The following are characters you'll encounter fairly often in Fairy Doll! Descriptions are taken from in-game help files.

Chief CocoaEdit


Head of the Fairy Doll Agency

Thanks to her calm and gentle personality, has a lot of fans. She loves Fairies and often spends time with her friend Robin. Very good at making Sweets.
Don't be deceived by her personality - she's a hard worker doing her best as the Chief of the Agency.



Peony Fairy

Just like Cocoa, she's a member of the Agency's staff. Likes Cocoa very much and often helps her.
Cherry Pie is her favorite food. With her very long hair, she looks almost like a small animal. Often chased by Mika.



In charge of notifications in the Fairy Doll Agency

A high schooler who loves cute and beautiful things.
Always cheerful, she makes everyone in the agency smile. Loves potatoes. When her ideas are too crazy, Julia has to stop her from doing something stupid.


In charge of notifications in the Fairy Doll Agency

A high schooler, just like Karume. Hates mistakes and can use her whip and be a bit violet when things don't go as planned.
She has mastered the use of the whip and even came up with her own names for different attacks.
Comes from a long lineage of powerful black mages. Likes magic and dresses like a gothic lolita. She works on notifications together with Karume, and despite getting along really well, she's a bit of a tsundere about it.



In charge of Shops in the Fairy Doll Agency

The older sister. Has a great fashion sense and knows everything about clothes.
Usually very calm, but it's better to not stand in her way if she sees something cute.



In charge of synthesis in the Fairy Doll Agency

Self-titled alien. Cares only about experiments and research.
Incredibly smart, but often shows a surprising lack of common sense. Some call her the Agency's Trickster.



In charge of the Raffle in the Fairy Agency

Expressionless first year high schooler.
Despite her poker face, she works really hard. Loves wearing kimonos. Loved by animals, often spends time with Leo.



In charge of the Events in the Fairy Doll Agency

A very straightforward girl sometimes ending her sentences with "meow."
Loves chicken. Funny, with a lot of ideas.
Chases Robin whenever she sees her. Some say that it's because of the hair.



In charge of Shops in the Fairy Doll Agency

The younger sister. She's very feminine and always smiling. Usually quite laid back, but when she sees something cute, there's no stopping her. Loves dressing up other Agency members in cute clothes. Adores her older sister.



In charge diplomacy in the Agency.

Cocoa's younger brother. Usually very kind, but can use strong words towards lazy or rude people. Smart, polite (for the most part), handles diplomacy perfectly.
The only problem is that he doesn't spend much time in the Agency.

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