JobCrepe Shop Staff
Job Time4hr 00min
Dialogue Preview
{Line: 1} Did you call?
{Line: 2} Are you hungry? Would you like some rice, something else?
{Line: 3} Umm... Would you like a snack?
{Line: 4} Shopping... Shall we go together?
{Line: 5} It's okay... I'm not sleepy at all!
Kindness 500

Hope Change OutfitEdit

Item Position Hope Change
HC Angel's Crown
HC Angel's Crown preview
Head ★★ Hope Change
HC Angelic Back
HC Angelic Hanging Ornaments preview
Back ★★★ Hope Change
HC Celestial Angel
HC Celestial Angel preview
Clothes ★★★★ Hope Change

Dialogue Edit


  • Shopping... Shall we go together?
  • It's okay... I'm not sleepy at all!
  • I'm really glad... That you came here.
  • [Owner], we have more good weather today.
  • House sitting alone is okay... I can do it.
  • Oh no, I forgot to put some clothes in the laundry!
  • I love being patted on the head by [Owner]... I'm so lucky.
  • Being together with [Owner] somehow makes me feel happy... Heehee.
  • The weather is nice again today, [Owner]. It's perfect laundry weather.
  • There's a really nice smell coming from next door... I wonder if its apple pie?
  • Going for a walk?... Well, I'm house sitting...Oh, me too?... Wow, how wonderful
  • Umm, well... Make sure you don't speak too quietly... [Owner]. I really like you. Hehehe.
  • Umm, would you give me that flower? Wow... it smells so beautiful. Thank you so much, [Owner]!
  • Woah... [Owner], look at the sky! Look at the balloon flying by... I wonder where it will go...
  • Oh.. What... Morning already? [Owner], I'm still sleepy, let's sleep a little longer... together...
  • Let's appreciate our great happiness. This year has also seen an abundant harvest in the Fairy World!
  • Hmm, I feel like eating a snack outside today... Would that be okay... Hehehe, I'm gonna bake cookies!
  • I really want to eat a hot cake today... so badly! Did you hear? How about we make one together?... Yes!
  • There are a lot of fallen leaves in front of the house so I am going to do some cleaning today. I'd like to cook a potato in the fallen leaves.

Condition/Mood Boosting Options Edit

  • [Fairy] is reading a book.
    • [Go to the library!] You decided to go to the library.
      [Fairy]: "Going to the library with you will be so much fun!~!!"
      • [Research about the fairy world] You researched about the fairy world.
        [Fairy]: "I'm so happy that you have taken an interest in the fairy world!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
      • [Sleep] You sleep.
        [Fairy]: "[Owner]... You can't sleep in the library!"
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
    • [Ask Mr. D!] Ask Mr. D!
      [Fairy]: "...? Who on earth is that?"
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go to the amusement park.
    • [Let's go as crazy as we can at the amusement park] You suggest going as crazy as you can at the amusement park.
      [Fairy]: "I'm so happy!"
      • [Let's ride the Ferris wheel] You suggest riding the Ferris wheel.
        [Fairy]: "Whoa, look! Everyone looks so tiny!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
      • [The waiting time was so long] You comment that the waiting time is too long.
        [Fairy]: "I'm getting a little tired."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
    • [Let's spend the day sightseeing.] You suggest spending the day sightseeing.
      [Fairy]: "Ooh, sightseeing? I'd love to see more peaceful scenery today."
      (No Condition/Mood Change)
  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go shopping
    • [Shopping at the Fairy Shop] ??
      [Fairy]: "Okay, time to choose some clothes!"
      • [These clothes look like they would suit you] You tell her that these suit her.
        [Fairy]: "Oh, really?... Wow, I'm so happy!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better
      • [Ah! I forgot my wallet] You forgot you wallet!
        [Fairy]: "Moments like this do happen sometimes..."
        [Fairy] was left with a bad impression [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
    • [Watch the Fairy Collection show] You watch the Fairy Collection show.
      [Fairy]: "Wow, those Fairy Models just keep on spinning..."
      (No Condition/Mood Change)
  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go to the zoo.
    • [It's so nice out today! Let's go to the zoo] ??
      [Fairy]: "Yes! I can't wait to go to the zoo with you!"
      • [Hippos really are big] Hippos are so big!
        [Fairy]: "I'm guessing if it opens its big mouth it is going to get filled with loads of water."
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
      • [Yeah, the zoo is a little hot] Yeah, its a little hot at the zoo.
        [Fairy]: "Shall we take a quick break under the shade of that tree?"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Hand over a stuffed animal] You gave her a stuffed animal.
      [Fairy]: "...So fluffy..."
  • [Fairy] brought a game controller.
    • [Play nice together.] You played nice together.
      [Fairy]: "I've already learned a few tricks."
      • [I cleared the whole stage. ] You cleared the whole stage.
        [Fairy]: "Amazing! Its the result of your training!"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
      • [Almost did it...] You almost did it...
        [Fairy]: "Sometimes things don't go so well."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Have a closely heated battle] You have a closely heated battle.
      [Fairy]: "I hate fighting..."
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got worse.
  • You invited [Fairy] to see a movie.
    • [option 1A] ??
      • [Watch an action movie] ??
      • [Watch a comedy] You suggest watching a comedy.
        [Fairy]: "Wow, did you see how that guy fell down! That must have really hurt..."
        [Fairy] was left with a bad impression.
    • [option 1B] ??
  • It looks like [Fairy] wants to play.
    • [Go to the park together] You decided to go to the park together.
      [Fairy]: "I want to go shopping on the way back."
      • [Ride the seesaw together] You rode the seesaw together.
        [Fairy]: "Its so fun doing this with you... Whee!"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed.
      • [Climb the jungle gym] You decided to have her climb the jungle gym.
        [Fairy]: "I love high places, what a wonderful view..."
        [Fairy] is very happy.[Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
    • [Hang around your room] You decided to just hang around your room.
      [Fairy]: "Uhm, wow... there is so much dust here..."
      [Fairy] is a bit shocked...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • [Fairy] is singing.
    • [Today is karaoke day!] You declare that today is karaoke day!
      [Fairy]: "Yay! I wanna go with you!"
      • [Today, why don't you take the lead] You suggest that she take the lead today.
        [Fairy]: "Umm... is an international children's song okay?"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
      • [Today, you can't take the mic away from me!] ??
    • [Let's watch TV or something] ??
  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go to the aquarium.
    • [Don't you want to go to the aquarium?] You ask her if she wants to go to the aquarium.
      [Fairy]: "Yeah! I wanna go!"
      • [Schools of fish are so mysterious] You comment that schools of fish are so mysterious.
        [Fairy]: "Its sparkling skin makes them beautiful too..."
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got much better.
      • [That person is so beautiful] You comment that That person is so beautiful.
        [Fairy]: "[Owner]... She is staring..."
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
    • [Show her an ammonite reference book] You show her an ammonite reference book.
      [Fairy]: "So as it is a shellfish, is ammonite really a stone?... Hmm..."
      [Fairy]'s Mood got worse
  • [Fairy] is singing with a remote control instead of a mic
    • [It's a perfect time for karaoke!] You declared it's a perfect time for karaoke!
      [Fairy]: "Yeah, I practiced hard!"
      • [Jump in] You jumped in.
        [Fairy]: "Umm... Well I'm a little embarrassed."
        [Fairy] is very happy.[Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
      • [Join during the chorus] You joined during the chorus.
        [Fairy]: "..... will you sing, [Owner]?"
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...?
    • [I'm tired. let's just stay home and relax] You're tired. So you suggest just staying home and relaxing.
      [Fairy]: "Are you tired, [Owner]???"
      [Fairy] was left with a bad impression. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
  • You decided to see a movie that would cheer [Fairy] up.
    • [Buy some popcorn and watch the movie] You decided to buy some popcorn and juice and watch the movie.
      [Fairy]: "Wow, thank you so much, [Owner]!"
      • [I couldn't stop eating snacks throughout the whole movie] You couldn't stop eating snacks throughout the whole movie.
        [Fairy]: "Yep! But we won't get anything that will bother the other theater goers."
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed. [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
      • [That movie was kind of boring] You thought that movie was kind of boring.
        [Fairy]: "I'm not sure I'm with you there"
        [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Buy some juice and watch the movie] You decided to buy some juice and watch the movie.
      [Fairy]: "You have to make sure you don't drink too much."
      [Fairy] likes you.
  • [Fairy] is staring into the refrigerator.
    • [Let's spurge a little and eat out today] You suggest splurging a little and eating out today.
      [Fairy]: "Yeah... I'm so happy!"
      • [Go for a luxurious French lunch (Pay 150 jewels)] You go for a luxurious French lunch.
        [Fairy]: "!! This place... is so expensive!!! Is it okay, [Owner]?"
        [Fairy] is very happy. [Fairy]'s Mood got better. 150Jewels decreased
      • [Settle for a normal chain restaurant.] You settle for a normal chain restaurant.
        [Fairy]: "Ah, [Owner]... Don't go for things you don't like."
        [Fairy] is a bit shocked...?
    • [It's a waste of money, so let's get something at the convenience store.] You think it's a waste of money, so you suggest getting something as the convenience store.
      [Fairy]: "Convenience store ready meals don't contain many vegetables..."
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...? [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
  • [Fairy] mention wanting to go out.
    • [We're going to the aquarium today!] Let's go to the aquarium today!!
      [Fairy]: "I wanna see a big fish"
      • [It's a blue whale] You comment that it's a blue whale!
        [Fairy]: ""Its so meek despite its size""
      • [Let's have seafood for dinner today] ??
    • [If I don't go grocery shopping today...] If I don't go out to buy ingredients...
      [Fairy]: "Oh, I had forgotten..."
      [Fairy] started hating you a bit...?[Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.

Hope Change Scenario 2★Edit

  • [Fairy] Mentioned wanting to cook together.
    • [Make curry] You make curry.
      [Fairy]: "Ooh... Onions make me cry... But its okay, I'm gonna do my best!"
      • [Use lots of spices.] You use lots of spices.
        [Fairy]: "... Spicy... Its really spicy... But because I made it with you... I'm gonna eat it..."
        (No Condition/Mood Change)
      • [Use honey and chocolate.] You use honey and chocolate.
        [Fairy]: "Ooh... I love sweet food, [Owner]."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
    • [Make gratin] You make gratin.
      [Fairy]: "White sauce is really tasty. Have you tried it, [Owner]? Uhm, say "aah"..."
      [Fairy] likes you.
  • [Fairy] is staring at the record player.
    • [Play some pop music] You play some pop music.
      [Fairy]: "Ooh, this is a good happy song. Just listening to it puts me in a good mood!"
      • [Play some techno pop music] You play some techno pop music.
        [Fairy]: "Cookies, lemons, milk, and sugar... Hee hee, what a cute song"
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed.
      • [Play some rock music] You play some rock music.
        [Fairy]: "Wow...! I'm so surprised!! What an amazing voice...! That singer's throat must hurt..."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got much worse.
    • [Play some classical music] You play some classical music.
      [Fairy]: "...Well... This... This song... Is somewhat, Umm... Don't go anywhere."
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.

Hope Change Scenario 3★Edit

  • [Fairy] mentioned wanting to go on a short trip.
    • [Let's go somewhere far away] You suggest expanding your horizons by going somewhere a little far.
      [Fairy]: "Well, a trip with you would be really fun."
      • [Let's buy some steamed buns] You bought some special steamed buns.
        [Fairy]: "It is so sweet and delicious. Do you want one too, [Owner]? Okay...."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better
      • [Let's take a commemorative photo] You tell her to say cheese!
        [Fairy]: "Making more great memories with you... I treasure them all."
        [Fairy] is kind of impressed.
    • [Let's go on a day trip] You went to a local hot spring.
      [Fairy]: "Trips to hot springs are so much fun. That's probably because I'm with you! Hee hee."
      (No Condition/Mood Change)
  • [Fairy] wants to learn about the human world.
    • [Teach her about human history.] You teach her about the 100 years of human history that exists here!
      [Fairy]: "Well... Summarized in notes... [Owner] has a very easy to understand way of teaching."
      • [Digress into a lie.] This stays between us, but...
        [Fairy]: "Eh...? Actually human beings change in two stages... Is that same with you?... I'd like to know!"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a better.
      • [Digress into something truthful.] Moreover, that person and that machine...
        [Fairy]: "[Owner], you're so wise. I also want to be like that."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
    • [Teach her about human culture.] Teach about the last hundred years of culture in the human world.
      [Fairy]: "Hmm... I see! Well, I want to learn so much more about your neighborhood."
      [Fairy] likes you.

Hope Change Scenario 4★Edit

  • [Fairy] wants to go play somewhere.
    • [Go to an art museum] You suggest going to an art museum.
      [Fairy]: "I'd also like to do a workshop. Umm... would that be okay to watch, [Owner]?"
      • [Art is fantastic!] You comment that art is fantastic!
        [Fairy]: "Dynamite... Isn't that something used for explosions? This picture... is also explosive! Don't you think?"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.
      • [That guide is beautiful] You comment that the guide is beautiful.
        [Fairy]: "Hmm. Can we get a little closer, [Owner]?"
        [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit worse.
    • [Go to a history museum] You suggest going to a history museum.
      [Fairy]: "Wow... What a beautiful dress! It looks like a princess dress... Do you think it suits me? Wow, thank you so much."
      [Fairy] is kind of impressed.
  • [Fairy] wants to go to the crepe store alone.
    • [Have a good one!] You tell her to take care and have a good one!
      [Fairy]: "Yes!... Don't follow me!"
      • [Go check things out because you're worried] You go check things out because you're worried.
        [Fairy]: "I haven't had many customers today... I wonder what [Owner] is doing... I must make it in time for [Owner]'s birthday...!"
        [Fairy] likes you.
      • [Patiently wait for them to return] You do housework while patiently waiting for them to return.
        [Fairy]: "I'm back... Wow, just seeing your face cheers me up."
        [Fairy]'s Mood got better.
    • [Go quietly] You go quietly.
      [Fairy]: "Hmm... Welcome! Banana crepe... Please wait a moment! Okay, I must save this much for [Owner]'s birthday! I'll do my best!"
      [Fairy]'s Mood got a bit better.


  • [Fairy], your owner is super nice! I got some sweets!
  • Humans... they're complex. They get sad and scared, but they're also kind and loving.
  • Giggle. I made a little tart out of chestnuts. I hope it's to your liking, [Fairy]...
  • Woah, I love your room!
  • I'd love to come back to hang out again.
  • I went to the library the other day. They had some picture books on the Fairy World, so I borrowed them. I'll show you next time.
  • Oh! I've seen that outfit in a commercial. How awesome...
  • Hello, [Fairy].
  • I'm sure humans can't comprehend why the Fairy and Human Worlds are divided.
  • So, I was walking through the pampas grass, when I came upon all these crickets! Cute, huh?
  • [Fairy], don't pull tricks!
  • The Fairy World, too, needs to compromise with humans.
  • [Fairy], make sure to be best friends with your owner. Now and forever.
  • Food is super delicious in autumn in the Human World. We should tell everyone back in the Fairy World about autumn being a time of feasts.
  • Oh, wow... thank you. Can I have all these yams for myself? We could have a regular yam party with all the girls.
  • Uhm... I got a lot of sakura mochi from the old lady who lives nearby, so I'll give you some.
  • The weather outside feels so good, that our walk became longer than I expected.
  • [Fairy], your garden is full of flowers!
  • There's a Hanami Festival in the neighborhood... Uhm, would you like to go with me?
  • [Fairy], did you go to the park? Cherry blossoms there are beautiful.


  • Really??
  • Wow...!
  • Hmm, I don't know.
  • Ahh, that's a tough spot.
  • Tell me more!
  • Autumn here is so elegant. But the Fairy World is no slouch, either.
  • I hope we can hang out all day.
  • We got a bunch of mushrooms from our neighbor the other day.There were too many, so I brought you some.
  • Hm? oh, it's you [Fairy]. how about we go watch cherry blossoms together?
  • Uhm...I made some sushi. [Fairy], would you like to eat it with me?
  • Uhm, I'm almost finished drying the futon, so could you wait a moment?


  • Thanks so much! Hee!
  • Well, I'm embarrassed to ask, but does this look good on me?


  • Hey, listen, if you work hard, your owner will be really happy with you.



  • Tee-hee... I'm so happy.
  • Oh, I'll do my best!


  • I do love to study.
  • Yes, here I go!



  • [Sleeping]
    • Sweet dreams... zzz...
    • Yes, I'm going to bed.
  • [Waking up]
    • I had the loveliest dream...
    • Hey! Morning!

After Work/Study/ErrandEdit



  • Yep, I studied hard.
  • I won't fail you next time, either.


Nickname Change Edit

  • So, um, what would be the best name, then? > So, um, is this the right name? > Yes, I've committed it to memory. Thanks for your ongoing support.

My Fairy Talk Edit

Socializing Edit
  • Your room smells divine, [Fairy]!
  • Oh, [Fairy], your outfits are always so lovely!
  • Would you like to go outside together? I'd love to visit the festival at the shrine.
  • Thank you for the praise, [Owner]!
  • I'll always be with you, [Fairy]! Hehe...
  • Um, I love to play, but I also love to study!
  • Ah, [Fairy]! Good morning! He, he..
  • I'm always so thankful for [Owner] and [Fairy].
  • Oh, [Fairy]! You have something in your hair! I'll get it for you.
  • I'm going to make lunch today! What would you like?
  • Thank you for your praise, [Owner]!
  • Ah! I will help you clean up.
  • Um... I picked these flowers for you, [Fairy].
  • I think it looks wonderful on you.
  • Oh, goo morning!
  • That outfit is lovely.
  • Well...are you alright?
Condition/Mood/Intimacy Boosting Edit
  • "What are you looking at, [Fairy]?
    • [We can even go shopping.]
      "Shopping? I love shopping! Let's go!
      • [Recommend the matching dress.]
        "You want to wear matching outfits? Hehe, that will be very cute."
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate! [Fairy]'s impression became better!
      • [Recommend the jersey.]
    • [That's cute but a bit expensive...]
      "Aw, we do not have enough money."
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became antagonistic... [Fairy]'s mood became a bit worse...
  • "Ah, [Owner], I'm trying to think of something interesting at the moment.
    • [Want to go rent a DVD] Want to go rent a DVD?
      "...Hehe. There actually in a DVD I have wanted to watch...Yay!"
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became a bit more intimate! [Fairy]'s impression became a bit better!
      • [What do you want to eat?] What do you want to eat?
        "Um... I would like...popcorn!"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
      • [Let's look at the pamphlet first...]
        "Oh, I saw the trailer for this movie while watching TV recently!"
        [No Condition/Mood Change]
    • [Go to the movie theater]
  • "Um, [Fairy]? Would you like to play with me?
    • [Let's go to the park together.]
      "Hehe... I would love to play on the swings with everyone."
      • [Play on the swings.]
        "Alright, I shall push you first, [Fairy]!"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
      • [Play in the sandbox.] Play in the sandbox.
        "Oh look! We made a tunnel! Hehe."
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate! [Fairy]'s mood became a bit better.
    • [Let's hang out at home today.]
      "I understand. Then we will play inside today."
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became a lot antagonistic... [Fairy]'s impression became a bit worse... [Fairy]'s mood became a bit worse...
  • "[Owner]! [Owner]? I hope everything is fine...
    • [Right, let's go get something to eat.]
      "Hehe... this looks so good... Wow! Bravo! This cream is delicious! You try it, too, [Owner]. Open up!"
      [Fairy]'s impression became better!
      • [Soak in the hot springs.]
        "[Fairy]! Are you alright? Your face is so flushed!"
        [Fairy]'s mood became a bit worse...
      • [Look at souvenirs.]
        "Um, [Fairy], we took all this time to take this trip and all... Should we buy something to remember it by?"
        [Fairy]'s impression became a bit better! [Fairy]'s mood became a bit better!
    • [Right, let's go on a trip.]
      "A short trip? Hehe, that sounds so much fun. Are you looking forward to it, too, [Fairy]?"
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
  • "I think we should make something sweet for [Owner]."
    • [Pretend not to notice]
      "Alright, let's put the flour and eggs in the bowl and stir, stir, stir...."
      • [Look at her.]
        "It's finished!! Would you please taste it, [Fairy]?"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
      • [Something smells good!]
        "Ta-da! Hehe, we worked hard on it just for you, [Owner]"
        [Fairy] and [Fairy] became more intimate!
    • [What are you making]
      "Oh, we should keep this a secret from [owner] until it is done... [Owner]!?"
      [Fairy] and [Fairy] became antagonistic...
Socialized Edit
  • Hehe... Thank you so much.
  • Well... I am a bit embarrassed.
  • Um... well... I like it, too!
  • Yes, I want to go, too!
  • Hmm... this is complicated and I do not really understand it.
  • Thank you so much! I will treasure this forever.
  • [Fairy] likes it, too... Hehe...
  • If you say so, then I will try my hardest...
  • Your story is quite interesting, [Fairy]!
  • I'll always be with you, [Fairy]! Hehe...
  • Well... that is a bit troublesome...
  • As long as I am with you, I will be happy.
  • Hello, [Fairy].
  • Yes, I would love to do that!
  • That's...amazing
  • Oh... that is troubling.
  • Do you think this looks good on me?
  • Ah! Thank you so very much!
  • I tried, but I could not hear very well.

Hope Change Edit

Talk Edit

Letters Edit

  1. To [Owner], my most precious friend
    You know... when I see your smiling face, it gives me this warm feeling. Tee hee... please show me more of that wonderful smile of yours, okay, [Owner]?
    From, [Fairy]
  2. To my oh so wonderful [Owner]
    I'm so happy that you let me stay here beside you! How to put this... It's really nice being close to you! This is the one spot that I won't give up, hee hee.
    From, [Fairy]
  3. To my ever-comforting owner, [Owner]
    There are so many wonderful things in the Human World, aren't there, [Owner]? It's nice sitting on the porch and basking in the sun of a clear day, and the Japanese sweets you get at teat time are delicious, and kimonos and enka music are so beautiful. Ah, but the most wonderful of all is you smiling face, [Owner]! Hee hee, writing this is kind of embarrassing. I wonder if you, too, are feeling embarrassed reading it. Hee hee. Please show me more of that wonderful smile of yours, okay?
    From, [Fairy]
  4. To [Owner], my dearest friend in the world
    Saying this to your face would make me bashful, so I'm going to try to write it to you in a letter. I'm really grateful to you, [Owner]! You always cheerfully talk to me, and take me to the park on sunny days, and you... there's so much I can't write it all down! You really make every day go by in the blink of an eye. It would make me really happy if these days could go on forever and ever! Hee hee, let's keep spending time together okay? I love you, [Owner].
    From, [Fairy]

Event DialogueEdit

Picturebook KingdomEdit

No data for this event.

Mechanical AdventureEdit

No data for this event.

Fairy ZooEdit

No data for this event.

Hanami FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Hm...? Really? I want to go there too!
  • U-uhm... [Fairy], do you want to enjoy hanami together?
  • Yes! I've never seen such beautiful cherry blossoms.
  • Be careful not to get separated from your Owner.
  • Uhm, there's a beautiful river not far from here, and they let me ride a ship there!

Stage 1: Before going out

  • I was watching the news about blooming cherry blossoms on the TV this morning, and they said that the flowers are most beautiful today!
  • Woah... It's so sunny outside...! A perfect day for hanami.
  • I'm looking forward to watching the cherry blossoms with you, [Owner]... He, he.
  • Uhm, I tried making bento. Uhm... Would you be so kind to eat it later?
  • Ah, I forgot the thermos... Uh... I'm sorry.

Stage 2: At the park

  • Woah... Amazing...! It's as if a pink snow is falling, [Owner]
  • He he... I went to greet my friends. Everyone's here for the festival today.
  • Looks like there are going the be stages events here too... It's so lively here, I'm getting more excited.
  • Uhm... There are so many people here that my head is spinning...! I'm sorry...
  • Sniff sniff*... I smell something delicious and it's coming from that way. Maybe it's a roasted chestnut stand?

Stage 3: At the shopping district

  • Everyone here is working really hard, it feels a bit like the shopping district.
  • Oh... The fish shop owner... Hello! Ah, [Owner], these goldfish are so cute
  • Uhm... [Owner], is there something you want to eat?
  • Ah, these sweets? He, he... I got them from the cake shop owner at his stand.
  • What are those bags with Leo printed on them... Huh? There's cotton candy inside?

Stage 4: Looking after a store?!

  • Ah, the baker! Hello!... What? You want us to look after your stand? Huh? Huh? What happened?
  • The baker ran off... I-I'm sure he had something urgent to take care of...
  • Okay! I'll protect this store! But... what should we do first...?
  • Uhm... Welcome. Y-yes? One fried bread and once croissant! Uhm... Uhm...
  • [Owner], what should I do... We're out of things to sell. We'll have to bake something soon...

Stage 5: Hanami Time

  • He, he... I got sweet rolls for helping with the stand. Look how many he gave us!
  • Uhm... This is bento I made. I don't know if you'll like it... but please try it if you'd like to.
  • Wow, what a big cherry blossom tree... [Owner], it's beautiful.
  • You know, food tastes the best when you eat it while looking at beautiful things like this.

Stage 6: Let's check Agency food stands

  • The Fairy Agency is running some stands too. I wonder what kind.
  • A Magical Goods Market? Hm... That Julia holds some strange powers.
  • Robin is running a yoyo-grabbing game. Can I have a go?
  • Ung... I really want that pink yoyo but... I just cannot seem to grab it at all. It's too difficult.
  • A-amazing! Three of them! I did not know you were so good at this [Owner]!

Stage 7: Stage event time

  • Exactly what kind of contest is the Spring Beauty Pageant?
  • Wow, so many beautiful people on the stage! But their outfits... surely they must be cold.
  • Clearly that person is going to win. So beautiful... and cool as well.
  • [Owner], a friend of mine is taking part in the singing contest. Can we go and watch?
  • It's open mic? I couldn't join, I'm too embarrassed... hehehe.

Stage 8: Riverside sunset

  • Oh, I did not know there was a river so close to the park. And with boats, too?
  • The boatmaster said he's has so few passengers today, we can ride with him for free!
  • I shall take good hold of [Owner], so I don't fall overboard.
  • The sunset reflected in the river... so beautiful... hehe.
  • Look at this! All of a sudden, my feet are buried in cherry blossom petals!

Stage 9: Watching evening sakura

  • It is amazing. Cherry blossoms at night has a very different atmosphere than during the day. I like this one too.
  • Are you not cold, [Owner]? they are handing out blankets over there, I'll be right back.
  • I am getting a little cold myself. I suppose even in spring, the night is still cold.
  • I think there are more stands out tonight than there were earlier...!
  • I bought some soup from one of the stands. Would you like to drink it with me?

Stage 10: Relaxed walk home

  • I think the hanami festival is drawing to a close. It's almost sad...
  • I think I would like to enjoy the hanami again with you next year, [Owner].
  • These streets are dark at night... Do you mind if we hold hands, [Owner]?
  • Thank you very much for bringing me to such a beautiful spot today.
  • Maybe I will introduce you to the Fairy World style hanami next time! Hehehe.

Jewelry EventEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Hmm... Apparently this gemstone dispels a manner of evils. Here, please take it.
  • What kind of gemstones have you found, [Fairy]?
  • It looks like the Keystone Gems are a little different to the other gemstones... I'm not quite sure, but it feels like they contain some magical power.
  • Wow, that gemstone around your neck [Fairy], it's gorgeous...!
  • Collecting these Keystone Gems is a perilous task... Do take care...!

Stage 1: Silia's strange movie projector!

  • It's amazing that Silia can create something like a movie projector... even if it is a bizarre shape...
  • We weren't the only ones invited by the looks of it, there are so many people here!
  • Why do I get the feeling that Silia is hiding something from us...?
  • Kind Mika gave me some chocolate popcorn, so let's enjoy it with the movie.
  • Hehehe... this reminds me of the movie date we had the other day, [Owner]. Those little bunnies were so cute!

Stage 2: Lost in a strange new world?!

  • [Owner]! Are you okay?!
  • I'm so glad you're okay, [Owner]... Yes, don't worry, I'm fine too.
  • It looks like we've been drawn into the movie somehow, to this strange new world.
  • Silia seems to think we'll need to collect these Keystone Gems in order to return to our world.
  • Don't worry about a thing, [Owner], I'll keep us safe.

Stage 3: Sapphire Town

  • Wow, it's breathtaking! A whole city, flooded with sapphire-colored water.
  • Silia's Keystone Gem Radar seems to have brought us to here, but...
  • Ah! I see it, I see it! Inside a store... I hope it's not expensive...
  • You don't need it? We can take it?! R-really?!
  • By way of thanks for the gemstone, please accept this good luck charm. May it bring your shop great prosperity!

Stage 4: Ruby Cave

  • So this is the Ruby Cave... It looks extremely hot in there, we should be careful.
  • Remind me, the sapphire we received earlier it has the power to produce streams of water... right?
  • I think we'll be much safer in this cave now, thanks to the water from this sapphire!
  • Ah! There's a ruby there set aside from all the others. That must be the one we are searching for.
  • What a peculiar gem... looks to be burning from afar, but to the touch is cold as stone...

Stage 5: Lapis Lazuli Road

  • So many lapis stone, just everywhere... One of these must be the next Keystone Gem.
  • The only problem I which one to choose... What do you think, [Owner]?
  • It seems that the owl will present us the real Keystone if we solve his riddle.
  • Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly Hmm... Erm... Hmm... All this thinking...
  • Ah! I have it, I have the answer! Incorrectly is spelled incorrectly!....... Yes, we did it! It's correct!

Stage 6: Garnet Tunnel

  • Hm? What's that noise? Do you hear it, [Owner]? Coming from the ground...
  • Perhaps there's something beneath our feet? I believe there was a pickaxe in the pack Silia gave us...
  • The Keystone must be in this tunnel here, but... it's far too dark to see anything at all.
  • Ngh... ngh... Ah, I think I see it! This must be the garnet Keystone!
  • Hehehe, I think we did well to find this one, [Owner].

Stage 7: Emerald Valley

  • [Owner], be careful where you're stepping.
  • Wow... The bottom of this valley is green and it's sparkling, so beautiful! Those are emeralds...?
  • Look! There's a giant dragon on the bottom of the valley...!'s a bit...scary.
  • Dragon, you look very scary, but you're really nice... And your eyes are cute. He he.
  • The dragon will give us the Keystone Gem if we scratch its back... Uhm... L-like this?

Stage 8: Diamond City of Ancients

  • The radar is showing something...? Looks like it's inside this castle.
  • This diamond castle... It's so big and yet no one lives here. It feels a bit lonely.
  • This place feels... Sacred. I wonder if the last gem we're looking for is here.
  • Uhm... Uhm... This way, I guess...? This place is like a maze, I'm afraid we might get lost...
  • So this is the Diamond Keystone Gem... It's so beautiful, half transparent like that.

Stage 9: Use the Keystone Gems! Let's go home!

  • Uhm... Silia, we've collected all Keystone Gems. This should be enough...right?
  • I feel a strange power from those gems... With this, we can return...
  • Put it inside the projector? Understood... I'll do it.
  • [Owner]! The on the wall...! Now we only have to jump into it?
  • Uhm... I don't mind if it's only for the jump, but... [Owner], could you please hold my hand?

Stage 10: Back to the Human World!!

  • Woah... Suddenly we're back home...! [Owner], it's a good thing that you're alright.
  • I've made another amazing memory with you, [Owner]... He, he.
  • Huh? Silia isn't here? Uhm.. Where did she go...?
  • [Owner]... What is that gem that you're holding? ...huh? You're giving it to me?
  • Ah... What a beautiful gem. [Owner], thank you!

Strange StrengthEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • The...Central...Cities... He, he, [Owner]...told me that...
  • Woah, that tower is huge! Uhm, [Fairy], let's climb it together.
  • People here...are wearing...both traditional...and modern clothes...I like it...
  • My special power allows me to use it a sleeping sand. Looks like it was based on a fairy tale.
  • Looks like there's a special powers circus there. How about we check it out?

Stage 1: At Home

  • Hmm... Oh, a letter. [Owner], there's a letter from Fairysoft here!
  • [Owner]...? Still asleep...? [Owner]! We got a letter!
  • Hehe, I love it when you stroke my hair... I mean, letter! A letter came. It's from Fairysoft.
  • A test event for Strange Strength? Is that a game? I think I've seen a commercial for it on TV.
  • Do you want to go? Hehe, I wanted to go too.

Stage 2: To the Event Hall

  • Use your special powers to... to... thwart? What is thwart? Like, stop from happening? Ah, okay, so, thwart their evil plans! I see!
  • It says each special power is different, and has its own unique uses... I wonder which power we'll get.
  • Hehehe, this is fun but I'm a bit nervous... Please, keep holding my hand.
  • All the powers are on that monitor, but I can't read it... On your shoulders? Me? Hehe, thank you.
  • Oh? Since when was this countdown here? Three, two, one...! Wah, it's so bright...!!

Stage 3: The Central Cities

  • Wow, so this must be the Central Cities. It must be easy to get lost here... Can we hold hands, [Owner]?
  • You are getting sleepy... You are getting sleepy...! W-wow! Look, [Owner]! Powder! Sleep powder, from my hands!
  • It looks like Mika-- I mean, Commander Kami gave us a quest. We're to meet someone with insomnia... There's a list too...
  • Help this kindergartner fall asleep. Right... You are getting sleepy... You are getting sleepy...!
  • Well he looked snug as a bug. Mission accomplished! What's the next quest?

Stage 4: A Secret Deal

  • Can you hear that noise? Sounds like people talking... Is it coming from under the bridge?
  • They're talking about... potatoes? But why--- What are you doing, [Owner]?! T-they're all asleep!! Did you use your power?
  • Hehe, mission accomplished♪ It feels good to send people off to such pleasant sleeps.
  • What are you looking for? Their wallets?? Thieving is not--- What's that? Plans to take over the world?!
  • But... how exactly do they plan to take over the world using potatoes? Maybe Commander Kami will know. Let's go tell her!

Stage 5: Intelligence Gathering

  • Please, Commander Kami, tell us all you know of SJK! We heard a shady conversation on our way here...
  • Their HQ is located beneath a casino in the city? And to get in... we use the key under the flower pot...? Really?
  • A blueprint of their HQ? Okay... I'll get a pen!... And a sketchbook!... And a backpack!
  • This secret organization, SJK, is planning to take over the world? With... potatoes, everywhere? I'm not sure I like that idea...
  • There are supposed to be lookouts everywhere. But I suppose we can make short work of them with our sleep powder.

Stage 6: Infiltrate the SJK HQ?!

  • You are getting sleepy... You are getting sleepy...! All the guards are sleeping... I think...?
  • Did one of them grab your leg, [Owner]? I think they're sleeping now though...
  • Inside... yes, this certainly looks like a secret HQ. We should take pictures. *snap snap*
  • This place is so large... Commander Kami did say that it is connected to a number of other buildings down here.
  • This room... It's full of trapdoors!! Thank you for the warning, [Owner]!

Stage 7: Find the Evidence!

  • I think this filing room is empty, but... do you really think we'll find some evidence in here?
  • Hmm? One of those files up there looks different from the others... I can't reach it, though... Ah! T-thank you.
  • This looks like SIlia's research diary. All it says is what she ate each day...
  • It was just a sweet potato candy recipe. Aww...
  • What's that? Do you see that red blinking light? It looks like a... a... security camera?! W-what do we do?!

Stage 8: Escape!!

  • huff* *puff* Running... is surprisingly tiring... No... I'm okay... *huff* *puff*
  • W-what?! Carry me? N-no, it's okay, put me down!
  • Um... sorry... I'm not too heavy, am I...?
  • Ah... a dead end. It looks like the only way is up to the roof. L-let's go...?!
  • I've been throwing out sleep powder behind us... I think their numbers are thinning...

Stage 9: Mission Complete

  • I don't think our sleep sand is going to work well in these strong winds...
  • What do we do... There's so many of them here too... Umm, umm...
  • No luck with your ability either, [Owner]? I'm entirely at a loss... Hmm? What's that sound?
  • A helicopter?! It's Commander Kami!
  • That was amazing, commander! Spinning around with a blade like that... Thank you for saving us!

Stage 10: Logout!

  • Phew... Game cleared. I'm a bit tired, but I really had fun, hehe.
  • The scores have been announced. Let's check them out... Oh, we're ranked pretty high! I'm so happy!
  • I've got a lot of prized. This doll is the mascot of Strange Strength. *hug*
  • Oh, there's a booth with another new game by Fairysoft there. Our friends are going to check it out. It looks fun.
  • I'll make something to eat when we get back me. Hm? You want to help? ...Hehe, sure!

Green Leaf CarnivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • I've never seen the festival this lively! Hehehe.
  • I haven't cooked traditional Fairy World food for a long time... I hope it turns out well...
  • What out have you chosen for the dance, [Fairy]?
  • Events like this really help bring our two worlds closer together!
  • When I picked this flower, a whole group of white butterflies flew up around me!

Stage 1: What is the Green Leaf Carnival?

  • It's a ceremony for celebrating the coming of spring, by dancing and singing and such.
  • Um... Will you be accompanying me, [Owner]?
  • I look forward to being able to teach you even more about the Fairy World today, [Owner]!
  • This is rather exciting, having the Green Leaf Carnival in the Human World... Hehehe.
  • I'm sure it will be a particularly lively event this year, I expect many people will attend.

Stage 2: Let's go!

  • I'll get everything ready then. Please wait just a second, [Owner].
  • This? It's a sewing kit. We'll be making outfits from the leaves and flowers of the forest.
  • I wonder what kinds of flowers this forest has... It's so exciting! Hehe.
  • Apparently it's in a forest just a short walk from the Fairy agency. Have you been there before, [Owner]?
  • It's perfect weather to walk there, I think. Feels like a picnic!

Stage 3: Arriving at the carnival

  • Wow... So this is where the festival will be held? *sniff* The fresh air of purest nature...
  • Hehehe... with all the fairies and flowers around, it feels like we're back in the Fairy World.
  • Look at that! The light shining through the trees has made a bear-shaped shadow on the grass! It's so cute... hehe.
  • Robin and Chief Cocoa are waving at us! Shall we go and say hello?
  • Robin asked us to help with the preparations, before the carnival starts this evening!

Stage 4: Picking flowers and leaves

  • There are butterflies all over the flowers...! So cute... hehe.
  • I guess honey bees love the flowers just like we do. I'll leave those ones alone, then. Hehehe.
  • I know that flower, it's balsam. It's filled with so many nutrients, we use it in a lot of of foods back in the Fairy World.
  • I'm sorry little flower. We just need a few petals and leaves from you...
  • I think this is about enough! Thank you for you help, [Owner]!

Stage 5: Decorating the forest

  • How about we help decorating the stage, [Owner]?
  • Why is there a tanzaku here..? Aren't they for Tanabata?
  • Ah, one of the flowers pricked you? Wait a moment, I will grab a bandage.
  • Just... a little further... There! I can't believe I reached that.
  • I think we really did well here! It took no time at all, working together!

Stage 6: Making carnival outfits

  • We always use charms to make the outfits, so I'm not too sure how well I'll do by hand...
  • I think I'll use these yellow-y leaves for my outfit. Let's see how it turns out...
  • *sew sew* Yes, it's going quite well! How about yours, [Owner]?
  • Finished ♪ How is it, [Owner]? Does it fit me well?
  • It looks good? Really?... Hehehe, thank you [Owner]. I must have done quite well then.

Stage 7: Making traditional fairy foods

  • I really want you to learn more and more, as much as you can about the Fairy World. That includes our food!
  • Meat? Mmm... we don't really eat meat. The first time I tried it was here in the Human World.
  • We tend to use a lot of fruits and nuts in our traditional foods.
  • See, if you break the nut open like this... and pour out the milk... Tada~! Delicious juice, hehe.
  • Hehehe... I made a cake from that balsam we picked earlier... Will you try some?

Stage 8: Green Leaf Ceremony

  • Lalala~ ♪ Lalala~ ♪ Ack! I think I messed up...
  • It looks like the ceremony is starting soon. We will be performing the Dance of the Fairies.
  • We dance to thank nature for all the food, all the happiness and of course for all our lives.
  • Erm... Ah, [Owner]! I hope you enjoy our dance ♪
  • I think it's about to start... I'll be back soon!

Stage 9: Let's eat!

  • Hehe, I was a little nervous, but... how was my dancing, [Owner]?
  • Eating in a large group of friends like this makes food taste that much better!
  • Is there anything in particular you would like to try, [Owner]? I'll get it for you.
  • That's the soup I made... How is it?
  • I love your face when you're eating something delicious... hehe.

Stage 10: Singing, dancing and having fun

  • Robin really is a great singer. I have never heard a voice as soothing as hers.
  • I'm not a very good dancer myself... Would you teach me, [Owner]?
  • Aah!! I think I stepped on your feet... Dancing is really difficult..!
  • Everyone looks so happy...! What a fantastic day this was, hehe.
  • I'm... really glad we could enjoy the carnival together, [Owner].

Harvest FestivalEdit

General (to other fairies)

  • Hehe, everyone said my scarecrow was expertly done.
  • They gave us so many vegetables. What will you make with yours, [Fairy]?
  • Have you finished harvesting the carrots? We found so many strange and interesting ones.
  • [Fairy], have you seen [Owner]? I only left for a second...
  • The Princess Knight's Thin-Sliced Carrots... What? This? I found it on the floor here...

Stage 1: To the farm!

  • Mmm... Goomorn... Good morning. Today is the, erm... farm work, was it?
  • This is quite exciting. It feels nice to be awake while everyone else is sleeping.
  • Hehe, I already prepared everything last night. We can leave right away.
  • Wow, it's still so dark out. I can see the sun starting to rise over there though.
  • I think the farm is over here... or was it over there...? I've never been there before...

Stage 2: Listen to the Chief!

  • The Chief certainly seems to be having fun. I wonder who that woman is beside her...
  • So that's the farm owner beside her. It really is an impressive farm she has here.
  • These are our work clothes?... They're certainly very big...
  • Ah, this one? Thank you. They let me borrow the far owner's work clothes... from when she was younger...
  • Vegetable gardening is my forte, [Owner] ♪ Of course, I used charms in the Fairy World but still...!

Stage 3: To the greenhouse!

  • The greenhouses apparently have tomatoes, eggplants... even some fruits, too.
  • I've never been in a greenhouse before. What is it like in there?
  • So many plants, vegetables, fruits... and so hot too... It's almost tropical in here.
  • So tomatoes in that basket, eggplants in this one, strawberries in that one... I think I understand...!
  • gulp gulp* Ahh... Would you like some too, [Owner]?

Stage 4: Let's harvest onions!

  • I've pulled up all the onions! Now just to wash the and pack them away in these boxes.
  • Hmm... maybe we harvested too many...? Ah, I know! I'll go and get a wheelbarrow, wait right here!
  • huff puff* Wah?! Oh... thank you, [Owner].
  • I'll just go and deliver this filled box then! *hngg* * huff* Hmm?! You'll carry it for me?
  • Umm... [Owner]? I don't think I need to be packed away with onions here...

Stage 5: Time for lunch!

  • I brought lunch... Hehe, I like it when you stroke my hair like that, [Owner].
  • Ah, I forgot to bring drinks... You'll get some for us? Thank you, [Owner].
  • nom nom* Hmm? Rice on my face? Where?... Ah! Th-thank you... hehe...
  • Mmm, this chikuwa onigiri tastes great. Here, take a bite [Owner].
  • I should ask for the recipes... I wanna make you these at home, [Owner]... hehe, that tickles.

Stage 6: Let's harvest cabbages!

  • This candy? The farm owner gave it to me just now. She was also stroking my head a lot...
  • They saw we can take some of these vegetable home later. Hehehe ♪
  • I like cabbages. They can be used in so many ways. What's your favorite cabbage dish, [Owner]?
  • hngg* We have to be careful, these cabbages are quite heavy.
  • Ah, [Owner], don't pick that one, you'll---! Wow... I've never seen a cabbage avalanche before...

Stage 7: Let's try farm machinery!

  • This is the barn? Wow~... There are so many machines in here. Even giant weight machines hanging from the ceiling!
  • Combine harvesters and rice transplanters... There really are all kinds of machines here. I don't think I could remember how to use them all.
  • There are so many tractors here too... These must make managing this giant farm much easier.
  • What is this mill used for? Making tea...? Oh yeah, I see the green powder now.
  • I know this one! It's a cultivator, right? Hehe I saw it on TV the other day.

Stage 8: Let's harvest carrots!

  • These carrots are so sweet, apparently they get used in really famous restaurants.
  • What's the matter? You can't pull up the carrot? Okay you hold the carrot, and I'll hold your waist. Here we go...!
  • One and two and...!! Not... moving...? *hngg* Waahh!! *don*
  • Wow, we pulled up a huge one!... It's kind of human-shaped, too...
  • [Owner], you have some dirt on your face. No, by your nose there. Huhu, here, let me...

Stage 9: Make a scarecrow!

  • We'll be making scarecrows? I can't say I've ever done it before but... I'm quite excited.
  • First we need to make the skeleton. I think this bamboo should work quite nicely...
  • Bamboo is not easy to cut... Ah, you'll switch with me? I'll work on the designs? That sounds great, thank you!
  • scribble scribble* Like this? You really think it's good? Thank you!
  • It's time to put him in the field, I think. Ah, not that one [Owner], I think I saw someone dig a trip---!! *don!* ... Are you okay?

Stage 10: Time to go home!

  • The farm owner is such a kind person. I can see why her and the Chief are such great friends.
  • They gave us so many vegetables. I can't wait to try out all kinds of recipes with them.
  • We'll have to be quite quick making dinner tonight... You want to eat out? ... How about that restaurant near the station...? With the delicious parfait...?
  • I think I'm feeling quite tired after all that work... Don't worry, I'm not going to fall asleep just yet...
  • I just want to take a bath and crawl into bed... Will you join me [Owner]?

Summer GetawayEdit


  • The timing couldn't be more perfect. I was just about to melt in the city heat back there.
  • It's so nice to see you again, [Fairy]!
  • There's a gift shop, you say? Would you like to browse it together?
  • grrr* Ah, how embarrassing... my stomach is rumbling... W-would you like to have lunch together?
  • Milk ice cream, at a stand just over there? Just thinking about it is getting me excited! I think I want to try one...

Stage 1:It's so hot...

  • It is so hot today... Are you feeling okay, [Owner]? Would you like me to get a fan?
  • You want to go to the Fairy Agency? It's supposed to be very cool there, is it? Then I think I'd like to join you.
  • Ahh, it really is nice and cool here... Oh look, it's Chief Cocoa. I think I'll go and talk to her.
  • I have some good news~! The Chief said a friend of hers runs a guest house in a very cool part of the countryside. Hehe, do you think we should go?
  • I think I've finished packing... Can I help you with yours, [Owner]?

Stage 2:We've arrived!

  • It looks like we need to take a train and a bus to get there... It looks to be quite a long journey, hehe ♪
  • This is taking a long time... Do you want to play cards? Hehe, which game shall we play?
  • We're here~! Phew... it feels great to stretch my legs.
  • Hmm? I think I hear the sound of water... Could there be a lake nearby? We should take a look later, [Owner].
  • I wonder where the Chief's friends are... Do you think it could be that elderly couple holding hands over there?

Stage 3:Check out the rooms!

  • This is a stove, is it?... For some reason I really want to peek inside.
  • The old lady who owns this guest house cooks in this big kitchen all alone?... I think I'll help her tonight!
  • A bath this big is simply wasted on one person alone, don't you think?
  • This sofa is incredible! I don't want to move at all... hehe, let's just stay here on this comfy sofa,
  • This place is adorable! And surrounded by nature, too. I think I am going to like it here.

Stage 4:A walk in the woods!

  • A 100-year-old tree... If only it could talk, I imagine it would have the most amazing stories to tell!
  • Wow... the sun peeking through the trees looks so beautiful. Don't you think so, [Owner]?
  • Wow, loo! All the animals are out enjoying the weather too. We must not be the only ones trying to escape the heat today.
  • Look, a rabbit~! Hehe, do you think he'll let me play with him?
  • Are you feeling tired, [Owner]? I think I'd like to walk a little longer, if that's okay...

Stage 5:Let's go to the lake!

  • There is a river nearby where apparently we are allowed to swim... Shall we go and take a look?
  • This is a very big lake! I wonder if there are any fish living in it...
  • It says No Swimming... Do you think there was some kind of accident?
  • It looks like we can go fishing here... but let's only do catch and release, okay?
  • There are boat rentals too! It would be such fun to play on the lake with all the little birds.

Stage 6:Let's explore the town!

  • I can hear the sound of wind chimes... Isn't it amazing how just a sound can make you feel cool and relaxed?
  • There are a lot of stores around. I think I'd like to do some shopping with you [Owner].
  • That clothes store looks quite interesting... Can we take a look?
  • There are so many gift shops here... Do you think we should buy a souvenir for Chief Cocoa?
  • I can see a shaved ice stand over there... Would you like to share one?

Stage 7:Glass-blowing Studio

  • There seems to be a small crowd gathering over there, [Owner]. Shall we go and take a look?
  • It says they're holding a glassblowing workshop, for anyone to join. I want to try it!
  • We'll be making little glass animals, apparently... I want to make a really cute one...
  • Ahh... hngg... oof, this is really difficult... [Owner], yours looks really good!
  • We have to take it to the master once it's finished, they said. I can't wait to see how it turns out ♪

Stage 8:A traditional street

  • There are a lot o old-fashioned houses around here. Apparently we can even take a look inside some of them!
  • I have never seen so many wooden houses in one place... It is really calming to see.
  • Hehe, there is something quite relaxing about a traditional street like this...
  • The birds seem to love all the big gardens around here. They're all out relaxing in the sun.
  • I see a sweet shop over there! It looks so delicious... Can we take a little look?

Stage 9:Fireflies!

  • The guest house owners told me that fireflies like to gather behind the building late at night!
  • I was given some sugar water! Apparently this should attract even more fireflies!
  • Ah, look, over there! Do you see all the little lights? That must be them...
  • It looks like some sort of magic, all the dancing lights flickering so beautifully...
  • The cool breeze and beautiful nature, and of course these pretty little fireflies... It all makes for a wonderful evening. Hehe, I'm so happy!

Stage 10:Time to sleep...

  • Lie down on the bed there, [Owner]. It is incredible. So nice and cool!
  • Hmm... I can't seem to fall asleep... I feel too excited...
  • Today was a real experience in nature. I had a lot of fun.
  • Wow, a shooting star! Did you see it, [Owner]?... [Owner]? Asleep already...?
  • That was so beautiful. I suppose today must be a very lucky day. Time to go to sleep, I think. Good night.

Summer FestivalEdit


  • Hmm... [Fairy], do you think this yukata suits me?... It does? Hehe, thank you ♪
  • The cotton candy? [Owner] bought it for me.
  • Could I have one of you churros, [Fairy]? Hehe, thank you!
  • Have you tried the shooting gallery, [Fairy]? It's quite difficult!
  • Fried squid? Udon? It's all delicious ♪

Stage 1: Let's go to the festival!

  • We have a letter, [Owner]. What does it say?... A festival at the Leo Shrine?
  • The ladies from the Fairy Agency are running a festival stand? We should go and visit!
  • I want to see everything there is at the festival... together with you, [Owner].
  • What do you think of my yukata, [Owner]? It looks great, truly? Hehe, thank you.
  • Purse, fan... I think I'm ready! Come on [Owner], let's go!

Stage 2: Leo Shrine!

  • I can't believe there are so many people here this early... It really adds to the atmosphere, I think!
  • Don't worry, my purse is nice and safe with me. Oh, there is one thing though... Can we hold hands? I don't want to get lost.
  • Does my yukata look okay still, [Owner]?
  • There's an acrobatics show over there! One man is stacking up some chairs... higher, and higher... and higher and higher...! Is he not scared?
  • Cotton candy, candy apples, dango... I want them all! I want to try the goldfish scooping too, [Owner]!

Stage 3: Food stands!

  • All of the food stands look so delicious!~ Especially the sweet ones, hehe.
  • Look, [Owner]! There's a cotton candy stand over there! Let's go and buy some.
  • Wah!... Takoyaki? For me? Okay, just one though... *nom nom* Ahh, it's delicious ♪
  • sniff sniff* What is that delicious smell... churros? Cinnamon churros, in fact. Can we buy some, [Owner]?
  • I'm all full... I think we should try some of the festival games before we eat too much.

Stage 4: Goldfish scooping!

  • Look [Owner]! So many cute little goldfish... and one giant one...?
  • I don't think I'm doing very well... Do you have any tips, [Owner]?
  • We use this to scoop them up...? Keep it close to the water...? And flick... like this? Ah, my scoop broke...
  • Carefully bring the scoop under a fish... and... Ah, I caught one! I caught a goldfish!
  • Hehe, she's such a cute little goldfish. And now thanks to the three you caught, the won't ever be lonely.

Stage 5: Shooting Gallery!

  • pow!* Wh-what was that noise? The shooting gallery...? Is that some sort of target shooting game?
  • It sounded quite scary at first, but it actually looks really fun! Do you think I'd be able to do it?
  • I have to choose a prize to aim for...? I want that big rabbit plushie...
  • pow! pow!* I was so close... This is surprisingly difficult. I can't quite... *pow!* Ah, you hit it, [Owner]!!
  • I can't believe I missed... Hmm? You got the rabbit for me, [Owner]? Hehe, thank you!

Stage 6: Dinner time!

  • rumble* I think... I'm feeling hungry again... Sorry about that noise...
  • What to eat... As, I see an udon stand! Would you like to share some udon with me, [Owner]?
  • slurp slurp* It's delicious! I just want to drink it all up!
  • What did you get, [Owner]? Takoyaki...? Could I have one...? I'll give you some of my udon!
  • That was so delicious! Food always tastes better when I share it with you, [Owner].

Stage 7: Watch the omikoshi!

  • Everyone seems to be moving over there... Is something about to start...?
  • That is very big omikoshi...! It's so shiny and beautiful!... But how can they hold it up? It looks very heavy.
  • Those dancing girls behind the omikoshi, they're so pretty. The little children dancing with them are so cute too!
  • Hmm? Why am I staring at the dancers? I just thought if I could remember the steps, maybe I could dance as beautifully as them...
  • That was so much fun! I hope we can enjoy in and dance together next year, [Owner].

Stage 8: Katanuki!

  • What is this game? Katanuki...? I love the pink colors!
  • Hmm... So we cut a shape out of this pink board, without breaking it...? Okay! I'll give it a try!
  • I just cut this here... and then--- *snap* Ah! It broke... This is quite difficult.
  • How are you doing, [Owner]? You're on your fifth one...? I-I'll do my best...!
  • Just a little more... and... I-I've finished! Thank you for waiting for me, [Owner].

Stage 9: Raffle time!

  • That stand over there seems very busy. Is that the Fairy Agency's stand...? I wonder what they're doing...
  • They're running a raffle! There's so many prizes...! [Owner], that prize over there is bubbling and smoking...
  • I'll start! I want... this one! I got a water gun! Perfect for the summer!
  • Did you win anything, [Owner]? You got a water gun too?! Hooray, now we can play together
  • Let's pick the last one together, [Owner]! Ready... and...! We got a watermelon!! ♪

Stage 10: Fireworks show!

  • I think the festival has almost come to an end... Hmm? Everyone seems to be running somewhere...? A fireworks show...?
  • I think we found a great spot jere! I can't wait to watch the fireworks together, [Owner]!
  • BOOM* Ah, it's started! They're so beautiful... so big and pretty...
  • That was an incredible finale! I've had so much fun today, [Owner]... I'm so happy, hehe.
  • That's the end of the festival... I really hope we can some again next year too, [Owner] ♪

Fairies in WonderlandEdit


  • There was someone sitting on that fence. They were all wobbling around, it looked quite dangerous.
  • I just rode on the back of a gryphon. It felt so great!
  • Are you hungry, [Fairy]? I was just given some Japanese sweets a while ago. Want to eat them together?
  • Woah! What a big castle... I wonder how many people are living there.
  • Mika, Silia and even Chief all seem different... Hm, is this because we're in Wonderland?

Stage 1: A Golden Afternoon

  • The weather sure is nice... Taking a walk on a day like today would be, um, exceptional, I think.
  • Ah, that tree over there looks perfect. Why don't we take a little break?
  • Um, I made some sandwiches. Would you like one? ... Okay, hehe. I'm so glad you like them, [Owner].
  • Um... What are you reading, [Owner]? Alice in wonderland... Oh, I've heard of that. I just saw a puppet version on TV recently.

Stage 2: Hastily Heading into the Deep Darkness

  • Mmm... [Owner]... That stuffed animal is... Huh? Hey, [Owner], where did you go...
  • Ah, [Owner[. What are you doing in the bushes... Wait, what's with those rabbit ears?
  • Hone on, where are you going, [Owner]!> Um... Do I have to chase you...!?
  • What happened to you, [Owner]... Are you at the bottom, too...?
  • What!? Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm falling... Help, help me, [Owner]!

Stage 3: Shrinking and the Sea of Tears

  • Kya!? Ah, a pile of leaves... Um, where is [Owner]...?
  • There are so many doors in this hallway... Huh? There's something on the table... It says... Drink me. Is this safe?
  • Ah, wait, I'm shrinking! Oh, but now this little door is... Oh no, I left the key on the table... What should I do?
  • sob* Ah, my tears are... It's like an ocean! I'm going to drown! Somebody help...!
  • Ah, I didn't drown... Ah! Um, did you save me, Mister Mouse? Um, thank you!

Stage 4: Growing Big and Small

  • This world... I kind of have the feeling it's one from Alice in Wonderland. And then I guess [Owner] is the White Rabbit.
  • A folding fan and gloves... Folding fan and... Ah, this... This is a wake-up cake...?
  • Hmm, a wake-up cake and a... note? You'll return to normal if you eat a wake-up cake. Ah! So if I feed this to [Owner], then...!
  • Hey, [Owner], please eat this cake! Um... It's really tasty looking, so I kind of want to split it with you.
  • Um, hey, [Owner], I'm not Mary Ann, you know...

Stage 5: What the Brown Caterpillar Said

  • You're back to normal, [Owner[... I'm so glad... Wha...! Hehe... I like it when you hug me.
  • We're in the world from Alice in Wonderland...? Ah, we really are! Since when have I been wearing Alice's clothes?
  • Ah, Leo is on top of that mushroom! Leo, what are you doing?
  • Um, Leo, do you know how we can get back to our world? ... Leo's rolling away... Ah, are you trying to show us the way?
  • You're the same as always, Leo. I wonder if everyone else from the agency came as well.

Stage 6: The Duchess and the Grinning Cat

  • It says this is the Duchess's house... She's a Duchess, but the house looks Japanese.
  • Hmm? Anko... Anko is the Duchess? And Mika is... the Cheshire Cat?
  • Woah! These sweets look so beautiful... It's okay to eat them? Um, thank you.
  • You can't stop sneezing from all the pepper...? Are you really okay?
  • Um... So if I take these sweets to the tea party, I'll get an invitation to the castle...? It's possible that I'll find some clues at the castle on how to go back...

Stage 7: A Strange Tea Party

  • Um, I brought the sweets for the tea party~ ... Ah, Silia and Robin! What are you doing here?
  • That person sitting over there... I feel like I have seen them before...
  • These tea cups... That one looks like a colander. And this one... Huh? There's no opening to drink from.
  • That neriki was really good, [Owner]. Would you like a bite?
  • Huhu... eating Japanese sweets and drinking green tea from Western teacups feels rather new.

Stage 8: Croquet with the Heart Soldiers

  • Wow... What a large garden. It looks like a perfect place to take a nap, or have a tea part I suppose.
  • Um, it looks like the Chief invited us to tea time. We just had some tea, but I suppose I could eat something.
  • Ah, Yuzu and Momoko are the Hear Soldiers. They've both altered their uniforms. Amazing.
  • Hmm... Croquet? What kind of game is that? ... Um, a hedgehog ball and... um, this looks like it hurts the flamingo, so I think I'll pass.
  • Umm... Somebody ate Chief's chocolate tarts? Who could have done that...?

Stage 9: The Tart Trial

  • Ah... Oh, it's you, [Owner[. Thank goodness.
  • Julia is the criminal? Um... I just don't see her as the type to go stealing snacks like that.
  • Wait... Ahm, um... Is that chocolate all around Karume's mouth...?
  • Wow, this is terrible! Julia and Karume are fighting! I can't see anything because of all of the Card Soldiers...!

Stage 10: The Dream's End

  • Ngh... Ngh! ... Ah! Wha... Was I dreaming?
  • That dream was totally not a dreamlike dream at all... Hehe, it was really fun.
  • The Card Soldiers were attacking, and in Wonderland you were the White Rabbit... It was strange but, it was really fun.
  • You had the same dream as me, [Owner]? Hehe... That makes me feel kind of happy.
  • Huh... What's this in my pocket? ... It's a pocket watch. Who does this belong to?

Festival in FallEdit


  • Hello, [Fairy]. Did you already go and pray?
  • I just saw a bunch of children in kimonos! They were so cute ♪
  • There are so many stands... Did you already visit them, [Fairy]?
  • You know what, [Owner] just bought me this candy apple and it is so delicious!
  • Apparently if you are given a branch of autumn leaves, you'll find happiness... I hope you find happiness too, [Fairy].

Stage 1: An Autumn Day

  • A walk...? Sure, the weather is great and since you want to, why not?
  • The weather is so great today, [Owner]! The air is crisp and it smells so fresh.
  • Ah, walks on nice days do feel so great. Huh...? Hey, [Owner], have you ever seen that sign before?
  • A Fall Festival... So that's what it says on the sign? A festival, huh... That seems really interesting.
  • What, you're going to take me to the festival? Ehehe... Thank you!

Stage 2: The Fall Festival

  • Is this the shrine with the Fall Festival? The entrance is so long, but it's a really splendid shrine!
  • There are so many stands...! But none of them are open... Will they be open later?
  • What is that? A bonfire...? I see. So I put all my old charms into it. Ah... Thanks for all your help, charms!
  • Huh? What's wrong, [Owner]? You want to show me something behind the shrine? Okay, I'm going!
  • Whoa... What a big maple tree! It's this shrine's sacred tree...? I see... It's written on the information map. Thanks for showing me this.

Stage 3: Pray First

  • There are so many children in kimonos... Shichi-Go-San? I guess it is that time of year. Time sure flies...
  • Well, since we came to a shrine we may as well pray first. Ehehe... Actually I just really like ringing that bell.
  • Put in the money... Ring the bell... Clang clang. Now, I pray that [Owner] is always smiling and happy...
  • I have a good feeling that mine is going to come true! Hm, what did you pray for, [Owner]?
  • That candy everyone has is called chitoseame? Um, well... I kind of want to try it...

Stage 4: The Festival Begins

  • Um... I hear some sort of music coming from over there. What is that...?
  • [Owner], it looks like some sort of dance is being performed on that stage. Shall we go take a look?
  • Wow...! This is the first time I've seen this dance! It's so beautiful...!
  • Huh...? Dancing over there... Is that Julia and Anko? Those clothes really suit the of of them!
  • The dance is over... But I can still hear the music... How strange.

Stage 5: Visiting the Shrine Stands

  • Ah, look! The stands are open! Shall we take a look? Where would you like to go, [Owner]?
  • Huh, we can go to whatever stand I want to go to? Um... Where should we go then..
  • Hm... Well, I think I'd like to go to the candy apple stand. Is that okay...?
  • This candy apply you bought me is so delicious! Ehehe, thank you.
  • Okay, [Owner]. I'll... give you one candy apple. ... Isn't it good? Ehehe... I'm glad to hear that.

Stage 6: Yabusame

  • Huh...? What is that, [Owner]? People on horses are using bows...
  • Oh, so that's called yabusame! Thanks for teaching me that. Wow... How amazing. They are hitting those far away targets all while riding on horses!
  • So the people riding the horses are called... mushu. They look so strong.
  • Hm... Over there it looks like they are letting people try shooting a bow... Do you want to try, [Owner]?
  • Whoa...! You're amazing, [Owner]! You hit the target! You are so cool!

Stage 7: Huh, What is This...

  • [Owner]... Everyone else disappeared all of a sudden... What happened to everybody?
  • Aiee... Uh... Huh? Isn't this the sacred tree we were just at...? When did we... Also, that branch she gave me has a really strange feeling to it.
  • Huh...? Look, on the stage. Someone is dancing. That sound of bells is so beautiful... Want to go take a look?
  • A beautiful woman and a papier-mache boar are dancing on the stage... They're both so wonderful.
  • Ah, it's that young woman... Yes, can I help you? ... You're giving me this branch of autumn leaves? Um... Thank you.

Stage 8: Autumn Leaf Messenger?

  • How strange... What just happened...? Maybe we should go ask someone.
  • Ah, there's an old guy over there wearing this shrine's clothing. Excuse me! Um... Actually I have some questions for you...
  • Um... Do you want this branch? You work at this shrine, right? ...You're a Shinto priest? Then you take the branch. Please take care of it.
  • This woman and boar gave me this branch of autumn leaves. Wait, the boar is this shrine's god and the woman is his messenger!?
  • So the receiver of the branch will find happiness. But I'm already really happy... So I'll work to make you happy, [Owner].

Stage 9: Let's Make Ema!

  • Whoa, there are a bunch of wooden plaques hanging over there...!
  • So they're called ema. And you write wishes on them... I see.
  • Wait, I can write one too?! Thank you. Ehehe... Now what should I write?
  • Did you think of something to wish for, [Owner]? When you're done, let's show each other what we wrote.
  • Okay... Done. I want to be with [Owner] forever... Ehehe.

Stage 10: The Road Home

  • It seems like the sun set all of a sudden. It's completely dark out... I feel a little sad that today's over, but let's go home.
  • Today was pretty strange considering we did stuff like meet a god. Ah, but festivals are so much fun. I can't wait to come again...
  • The festival is still going on tomorrow? Hm... I'm a little bit interested...
  • We can come to the festival again tomorrow?! Thank you so much. Um... I'd like to try the candy apricot...
  • So we're having nabe for dinner tonight. I'll help.

School FestivalEdit


  • Your clothes are really cute, [Fairy].
  • Have you met everyone from the Fairy Agency? They're all in maid outfits and look so cute.
  • I just want and saw the Theater Club's performance with [Owner]. It was a really fun play.
  • There is so much good food at a school festival. Did you find anything really good, [Fairy]?
  • Um... Have you bee to the Light Music Club's concert? It was completely packed with people and I thought I was going to be crushes, so be careful...

Stage 1: An Invitation to Fairy High

  • [Owner], [Owner]. It's morning, um... Wake up, please.
  • Today is the Fairy High school Festival. ... Um, it... it's something I'm looking forward to, so hurry and wake up...
  • Ah, look! They're shooting off fireworks from Fairy High... This looks like it will be so much fun.
  • Wow! What a big gate. That must have taken so much time to prepare...
  • That smells delicious. *rumble* ... Huh? I just ate, too...

Stage 2: Where to Go First?

  • [Owner], there is a bazaar going on over there. Um... Can we go take a look?
  • I just bought some yakisoba and got a large size for free... But, I don't know if I can eat all this...
  • Whoa... That's amazing. The Manga Club has their exhibition here. Everyone's illustrations are so good.
  • Um... The Fine Arts Club has their exhibition in this classroom. Everyone is so good.
  • There's a good smell coming from over there. I think that's matcha... This must be the Tea Ceremony Club's room.

Stage 3: Welcome to the Maid Cafe!

  • It says here this is a m-m-maid cafe. Ah, [Owner], do you want to go in?
  • Huh, is that Chief? And there's Julia and Karume... Hu, what? [Owner], did we come to the Fairy Agency?
  • Chief looks so good in that maid outfit. She looks just like a maid I saw in a book recently.
  • There are so many different sweets you an order. They all look so good...
  • There's a special maid parfait. I'd like to try that... Would you eat half, [Owner]?

Stage 4: Romeo and Juliet?

  • Romeo and Juliet? That is such a famous play... I'd like to go watch it.
  • ... Wait, I feel like I've seen that girl with the white hair who is playing Juliet before... I believe it was in a magazine.
  • Ahaha, Romeo fell down the chimney. Now his face is completely black.
  • Wawa! ... Romeo walked into a wall and fell over again! Just like yesterday when you... Er, no, nothing!
  • That was so much fun. Now I'd like to be in a play, too. Ehehe... I wonder if I could do it?

Stage 5: Munch, Munch, Munch...

  • Hm... Um, they were selling karaage on the first floor, so can I go and buy some...?
  • Do you want to go to the roof, [Owner]? Eating outside is so much fun.
  • Huh... Is that Karume taking a nap on the roof? If Julia finds her, she is going to be so mad.
  • Ehehe... I bought some yakitori for you, [Owner]. Do you want sauce or salt?
  • Okay, I bought you a chocolate banana too, [Owner], so let's eat.

Stage 6: The Haunted House's Scary Trap?

  • Whoa, what is that... Oh, a haunted house... Um... Are we going in there? Well... Could you hold my hand?
  • It's kind of dark and scary and we haven't even gone in yet... Um... [Owner], do you not like haunted houses?
  • Um... Where are we? We've been going around so lost that I have no idea.
  • ... [Owner], what's wrong? What, you've been tugging on my sleeve for the past few... What? That wasn't you?
  • Ah, this? It's a commemorative plush ghost for completing the haunted house. It's really soft.

Stage 7: The Fairy High Mini Contest

  • Um... Is there something I can help you with, miss? You've got a problem? Well, we'll help if we can.
  • So the girl who was supposed to model suddenly came down with a fever and cannot perform... Well, if I can be of any help, is there anything you would have me do?
  • Wow, the design of these clothes is quite adult-like! Um... I wonder if I am really fit for these...
  • Okay... There we go. Ehehe... [Owner], I tried on the clothes for the contest. What do you think?
  • [Owner], the Angelic Collection came in first! My prize was quite a bit of candy, so let's eat it together later!

Stage 8: Fairy High Newspaper Hallway Interviews!

  • Ah, look! There's a big group of people over there. did something happen?
  • Whoa!? Um... Can I help you all? ... An interview?
  • You want to know what I think about the Angelic Collection coming in first...? Um, well... I'm very happy that happened!
  • ... What do I think about the school festival? I think all the events have been really fun. I'd like to come again next year, too.
  • I felt a little shy while being interviewed, ehehe.

Stage 9: Live at Fairy High ✰

  • [Owner]. the concert is starting in the gym. Um... Shall we go?
  • Ah, there's Karume and Mika. They're in the concert as well. That's amazing how they can play instruments too.
  • So many people are waving glow sticks. The light is so pretty...
  • It seems natural for everyone to get this excited when the school festival is once a year. Whoa, I'm going to get carried away!
  • I guess it's over. My ears are still ringing, though...

Stage 10: Late Night Festival!

  • Today's School Festival was completely fantastic... I'd like us all to come again next year.
  • Everyone is gather in the schoolyard. Whoa!? There's no need to hurry like that, [Owner]!
  • What happens at the Late Night Festival? ... Oh, so everyone dances...
  • Ah, that's the Light Music Club from before performing again. I feel like dancing now.
  • Chief and Robin are dancing too. Robin is so good.

Happy ChristmasEdit


  • Ah, [Fairy], you're delivering too. We've got to both work hard!
  • What do you want as a present, [Fairy]?
  • I saw so much beautiful scenery while delivering! The lights are so pretty!
  • [Fairy], what kind of presents do you have? ... Wow, what a cute teddy bear...!
  • During Christmas, everyone is all smiles and everything feels really joyful.

Stage 1: Merry--- What's That Sound?

  • The Fairy Agency's Christmas party is today ♪ I've been looking forward to this for so long.
  • I picked some clothes that I was really into for the party... Ehehe, do they look good on me?
  • Wow... There's so much food! And everything looks really good.
  • Cheers! ... Wh-whoa, what was that loud noise just now? What in the world happened?
  • Oh no! The roof caved in! I hope no one got injured, [Owner]. Let's go look around.

Stage 2: Santa's In Trouble...

  • So the person that fell down through the roof was... Those red clothes... Is that Santa!? ... Oh no, Santa's unconscious!
  • Um, that unconscious person is Santa? But... No beard... Hm, hm. So it's a new Santa.
  • This talking reindeer here is quite mysterious. What did it say its name is? ... Rudolph! Ehehe, nice to meet you, Rudolph.
  • So Santa had an old map and that's why you drove into the Agency's roof... Wow, it's true. That is a really old map.
  • What...! I'm going to deliver presents instead of Santa!? ... I'm a bit worried, but I'll help out as best I can!

Stage 3: New Santa On The Scene ✰

  • These clothes resize to fit whoever is wearing them! Amazing!
  • This is... the first time I've worn a Santa outfit. It's so soft and warm.
  • The boots and gloves are also really soft. I won't catch a cold like this! I wonder what this pouch and trumpet are for.
  • What a big bag... So this is where all the presents are kept. And it's so much lighter than it looks!
  • I got a brand-new, high-tech navigator from Silia! This way we can deliver the presents without getting lost!

Stage 4: Let's Go Fairy Santa!

  • Rudolph! [Owner]! Let's go and deliver these presents!
  • Wow... Flying on a sleigh feels like a dream. Ah, there's a snow festival going on over there, I think. [Owner]. I want to go to that next time.
  • This sleigh really is fast. But thanks to Santa's clothes I'm not even cold.
  • The Christmas lights are so pretty! Rudolph and everyone get to see this every year... How nice...
  • Ah... Something smells good in that house over there... Spending time together as a family seems like so much fun.

Stage 5: Sneaking on the Rooftop...

  • Hm... So we deliver presents to this house? The decorations on it are quite pretty.
  • Ah, so we really will go in through the chimney. But... I wonder if this big bag will really fit...
  • Huh? This house still has a fire lit. Um, in this case I use the stuff in this hip pouch...? ... Wow! The fire went out! Amazing!
  • *cough, cough* ... Ah! I'm completely covered in soot! I must make sure to not get this house dirty.
  • [Owner], take off your boots or you'll make a mess. Huh? Everything is fine? Santa's clothes are so mysterious.

Stage 6: Hello! In The Fireplace

  • We can't wake anyone up... We just have to deliver the presents... Careful... Careful...
  • ... Um, pardon me... I'm not really good at sneaking around.
  • Oh me, don't you hear some sort of soft steps? Ah! A cat!
  • Ah! Ah! A child has woken up...! Um, now I should use this trumpet... Wow, they went to sleep...!
  • Okay, now is our chance to deliver the presents...!

Stage 7: Keep On Delivering!

  • I feel like I'm getting better and better at going through the chimney ♪
  • One, two... One, two... Santa's work is hard.
  • Ah, there's milk and cookies next to the stockings! Let's bring some back for the new Santa ♪
  • Rudolph, aren't you tired? Um, I brought some cookies for a snack. Let's eat them together.
  • Time for a break on the roof... Phew... Ehehe, [Owner], thank you. I'm okay! Let's keep going!

Stage 8: The Agency Girls...?

  • Um... So the remaining presents are... Huh? Are we all done? What? Ah, there are presents for everyone at the Agency! Okay, let's hurry and deliver those.
  • There are a lot of presents, but I wonder why they know what everyone wants...
  • Ah, a letter! A set of regional potato sweets, please. Okay... Phew. Well, I know who that is.
  • Um, this present is... A long scarf, fluffy gloves and a white lily hair ornament! These sure will look good together!
  • Huh, this present is really heavy... Oooh... A sewing machine and sewing set. The machine retro styled and looks so cute.

Stage 9: Deliveries Complete...

  • We're back! ... Phew! Even though Santa's clothes are warm, the temperature is so different inside and out.
  • ... Ah! New Santa, you woke up. So, does anything hurt?
  • You don't need to thank us! I'm just so happy to help out Santa. The scenery from us on the sleigh was amazing. This was really the best kind of Christmas ♪
  • The Christmas party is about to start, so will you join us, New Santa?
  • Rudolph, you did a really great job. We've got some glasses of warm milk, do you want to join us?

Stage 10: Merry Christmas

  • This cake is so delicious. There are so many strawberries and the taste is just to die for ♪
  • What? I don't see the New Santa or Rudolph... Wow, it's cold! What, snow? ... Ah! Look up in the sky! It's New Santa and Rudolph!
  • Wow, wow, presents are floating down from the sky! They're from the New Santa! ... This is that stuffed cat I've wanted for so long!
  • Um... Well... [Owner], I have a present for you. Um, ehehe. It's a big scarf. I hope you like it ♪
  • What! You have a present for me, too? ... I'm so happy! Oh, I hope we can spend next Christmas together too.

New Year's SunriseEdit


  • Wow, [Fairy]! What a lovely kimono. Is that one of Anko's?
  • There are so many flowers blooming in the Akiha Grove. It's so pretty
  • Um, hello, [Fairy]. Are you also going to Mt. Vela?
  • I made December Strawberry jam and there's some for you, [Fairy].
  • We're almost at the top! [Fairy], you all keep up the good work!

Stage 1: New Year's in the Fairy World

  • Um, well, I'm really happy that I'm going to get to spend New Year's with you, [Owner].
  • You're going to go to the Fairy World to prepare for New Year's, [Owner]? Please be careful.
  • Ehehe, it's so pretty now. I wonder if [Owner] will be happy...?
  • Ah, Chief! What happened? Hm... You're looking for Robin? I'll help you.
  • Ah! Ah! My foot got stuck in the snow... What do I do...?

Stage 2: Kimono Fashion Show ✰

  • Ah, looks like everybody is busy today too. Ah, what's that over there... Kimonos?
  • These kimonos are all so nice, [Owner]. Eveyone looks wonderful.
  • I can wear one? Um... There are so many and I don't know which one to pick... Hm, [Owner], can you choose one?
  • Wow...! What a cute pattern... What was this flower called again... Ehehe. Thank you for picking this out, [Owner].
  • The wrapping cloth Silia invented is amazing. I can't believe it can hold that many kimonos...!

Stage 3: Who Are You?

  • Huh? Who is that strange person over there? I have never seen them before.
  • Um, are you looking for something? ... You need to get to Mt. Vela before sunrise? You're on your trial to become a goddess?
  • Wow... You're a trainee goddess! If it's okay with you, I'll show you the way to Mt. Vela.
  • Thank you. There's not much time until sunrise, so we have to hurry and get ready!
  • Ah, I didn't ask [Owner] for permission... It's okay, right?

Stage 4: Preparing to Mountain Climb

  • Mt. Vela? Um, I don't think it's that big. Um, but, I do think we should make sure to wear thick clothes.
  • [Owner], it'd be awful if you caught a cold... So just in case!
  • Karume, are you sure you're going to be fine dressed like that? I'm a bit worried...
  • Um, we have a map for the path so we should be fine. Leave it to me.
  • Um, there's a bunch of different plants blooming on the path to Mt. Vela. I don't see them very often, so I'm kind of excited.

Stage 5: To the Akiha Grove

  • The way to Mt. Vela is through here. This is Akiha Grove.
  • Akiha Grove gets its name from how the frozen leaves sparkle in the sunlight. It is quite beautiful...
  • There's not much snow here which makes it easy to walk. [Owner], are you cold?
  • Wow... There are so many white flowers in bloom. These camellias would look beautiful with the kimonos from earlier. What do you think, Anko?
  • Ah, the lake is frozen... I think people come here to skate during the winter.

Stage 6: Avoiding the Deep Snow Forest

  • This is the Deep Snow Forest. Ah, [Owner]! Those are December Strawberries! If you eat them...!
  • I should have said something sooner... December Strawberries have a mysterious trait that make you really sad. Are you okay?
  • Um, there is a bear hibernating in that tree over there! It's really big and scary, but it looks so cute while it's sleeping!
  • This is a three-colored branch. Breaking it off causes the surrounding area to feel warmer and for flowers to bloom.
  • Ah, Robin broke one off already. Ah, it feels so nice and warm.

Stage 7: Mount Vela

  • This is Mt. Vela. All of the plants here are made of ice... Just everything about this place feels cold.
  • Watch your step as there is much snow around here... Ahh! ... Ooh... And I fell just as I said that...
  • This? This is a flame fruit. Eating it will warm your body, however it is extremely spicy.
  • There is another fruit that looks similar to the flame fruit which is called the fire fruit... However I do not see any around here...
  • Only a bit more to the summit! [Owner], let's go!

Stage 8: Finally at the Top!

  • Wow... The scenery from up here is so incredibly beautiful...!
  • It looks like there is a little time before sunrise. Um, [Owner], I brought some snacks, so how about we all eat them together?
  • Yes, I have some warm drinks too. Ehehe... I brought them in a thermos, so it's just right!
  • Wah, Mika is up in a tree... Mika, I think you should get down before something happens...
  • Ah, the sky is getting brighter and brighter...! I'm so glad we made it in time, [Owner].

Stage 9: First Sunrise!

  • Well, I made some sweet potatoes but Karume ate them all... I was hoping you'd get to have some, [Owner]...
  • The sky's color is so beautiful... The sun will soon rise! ... Ah!
  • The trainee goddess is sparkling... It's so bright that I can't see...! ... Huh? Her clothes changed to that of a shep...
  • Wow... So you passed your trial! I'm so glad! ... Hm, hm... So you have those clothes because it's the year of the sheep.
  • Apparently the goddess is going to bring us back home. And it won't take much time, ether.

Stage 10: Happy New Year!

  • We're home! Hm, but I am feeling a little tired.
  • Ah, the Agency is throwing a New Year's party! Let's hurry, [Owner]!
  • Happy New Year, [Owner]! I'm looking forward to what this year will bring... Ehehe.
  • Um, I picked this snowdrop in Akiha Grove. It's a token of my feelings from this year... Ehehe...
  • There's really no set way to spend New Year's in the Fairy World. But spending it with you was wonderful, [Owner].

Chocolate KingdomEdit


  • Thinking up designs for candy is hard... Um, what do you think about this one?
  • Hey, um well, I hope everyone does their best in the grand competition ♪
  • I'd like you to tell me some tricks for making good candy. What should I do?
  • Um, no snacking ♪ Let's eat a lot when we're done ♪
  • Magical sweets... When the competition is over I'm going to eat so much!

Stage 1: What Should Today's Snack Be?

  • Snack time ♪ Snack time ♪ Ehehe, what should I make?
  • Hm, okay, [Owner], this looks like a recipe book. what do you think?
  • This cake looks like it has bars of chocolate inside it. Ehehe, I'd like to try that.
  • Let's hurry up and read it ♪ A long time ago... Huh, this reads like a story.
  • Huh? I can't see anything... Ah! [Owner], the book is shining...?!

Stage 2: Waking up to Find...

  • ... Wah, where am I? ... Huh? I smell something sweet... I think that's candy...
  • [Owner]? Where are you? Ah! You were beneath me!
  • Huh? There's someone here. Nice to meet you... Did something happen? You look so sad...
  • You summoned us by accident...? Hm, well, don't worry about it, all right? Everyone makes mistakes.
  • You want us to help you make some candy? Ehehe, of course! I will absolutely help you.

Stage 3: The Kingdom's Chocolatier Extraordinaire?

  • You said your name is Marone? Hm... Well then, nice to meet you. Ehehe.
  • You want me to make the best chocolate? Um, the best chocolate... What would even make it the best...?
  • So, if you win the competition, you receive the title of best chocolatier... That's why you want to make the best chocolate!
  • Alright then, [Owner]. Marone. How about we make some chocolate? Ehehe ♪
  • Marone is just filled with such passion...! It's like she's on fire... Um, although it makes it a little hard to get far her...

Stage 4: Chocolate Spy ✰

  • We are going to investigate other stores? Hm... How nerve-wracking... But I shall do my best!
  • Wow! I am surrounded by candy shops! You'd never have a problem picking out a snack here ♪
  • There are shoes made from chocolate! ... Is that store a shoe store? Or is it a candy store?
  • All this good-smelling chocolate has made me so hungry...
  • I'm going to hold off until the competition is over! ... Or at least that's what I promised Marone.

Stage 5: What to Make?

  • There are so many kinds of chocolate sweets... What should we make?
  • Well, um, how about we let Marone decide? She's the veteran here.
  • We're making chocolate pudding? I love pudding! I can't wait to do this ♪
  • How much stuff will we need to make pudding? Um, we should probably buy a lot just to be safe ♪
  • How should we decorate it... Um, why don't we do something to make it look cute?

Stage 6: Get the Ingredients!

  • If we're going to make the best pudding possible, we're going to need the best ingredients ♪ It's time to go shopping!
  • Hm, um... I don't know what we need to make pudding, so could you tell me?
  • Ah, so we need some good milk and eggs! Um, what size eggs would be good?
  • I'd like to decorate the pudding with sparkling things ♪ It will make it look so cute!
  • Huh? Oh, Marone is facing off with her rival! Ehehe, they look like such good friends ♪

Stage 7: The Grand Competition Begins!

  • Well, now it's time to make some pudding that Marone and the judges will approve of!
  • There is a time limit! We should take some time now to prepare.
  • First crack the eggs... Ah, I made a mistake! I am sorry, little egg!
  • Now we just need to flip this pudding over... What? Oh no, the shape is a little disfigured... Ehehe.
  • I used some strawberries and cookies as decoration ♪ All that's left is Marone's final magic!

Stage 8: The Kingdom's Best Is...

  • Marone finished it with her magic! And time is up. We made it just in time ♪
  • Marone's rival? Hmm... Ah, she made a sparkling cake! It's so shiny and looks luxurious.
  • Will everyone be eating all these sweets after the results are announced? I'm so hungry~...
  • Um, Marone seems to be nervous. This is making me nervous too!
  • Isn't the judge holding the results sheet upside down? The judge is nervous too!

Stage 9: To the Original World

  • Marone seems to be satisfied with the results of our assistance. Um, I am glad to have been of service!
  • Marone, you are hugging me a bit too tight! However, I am quite happy... What a strange feeling. Ehehe...
  • Eating the sweets we made with everyone made this a really fun competition ♪
  • Um, well... Although I am sad to say it, I believe it will soon be time to part, Marone...
  • Next time you will come and visit us, you say?! Do you promise?

Stage 10: This is Today's Snack!

  • ... Huh? Isn't this the library? WHich means... Um, we're back!
  • [Owner], isn't this the book of Marone's world?
  • Um, it seems like there is a new page... Ah! There is a recipe for chocolate pudding!
  • I feel like I can still smell some chocolate here in the library... Ooh... Ehehe. I'm feeling quite hungry.
  • Well then, I do believe today's snack must be chocolate pudding! Ehehe... I cannot wait to see Marone again...

Fairy ParadeEdit


  • What do you think of this parade costume? It suits me? Yours looks wonderful on you, [Fairy]!
  • The truth is, I pricked myself with my needle so many times when working on the costume... So, I ask that you please be careful.
  • I'm not confident about this dance... You'll practice with me? ...Ehehe, thank you so much. I'll do my best to remember it!
  • Candy Land's limited edition crepe with crunch almonds, caramel and cream is such a wonderful combination. I highly recommend it!
  • I recommend riding the tea cups! However, they spin around so much that you should be prepared for that.

Stage 1: Let's Go! Amusement Park!

  • [Owner], I got some amusement park tickets from Chief! Ehehe!
  • It looks like this park is called Candy Land. Doesn't that make you think of a delicious park?
  • Ehehe, Chief and everybody are coming along with us to Candy Land. Going to the park together is going to be fun.
  • Um, well, I'd like to ride the merry-go-round with you, [Owner].
  • Are you ready? Ehehe, well then, let's go!

Stage 2: Sad Amusement Park

  • This is Candy Land? ... It's so quiet... Is it not open today?
  • Some rides are going but others aren't... Are they broken?
  • [Owner], the merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel aren't running either.
  • Ah, there's a bear! I want to get a balloon... Huh? What's wrong Mr. Bear? You seem so sad...
  • All the shop clerks and even the bears are just so sad... And there are no other customers either...

Stage 3: The Reason Is...

  • Ah, there is a child over there holding onto a balloon. Could she be lost?
  • The owner? You are the owner of this park? I am surprised.
  • What happened here? ...a new park opened up and has been talking all of your customers...
  • Wait, so at this rate Candy Land will go out of business?! [Owner], isn't there something we can do?
  • Ah! I have an idea! Ehehe, I do believe this will bring many customers here.

Stage 4: Parade Planning ✰

  • Well, let's have a big parade around town! Everyone will find it so enjoyable and want to come here!
  • Everything will be all right, my dear owner. [Owner] will surely help as well.
  • Let the Grand Parade Plan begin! Oh, and let's go ask that everyone from the Agency helps.
  • Just walking around isn't going to be fun. I got it! Why don't we all play instruments during the parade?
  • I'd like to do a parade where we ride around horses like a merry-go-round.

Stage 5: Preparation Is Important

  • Wow, that bear sure is strong to carry such large luggage. So different from that sad bear we saw before!
  • Let's get ready. Parades need lovely costumes! I heard Yuzu and Momoko will help us.
  • Oh, how about we think up a new food menu as well? Everyone will surely be hungry after the parade.
  • I'll work on costumes too., put the needle through here... Ah, I pricked my finger...
  • [Owner], we've made a lot of costumes. Ehehe, I sure worked hard.

Stage 6: Out to the Street!

  • I made the costume you're wearing, [Owner]. Um... well, I think it looks real good on you. Ehehe.
  • Um, so I put on my costume but... Do you think it looks okay? ...ehehe, thank you.
  • Actually this costume has a few things it can do. If I shake my hand like this and... boom! Flower petals! It's so pretty.
  • Um, spin three times, then both hands up... I'm not sure about the dance, so would you practice with me, [Owner]?
  • The costumes and advertising vans are all ready! Let's make this parade a big success!

Stage 7: Fantastic Parade

  • Wow, there are so many people from town here... I-I'm feeling a bit nervous...! I need to do some deep breaths to calm down... Ah...
  • I don't feel the slightest bit nervous anymore. I'm sure I can dance without making any mistakes... Okay, now lets bring this crowd to Candy Land.
  • Um, next we're going to hand out candy while dancing. Here you go ! Please come and visit Candy Land!
  • One, two, three, step and both hands up! Okay, it's done! Eheheh, the crowd is applauding. I'm so happy.
  • Look!The crowd is following us. It's so good that the parade was a success! I'm feeling great, too.

Stage 8: Illuminated Attraction

  • The staff looks very busy. Let's give them a hand.
  • Hm, why don't we take a little break? They are selling caramel almond crepes over there. Let's share one.
  • Look! That balloon! It is sparkling on the inside! I have never seen that before... I want one of those, too...
  • It got dark all of a sudden. I wonder what they did to the attractions... I cannot wait to see...
  • Wow! They are all lit up! The sparkling is so beautiful... The people are definitely going to love this!

Stage 9: Great Success!

  • The illuminations are sparkling so much this feels like a dreamworld. Well, why don't we have some fun?
  • Um, well, I... want to ride the teacups over there. Will you go with me?
  • Ehehe, those spinning teacups got me all worked up. What should we do next... [Owner], you look dizzy. Are you okay?
  • I can hear all the people here having a good time. I'm glad we made those costumes and practice dancing. Ehehe...
  • One of the park staff thanked me as they walked by. I'm happy, but I also feel a little embarrassed...

Stage 10: Congratulations All!

  • With all these visitors hers, Candy Land is going to be all right! We won't see that sad face on the park owner again.
  • Ah, it's the park owner! Hey... Whoa?! You surprised me with that sudden hug... But I'm glad you're so happy, ehehe.
  • Ahaha, that's tickling me. Ah, I'm so glad you're happy!
  • Um... What's this? A lifetime pass? ...whoa! So I can use this to come to the park whenever I want?! Are you r-really giving me this amazing thing?
  • I got a lifetime pass from the park owner. Now I can come to see her whenever I want. We've got to come here again!

Museum of WondersEdit


  • Did you see the fossils yet, [Fairy]? They are so big!
  • Don't you think the Goddess Statue looks quite sad?
  • I think I've learned a little more about human history... hehe.
  • No running inside the museum, [Fairy]~!
  • Yes, I heard some strange noises too...

Stage 1: We've arrived

  • This must be the famous Museum of Wonder, then. It really is very big!
  • I can't wit to explore the museum with you, [Owner]... hehehe.
  • That must be the counter over there. Let's go, [Owner].
  • I see some of my friends are here too.
  • ...? Is that Silia? What is she doing over there...?

Stage 2: Looking at the exhibitions

  • Hmm? Is it my imagination, or did the dinosaur bones move just now?
  • This is said to be the most famous gemstone here, [Owner]. They call it the Goddess Tear.
  • Don't you think this Goddess Statue looks so sad, [Owner]?
  • Hmm? There's a hole beneath the goddess' eye there... Do you think something fits inside?
  • Hehehe... This must be an ammonite It's so small and cute.

Stage 3: Phantom Thief Alice...?!

  • Hmm? There is a lot of people gathered over there. What could it be?
  • [Owner]! There's been a letter from a Phantom Thief Alice...!
  • It says she plans to take the Goddess Tear at 8pm tonight... What should we do, [Owner]?
  • Why did she send this letter, though? Does she truly mean to steal the gemstone...?
  • Stealing is wrong! It must not be forgiven!

Stage 4: Strategy meeting

  • The museum staff look really quite panicked... Is there anything we can do to help them?
  • I wonder who this phantom thief could be...
  • Surely nothing bad will happen with all these guards around.
  • With this many people here to protect it, I'm sure the Goddess Tear will be safe!
  • It's almost time... I really hope nothing bad happens...!

Stage 5: Power cut...?!

  • ... The lights! [Owner], somebody has turned out the lights...!!
  • Please, stay here by my side, [Owner]!
  • ...? Do you hear that sound [Owner]? Like something very large is... moving...
  • Ahh... the thief could be doing anything at all right now, in the darkness...
  • Ah, I-I'm sorry! I think I stepped on somebody's foot...!

Stage 6: The exhibits...?!

  • The power is finally back. Are you okay, [Owner]?
  • Oh no, [Owner]! The Goddess Tear... it's gone!
  • The dinosaur is missing too.. How on earth could she have moved it...
  • It looks like all she stole was the Goddess Tear and the T-Rex, though.
  • Phantom Thief Alice must be a world away by now...

Stage 7: Discussion Time

  • It looks like nobody was hurt, at least. That is good to know!
  • A sound? During the blackout? Hmm... did think I heard something too...
  • What if the dinosaur decided to leave by itself? Maybe it took the gemstone with it...?
  • There are sure to be some clues here! We should start by interviewing some people I think, [Owner].
  • There's something about her name, too... Alice... Cilia... Silia......

Stage 8: The Phantom Thief appears!

  • So Silia was the phantom thief after all. But why would she do this...
  • She wanted to test her new lifebreathing potion? All of this, just for an experiment?
  • [Owner], the T-Rex is walking! Be careful!
  • I suppose it is quite amazing that you can make potions like this, Silia!
  • Hmm? Silia, are you trying to say you don't know where the Goddess Tear walked off to?

Stage 9: Find the Goddess Tear!

  • A lot of people aren't so much searching, as chasing after Silia... it looks quite fun, actually.
  • Ah! The Goddess Statue! There was something strange about it, wasn't there? I think I'm onto something...
  • The Goddess Tear must be moving by itself... but where would it want to go...?
  • Every exit is closed, so I don't think it could have left the museum.
  • Hmm... How about over here? This place is so large, I think we're likely to get lost ourselves.

Stage 10: Got the Goddess Tear!

  • Th-there it is! It was in the Goddess Statue after all!
  • It just wanted to be together with the statue... I can understand that feeling, I think.
  • It's as if the two were always supposed to be together as one. They must have been split up at some point in the past.
  • The museum owner has decided to keep the gemstone together with the statue. What a nice ending, hehe.
  • There's still some time left before the museum closes [Owner]. Shall we take another look around?