Jewel Edit


Jewels are gained either from working, Daily Quests rewards, or in small amounts from Event NPCs. Jewels are used to purchase certain items and to change your fairy's face/hair/certain colors.

Drops Edit


Drops are an in-game currency like Jewels. Drops are gained from recycling items or from Daily Quests rewards. Drops are used in the Drop Gacha or while running Errands.

Friend Points Edit


Friend Points (fp) are points you can get by doing various social actions with friends.

Ways to get fp include the following (note: these are all between friends):

  • Fairy Talk (3fp)
  • Fairy Magic (1fp per item successfully recommended, up to 13fp)
  • Bothering (5fp)
  • Fairy Friend logs in (5fp)

DP Edit

DP is this game's premium currency and must be bought for money. (Or obtained through tapjoy offers.)

DP Rates: iTunesEdit

DP Price USD Cost per 100 DP
100 DP 0.99 USD
400 DP 3.99 USD
600 DP 5.99 USD
1200 DP 11.99 USD
2300 DP 22.99 USD
3500 DP 34.99 USD
4700 DP 46.99 USD
6000 DP 59.99 USD

DP Rates: Google Play Edit

US Dollar(USD)
100 DP 0.99 USD
360 DP 3.49 USD
620 DP 5.99 USD
1050 DP 9.99 USD
1400 DP 12.99 USD
3550 DP 32.49 USD
4500 DP 40.49 USD
7800 DP 69.49 USD
Canada Dollar(CAD)
100 DP 1.05 CAD
360 DP 3.74 CAD
620 DP 6.42 CAD
1050 DP 10.72 CAD
1400 DP 13.94 CAD
3550 DP 34.85 CAD
4500 DP 43.43 CAD
7800 DP 74.54 CAD
UK Pound(GBP)
100 DP 0.58 GBP
360 DP 2.05 GBP
620 DP 3.52 GBP
1050 DP 5.87 GBP
1400 DP 7.63 GBP
3550 DP 19.09 GBP
4500 DP 23.79 GBP
7800 DP 69.49 GBP
Australian Dollar(AUD)
100 DP 1.04 AUD
360 DP 3.70 AUD
620 DP 6.36 AUD
1050 DP 10.60 AUD
1400 DP 13.79 AUD
3550 DP 34.48 AUD
4500 DP 42.97 AUD
7800 DP 73.75 AUD
100 DP 0.73 EUR
360 DP 2.59 EUR
620 DP 4.44 EUR
1050 DP 7.41 EUR
1400 DP 9.64 EUR
3550 DP 24.11 EUR
4500 DP 30.04 EUR
7800 DP 51.56 EUR
Polish Zloty(PLN)
100 DP 3.02 PLN
360 DP 10.72 PLN
620 DP 18.43 PLN
1050 DP 30.72 PLN
1400 DP 39.96 PLN
3550 DP 99.95 PLN
4500 DP 124.57 PLN
7800 DP 213.80 PLN

Caution! If you are under an in-game penalty, you will not be able to purchase DP.

Tapjoy Edit

"Tapjoy is a mobile advertising and monetization platform that allows mobile app users to select ads to engage with in exchange for virtual rewards and premium content."

See below for a user-written guide on tapyjoy offers.

What this means for FD players is you can gain "free DP" in exchange for various tasks such as;

  • Downloading and running Apps.
  • Watching short advertisement videos.
  • Completing Surveys.
  • Purchasing various items and services.
  • Misc. other tasks.

Be careful on what tasks you choose to accept, as some offers have been known to be from less that reputable sources and may not be in your best interest.

To access Tapjoy from FD, press the "Get Free DP!" banner at the Top Page.

Alternatively, you can also access Tapjoy via the MyTapjoy Mobile website or the <nowiki>MyTapjoy[Android</nowiki>], and MyTapjoy[iOS] Apps

Note: Using the app or website gives more offers and occasionally gives higher rewards.

Tapjoy Screen Edit


Tapping the image will open up a new window which is full of Tapjoy-powered offers you can complete to get Free DP!

There is a range of 1 DP [short videos] to 2000+ DP [Offers requiring purchases/money] offers.

There are four different types of offers: Free, $, $$, and $$$ which shows how much money it is going to cost.

Also on the top left of this screen there is a button with three lines. Pressing this will allow you to filter the different categories of offers: All, Video, and Free.

Press the 'X' on the top right menu to return back to FD's top page.

Missing DP Edit


There is also a button that reads 'Missing DP'? at the bottom right of the screen. This is where you should go if you do an ofer and do not recieve the DP listed. Tell them which offer you had completed [by selecting one out of their offer list], decribe exactly what you did, and leave an e-mail that Tapjoy can contact you at.

Note: This form is strictly for users who have not been rewarded for a completed offer. Abuse of this page may lead to your FD account being banned from engaging in offers in the future.

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