did it properly!

Stage 4: Let's harvest onions!

  • Ugh, onions next is it? I mean they're delicious to eat, but such a pain to handle. I don't want my hands stinking of onions after all this.
  • This one... and this one... perfect!! Leek Swords! *schwing* Woah, [Owner], dual-wield?!
  • Hey, whoa, we're just posing with the Leek Swords, right? I mean if we actually fought with them... y'know... I don't wanna break the illusion, but...
  • This is the box for harvested onions? Pfft, really? The Freshest Onions Directly To Market? What a boring slogan.
  • What I don't get is how the farm owner keeps all this working. All the fields and greenhouses... How do they kill all the bugs?

Stage 5: Time for lunch!

  • What's that one you're eating?... Sugar?! A sugar onigiri?! Hae you completely lost your mind?
  • nom nom* Huh? I told you, this one's mine. Here, eat this one, delicious delicious.
  • Hmph... Hey, try this one [Owner]... It's normal I swear!... Aww, why did I bother filling it with mustard...
  • nom nom* *gulp* Ack!! What!! Hot!! So hot!!.... Not curry!! Wasabi!! So much wasabi!!
  • Phew! That's enough eating I think. Time for a nap. You're the pillow, [Owner]. No arguing!

Stage 6: Let's harvest cabbages!

  • These cabbages are heavy, tch... Now what? Cut them in two and wrap them?... Hmph.
  • Hey, you. Get ready. I'm gonna throw the cabbages from over thee, and you're gonna cut them in half in mid-air, okay? You can do that much, right?
  • Ready? Here goes! One, two.... three!... Woah... you really did it...
  • Then I take the half cabbages, and wrap... Not rap, wrap! Wrap!! Can't you hear the difference?!
  • Isn't there a cabbage-throwing festival in some country or other? Or was it tomatoes... Hey!! Leave some for me, will ya?!

Stage 7: Let's try farm machinery!

  • This place is really dusty. Just a bunch of machines... Huh? A rice transplanter? Oh really...
  • That much?! For a rice husker?! Wow... I'll have to break something else instead then...
  • Whatever. I'll just make up a new scheme at home tonight. First though I should study this machine a bit--- Hey, get off me! Let go of me I say!!
  • What am I trying to make? An Automatic Popcorn Popper. What is it? Well... it pops popcorn... automatically.

Stage 8: Let's harvest carrots!

  • Carrots next. Come on, let's work together, get this done, and get on home. I'm getting tired.
  • Apparently some people take the leaves off of carrots, and others leave them on... I wonder which is best...
  • That farm owner has been smiling over at us for some time now... Her happiness is kinda... grating...
  • stab stab* What am I doing? Practicing my carrot dagger. *slash slash* I think I'm getting better!
  • Carrot daggers are surprisingly dangerous, huh... I'll show you just how dangerous when we get back home... heheheh.

Stage 9: Make a scarecrow!

  • Making scarecrows? Why? All they do is stand out in the field, all limp and boring, why would I want to--- Ah... no never mind, I'll do it. Gimme that!
  • Heheh... Sure, I'll make a scarecrow... or rather... a scarefairy... Hmm? No, I didn't say anything.
  • Just move this here, and fix that there.... Alright! All that's left is the clothes and the face... This is pretty exciting♪
  • What? Glue? Can't you get it yourse--- Ow, okay, fine! Don't do that! I'll get your glue!
  • Aah!! You drew the face while I was gone!! I was looking forward to that, you... you...! Take this...! Ack, get off me! Let go~!!

Stage 10: Time to go home!

  • They gave us vegetables to say thanks. Whatever, you carry them [Owner].
  • Tch... you ruined my amazing Angry Scarecrow plans... I've still not forgotten!!
  • ...What? Hmph... Maybe if you be my slave for a week, I might start to think about forgiving you... Stop being silly?! That's my line!!
  • Fine, one case of Golden Juice and I'll forgive you... Youre the one who ruined my fun!
  • yawn* That was a pretty tiring day... Hey, turn around, lemme lie down... Ahh... Wake me when we're home. *snore*

Summer GetawayEdit


Stage 1:It's so hot...

Stage 2:We've arrived!

Stage 3:Check out the rooms!

Stage 4:A walk in the woods!

Stage 5:Let's go to the lake!

Stage 6:Let's explore the town!

Stage 7:Glass-blowing Studio

Stage 8:A traditional street

Stage 9:Fireflies!

Stage 10:Time to sleep...

Summer FestivalEdit


  • Heh, guess what? I already tried every last food stand here!

Stage 1: Let's go to the festival!

Stage 2: Leo Shrine!

Stage 3: Food stands!

Stage 4: Goldfish scooping!

Stage 5: Shooting Gallery!

Stage 6: Dinner time!

Stage 7: Watch the omikoshi!

Stage 8: Katanuki!

  • Alright, gimme that. I'm gonna nuki the best kata you've ever seen. *scratch scratch* *snap!* Ack!! I'm no good at this kinda thing!!

Stage 9: Raffle time!

  • And the last one... Chief Cocoa's Candy Pack? Not bad, these prizes... The sweets are all mine, of course.
  • Hoho, so the Agency girls are doing a raffle, huh...
  • I'll let you drink this potion later, [Owner]. Next prize... a fake bug...? Perfect... let's just stick that down [Owner]'s back...
  • Hey [Owner], what did you get? 777 Ways to Exorcise a Demon?! It was her, wasn't it! That Julia did this! You throw that away right now!!
  • I wonder what I'll get... This one! Wh-what is this?! Why does it say top secret?! Shrinking Potion...? Is this one of Silia's experiments?!

Stage 10: Fireworks show!

  • BOOM* Woah, that one was crazy!! Haha~, tamaya~!! ♪
  • Heheh... this chump next to us is getting all scared by the big noises... Hey, don't tell me you're scared too, [Owner]?!
  • Hey! You'd better start saving up for next year's festival, [Owner]. I expect you to buy me all new foods next time! Heheh♪
  • Ohh yeah, the fireworks!! Don't you just love those earth`shaking BOOMS, [Owner]?!
  • I guess this festival must be wrapping up... Hmm? There's one more event?

Fairies in WonderlandEdit


  • Huh? why did we get lost in this world? I have no idea.
  • That gryphon let me ride on its back, and it felt pretty good, y'know ... I got it! Dumping water on people while riding the gryphon sounds like fun!
  • I just stuck a whoopee cushion in the Hatter's seat! His face is going to be a sight to behold!
  • Heehee! So this stone turns into a cake if you throw it? ... Haha! Don't you get it? Run! Run!
  • None of the people here are surprised by my pranks. Pft, so boring!

Stage 1: A Golden Afternoon

  • What are you doing, [Owner]... Don't go taking off the sheets early in the morning... I'm still sleepy... Sheesh...
  • A tea party outside? ... Ugh. Why are we doing that again, what a pain... Ah, hey! Don't go putting away the futon without saying anything!!
  • I was hoping to watch a movie... You really are easy to read, huh...
  • A mat for napping? How are you so prepared...
  • yawn* ... Eating these sweets has made me sleepy... I'm going to nap, so don't you go waking me up.

Stage 2: Hastily Heading into the Deep Darkness

  • snore* ... *snore* ... Ding! Hm? Hey, [Owner], where did you go?
  • Must have gone to the convenience store or something. Okay! Then I guess it's time to set up a trap to catch...
  • ... Hm? What's going on in that bush... Some weird rumbling? ... Huwhat? Hey, [Owner], you threatening me?
  • Hey, [Owner]! You've gotta get up real early to surprise me... Wait, what's up with those ears?! Hey, wait! Don't run!
  • Hold on, [Owner], where are you... Whoa!? Why is there a hole heeeeeeeeeeeere!?

Stage 3: Shrinking and the Sea of Tears

  • I finally reached the bottom... Okay, now where are you, [Owner]... Wait, what's with this table?
  • What's this juice? Well, I am thirsty! *glug* Ah... Hm? Hey, I'm shrinking!
  • ... Ah, that juice bottle fell over... I'd better move or it's going to hit me on the head.
  • Hey, hey, hold one... Now that I'm small, am I going to drown in that fallen juice?
  • Gah!? Why is there an ocean of juice?! ... Hey, you! Mouse! Take me to shore!

Stage 4: Growing Big and Small

  • What is up with this world? All these strange things have been happening! Dammit, all of this is because [Owner] asked me to go for a walk!
  • Hm? Over there, is that...! [Owner]! I finally found you! What are you... Huh? Who is Mary Ann?
  • Ugh, why do I let [Owner] boss me around...
  • A folding fan and gloves... What's this? A wake-up cake... So if you eat this you return to normal? ... Hee here, I've got a good idea!
  • [Owner], eat this cake! Hahaha! You've got cake all over your face! That's what you get for calling me Mary Ann!

Stage 5: What the Brown Caterpillar Said

  • Well, [Owner], aren't you happy... You want me to play a trick on you that badly? Hee-hee-hee.
  • This fluttery clothing... I feel like I've seen it before somewhere... Now where was that...
  • What's that on top of that mushroom? Anyway, don't you go trying to divert my attention... Hey, isn't that Leo?
  • Hey! Where are you going, Leo?! ... Sheesh, what is Leo doing... Ah, wait, [Owner]!
  • What are you doing, Leo? You're really jumping around, aren't you? Something good happen?

Stage 6: The Duchess and the Grinning Cat

  • Whoa!? ... It's you, Mika... Huh? You're not Mika? You're the Cheshire Cat? ... What happened to you? Eat some bad chicken?
  • So Anko was the Duchess. What is going on in this world...
  • Anko's here too... Why are you sneezing so much? Do you have a cold? What is it, [Owner]... Stop smiling! I'm not worried about her!
  • We have to find a way to get back. Even I get this... But then why is Anko just drinking tea, [Owner]?!
  • You think we'll figure something out if we go to the castle? How can we do that? Deliver the sweets instead of Anko? We can't just go ahead and so that!

Stage 7: A Strange Tea Party

  • These sweets are mine! Haha! If this bothers you and... Hey, when sis you take them?!
  • Haha, you want these sugary sweets? If so, spin around three times. One... Hey! Taking them earlier is cowardice!
  • Hahaha. I've delivered the sweets! Hurry up and take them!
  • Well, if it isn't Silia and Robin. What are you doing here... Wait, so it looks like you two are also dressed like characters.
  • Y'know, I still understand Silia, but I have no idea what Robin is saying and it makes me feel weird.

Stage 8: Croquet with the Heart Soldiers

  • What's that? The castle's garden's so noisy. Is something going on?
  • Oooh! If it isn't Chief! What's with that red... Wait, hold on. Isn't Chief's tone a little strange? ... She seems really regal!
  • Croquet? Heehee. I'll do it, I'll do it... But hold on, what's with these hedgehogs and flamingos?
  • Gah! The Flamingo's neck is moving, the hedgehog is moving, even the gate is moving! What kind of game is this?!
  • What is it now!? Something happened to the chocolate tarts? ... The criminal who ate Chief's chocolate tarts? That's not something that... Wait, Chief is definitely not her usual self.

Stage 9: The Tart Trial

  • Trials are boring. Who cares about who ate the tarts... I'm going to take a nap!
  • ... Ah, ugh! Don't bother me when I'm trying to sleep!
  • Ugh... It was that thing from before, right? Someone ate the tarts that Chief, I mean, the Queen made... The suspect is that brown-haired girl. Although that doesn't seem quite right.
  • ... Hm? Hey, look at Karume's mouth... See something there? Hm... Ah! Hey, you! You've got chocolate on your face! It wasn't the brown-haired girl, it was you! You're the criminal!
  • Holding on, is this fight... Whoa!? I can't see anything because of all the Card Soldiers...

Stage 10: The Dream's End

  • Ngh!? Where are the Card Soldiers!?
  • Oh, I was dreaming... And there was a weird dream, on top of that!
  • Ugh, you cause me all this trouble, [Owner]... Even in my dream!
  • ... What's this card... And there's chocolate on it. What is going on?
  • We should be getting back, [Owner]. I'm hungry! Today's on you!

Festival in FallEdit


  • Yo, [Fairy]! Enjoying the festival?
  • Hey, did you see the yabusame? It's so amazing! Right next to it you can try shooting a bow and arrow. You should do it too!
  • Hey, [Fairy]. Did you see a strange girl and a fake wild boar? ... No, I didn't hit my head!
  • Hey, what did you write on your ema? Don't hide it. Show it to me ♪
  • Tonight we're having oden for dinner ♪ I'm going to eat all of the eggs ♪ Hihihi.

Stage 1: An Autumn Day

  • Hey, [Owner]! What are you doing rolling around in bed!? Wake! Up!
  • You have to take me somewhere because the weather is so nice! Hihihi!
  • A walk? Not an amusement park or something? oh well! Buy me a crepe or something at the park, hihi.
  • Hey, [Owner]. Has that sign always been there? I don't really remember it, but...
  • There's a Fall Festival at the shrine up ahead? Wow~ That sounds interesting ♪ Hey, [Owner]. Change of plans. We're going to that shrine right now! Hihi.

Stage 2: The Fall Festival

  • pant, pant* ... Damn... What's up with all these steps... Hey, [Owner]! Carry me on your back!
  • Phew~ Well that was easy ♪ Hm? Oh, I can see the festival! It looks pretty crowded too ♪
  • Wo~ow, all these people are here and the stands aren't even open yet... Okay so If I set a trap now... Hihihi.
  • You gotta get your fortunes at the shrines! I'll pull for both of us... Hihi ♪
  • Hey, [Owner]! There's a big maple tree! Okay, let's climb to the t... What? You can't climb it because it's a sacred tree? Pft...

Stage 3: Pray First

  • [Owner]! First let's go and ring that big bell! I'm going to ring it louder than anyone else. Hihihi.
  • First we make the offering right? Hey, cheapskate, give me 500 Jewels, not 5!
  • Time to ring the... Hey! I can't reach the rope! ugh... Hey, pick me up so I can ring it...!
  • The god of this shrine loves the golden juice ♪ I totally understand that! Hihihi.
  • So those kids with the chitoseame are all participating in the Shichi-Go-San... Hihi, who should I take some from...

Stage 4: The Festival Begins

  • Hey, don't you hear something? A bang, bang... Hey, that's taiko drums! Let's follow that sound! C'mon, let's go! Hihihi.
  • Over there, [Owner]! Some people are dancing on that stage! Run! That standing room up front is my spot!
  • Whew~... Since we ran we got a pretty close spot... Hey! I can't see! Ugh... You're going to have to lift me up again...!
  • Hey, those two dancing over there... Isn't that Julia and Anko? Well~, aren't they doing a good job ♪
  • Looks like the dance is over... Hey, how long are we going to wait!? Hurry up and put me down! Don't treat me like a child!

Stage 5: Visiting the Shrine Stands

  • Look, [Owner]! The stands are open! Okay, now it's finally my turn...!
  • Let's go, [Owner]! Our goal is to dominate all of the stands! Of course, you're paying ♪ Hyahaha!
  • First let's start with this goldfish scooping... Just let me do this, I'm going to catch a whole lot of these... Wha-ha-hey! My scoop broke!
  • Oooo~~! Hey, old man! Give me ten more scoops! Now I'm going to have to take all of these goldfish home!
  • Hey, [Owner]. You handle the scoop ♪ Hihihi.

Stage 6: Yabusame

  • Ooh, [Owner]! Something interesting is going on over there! Hurry, let's go!
  • Wow! The people on horses are shooting arrow after arrow... So that's called yabusame? Wo~ow! I want to try that!
  • Hey, [Owner], we can try shooting a bow over there! C'mon, hurry up! I! Want! To! Try!
  • Oh... so we can't ride a horse, but I just aim at that target with the bow? I wanted to ride... This is too easy.... Uh, that was just a little mistake!
  • Hey, you need to be punished for laughing at me! You're my next target! Hihi.

Stage 7: Huh, What is This...

  • H-hey, [Owner]... Look around. Isn't that strange? There were so many people around us and... Now they're all gone...
  • Hey, I can hear something... Bang, bang... Isn't that the sound of taiko drums we heard at the stage earlier? Let's go take a look!
  • Someone is still dancing on the stage! That's... a pretty cool looking lady and a papier-mache boar...? Hyahaha, what an interesting combo!
  • Hm... Wait, what? Wasn't I just by the stage... This is the sacred tree, right? And this branch... It isn't normal.
  • Oh, what's wrong, miss? Hm...? You're giving this branch of autumn leaves to me...? Wow, it sure looks nice ♪ Thanks, I'll take it!

Stage 8: Autumn Leaf Messenger?

  • What just happened...? Ah, hey! Old man! You've got the shrine's clothing on so you work here or something, right? Because I got something to ask you...
  • Anyway, old man, what do you do here? Huh... A Shinto priest. I see... A priest... That's a pretty nice title you've got there ♪
  • A boar and some woman gave me this branch. ... What, that boar is a god!? And that woman is his messenger..!
  • What a lucky day ♪ Huh? The person who finds this branch will find happiness...? I see... Well then, I guess I'll keep all this happiness for myself ♪
  • You want this branch, old man? huh... Then I guess I'll get closer to laying my hands on this shrine's famous golden juice., hihihi.

Stage 9: Let's Make Ema!

  • Hm? Hey, [Owner]! What's that? ... Ema? You write a wish on it? Huh~ that seems neat hihi.
  • I'm going to write my wish on and ema! And mine is going to be the greatest wish of all those ema hanging up! Hihihi.
  • Um, okay, okay... I wish that I'll become taller, smarter... Hihi, everyone else's wishes are small time stuff!
  • scribble, scribble* ... Okay, done! How's that for big wishes ♪ even the gods will be surprised, hihi.
  • Hey, [Owner], what did you write? Ah... You hiding it from me? Shoe. Me. Now!

Stage 10: The Road Home

  • Hm? What is it, [Owner]? What, we're going home already?! I was just getting started~
  • Well, it is getting dark so I guess we have no choice... Tsk. Fine, I'll go home without complaining... Ha, did you really think I would?
  • H-hey! Trying to take me by surprise is cowardice! Let. Go. Of. Me! I'm not going home yet!
  • Wait, the festival is still going on tomorrow? Hm... Well then, I'll go home if you take me here tomorrow ♪ How's that? It sounds fair to me, hihihi.
  • Hey, what's for dinner tonight? Oden...? Well is that case all of your eggs are mine!

School FestivalEdit


  • Hihi, there's a lot of fireworks on the roof that... What!? [Owner] just went and picked them up!?
  • Something terrible happened at the maid cafe... Be careful if you go.
  • Ah, if it isn't [Fairy]. You already eat? ... I recommend the takoyaki. Hihihi.
  • Oh yeah, Karume was in the play I just saw. She played a goofy lady-in-waiting ♪
  • The energy at the concert was just the best! It makes me want to get up on the stage again ♪

Stage 1: An Invitation to Fairy High

  • Hey, wake up, [Owner]! Today is the school festival! If you don't get up... Here! Hihihi, that'll teach you! Ah, hey! Don't hide under the covers!
  • You're the one who said we had to get going early since today is the school festival! Hurry up!
  • Oh, that gate is... Hey, I could climb up that. Now I've got a good idea... Ah, hey! Don't grab my neck! I can walk by myself!
  • Hihihi, a school festival has so many opportunities for pranks... No? I haven't been saying anything~
  • That's some good smelling food! I'm sure your wallet is ready, right [Owner]?

Stage 2: Where to Go First?

  • Okay then... First, I have to go to the best place to pull pranks. The stores! Haha ♪ Just try and stop me!
  • Tsk, preparations are going on in the Home Ec room... And here I was thinking I was going to pig out on some sweets...
  • Oh~, oh~, oh~? Chief's posters are here... Kyu, kyukyu... Hihihi ♪ I think I'll just draw some mustaches!
  • A flea market... It says it's sponsored by Professor Silia, but she ain't no professor...
  • Hyahaha~! I have gotten all the ball toss prizes! Okay, now which glass do I go to next ♪

Stage 3: Welcome to the Maid Cafe!

  • The Fairy Agency is working with student council to run this? And it's a maid cafe... I see... Well, this has nothing to do with me so I guess it doesn't matter!
  • ... Hey, Chief. Why are you coming at me with a maid outfit... Hey! Stop, [Owner]! ... You backstabber!
  • You can't just make me work for free... I want a free pass to be able to eat anything I want at this festival! That is my one condition!
  • Hihihi ♪ Okay, I'll work for the all-you-can-eat pass! Oh, welcome back, master! Okay everyone, out of the way!
  • Okay then what would you like to order, master? ... Are you saying you don't want anything? ... Aha ♪ Hurry up and order and increase my sales quota ♪

Stage 4: Romeo and Juliet?

  • Romeo and Juliet~? Ugh, why do I have to go see that old piece of... Ah, hey, [Owner], stop pulling!
  • Tsk, since you dragged me in here, [Owner], you'd better be ready for some punishment if this is boring.
  • Whether or not this becomes an issue, the dagger has been exchanged for a toy with a retracting blade! ... What's with that! What is this foreshadowing!
  • The person playing Juliet is surprisingly wicked... A little devilish? ... Something like that. Hey, what are you looking at me like that for?
  • Hahaha! That guy playing Romeo is pretty good at moving around ♪ That roll where he took off the old guy's wig was great!

Stage 5: Munch, Munch, Munch...

  • But since all the stands are in different places, going around is a pain. Well not if you go and buy stuff for me [Owner]... Hihi ♪
  • Hey, [Owner], go buy lunch!
  • Hihi, caramel popcorn! You've got pretty good sense ♪ *munch, munch, munch* ... What's next? Stop dawdling! Bring me the next one!
  • Hey, what is... That looks like takoyaki... But that's not takoyaki! Why is the octopus sticking right out of it?!
  • What are you eating? Obanyaki? Hm... Ah, look, a UFO! Yay, it's mine ♪ Hihihi, got it. Hey, don't look away!

Stage 6: The Haunted House's Scary Trap?

  • What is it, [Owner]... A haunted house? It's just made by students, so it won't be scary... Who are you saying is scared?!
  • To the haunted house! Let's go!
  • Ugh, this kind of fake stuff isn't scary at all! ... Oh? Why're you holding on so tight, [Owner]?
  • Hey, this ghost beneath the willow tree is pretty well done ♪ Now just a little of this and a little bit over there... Haha ♪ Now it's even better!
  • Well, they kind of got the mood right! Okay, [Owner], we should... Hey, hey. Why are they following us?

Stage 7: The Fairy High Mini Contest

  • Hm. Tossing a bunch of frogs into the mono contest should be fun... Huh? Who are you? Rather, what are you asking me for?
  • Hihihi, kneel! ... Hey, hey, what's this smiling and getting down to beg. ... What? Your model for the mini fashion contest ran away? Well then,. you're going to have to do some good negotiating...
  • Damn, I'm not the type to just go around and help people! Hey! Give me a ticket for the stands!
  • This clothing is easier to move around in than it looks! Huh, you made this? Seriously?
  • I'm going to be stealing all of the attention, hihihi ♪

Stage 8: Fairy High Newspaper Hallway Interviews!

  • The hallway is really noisy. What's going on? ... Oh, interviews. Hihihi! Now that seems interesting ♪
  • Oh, you want to interview me too? You don't know anything, hihihi ♪
  • Winning the mini contest? Well, that was a guarantee from the start ♪ Hihi.
  • Hm, what events did I like? Oh, that haunted house was pretty good ♪
  • If I'm going to be featured in the newspaper, that's part's going to be huge, right? Hihi, now, how much should my manuscript fee be... Ow, ow, ow! Hey, don't pull my ear!

Stage 9: Live at Fairy High ✰

  • The concert is about to start in the gym! I don't care what you say, we're going!
  • Woo ♪ I had no idea a school festival band could sound this good! This is promising!
  • Huh? The next group can't perform because they're down a member? I don't want to hear that. Here, give me the mic!
  • Hihi, I don't know who's absent, but I'll get the crowd going more than they could ever do! Listen to my song!
  • Phew... That was a pretty good performance! And of course it was all thanks to me... Hey, you listening, [Owner]?

Stage 10: Late Night Festival!

  • Hihihi. Well, the food was good. Not much else to say! If I can get all-you-can-eat next year, I'll come again.
  • Hyaha ♪ The Late Night Festival! Okay, now so what should I mess with... Hihihi!
  • Okay, I'll place pebbles in front of [Owner]'s feet to cause some trouble! That's payback for all the times my tricks were foiled today!
  • I already told you, but I'm not going to dance, okay? ... Why? Because it's a pain. I'm tired from all that walking around!
  • Yo, hey! Don't pull! I got it, I'll dance! I'll dance so don't spin me!

Happy ChristmasEdit


  • No matter how warm these Santa clothes are, when it's cold it's cold! Especially my head. Achoo!
  • Hey! Look! Rudolph's nose lights up if you push it! Hihihi ♪
  • Okay, me first ♪ Time to go down and see what's going on!
  • Hihi, there are so many presents! Okay, I'll just take all of these... Hey, what's that look for!?
  • There's so much excellent food! It must be consumed! Hey, let's go, [Fairy]!

Stage 1: Merry--- What's That Sound?

  • What a huge fir tree! Hm? How did they get it in there? ... Well, they must have cut it into slices and... Hey, don't laugh!
  • Hey, there's a roast turkey! This is a battle I must partake in! [Owner], go get me some!
  • Hey, what's that brown cake-looking thing? ... Oh-ho, Christmas pudding, is it? Well then, I think I am going to have me some of that pudding ♪
  • Okay, time to ea... Whuh!? What? What? What was that sound!?
  • Wait, what? The roof caved in... Huh? The roof caved in? Did a metorite land or something?

Stage 2: Santa's In Trouble...

  • Whoa, what a big hole. What could have even made a hole that big... Hm? Over there, is that a... sleigh?
  • Hey, there's a reindeer! Hm? Don't tell me this unconscious woman is Santa... Wait! It is!? Who just said that? Was that you, [Owner]?
  • What is it, reindeer? You need something from us? ... What? You want us to help deliver Santa's presents? Ugh, why do we have to do this stuff? That's a pain.
  • The clothes are red, well of course they are they are Santa's clothes.
  • If you want someone to deliver presents then ask someone... Gah! Fine, I'll help! Stop it with that look, you reindeer! You too, [Owner]!

Stage 3: New Santa On The Scene ✰

  • These are Santa's necessities... Santa's bag, huh? It's really light. Is there actually stuff in here?
  • What are this trumpet andd bag for? I'll know when the time comes? What does that even mean...
  • And what's with these red... i can tell they're Santa's clothes just from looking at them. Why are you giving them to me!
  • grumble, grumble* ... Ugh, why am I doing this...
  • Bwahahaha! What's up with that outfit, [Owner]?! You're dressed like a reindeer... Bwahahaha!

Stage 4: Let's Go Fairy Santa!

  • I thought just this Santa suit wouldn't be enough to keep me warm, but I'm not cold at all. I wonder what Santa's secret is.
  • Hey, reindeer! doesn't your nose shine? ... Wha!? It shines when it's dark? What are you, a bicycle?!
  • There are lots of houses but many of them around here seem to have chimneys... Are they Santa's targets?
  • Oh, I see Christmas lights! Hihi, they're just my kind of extravagant lights ♪
  • That's a giant snow sculpture! Think we could climb up its back? Hihihi.

Stage 5: Sneaking on the Rooftop...

  • Are you telling me we're really going down the chimney to deliver presents?... Hey, you've got to be kidding. I'll get covered in soot!
  • But there's still a fire lit... Don't get all giggly and say they;ll be roasting us instead of a turkey this year...
  • Huh, My hip pouch? ... this? What'll happen if I sprinkle this powder... Whoa! The fire's out! This stuff is amazing ♪
  • Anyway, so Santa is a bit... Lawless... Wh-what is that look for! I didn't say anything!
  • Hihihi... I've got go~od presents for you, kiddies... Ow! What's that for, [Owner]? Don't smack me on the head!

Stage 6: Hello! In The Fireplace

  • O...kay. Phew, I'm glad the fireplace was cleaner than I expected. We broke in easily... What. don't look at me like that. This isn't an actual break in!
  • You're telling me to blow this trumpet to put people to sleep? Don't trumpets usually wake people up?
  • Okay. Should I place the presents into the target stocking? ... Anyway, this bag feels too light... Does it really have presents in it? ... *rustle, rustle*
  • Wow, so I just put my hand in and pull out whatever these brats want... Wait. *rustle, rustle* ... Hey! Why doesn't anything come out for me?!
  • Wait, how do we go back up? Up the chimney? Put my hands up and... Whoa!? There's like some sort pf string from my haaaaaaand...!?

Stage 7: Keep On Delivering!

  • The next house is... Hm? I know the family who lives here. Hihi, what a good chance to pull a prank!
  • Tiptoe... Hey, they're someone awake in front of the tree! What do we do... What? Blow the trumpet? If you do that we'll get found out... Hey, don't just blow the... Huh? Why did they fall over?
  • Oh, it's a magic trumpet that can put you to sleep. Santa is amazing.
  • This won't fit into the stocking. What should we do with this present... Huh? What are you going to do with that needle... Are you going to knit!? Are you going to really knit with this little time on our hands!?
  • I see, so this needle can make the stocking bigger? Santa truly is amazing.

Stage 8: The Agency Girls...?

  • We've got to deliver presents for everyone at the Agency? Hey, [Owner], make sure we don't get seen!
  • Um, first is... *rustle, rustle* ... And afternoon nap set? Aha, I bet I know who this is for.
  • This present is... a kimono? And this thing is styled like Japanese sweets... This round thing... oh, I forget what it's called!
  • This is... what is this! The letters on this small box are so squished. I can't even read them. Plus I feel some sort of magical power coming from it...
  • This bag really seems to know what everyone wanted. could it be better than me, though? Hihi.

Stage 9: Deliveries Complete...

  • The deliveries are finally over... Ah, I am beat... Oh? Over there, is that... the new Santa?
  • Hey, New Santa! How do you crash into something big like a roof!? ... You were so focused on the map you weren't looking? ... This new Santa is a bit like [Owner], eh?
  • By the way, crashing into the roof would mean that these reindeer weren't paying attention either... Hey, reindeer! Don't you look away!
  • Hey, this fireplace is pretty big and easy to enter through... Hey, why am I thinking about fireplaces like Santa?!
  • Finally, it's time to eat! I don't know what to start with. Go get whatever you can and bring it to me, [Owner]! *munch, munch*

Stage 10: Merry Christmas

  • Hey, New Santa! Next time you slam into a roof... Huh? Where did Santa go?
  • Wha? [Owner]... Is the snow? It's coming in through the hole in the roof... Hey, that thing flying over there, is that Santa?
  • Presents are floating down! Hihi, that New Santa got something right ♪ Okay the, what's inside... Ooh! A Fender bass!
  • Hey, do you have a present for me, [Owner]? Ooh! It's at home? Hihi, you're no dummy!
  • Let's hurry home, [Owner]! Hihi, I also got a big... surprise for you. No, no, it's a real present ♪

New Year's SunriseEdit


  • The only thing worth doing during New Year's is lazing around the house. It's too could outside...
  • Huh? Cleaning? I just do it quickly and get it done... The pile of stuff behind me? ... That's your imagination.
  • Hihihi, [Fairy], you're covered in soot! You cleaned the fireplace, eh... That gives me a good idea!
  • Oh-ho, hold on! If you eat those strawberries... Ah, ah, well now we have another crybaby on our hands!
  • Huh? So is this osechi? ... Awesome! Let's eat this together!

Stage 1: New Year's in the Fairy World

  • Ah... Ah... I'm so bored... Wha!? What is it, [Owner]! Don't yell out like that!
  • Ugh, what're you doing? Are you done with your plant inspecting?
  • Right, right, did you inspect that tree? Right, right, that tree.. Hahahaha! Right into it! Of course they can't... Huh? Why can they climb out?
  • Cleaning? Ugh, I'm not going to go through with that hassle... Ouch, ouch, ouch! My ears! Don't pull my ears!
  • Ah, hold on, [Owner], I just remembered I got some important work to do. The cleaning, yeah, important stuff... Agh! Let go of me! All I did was get you stuck in a trap hole!

Stage 2: Kimono Fashion Show ✰

  • Ah, so you're coming along too. ... Wait, so what's with these kimonos? There's a whole lot of them...
  • Hm? If it isn't Anko. What are you doing? Actually, why are you here?
  • These are your kimonos? ... And most of these designs aren't found in the Fairy World... Still, there's way too many of them... How did you even bring all of these...
  • You want me to wear a kimono too? Ugh, how awful. Why do I even have to... Ah, hey! What, [Owner]! Don't you pull me!
  • ... Are you happy, [Owner]? I'm wearing a kimono just like you wanted! This is fine, right?!

Stage 3: Who Are You?

  • What's with that jerk I've never seen before... Hey, you! Where are you going?
  • Mt. Vela? Why are you trying to go to that frozen rock... A pilgrimage? Huh, you're on your test to become a goddess... Huh? A goddess? Whoa, seriously?!
  • Okay then, I'll help you get to Mt. Vela ♪ ... Hihihi, I'll get her in my debt and then she'll have to grant me anything!
  • Wait, you're a trainee so you don't have the power to answer prayers? Boring.
  • Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Don't pinch my cheek! Don't! ... Ugh, I didn't even say anything! I've got to avoid getting whacked!

Stage 4: Preparing to Mountain Climb

  • First, clothes! If we don't dress warmly, we're going to freeze on Mt. Vela, you know~? ... Although, seeing you frozen would be funny, [Owner]. Hahaha!
  • Um, the tent... isn't here. Where did I put it~ ... Huh? My bag is overflowing? Don't worry! I'll take care of that later!
  • There's a lot of luggage but that's no problem... You'll carry it for me, right [Owner]?
  • We'll rock-paper-scissors to see who has to carry the stuff! One, two... three! ... Ah... I lost...
  • You'll carry half? You're the best, [Owner].

Stage 5: To the Akiha Grove

  • From here on it's going to get colder! I don't want to hear any complaints, [Owner].
  • There's a lot of neat plants around here... Ah... No, I didn't say anything. Hihihi, it's more interesting if they think I didn't say anything ♪
  • Hey, [Owner], walk under that tree... Hyahaha! Got you! You've got to look out for snow above you, otherwise you might just turn into a snowman!
  • Wha?! Hey, don't just suddenly throw a snowball... Hey, I said stop!
  • There are animals sleeping in the holes in trees, but... Once I accidentally woke some up. I was punished by having to sit still for two hours.

Stage 6: Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest

  • Of course it's cold. We're getting closer to Mt. Vela. It's that big vast whiteness over there.
  • Hey, hey! Why are you crying, [Owner]?! ... Ah, I get it. You ate those strawberries, didn't you?
  • These are called December Strawberries. Eating them makes you instantly cry.
  • Hyahahaha! The trainee got buried in the snow! Ugh, oh well. Looks like I've got to help her!
  • Hihihi, if you're not used to this, you're going to fall in snow traps!

Stage 7: Mount Vela

  • Hihihi! I dug a pitfall in the snow... Whoa?! Huh, there are natural pitfalls here... Hey... Help me!
  • Hey. That trainee is kind of shaking... And how she fell.. Huh? We rock-paper-scissors and the loser is going to have to carry her? Ugh, who decides... Hey, wait! Don't start playing suddenly... Ah! I lost!
  • It's so cold! Ugh, what am I even doing here... *grumble, grumble*
  • Huh? What is it, trainee? The mountain's name? It's an old word that apparently describes its shape. Obviously!
  • Hey, trainee, once you become a goddess you need to pay me back 100 times over!

Stage 8: Finally at the Top!

  • Ugh, worthless lazy bum! Aren't gods and goddesses supposed to be all-powerful? ... All you've done is studied so that's why you don't have much strength... Ah.... Huh...
  • Blue-hair girl is out of breath! What a bum... *wheeze* Huh? No, there's no way I'd be out of breath.
  • Ah! We made it! ... Hey, get it together, trainee! We're at the summit! And you're heavy, so get off!
  • What is Robin doing? ... Snow hare? Pft, you're sure got some energy for how cold it is.
  • Ugh, we have to go back on the same path. What a pain... Wait, no. There's the mountain's slope... Hyahaha! We're going back by sled, [Owner]!

Stage 9: First Sunrise!

  • Gah! My eyes! The sun is piercing my eyes!
  • Hey, Trainee, when did you change your clothes? ...? What? You're the goddess of the New Year now? Huh, hey so does that mean you can grant my wishes now?
  • Okay, first I want you to make the Human World mine... What? You're in charge of the New Year, so don't have powers to grant wishes?!
  • Ugh, say that from the beginning! You're a pain!
  • Well, if you can't grant me a wish, hurry and take me home. I'm freezing.

Stage 10: Happy New Year!

  • Ugh... What a busy end to the year! Ah, all I can do now is sleep!
  • [Owner], hey! That's my special chair!
  • If you're asleep then... I guess it's prank time for me, eh? Hyahaha, you're going to regret falling asleep defenseless...
  • Tie, tie, tie~ And... Hihi, and looking above and... Pfft... no, no, if you fight back here...
  • Hihihi, this year is going to be full of pranks too ♪

Chocolate KingdomEdit


  • What a pain... 10kg of chocolate? How much practice is this Marone doing anyway...
  • Hehehe. This exploding chocolate is... Oh? What is it, [Fairy]? I haven't done anything.
  • Ooh, doesn't that chocolate look so good. Think I'll take just one... Hey, whoa! What did you put in this to make it so spicy?!
  • Hey, what's this chocolate. You made this, [Fairy]? ... This is... This looks kind of hard to describe...
  • You'll get first place~? Hyahaha! Sorry, but this is going to be our win!

Stage 1: What Should Today's Snack Be?

  • You're in charge of today's snack, [Owner]! And if you don't make something good... Hehehe ♪
  • Huh? What's that. A chocolate book? You sure do like that, [Owner]...
  • Ooh, this creampuff looks good ♪ ... It's a lot of work? Pfft...
  • You want me to help you make amazing chocolate? Ugh,. That sounds awful! ... Hey, why are you so into this, [Owner]!
  • Hey, is that book sparkling? Look, it is! Whoa, I can't see anything... Huh?!

Stage 2: Waking up to Find...

  • Whoaa?! What is this place?! ... The Chocolate Kingdom? Who in the... Huh?! Who are you!
  • Hey, Marone... was that your name? What happened? ... Ah, are you saying we're here because of you?!
  • I'll just overlook this. Just send us back right now... You can't do that?! Who do you think you are? Me? I am the almighty [Fairy]!
  • You were trying to summon a helper fairy, but made a bunch of mistakes... Why did this happen?! ... I'm asking you! Ugh, forget it!
  • You want me to help you make amazing chocolate? Ugh. That sounds awful! ... Hey, why are you so into this, [Owner]!

Stage 3: The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire?

  • Anyway, why are you worrying so much? Chocolate that isn't entered into the competition can't win, right? Gah! Don't do that, [Owner]!
  • And so what happens if you make the best chocolate? ... Hoho. Fame and fortune as the kingdom's best... Hehehe. We've got to participate in this, [Owner]!
  • The fortune is pounds and pounds of treasure, right? And then the domination of this kingdom... Hyahaha! I'm so excited! ... Ouch! What are you two doing?
  • So we need to make the best chocolate possible, right? So I was watching a drama recently and... Oh what was it... Anyway, I've got a plan! ... What are you looking at me like that for?!
  • Anyway, we must get first place! If we're in this, we're in it to win it! Let's get ready, Marone and [Owner]!

Stage 4: Chocolate Spy ✰

  • First we're going to investigate the other stores? ... Oh well, I guess this is all for accomplishing my goals. Okay! Let's go, [Owner]!
  • What's with that chocolate boat? How is it moving... Magic? Not a charm? ... What! There's nothing funny about me talking about charms!
  • Oh? That's a huge store... That's your rival? ... Pfft. ... Nothing! I didn't say anything!
  • Ah, I'm so hungry but I can't eat anything... This is ridiculous! ... You say being hungry helps you work harder, but I'm going to pass out before that...
  • What, [Owner]... Whoa! A gold coin! Is this for me? ... Hey, it's just chocolate! Stop screwing around!

Stage 5: What to Make?

  • Well, did you decide what to make? ... chocolate florentines? ... What the heck is that?
  • I see, I see... So it's kind of like chocolate cake with caramel and sliced almonds pack on top? You'd better remember this stuff for the real deal, [Owner]!
  • It doesn't really look like anything especially hard to make... Whatever. We should start, right?
  • If there isn't enough caramel extract then it won't be crisp... [Owner]! Take notes! I... Hey, I'll do that thing for you.
  • We're making a sample first? ... Tsk. What a pain. Well, I guess this is necessary to fulfill my ambition! Hehehe, you two ready to work hard?

Stage 6: Get the Ingredients!

  • Flying chocolate spray, stardust candy fragments, dream matcha... What a bunch of strange stuff.
  • Are these almond slices okay? Different ones... Ugh, there are so many different shapes... We can't use these cat-shaped ones... Ah, I get it. We'll make them with magic, eh?
  • There are a lot of mysterious ingredients for magical chocolate... Hehehe, if I pick up some ingredients for a prank, then when we go back to our world... Huh? I didn't say anything.
  • Ouch! Hey, apologize if you bump into someone... Huh? Hey, aren't you from that big store? Are you Marone's rival?
  • Marone's rival is extremely stuck-up! Alright, we've gotta make chocolate so powerful that it cannot lose! ... Great, not powerful? Okay, whatever...

Stage 7: The Grand Competition Begins!

  • A three hour time limit. Hyahaha! That's more than enough for you, Marone and [Owner]! ... What? I'm helping too? ... Seriously?
  • Heat the caramel... And now what? ... The stardust powder? Put that in?
  • Gah?! The pot is bubbling over! Hurry, turn down the heat! ... Hey, next is the oven?! Whoa!
  • Marone said she's making the magic... Tsk... Whoa, what is that... Marone is sparkling...
  • So, what is this Story Magic that Marone cast on the chocolate? ... Aha, the almond slices on the top are putting on a play... Whoa! This is amazing!

Stage 8: The Kingdom's Best Is...

  • *wheeze, wheeze* ... Damn, why did this happen... Huh? You accidentally sprinkled Bad Luck Powder on the floor? This is your fault, [Owner]!
  • Is that cake what Marone's rival made? ... Wait, can you even eat that? It's shining so much it doesn't even look like food...
  • That's the Chocolate Kingdom's king? ... He looks pretty old... I could probably take him out easily... I'm joking, I'm joking! Sheesh, I can't even make jokes...
  • Well, we haven't been ranked yet, and all that's left is first place, so that must be us! Hehehe...
  • You've got to receive something because of winning this fame... A certificate will be sent to the shop... That's so dull!

Stage 9: To the Original World

  • The king gave the greatest of praise to the chocolate florentines. This is all thanks to us! Hyahaha!
  • You're selling them as storytelling chocolate florentines? Wow, try not to screw up, okay? Hehehe!
  • What are you going to do when it's time for us to go? ... You're going to cast a return spell so we need to stand on the magical square... Ah, this?
  • Before we go, I need to go to the shops and buy some things for my pranks... Ah, hey! What are you doing?! Let go of meeeee!
  • Well then, hurry up and cast the spell! Hey, what's that look? You want to do a staring contest? Ouch! No hitting... Fine, well, if I have time I'll come again. Hehehe.

Stage 10: This is Today's Snack!

  • All right. We're back in our world! Time to use this slippery powder I bought... Hehehe!
  • Ah, hey! Give me that bag back! If you don't... I'll turn all of your clothes inside out!
  • Today's snack? Are you still talking about that... No, wait. Those things we made... Chocolate florentines were they? Why don't we make some more of those?
  • Ah, I worked so hard, body and mind, that I'm starving... Okay! [Owner], I'm riding on your back. Now run home!
  • I'm going to take a nap while you make the chocolate florentines... Gah! Fine, fine! Just don't shake me!

Fairy ParadeEdit


  • Oh, hey, [Fairy]!
  • [Fairy], are you really working that hard to prepare? Huh, that's pretty crazy.
  • All the Agency people are more amazing than I thought. They really got the parade costumes and designs done quickly.
  • Seems like Karume designed that roller coaster over there. That explains why the cars are designed like potatoes.

Stage 1: Let's Go! Amusement Park!

  • Hey! [Owner]! Wake up! I got amusement park tickets from Chief!
  • She had a bunch of them so that's why I got them. Looks like everyone from the Agency is going too.
  • It's... Whoa! It's so close we could go today! What do you think, [Owner]?
  • What?! You're already ready to go? ...hold on a sec!
  • By the way, what's this park even called? ...huh? Candy Land?! I never heard of that!

Stage 2: Sad Amusement Park

  • ...isn't this amusement park a little too quiet? I won't calm down! I want to make noise!
  • We're here, [Owner]! Stop lazing around! Let's go!
  • ...huh? The roller coaster is stopped! You can't have an amusement park without a roller coaster!
  • What's that sad kid doing over there? ...this ju~st might get interesting! Hihihi~
  • [Owner], I'm going to be rowdy today! Get ready!

Stage 3: The Reason Is...

  • Yo! What's with you? Why are you so sad? Something bad happen? Why not tell me? Hihihi.
  • You're this park's owner?! You don't look that old! You just look like some school kid... No, no, it's nothing.
  • Destiny Amusement Park... Ah! I saw commercials for that. It's really close by! Okay, let's go there... What! I'm joking, I'm joking!
  • Hm~m... So this new park was built and all your customers are going there now? My condolences, hihi... Ack!
  • Hm? What is it, [Owner]? ...huh? You've got an idea? I bet it's not even good... Ow, ow, ow... Don't pinch my cheeks!

Stage 4: Parade Planning ✰

  • A parade to advertise the park~? ...hmph! No thanks.
  • Why do I have to be going around helping people?
  • Again with the jerks from the Agency! You don't need to call them [Owner]! They're a pain!
  • I wonder if I can somehow sabotage the parade from behind the scenes.
  • Hihi! In order to deceive your enemies you have to play the role of a friend... I think I found a way to enjoy this...

Stage 5: Preparation Is Important

  • Okay~, [Owner]. What should I do~?
  • Oh, you want me to decorate the parade cars? The decorations... are already prepared? That's fast.
  • Hihi... Leave it to me okay? ...hihihi! Hey? I didn't say anything, eh?
  • Putting confetti in balloons... Huh. Then right when the parade is at the best part, boom! Hihihi!
  • Hm, hm, hm ♪ Whaddaya think! These parade cars look awesome... What do you mean redo them?! These skulls look so cool!

Stage 6: Out to the Street!

  • Okay, so it starts soon, right? Hihi... I can't wait to see how everyone on the street reacts.
  • Um, well... That costume of yours, [Owner]... That looks so hard to move around in.
  • A parade costume?'re talking about that costume? That looks so uncomfortable. There's no way I'm wearing that!
  • Well, I guess I just walk around? All the preparation for the tricks are done! Hihi!
  •'s finally over with... Now it's time to wash the streets with waves of despair! Hyahahaha!

Stage 7: Fantastic Parade

  • Hihi... Now I just have to wait for the perfect time to unleash my plan...
  • I just pull these strings and... Firecrackers shoot off! Hyahaha! [Owner], you're shaking ♪
  • Hihi! My balloons exploded! ...huh? The powder for the explosion... Ah! You swapped it out!
  • Hey, ow! You punk! Don't pull on my costume!
  •'s great that I'm playing with the kids?! What do you see with those eyes of yours?!

Stage 8: Illuminated Attraction

  • Looks like the Candy Land staff are going to do something now. Eh, this has nothing to do with me!
  • Hey, [Owner]! You wanna ride that shining roller coaster? I don't care what you say! Hyahaha!
  • ...oh? The roller coaster is all lit up! And the Ferris wheel too! The electric bill is going to be crazy... Ah, so Silia apparently did a few things.
  • Huh? You designed that illumination, [Owner]? ...huh, well I guess it's not too bad.
  • Ugh. Those illuminations are too bright... Wait, that one was done by Karume, right? Who want to see an illumination designed like a potato?

Stage 9: Great Success!

  • Ooh, there's a lot of people here now! [Owner], let's go get on some rides before the lines are too long!
  • There's a long line for the shops as well... You wanted to go shopping? You should do this first and put the stuff in a locker!
  • Huh? You'll buy me anything because I worked hard? ...are you serious...? Hey, did you hit your head on something?
  • Popcorn, turkey, churros... Hyahaha! [Owner]! Is your wallet ready
  • There's no golden juice at this park... Bah...

Stage 10: Congratulations All!

  • Well, I guess that was pretty fun? It was better than that completely packed Destiny Amusement Park! Hihi ♪
  • What is it... Oh, it's the little park owner. What do you want?
  • The park was revitalized because of what we did... Hihihi! That's right! It's time for you to honor me ♪ Hyahahahaha!
  • Oh? What's this... A lifetime pass... Hoho, so I can come to this park anytime I want? Hihi, well, if I'm bored I guess I'll come!
  • What, [Owner]... Doing nice things makes you feel good? Pft, I didn't do any nice things!

Museum of WondersEdit


  • No Mischief? Is this guide pamphlet daring me?!
  • Oh, [Fairy]. What am I doing here? I came to steal some artifacts! Tada~!
  • See, the more you tell me I can't touch anything, the more I want to touch everything...
  • This place is pretty huge though. I'd totally get lost without this map.
  • Hmm? Erm... wait... Mmm... I'm lost.

Stage 1: We've arrived

  • Hey, this is a pretty cool-looking museum. I bet they dug up a whole bunch of stuff to fill this place.
  • Whoa, there are a lot of people here. I'm gonna go say hi... What? Really, just saying hi!... heheheh.
  • Heheheh... this place is perfect... I have so much space for activities... ♪
  • Tch... the Agency lot are here too... Gotta be careful of twin-tails and green-dye especially...
  • No misbehaving in the museum? What exactly am I supposed to do without misbehaving? Who do you think I am?!

Stage 2: Looking at the exhibitions

  • Wax figures, huh. Some of these are crazy-real... Are you sure they didn't just coat real people in wax?... Maybe you should try it too, heheheh.
  • Heheheh... Y'know, big jars like these are used to keep snakes. There's probably one in there right now.
  • Hey, the T-Rex just moved again!... What, you don't believe me?! Just look at it!... Ack, it stopped...!
  • Grr... you big pile of bones... trying to make me look stupid, are you?!
  • The Goddess Tear, was it? It's surrounded by so much glass and security...

Stage 3: Phantom Thief Alice...?!

  • What's that? There's a whole bunch of people over there. Must be something awesome they're looking at, let's go!
  • A letter from a thief? Like a warning letter?... This thief must either be really professional, or really stupid...
  • Hmm? Scared? Why would would I be scared?! I'm not the Goddess Tear, she's not trying to steal me.
  • Whoa, more and more security guards are turning up. They're carrying all kinds of weapons, too.
  • Heheh! It's finally getting exciting around here. Nothing like a bit of drama to spice things up!

Stage 4: Strategy meeting

  • I guess while everyone's busy here, I'll go take a nice quiet look around the museum.
  • Ow! Get off me!!... State of emergency? No time for exhibits? Pfft!
  • This Goddess thingie must be worth a ton of money for a thief to go after it, right?
  • Ha ha ha~! It was me all along! I am the Phantom Thief!!... Psyche!... What? Not funny? I thought it was hilarious...
  • Ahh... this is so boring... I wish the thief would just come already... I can't stand just waiting here...

Stage 5: Power cut...?!

  • A power outage?! I can't see a thing! Hey, [Owner]! Where are you?!
  • Ah, wait... this is my chance...!! I can get that Goddess thingie myself.. heheheh...
  • Just slip out behind [Owner]... through here, and...!!!
  • Wah! Hey, get off me!! I know it's you, [Owner]!! Put me down!!
  • Where do you get off teasing me like that, huh?! I was trying to help! She could be in there stealing the gem right now!

Stage 6: The exhibits...?!

  • She must have known this hall has no windows. Turning out the lights gave her the perfect cover.. tch.
  • What?! The gemstone is really gone?! Woah... that phantom thief is amazing!
  • Hmm? Hey look. The T-Rex is gone. Did she take that too?
  • What are you talking about? There's no way she could steal a whole dinosaur in that short time.
  • Use your head. The T-Rex must have... y'know, just... got up and walked away.

Stage 7: Discussion Time

  • We're wasting time! The thief's gonna get away!... The exits are sealed? Oh right, well... of course they are.
  • Weird name though, eh. Phantom Thief Alice. Alice, Alice... you don't think it could be...?
  • Hm? You've got something [Owner]? Well come one, don't keep it to yourself! Tell me!
  • Notice anything? Hm... like the bone resting on your head there?
  • I told you didn't I! I told you I saw the T-Rex moving.

Stage 8: The Phantom Thief appears!

  • Woah! The T-Rex is walking! That's amazing! Get off of there, I wanna ride!
  • So what you're saying is, you drowned the Goddess Tear in some kinda potion and now it's gone? And you want us to find it?
  • Aren't you supposed to be some kinda genius, Silia? Are geniuses supposed to have this many screws loose?
  • I mean it's still pretty amazing though. A lifebreathing potion. I don't think even I could make something like that.
  • Hey, I tell you what's really important about all this, though. I was right! I was spot on! [Owner], where's my prize?!

Stage 9: Find the Goddess Tear!

  • That Mika really can jump, huh! She got on top of that T-Rex quick as a flash.
  • Why did she even think to make a potion like this? Bit of a waste of talent if you ask me.
  • I'm not sure if Silia is a genius or just completely insane... Either way we'd better join in with the search. Maybe they'll let us ride the T-Rex if we find it.
  • Why am I staring over there? I'm eavesdrop--- I mean, I'm erm... searching for clues. Yeah, that's it. Sharing information is important, [Owner]!
  • Leave the thinking to me! Goddess Tear... moves by itself... stuck inside the museum... Ah! I've got it!

Stage 10: Got the Goddess Tear!

  • Haha, I knew it! The Goddess Tear, it's right here! Didn't I say, [Owner]? Didn't I say it would be right here?
  • Hey, Silia~! I found it! It's here with the Goddess Statue! So gimme a ride on that T-Rex of yours already!!
  • They caught Silia? But... does that mean we can't ride the T-Rex now?!
  • Phew... all this using my head has completely worn me out... I can't move... I won't move... just leave me here...
  • Huh? Keep looking around? Are you joking? I am not in the mood for--- Hey, stop pulling me!! Fine, I'll walk I'll walk!