Beauty Salon big banner - Feb 2016

The Beauty Salon allows you to change hairstyles and eye shapes. Some eye shapes are unlocked by leveling up; others can be bought for an individual fairy for 300DP. Eye shapes bought with DP are thereafter available for jewels for the specific fairy they were bought for.

See also Beauty Salon (Hairstyles) for hair.

Jewel Eye ShapesEdit

Name /
Doll Face
Lv 1+
Gentle Face
Lv 1+
Grumpy Face
Lv 1+
Assassin Eyes
Lv 5+
EYES Doll Face
EYES Gentle Face
EYES Grumpy Face
EYES Assassin Eyes
Name /
Unique Eyes
Lv 5+
Sugar Eyes
Lv 5+
Downer Eyes
Lv 10+
Spice Eyes
Lv 10+
EYES Unique Eyes
EYES Sugar Eyes
EYES Downer Eyes
EYES Spice Eyes
Name /
Classic Eyes
Lv 15+
Period Eyes
Lv 20+
Sweet Eyes
Lv 20+
Cynical Eyes
Lv 20+
EYES Classic Eyes
EYES Period Eyes
EYES Sweet Eyes
EYES Cynical Eyes
Name /
Line Eyes
Lv 25+
Sleepy Eyes
Lv 30+
Clear Heart Eyes
Lv 35+
Strong Eyes
Lv 55+
EYES Line Eyes
EYES Sleepy Eyes
EYES Clear Heart Eyes
EYES Strong Eyes

DP Eye ShapesEdit

The following can be purchased for 300DP each.

Name Mischievous Eyes Child Eyes Princess Eyes Pure and Shy Face
EYES Mischievous Eyes
EYES Child Eyes
EYES Princess Eyes
EYES Pure and Shy Face
Name Snow Globe Eyes Mellow Eyes Water Drop Eyes Shining Eyes
EYES Snow Globe Eyes
EYES Mellow Eyes
EYES Water Drop Eyes
EYES Shining Eyes
Name Mechanical Eyes Flower Eyes Fairy Face Baby Face
EYES Mechanical Eyes
EYES Flower Eyes
EYES Fairy Face
EYES Baby Face
Name Cat Eyes Chariot Girl Cheerful Eyes Heart Eyes
EYES Cat Eyes
EYES Chariot Girl
EYES Cheerful Eyes
EYES Heart Eyes
Name Polaris Eyes Glamorous Eyes Elegant Girl Killer Face
EYES Polaris Eyes
EYES Glamorous Eyes
EYES Elegant Girl
EYES Killer Face
Name Cry Baby Eyes Fear Eyes Darkness Eyes Horror Eyes
EYES Cry Baby Eyes
EYES Fear Eyes
EYES Darkness Eyes
EYES Horror Eyes